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Best Unpopular Opinions podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Unpopular Opinions podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Unpopular opinions! with Chuck Taylor and Casey Cobb is your one stop podcast for sports, news, and opinions. We may not know it all, but we’ll make it sound like we do. Take a seat, kick up your feet and listen in. Get ready, because we just became your new favorite podcast! Subscribe, share, and leave us a rating or review! Thanks guys!
Where your common biased opinion doesn’t exist. Three dope individuals share their unfiltered, uncensored, unapologetic, unpopular opinions!
Listen up , as I give the unpopular opinions and politically incorrect statements on almost every topic imaginable.
Welcome to the most lit podcast you’re going to find out here talking sports. I’m Gran x Jefe Subscribe to my podcast take a trip through my mind as I discuss the hottest sports topic & anything else that comes out my mouth. It’s lit🔥 Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/Unpopular_Opinion/support
Injured Reserve
Discussions on sports, music, movies, and pop culture. Injured Reserve podcast is perfect for the everyday person, who's intrigued with conversations, predictions, analogies, and unpopular opinion/facts.
Do you have that one friend (or maybe you ARE that one friend) that says "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is actually great!"or "Why does everybody like E.T.? I don't get it!" On "Hot Takes With Billy Business" we take unpopular movie opinions and have a deep, healthy discussion about why these movies deserve a second look
Unpopular Opinion
Comic and writer Adam Tod Brown hosts this weekly comedy podcast, the flagship show of the Unpops Comedy Network. Show your support and find more details about the network at https://www.patreon.com/unpops
Just a sports fanatic with some unpopular sports opinions... Come take a listen!
Welcome to Hills I'd Die On: a podcast where writer/comedian Taylor Cox invites guests to discuss and debate unpopular opinions they feel so strongly about, they'd be willing to die on a hill over them. New Episodes available every Tuesday on Spotify, Apple and everywhere else you listen to podcasts. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network.
Harry, Ron & Hermione. Leslie, Ron & Tom. Or just plain old Ken, Arthur & Chantal. We are the voices behind the Full Frontal Nerdity podcast, a free-form conversation show covering the nerdy things we all know and love. Everything from TV & movies, video games & board games to sports & unpopular opinions. Whatever you're passionate about. Whatever you nerd out about. So give us a listen, join the conversation and you may even learn something new.
Welcome to my fabulous podcast, queen of the unpopular opinion trying to be transparent in a reality show world. Tune in for my take on real life issues, dating, gossip, and more! Enjoy 💕 Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/basicallywhack/support
The Podfilliate Podcast Where We Discuss Everything Affiliate Marketing And How To Quit Your Sucky Job And Work From Home. Rob Reece is my name and I am a Christian Marketer who loves unpopular opinions and showing people how to create their own businesses! #NoSafeSpace Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/podfilliate/support
Twenty Somethings
Welcome to "Twenty Somethings" - a simultaneously silly and serious weekly show that dissects this crazy world through ridiculous headlines, unpopular opinions, and the lens of your bootyful and beautiful hosts, Keith Vartanian and Grant Crawford, two Twenty Somethings, frequented by a fun and interesting guest willing to join their escapades.
Welcome to I Mean..., where I will be taking a look at some popular or unpopular opinions and see for myself if they hold up. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/Imeanpod/support
Grinding to be a legend. Make sure you subscribe to my podcast Unpopular Opinion with your host GRANxJEFE ???
Your unpopular opinion SC:@sinceregatsby IG:Astro_Sin FB:SincereGatsby
Do you think horses were God's mistake? Do you think we should get rid of all of our bones? Or do you think that crabs are just spiders in armor. Well, welcome to the people who understand you!In a world of terrorism, transphobia and Trump we're straying far away from the political and diving headfirst into the stupid.Each week I'll be joined by a guest comedian as they try and convince me of what they believe that no one else seems to.Sit back, relax and enjoy the silly.
Unpopular Opinions
Podcast by Unpopular Opinions
It's Not Just Me
Ever been in a situation where you said something that YOU knew everyone was thinking but they made it seem like it's just YOU, as if YOUR crazy. Each week join ME as I navigate through the world of hip hop & pop culture, music, sports, and all kinds of other sh*t. Sometimes I'll be with my crazy friends and other guest, others I'll be by myself, either way you'll either hear exactly what your thinking, or the opinion you didn't ask for. Just press play and stop acting like it's just me. - # ...
Unpopular Opinion
Each and every Friday at noon, join DJ Flow, AJ Kimpson & Major Dobbins for a 60 minute discussion on all things "culture." The cast will examine and debate everything from sports to music, all the way to pop culture and entertainment. Warning however, you may not agree with what's said, you might even be offended, but nobody said our opinion was a popular one!
