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Flyest Fables
Flyest Fables brings you anthology style and critically acclaimed hopepunk fables for the 21st century. Created by Morgan Givens.
This is the podcast channel featuring two shows at this point. First being, We are Mat and Matt Talking Sports. This podcast is between two friends who grew up loving sports in the DFW area. Second being, Unfiltered Chat with Mat. This is a show where Mat with one T talks to friends, people, etc. in a conversation based method.
I Got Issues
Feeling like you have to pretend you have faith and relationships all figured out? You are not alone! Check in with Danielle and Miranda and some of their favorite people -- regular, young Catholics just like you. We've all got issues; let's talk about them.
Fredy is a young, Christian entrepreneur who willingly shares his hits and misses of business, life, and faith so that you continue your journey of curiosity.
Author Sara Zarr in conversation with other writers and creators. We talk about process, psychology, career stuff, distractions, relationships with audience and social media, art meeting commerce, office supplies, snacks, technology, fear, shame, faith, doubt, and our moms.
Wandering Minds
This is a new adventure taken by minds not so intimidated of what the world has to say and ready to talk back. Guillaume (along with my friends) created Wandering Minds, a podcast of Twenty something year olds that claim to know everything but in fact know nothing. We intend to dive into to the topics in the uncharted seeing that nobody else will. So without any further ado...Email us at; or tweet us @WanderingMindsp with all your feedback.
Wer1 Podcast
Ben and Chelsey Johnston
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Your pain, kept as a secret, can kill you internally. In this episode, Elias Rodriguez and I talk about the upbringing that shaped him, both good and bad, and how he had to come to terms with the reality of his experiences. Elias drops wisdom on the liberation you receive when you allow yourself to be your true self. Sometimes we have limiting ...…
Danielle and Miranda are taking a break for a few. Enjoy this look back at Season 3, the girls' favorite episodes, and the things they're looking forward to in Season 4. If you haven't already, be sure to subscribe, so you don't miss out when we start back up!
On this episode, we talk the NBA coming to a close, Antonio Brown trade and other big signings, Manny and Bryce, Mlb predictions and much more!
This episode shows that our lives are always evolving. We revisit some of Greta's story and pull lessons out of her experiences. Her candor has helped numerous people in and out of church, and she's proven that she is much more than a singer. Greta is a byproduct of God's faithfulness. Through her vulnerabilities and honesty, Greta has become a ...…
On this episode, One T and Double T are back. We talk about construction, memories, dreams, Jussie drama, the political landscape and much more! Hope you enjoy!
As Danielle and Miranda have grown in their faith, they both have had to come to terms with the call they have to live out that faith in real life. It can be so difficult to be a Christian in all things, but we never know how our own integrity might help someone else be brave too. Today on #IGotIssues, let's look at what it means to be a living ...…
Nohan Cruz from Nike returns to share the new experinces at one of the most creative companies in the world. He is also is shows us how to be mission-minded. Nohan shares multiple stories about how being ready has led him to jump into great opportunities as they arise. From being on the largest christian radio station in the U.S. to taking over ...…
On this episode, the Mat(t)s talk about the Super Bowl, Kyler Murray situation, MLB Free agency, Mavericks Porzingis trade, Zion as number one? and the NBA in February. Glad we are back.
Clarissa joins Danielle and Miranda in studio today to share what it looks like when friends help each other through life's struggles. Get you a friend who let's you be real with your feelings, problems, and fears. And if you think you can't? Pray about it, because Jesus is there too. Thanks for listening to #IGotIssues. Be sure to subscribe, r ...…
On this episode, one T sits down with Caymen G, a long time friend from Fort Worth. They talk about music shuffle, grocery stores, social media, flip phones, rappers and much more. Enjoy the show!
On this episode, Mat and Matt, we talk turning on your brights on the road, being on your smart phone, time, and much more. Hope ya'll enjoy the episode!
Sorry for the long lay off, on this episode we discuss the new format for this podcast and other interesting things. We are glad to be back in 2019 and look forward to expanding on our two podcasts.
Danielle and Miranda are blessed to welcome Bishop Olmsted to #IGotIssues. Get to know our bishop a bit better in that I Got Issues way, but especially in his relationship with Christ. Thanks for listening!
