Best Yarn podcasts we could find (Updated December 2018)
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Great guests from the yarn industry, wonderful conversation, and doesn't get much better than this. Join MARLY BIRD, the first crochet podcaster on iTunes, as she hosts a live show every TUESDAY and THURSDAY mornings. The show is and always has been a crochet and knitting podcast since 2007. Find Show Notes, Free Patterns, Class Schedule and my Blog at
Urban Dreaming
Stories of resilience and survival and connecting with culture and spirituality in the city
The Crafty Hive
Join your hosts Dana and Kristi as they discuss their never-ending passion for fiber arts. Each episode, we discuss our own crafty lives, such as what we've been making, as well as a myriad of topics related to fiber arts and crafting in general.
The Forum
Discover world history, culture and ideas with today’s leading experts.
Designer and author Mary Beth Temple talks to the ladies (and men) who love crochet. Crocheters, yarn folks, designers and magazine editors are all fair game.New shows weekly!
Join ex-game journalists Chris Johnston, Phil Theobald, Greg Sewart and Ethan Einhorn as they talk about console/portable/PC games, raising kids, and the meaning of life.
Join this Mother-Daughter team for their weekly podcast as they read the latest and greatest children's books out there. Giggling and yawning through every story as the clock ticks closer to bedtime. Cover art created by Swing Graphics, LLC Become a supporter of this podcast:
The Knit Shift
Laura is a news editor who works the night shift. Join her as she burns the midnight oil to sneak in some stitches. Show notes can be found at
Fun videos to inspire, intrigue and stir your imagination from some of the world's leading thinkers and doers onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You can also download these and many other videos free on, with an interactive English transcript and subtitles in up to 80 languages. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.
Taking Back Friday // Felicia's Vlog (2017-11-04T00:42:33.000Z)
A comedy series by writers Joel Morris and Jason Hazeley, of the Ladybird Books for Grown Ups, Charlie Brooker'sWipe, That Mitchell and Webb Look and A Touch of Cloth.Matthew Holness stars as Knut Ångström, a brooding, alcoholic, maverick Swedish detective from the tough streets of Oslo, in a Scandinavian detective yarn adapted from the bestselling Ångström trilogy by Martin English (writing as Bjorgen Swedenssonsson).Following the death of his wife, Ångström is posted to the Njalsland penin ...
Welcome to Ballyhoo Fiber Emporium, a podcast for people who love fiber animals and creating fiber arts!
A show about clinical depression...with laughs? Well, yeah. Depression is an incredibly common and isolating disease experienced by millions, yet often stigmatized by society. The Hilarious World of Depression is a series of frank, moving, and, yes, funny conversations with top comedians who have dealt with this disease, hosted by veteran humorist and public radio host John Moe. Join guests such as Maria Bamford, Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Richter, and Jen Kirkman to learn how they’ve dealt with ...
Knit Night Society
The Knit Night Society is a selective group of friends who gather together in the hidden corners of the internet to tell their best fiber stories.
At Aroha Knits, it is my mission to inspire and empower fibre artists to transform their yarn so they can manifest more joy, healing, connection and creativity into their lives, one stitch at a time. My work as a knitwear designer focuses on exploring the intersection of the four aspects of making: self-care, self-discovery, self-expression and selflessness with my journey of making sense of my multicultural identity. And on this podcast, I’ll be documenting this journey of self-actualizatio ...
A conversation between you and I about knitting and where life takes us.
Close Knit
The Close Knit podcast celebrates fibre artists from around the world. You'll hear from knitters, crocheters, natural dyers, weavers - all are welcome on the Close Knit Podcast.
SB Sarah from SmartBitches and Jane from discuss romance novels, the folks who write them, and the folks who read them.
Each week on Smart Podcast, Trashy Books, Sarah Wendell interviews authors, readers, reviewers, bloggers, publishing professionals, editors, and librarians about romance novels, which are among the most popular genres in fiction worldwide. Popular guests include: Ilona Andrews, Robin Bradford, NPR's Barrie Hardymon, Jaye Wells, and Rachel Aaron. Amanda, Carrie, Elyse, and RedHeadedGirl, the crew of reviewers at, also make frequent appearances with maximum silliness. Frequent topics ...
Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski are two full stack web developers who like to break down complex topics and make them easy to understand.
Welcome to the YouTube channel for the Knitting in Stitches Podcast! Recording in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada, I'm putting out a new episode every week/two weeks. We'll talk about knitting, we'll laugh a little, and hopefully have some fun.Enjoy!Moira
Ready Set Knit
Ready Set Knit! A podcast of the radio knitting show from Webs about all things knitting, and yarn. Ready, Set, Knit! features interviews, knit-a-longs, industry information and news about Webs events.
Breadbox Media
Breadbox Media ...Inspiration on demand.
***Annotated Audiobooks for Busy Booklovers*** Since 2006 CraftLit has released serialized classic literature weekly—the way Dickens did it—but as an audiobook with audio annotations. Host Heather Ordover gives you some context and juicy tidbits before playing the next chapter of the current book. *** Listeners regularly call in to share their thoughts to be played in the next episode, which keeps the "book club" vibe going. *** The podcast has been in continuous production since 2006. Our c ...
The Jank Cast
A round table discussion podcast about gaming of all kinds.
Home of the Doubleknit Twins podcast
Pediatric Occupational Therapist Mr. T Discusses Ways to Engage Children and Adults While Focusing on Necessary Fine Motor Skills and Functional Life Skills Become a supporter of this podcast:
Slate interviews Americans about their jobs.
Weekdays with Dan Bernstein and Connor McKnight on 670 The Score
A podcast about knitting, crochet, spinning, dieting, food, family and fiber fun.
Weekdays with Dan Bernstein and Connor McKnight on 670 The Score
Alisa and Mike are married (to each other) and they own the best LYS ever, Firefly Fibers. They talk about knitting, food & whatever else comes to mind.
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In just a few weeks we will celebrate Christmas, and as we do we begin to experience the anticipation of the holiday. We look forward to being united with family and friends. Could we be forgetting someone that we once loved, someone that hurt us, someone that we may have hurt? Is there someone that you haven’t forgiven or asked to forgive you? ...…
The feast day of St. John of the Cross is Dec. 14th. To prepare ourselves for his feast day I wanted to offer you all an important fact about the early life of St. John of the Cross. I think sometimes we can lose who this man was by what he wrote. I hope the episode today helps you to appreciate and embrace St. John of the Cross more! If you li ...…
To celebrate episode 100, Wes and Scott are talking about Syntax - their most popular episodes, stats, Q&A, and a bunch of cool stuff about what it’s been like making this show for 100 episodes. Sentry - Sponsor If you want to know what’s happening with your errors, track them with Sentry. Sentry is open-source error tracking that helps develop ...…
Questions Covered: 00:51 - I have heard two sides of the story for the pill. Is it ever okay to take the pill or is it always wrong?11:50 - How many children have you fostered and adopted if you’re so anti-abortion?19:45 - At one time, the March did not allow PLAGAL or Atheists Against Abortion to march. Has this changed?28:24 - Why doesn’t the ...…
Questions Covered: 08:24 - On social media, a lot of people are advocating for abortion. Should I comment and argue with them?19:24 - I think that Pope gives a golden rose. Why is there a comfort with killing children in this country?24:37 - How can you tell people that you are feminist and pro-life?31:38 - How can I talk to my generation as a ...…
Listen to discover a wonderful activity of forgiveness that you can do with the whole family!Read more at
There is one place to look to find the important unchanging infallible truths: the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
Plastic Bottles Become a supporter of this podcast:
This week we talk about the call to rejoice in the suffering of our time. We venture into anxiety and the culture, how to care for our spiritual health and our physical health. The implementation of gratitude is so important in fighting the dryness and anxiety, and the willingness to be in the discomfort while trusting Christ. The Holy Spirit i ...…
On this week's show, we visit with Katie Miller of Sight & Sound Theaters. For over forty years, Sight & Sound has been bringing the Bible to life on stage. Each year, Sight & Sound welcomes more than a million people from around the world who come to experience these amazing stories at their theaters in Branson, MO and Lancaster, PA. As Corpor ...…
This week! We watched The Game Awards and it was pretty good! Also: Smash Bros., Katamari Reroll, Phil is triggered by Astro Bot, Greg loves him some Monster Boy in the Cursed Kingdom, and much more. Join us, won’t you? Links of interest: Ding Fries Are Done Celozzi-Ettleson Epic Games Store Valve Adjusts Rev Share for Biggest games The Game Aw ...…
This week! We watched The Game Awards and it was pretty good! Also: Smash Bros., Katamari Reroll, Phil is triggered by Astro Bot, Greg loves him some Monster Boy in the Cursed Kingdom, and much more. Join us, won’t you? Links of interest: Ding Fries Are Done Celozzi-Ettleson Epic Games Store Valve Adjusts Rev Share for Biggest games The Game Aw ...…
Clothespins Become a supporter of this podcast:
In today’s Gospel, we hear of John the Baptist coming onto the scene and learn why he is such a great figure of the Season of Advent.