Welcome to The Bootlegged Podcast, where the host are like myth busters.... only on a podcast.. Oh and not blowing up stuff.. We talk about every thing..... ahhh just listen. Unfiltered and Untamed......... Mr. Unpopular Opinion & DumB Gen!ous Host this foolery........ Stay tuned were just getting started. Got Questions for us email: whoaskedtheseguys@gmail.com..... Subject line- Ask These Guys......Sensitive people should not listen to this podcast. follow us on twitter @whoasktheseguys
Welcome to @TyMillz21 live in @ATLamsterdam where we gone talk bout all types of topics and issues relationship and today society with real life perceptions
Author of THE DARK PATH Isaac Weishaupt hosts this show focused on pop culture and its role in the “Illuminati” agenda to instill occult symbolism in entertainment! This podcast provides unbiased opinions and discussion on the Illuminati, symbolism, conspiracy theories, pop culture, music, film, politics, religion, news, gossip and celebrity tabloids; in other words, nothing is out of bounds. Isaac Weishaupt has been on the leading edge of conspiracy theories surrounding the elusive “Illumin ...
The Big Question Podcast is a comedy show designed to test the boundaries of taste by spraying funny over tragedy while four losers and their friends attempt to unravel the mysteries of life via the medium of time travel & “would you rather questions”. Join our exploration of bad taste subjects and unpopular opinions every Sunday!
The Big Question Podcast is a comedy show designed to test the boundaries of taste by spraying funny over tragedy while four losers and their friends attempt to unravel the mysteries of life via the medium of time travel & “would you rather questions”. Join our exploration of bad taste subjects and unpopular opinions every Sunday!
The podcast that says what you're thinking but too afraid to say. Every fortnight we share popular and unpopular opinions about the books you love.Hosted by PostColonialChild, BooksAndRhymes and BookShyBooksGet their reading lists here: http://eepurl.com/dqS8EHFollow them on Bookstagram: @NABookPodcastFollow us on Twitter: @NABookPodcast
Hot Tub Trash Talk
We call ourselves Hot Tub Trash Talk, and are composed of Kyle Hilton and Samantha Wyatt from Cincinnati, Ohio. On Hot Tub Trash Talk we sit around the hot tub and trash talk everyone and everything. Prepare for goofy, dark, taboo, gay, and sexual. We give our opinions on unpopular subjects that most wouldn't dare to discuss but we only live to discuss. We will feature guests and new segments from time to time. In hopes of turning the bitch and the gayness into the rich and famous!
We are the Tasteless GentlemenWe are not merely four men voicing our opinions of the world and the idiots which comprise it. We are the voices of men the world over. Men who have traversed the battlefield of love and life and returned harder (insert infantile chuckle here), better, faster, and stronger. We are the balls of men who have long since consigned their own genitals to wives, fiances, and girlfriends. We are the jerks you love to hate... and love to love. Why? Because we are men wit ...
Where I share my popular or unpopular opinion of different things like KPOP, music, games, youtubers and really random things. :)
My name is Emily and I'm here to talk to you about things going on in the veg world, while sharing with you some taste tests, advice, and unpopular opinions 🤠
Unpopular Opinion is already taken so going with the synonymous. I'm not sure what they preaching and ranting over there but I can tell you that over here we are holding up to freedom of speech given to us to give to you... for free. Thank god for podcast
You are about to enter The Altered Angle....Strong opinions and intriguing talk ahead....You've been warned.
Hot Takes
The podcast about unpopular opinions. Hosts Will Witwer, Ben Klibaner, and a special guest share their hard stances on silly, mundane topics. Examples include: Cockroaches are Fine! Eating Sucks! Orthodontists Are Dishonorable! This Is A Bad Idea For A Podcast! Wanna turn up the heat?
Whew Chileee
A podcast focusing on various topics like relationships, college life, art, unpopular opinions, current events etc. Tune in!
The Door Monster crew shares unpopular opinions on writing and visual storytelling through the lens of superhero films while trying to keep a positive outlook on all of them.
The Future Billionaire Podcast by Alux.com ~ Luxury, Fine Living, Money & Living a life worth remembering!Based on the successful series: The SUNDAY MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO on YouTube.
Beg to Differ
The Show where we try to persuade each other that our unpopular opinions shouldn't be so unpopular! Join us every week as we explore the most controversial opinions, issues and topics and why you should see things from our perspective.Find out which famous artists we hate, terrible movies we love, and much much more on Saturdays.Look out for our Patreon exclusive show "Maisie's Miss-Advice" on Sundays!New shows including "Beg to Differ Board Games" and "BTD does D&D" coming soon!