Today on #IGotIssues, Deacon James Carabajal, CEO of the Catholic Community Foundation, sits down with Danielle and Miranda for a personal, emotional look at marriage and the reality of commitment in good times and in bad. Subscribe, rate, review, and share!
Danielle and Miranda take an honest look at 2018 - the year of the dumpster fire - and the ways they have seen the Lord moving both in the crises and in spite of the crises. Thanks for listening to #IGotIssues! #Jesusandfences Spolier alert! The girls refer to two upcoming episodes that you won't want to miss. Be sure to subscribe, so you'll ca ...…
In the season finale of Flyest Fables, Tyra finds herself in the heat of battle as she fights to defend her home. Jada wrestles with guilt and the looming loss of her father. Follow the show so you don't miss episodes as soon as they drop, and please tell your friends about Flyest Fables. Use #StoryKeepers or #FlyestFables to share and tell you ...…
Jada offers up a plea, as The Book spins a tale of what lays unspoken. Follow the show so you don't miss episodes as soon as they drop, and please tell your friends about Flyest Fables. Use #StoryKeepers or #FlyestFables to share and tell your stories, too! Flyest Fables was created, written, produced and narrated by me, Morgan Givens. @Optimus ...…
On this episode, we have the Christmas Spectacular! We talk sports now and this year in review. We also have the naughty and nice list. Then our Christmas wish list. Merry Christmas.
Danielle and Miranda love Christmas, but sometimes there can be ...challenges. Let's talk about some of our most pressing concerns about celebrating the holidays well. #IGotIssues is taking the week off next week. Subscribe, rate, review, and we'll see you next year!
On this episode, I have my good friend Hunter Wilson on the podcast and we discuss many things.
In honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Danielle and Miranda talk to Fr. John Nahrgang all about the Blessed Mother. Why do we honor her? Do we really pray to Mary instead of to Jesus? What on earth is a New Eve? Get to know Mama Mary a little better today, and then share this podcast with a friend!
Marcus makes a choice, and Devonay flies headfirst towards her destiny. Welcome Jayk Cherry! He's the show's new sound engineer. Give him a follow on twitter @EvinJayk Follow the show so you don't miss episodes as soon as they drop, and please tell your friends about Flyest Fables. Use #StoryKeepers or #FlyestFables to share and tell your stori ...…
On this episode, we finally are back. We talk mainly college football with a dip into if Kyler Murray should play nfl or mlb or both. Also, we talk a little bit about the Markelle Fultz.
What does the leader need their life to be? Hear from one of my good friends, Marissa C. who helps lead one of the most historical churches in the south bay. She shares what the heart of a leader must be like and her experiences leading those on her team.
The holidays can bring up a lot of sad memories, especially when you have loved ones who are no longer celebrating with you. Danielle and Miranda share some of the losses they've had, and how they have seen grief done well. Jesus is the answer! Subscribe, rate, and review. If you are dealing with grief - whether good or bad, we are praying for you!…
If you didn't know, Danielle's very favorite game is "Would You Rather," and she has convinced Miranda to play today. Spend some time contemplating life and faith with us! Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review.
The sea offers up a gift for Devonay, and Marcus has to decide whether he's still able to find and believe in hope. Follow the show so you don't miss episodes as soon as they drop, and please tell your friends about Flyest Fables. Use #StoryKeepers or #FlyestFables to share and tell your stories, too! Flyest Fables was created, written, produce ...…
On this episode, Mat sits down with Royal T Gaming. Fortnite Streamer, long time friend.
Today, Danielle and Miranda get real with some of their favorite and most challenging quotes from Bob Goff, author of "Love Does" and "Everybody Always." What quote challenges you to live better? Share, subscribe, review, and THANK YOU for listening!