Taking A Bow: Steve: Summer Night Boomerang Regia Design Line by Arne & Carlos Size 6 US/4 mm Axton Pullover by Rohn Strong Harrisville Designs flyWheel in Farwell Size 7 US/4.5 mm Amanda: Now Performing: Steve: Paulette by Jen Lucas Leading Men Fiber Arts Showcase in Pretty Petals & Heliotrope Size 5 US/3.75 mm ADVENTurer Scarf & Wrap by Ambah ...…
Today, I am reflecting upon the readings from the 2nd Sunday of Advent Year C. The theme of faith is a point that struck me about all the readings for this day. Also, the 2nd candle of the Advent wreath is now burning, which symbolizes faith. How we look at and approach the gift of faith is an important aspect about our lives as disciples. I ho ...…
“Wayfarer”. The word literally means someone who travels on foot. Listen to a Christmas story about a mischievous young man who is expelled from Berea college in Kentucky during the Christmas break. He sets out on foot. It is snowing. His life is shattered. He is ashamed, miserable, and not sure where to go. His wandering takes him to a place w ...…
As the Chief Executive Officer of Nia Therapeutics, Dan Rizzuto and his team are currently developing a neurological implant that increases the memory of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s diseases and traumatic brain injury. By using deep brain stimulation (DBS) to increase high frequency functions and decrease low frequency functions in area ...…
In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about the costs of running a business when you’re a solopreneur or solo founder. Contentful - Sponsor Contentful is a great way to manage your data. Update once and publish everywhere. Contentful gives you a ton of flexibility and reliability and everything you need to build excellent front-end content wi ...…
This week Chet Gold tells Jordan about all the unexpected excitement of working security at a museum. Chet is not only a MoMA security supervisor but an artist in his own right. That’s why he’s treated his hours standing guard over some of the world’s most priceless art like a sort of residency. That is, when he’s not stopping people from destr ...…
Bill Snyder talks with 9th and 10th-grade students on the Room for the King retreat about the importance of Hope and why it is important to place our Hope in Jesus rather than the things of the world.
Questions Covered: 04:51 - What is your position on the second rapture?19:31 - How should I interpret Matthew 5:25-26?24:40 - What does 1 Corinthians tell us about salvation and purgatory?41:57 - Are there other types of miracles other than medical miracles or physical healings?48:12 - What is the Catholic perspective on Ayn Rand’s writings and ...…
Questions Covered: 05:10 - What is the Immaculate Conception?18:04 - In the multiplication of the loaves and the fishes, what is the significance of the fish?22:31 - Given that in the first century a lot of people reported seeing ghosts and dead people, how do we know that the apostles claiming to see the risen Lord were not seeing a ghost?33:5 ...…
We are in full Advent prep mode and I have a great book to share with you to help us take a focused look at the season leading up to Christmas. Celebrating a Merry Catholic Christmas: A Guide to the Customs and Feast Days of Advent and Christmas by Father William P. Saunders is the perfect resource for learning about and making Advent a prosper ...…
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