Join best friends and YouTubers Anna Brisbin and Tessa Netting as they cover all things nerdy including TV shows, books, movies, animation, and pop culture. Listen in as these two proud Ravenclaws debate ship wars, play games like Would You Rather, and sort characters into Hogwarts houses. New episode every Friday. See you next Geek!
Cliffo and Gabi are on your wakeup dial on hit103.1 Townsville 6-9am every weekday!
Not Great is about Trash Culture and loving the Trash and living in the Trash like a little Trash Raccoon. Not Great is the place to shout your unpopular opinions like Vampire Diaries > The Wire, or Buffalo Wild Wings > hygge. We love you and believe you.
A podcast where unpopular opinions will be held and we dont care how you feel about it tbh, cuz IM SICK OF IT!!!
Welcome to the Zay Something Podcast where we discuss pop culture, relationships, self-improvement, and just about everything else. The purpose of this podcast is to promote objective thinking, personal growth, and character defining in the millennial generation. Tune in every week with your favorite hosts, Zay Moore and Juma, as we ask those deep, uncomfortable questions and share our unpopular opinions with the intent of promoting growth through converzaytion! Enjoy! Support this podcast: ...
Heavy Seasoning
Trey Tribble and Mr. Wright link up for the Heavy Seasoning Podcast. Giving you their popular and unpopular opinions on latest issues, hot topics, and whats up with hip hop and pop culture!Twitter : @_treytribble @monkeyonmyback2
Real Laughs
Devin Siebold, James Yon, Shereen Kassam, and Miguel Colon Jr bring you the best in comedy on the radio Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings 9-10 on Real Radio 104.1 and iHeartRadio.
Otaku Spirit Animecast is a series of podcast episodes that focus on the Anime culture. Reviews, News, and tons of discussion. Stuff for all anime fans, from anime fans.
An excellent source for industry thought leadership in Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Open Source, and now Blockchain.
In our monthly AR podcast we'll be exploring existing AR products and future developments, features, benefits and potential real-world applications of this cutting-edge technology, through interviews with leaders in tech, entertainment, education, marketing and more... Stay tuned!
Get Up with Gawndy and Ash Pollard on the Central Coast's Hit 101.3 - and Catch Up with the show here 24/7!
Listen 25 year old Kelsey Spencer kandidly share her views and experiences with everyday life. Be prepared to laugh and gasp as she discuss a range of topics like dating, corporate America, social issues, family, and recent news. Dare to have the unpopular opinion?
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show series
In this episode Casey review and preview their picks for conference championship week. Then they give their CFP predictions before Casey gives his briefcase player of the week and chuck gives his final takes. Subscribe, share and leave us a rating or review. Thanks for listening guys!
UNPOPULAR OPINION: Channing Tatum Is NOT Hot 👎By hit101.3 Sea FM Central Coast
Adam and guest co-host Kevin Anderson welcome comedians Alex Caine and Eve Esquire to talk about a crazy theory about dentistry, the right to vote, eatin' meat (or not), and so so so much more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesBy Unpops Podcast Network
UnPOPular Opinions Ep. 1: Sit On A Cake & Eat A Di*kBy Sombxdy EST. XX19
Unpopular Opinions Podcast Ep 55 We back with the "Thanksgiving Episode" Raine is out of town on this one! McCray discusses The Parent Teacher Conference Experience(8:24) LOAD MANAGEMENT(25:48) MYLES GARRET HELMET HIT (45:05) "Joker" Movie Review (57:14) Reef Apologies TO STEPHEN A SMITH (1:03:44) "uhp Not impeached yet" (1:15:11) LUX/VERB BATT ...…
Tessa and Brizzy tackle some of your most controversial opinions about Harry Potter and deliver their official view on the matters. Should sorting not happen until second year? Is Harry worse than Umbridge? Should Draco have been redeemed? All this and more in this contentious episode! Follow us to stay up to date & send us an owl: TW: https:// ...…
Ash Pollard Says Why Getting Outside Help In Your Relationship Is The Healthiest Thing You Can DoBy hit101.3 Sea FM Central Coast
Ash Got Roasted By A Priest Over The WeekendBy hit101.3 Sea FM Central Coast