This is the new reaction episodes to Mavs games. One T will talk reaction about the Dallas Mavs versus the Utah Jazz. 11/14/18
As single women trying to navigate life and love, Danielle and Miranda were very moved by "The Dating Project," the 2016 documentary about single people trying to figure out dating in the age of social media, texting, and hooking up. In this episode of #IGotIssues, we explore the "rules" and reality of dating. Don't forget to hit #ApplePodcasts ...…
The book chooses a new reader. A prophecy is revealed. And hope breaks on the horizon. Make sure to follow the show so you don't miss episodes as soon as they drop. Leave a review, and please tell your friends about Flyest Fables. Use #StoryKeepers to share Flyest Fables and to tell your stories, too! Flyest Fables was created, written, produce ...…
Chrissy Pate joins Danielle and Miranda for a heartfelt conversation about post-partum depression and taking care of your mental health. If you or someone you love may be struggling with post-partum depression, please reach out to your medical professional or mental health professional. If you need guidance, you can always start with Morning St ...…
On this episode we try to do it a little different in hour of bonus hour night. We have two segments with no real plan and just see where the convo goes. We also make sports picks and get updated on that. Hope you enjoy the show!
Danielle and Miranda are kicking off Season 3 with an honest conversation about their fears, not being "enough," and how terribly wonderful Jesus is. Subscribe, rate, and review #IGotIssues, and then share with a friend!
Antoine finds his inner strength. Princess Keisha summons her courage, and The Book has a message for Antoine. Make sure to follow the show so you don't miss episodes as soon as they drop. Leave a review, and please tell your friends about Flyest Fables. Use #StoryKeepers to share Flyest Fables and to tell your stories, too! Flyest Fables was c ...…
On this episode, we dive into the Cowboys, NBA back in action with some Mavs talk, World Series and our Pick Em' segment.... Hope Yall enjoy!
Antoine struggles to make his mom understand the magic he sees, and Princess Keisha continues on her quest to confront the Dragon at the peak of the mountain in the Evergreen Oasis. Flyest Fables was created, written, produced and narrated by Morgan Givens. You can learn more about me at Twitter: @FlyestFables & @Optimus_Mo Fol ...…
On this episode... we are picking games, talking NCAA Football, MLB Playoffs, and UFC 229. Hope you enjoy the show! Sorry the Reaction show to UFC 229 was messed up so there will not be that episode.
Thank you for joining us today for this special teaser episode of Parenting Smarts, a brand new podcast for parents from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. Our host, MaryRuth Hackett, is a mom of four with a doctorate in educational psychology, specializing in child development. Parenting Smarts blends together the science of child developm ...…
In the premiere episode of the new audio drama Flyest Fables, we meet Antoine, a young boy bullied in school, who finds a magical book that transports him into the world of Princess Keisha. Princess Keisha is on a quest to save her mother -- and the entire Kingdom of Orleans. This is the beginning of the epic anthology series. New episodes rele ...…
On this episode, we dive into penalties in the nfl, The cowboys, a shasta blasta segment, tiger and a lil ryder cup, get off in the trash, mlb and a pick em segment. Hope y'all enjoy!
On this week's episode, it is just Mat with one t, by himself, taking on a challenge of hosting a podcast by himself. This week's content consists of Baker Mayfield, Jeff Banister Firing, Mavs Media Day, and Picks of the week. Also a inaugural segment of talking sports with my mom.
On this weeks episode, we talk mlb playoff races, college football so far, Dallas Cowboys, Luka Doncic and more...
We spend so much time in school learning to read, write, and to communicate well, yet don't spend enough time learning how to listen to others. It is an underdeveloped skill. You won't find many successful leaders who aren't good at listening. In this episode, you'll learn how to apply listening skills in every situation with people and the thr ...…
You think amazing leaders and successful people are born with "it" and that you're not? In this episode, Fredy shares some the lessons he learned on his trip to Israel. Let's gear up for another strong season.
Dr. Maria Chavira, PhD, Chancellor of the Diocese of Phoenix joins Danielle and Miranda for a conversation about #MeToo and the worth of every person. We are all created in God's image and likeness, and we are all called to treat others with dignity, but what does that look like, really? This is the last of #IGotIssues Season 2. Be sure to subs ...…
We all have the power to influence others. I mean really. You are influential even if you don't feel like you are. I tell the story of a few teachers that would uncover gold in their students and how I benefitted from having tough teachers. I don't remember the name of a lot of my teachers . . . just the ones that impacted me for good. You can ...…
The "if" in the statement lets you know that it's conditional. You must build first to then receive the ___(fill in the blank)__. So the question that needs to be asked is: What should I be focused on building? Fredy's Instagram Faith Hustle Instagram
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