*We have to take a tragic look at the passing of rapper Juice WRLD. He died at the age of 21; but not before predicting his own death, depicting his own death, telling us he joined the Illuminati and forewarning of his own demise. Did he sign a Faustian satanic contract with the music industry?... We explore so many themes on this show while lo ...…
Retired Fire Captain Suzy Batkovic is running for Council and she tells us why!By hit103.1 Townsville
On Today's Show: We discuss relationships where sex breaks down and Ash gets quite candid on how helpful 'outside' help can be for a relationship Millennial's have vastly different ideas of what is polite a new study shows so we Pollard Poll to see how that fits in with the coasts views. MKR Wedding of the year, Ash' partner from the show Camil ...…
We’ve been covering money, wealth and business advice for several years now, so we decided to go through everything and make a concise list of literally, the best advice available. Get a free audiobook: https://www.alux.com/freebook Grab the ALUX x NordVPN Offer using the code “ALUX" today: https://www.alux.com/vpn Thank you for listening to th ...…
Ep. 10 | Black Men Don't CheatBy Sombxdy EST. XX19
Before being tied up with tons of travel, the hosts of the Otaku Spirit Animecast hit the news one last time for the year. Listen and get caught up on what’s happening in the anime world!Topics this episode: Ascendance of a Bookworm Sequel, Kakushigoto, Key/Visual Arts Plans, Tokyo Mew Mew, Show By Rock, Funimation X Aniplex, Hi Score Girl, and ...…
#ReleasetheSnyderCut is back in the news again, and The Commute Killers are having one last final conversation on the topic! JOE STARR hops in the backseat for this episode to give his final thoughts!****WARNING**** This episode contains strong language and mature content. Listener discretion is advised…
Our guest today is Dr Mahadev Satyanarayanan, Carnegie Group Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.Satya's multi-decade research career has focused on the challenges of performance, scalability, availability and trust in information systems that reach from the cloud to the mobile edge of the Internet. In the course of this ...…
Tessa and Brizzy have a LOT of feelings about the Frozen sequel! Spoilers a plenty! Is Elsa a god now? What’s this movie trying to tell us? Who’s got the best song? Why are there still SO MANY QUESTIONS??! All this and more in this freeeeezing episode! Follow us to stay up to date & send us an owl: TW: https://twitter.com/fantasticgeeks FB: htt ...…
EXCLUSIVE: Nikki Webster Tells Us Everything She Knows About Dance Mums AustraliaBy hit101.3 Sea FM Central Coast
On Today's Show: Have we found the wife of the year? A UK woman has built a pub for her husband in the backyard of their home to stop him from disappearing down to the pub & Gawndy is all for it We have Nikki Webster on the show to talk Dance Mom's OZ after she put the call out for some Aussie dancing superstars Terrigal MP Adam Crouch joins us ...…
The upgrades look great however the people in the artists impressions look questionableBy hit103.1 Townsville
On Today's Show: Gawndy has had a revolutionary idea and he wants to see if the Coast is behind him, Bring Back Joel Turner for a Xmas special. Gawndy had an extremely awkward moment with his nan and her 80 year old partner when they needed an explanation of what tea-bagging is? Ash has started painting and she might have a gallery coming up on ...…
Interview With A Email Marketing Hermit King Ben Settle. Ben is an email copywriter, author, and shock marketer (he doesn't try to though). Today he speaks with us on email marketing, headlines, split testing and you may surprised by his thoughts. Get a free super funnel from superfunnelhero.com Also join me on my live email affiliate marketing ...…
In this episode, I discuss my NFL playoff picture. I also give my top 10 in the NBA, College football playoffs, Georgetown, the Ballon d'Or and so much more!0:00 NFL Playoffs Picture34:01 College Football Playoffs\College Basketball39:05 Messi and Rapinoe wins the Ballon d'Or43:07 My NBA Top 10 so farSocial Media:IG: www.instagram.com/imsayinth ...…
Spidey's deadliest foe gave the comic book movie genre one of the weirdest adaptations of all time. JEREMIAH WATKINS (Comedy Central, Kill Tony Podcast) joins me to talk about Tom Hardy's incredibly bizarre take on Venom!
Today we say goodbye to actor/writer/comedian Ashley Nicole Black (A BLACK LADY SKETCH SHOW, BLESS THIS MESS, FULL FRONTAL WITH SAMANTHA BEE) who died on the hill of "TV is better than movies." Go listen to Ashley's controversial (and devastatingly articulate) last words about all things entertainment and Taylor's futile efforts to debate them. ...…
This Is How Often Office Workers SwearBy hit101.3 Sea FM Central Coast
There are so many care packages going to the troops they can't keep upBy hit103.1 Townsville
On Today's Show: We finally get to the day of the bucks streaking challenge and we simulcast with the Newcastle team as Simon Baggs goes for a mankini streak down King Street A study has found the average amount of swearing people are exposed to in the workplace and we break down these numbers compared to our office Ash recorded a studio 10 coo ...…
Baby Boomers and Generation X'ers between the ages of 25 and 34 were owning houses at a rate of almost 50% during their heyday. Millennials, however, are owning houses at a rate of 37% in the same age gap. Why are millennials owning houses at such a slower pace, and what does that mean for the future of housing? Will we see more young people ch ...…
*We break down a hellish performance by Camila Cabello at the 2019 American Music Awards, Stephen King's "In the Tall Grass" Netflix film, and we find out that XXXTentacion was WOKE! *Check out the images I'm discussing on my Instagram: instagram.com/isaacweishaupt *Support the show: 1. SUBSCRIBE! 2. Leave a review! 3. Join the IW Patreon team ...…
Cliffo is worried Gabi is going to one day be a Mum who won't allow the kids to decorate the Christmas TreeBy hit103.1 Townsville
What You Need To Know About The Mobile Detection Cameras In NSWBy hit101.3 Sea FM Central Coast
Here's Why You Shouldn't Use The Kettle In Your Hotel RoomBy hit101.3 Sea FM Central Coast
〽️ichigan vs. 🔴hio State College Football Recap. Detroit 🦁 vs. Chicago 🐻 & Buffalo 🐃 vs. Dallas 🤠 Recap: Thanksgiving Edition 🦃
On Today's Show: We reset our Piercing Roulette idea.. it's been confirmed and we talk to Nina from Kincumber who's agreed to get behind it! Ash thought she'd come up with a brilliant idea until producer Matt broke her heart this morning and now she thinks she might be dying. We had a caller join us on the topic of hotel room kettles and it was ...…
This week... Kareem. Jen & Mindi all come into the studio... and do battle to get off the naughty list, and earn their spot on the nice list.. Test your skills and see how you do... https://www.patreon.com/FullFrontalNerdityShow Join our Facebook Group as well: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2084856825068691/ Email: Show@FullFrontalNerdityShow ...…
In answering a question from the community, the hosts of the Otaku Spirit Animecast take a moment to really dive into the differences and purpose of Subjectivity and Objectivity in the anime world.Topics Covered in this Episode: Defining the Two, Consistancies, Objective Criticism, Blurring the Line, Creating a Base, Cost in the Industry, and m ...…
On this episode of The Tasteless Gentlemen Show Alex is away for family stuff so we brought in Schoeny to answer your questions from Discord. Best way to leave a relationship? Worst sexual experience? Near death or stupid things we've done? Biggest regrets in life? Difference between now and 10 years ago? If you could change one moment in your ...…
On this weeks episode the guys celebrate Omarion as the illest guy in America after the announcement that shook the internet, as well as new music From Griselda, Fabulous, The Game, Kehlani & more. We dig into how the media can sway the perception of the audience and Kyrie Irving has a meltdown after he was boo'd at a game he didn't even attend ...…
Rob offers his thoughts on the recent KubeCon event in San Diego as well as the recent reviews of the Google Stadia Gaming deployment.By L8ist Sh9y Podcast
It's Not Just Me Presents: Higher Learning a 420 Podcast where KJ Bryant & Chill Moe bring you some bonus content on anything cannabis culture. This week we have 2 new strain reviews; a Sativa Dominant Hybrid descendent of Girl Scout Cookies with Native Roots & Big Gigantic's Signature Strain Cookies & Dream as well as the Indica Dominant Hybri ...…
Check out this trailer for Episode 9 of It's Not Just Me Podcast "So, Driving the boat isn't a sex move?" dropping this weekend. Also listen to the end for instructions on how you can win a $50 gift-card to Fashion Nova during the month of December. Subscribe and Rate us on Apple Music & SpotifyBy Sombxdy EST. XX19
INDE has announced the world's very first AR-powered photo booth called HeroMirror 3 years ago, so we've decided to dedicate an entire episode about this unique product of ours, which has been often imitated but never really got duplicated.Learn more about INDE: https://www.indestry.comLearn more about HeroMirror: https://www.indestry.com/hero- ...…
Tessa and Brizzy dig in to some Thanksgiving dinner to sort every item of the meal into a Hogwarts house! Which pie is the most Gryffindor? Is turkey fancy enough for Slytherin? How do we resist putting ALL the tasty carbs into Hufflepuff??! All this and more in this DELICIOUS episode! Follow us to stay up to date & send us an owl: TW: https:// ...…
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