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Best Aaron Hilliard podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Aaron Hilliard podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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Grass Roots
Grass Roots is a comedy web series following the exploits of two very impolitic political hacks on the campaign trail. Unfortunately for their candidate, Miles and Harry (Aaron Hilliard and Kirby Heyborne) seem to be losing more votes than they're winning. Created by Aaron Hilliard | Yardhill Films
The Questionauts!
A biweekly podcast answering listener questions about any and all subjects, from Art to History to Religion to Landscape Management to Pottery Resonance to Forestry Analytics to... you get the idea.
Nothing Ventured
An improvised web comedy about a job interview. David (Aaron Hilliard) is a wealthy internet pioneer looking for an assistant. Marcy (Kit Pongetti) is willing to say or do anything to get the job.
An archive of oldies but goodies from the Expertologists. For newer episodes, search for "expertologists" in iTunes, or check out www.expertologists.com!
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The Questionauts “make a roaring return” in “top form,” according to Nobody In Particular. In this much belated episode, Justin and Aaron tackle the questions nobody else is asking (except the brave souls who asked the questions of course): Why … Continue reading ?By Justin Heimberg and Aaron Hilliard
Justin and Aaron tackle ignorance in some of life’s biggest question-zones this week, including these spikes of the knowledge ball: Why do some women experience morning sickness and others don’t? And also… What’s the best way to predict the sex … Continue reading ?By Justin Heimberg and Aaron Hilliard
The Questionauts have been deluged by amazing questions this week! Thanks to all who submitted. Justin just moved, and STILL manages to access vast fonts of knowledge to help our listeners commandeer the factual landscape. Landscape points of interest this … Continue reading ?By Justin Heimberg and Aaron Hilliard
Our Question coffers are running dry so SEND US SOME NEW ONES! Without a lot of listener queries and quandries to quell, we were quorced… sorry, Forced, to get creative… sorry, Qureative. What’s with my typing today, jeesh? Justin and Aaron … Continue reading ?By Justin Heimberg and Aaron Hilliard
The Defenders of Answer Justice are back from a much-deserved hiatus with an episode that might very well knock your socks off, depending on the tensile strength of said socks. But extensive testing revealed that socks in the 83rd percentile … Continue reading ?By Justin Heimberg and Aaron Hilliard
A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the holidays and the general craziness of the next month, the Questionauts are going on a hiatus for a few weeks. We’ll try and get new episodes up in January. For now, though… Enjoy this … Continue reading ?By Justin Heimberg and Aaron Hilliard
Guestionaut Kit Pongetti joins Justin and Aaron for a fast-paced discussion covering topics as diverse as circus freaks and SARS masks. Questionwise, the gang tackles these head-scratchers: What is the Dada art movement? Why is it called “Oleomargarine?” How can … Continue reading ?By Justin Heimberg and Aaron Hilliard
This week, Justin’s excitement over a free flight to England is tempered by a hypothetical anal ailment (analment?). The guys do valiant battle against the foes of enlightenment, answering the tough questions, like: Where does the phrase, “Yes siree, Bob!” … Continue reading ?By Justin Heimberg and Aaron Hilliard
The Questionauts talk Presidential politics, discussing how necessary nipple coverage is to qualify as “President-worthy.” They tackle a slew of important questions, including the ones noted below following the bullet-points! Bigfoot or Sasquatch: Which term do scientists prefer? Advice: How … Continue reading ?…
After a tumultuous few weeks, Justin and Aaron have returned to the podcast airwaves with an episode critics are calling “their eleventh one yet!” Questions answered this week include: Please explain this week’s crazy stock market meltdown? What’s the best … Continue reading ?By Justin Heimberg and Aaron Hilliard
Justin and Aaron are having a crazy month, and were unable to find the time this week to record and edit a full Questionauts episode. In place of your regularly scheduled answer-a-thon, we present you with a one-off show: NPR’s … Continue reading ?By Justin Heimberg and Aaron Hilliard
Guestionaut KIT PONGETTI (Scrubs) joins us for an action-packed episode. Justin sounds mad, but as they say, you can't sound a book by its cover sound, right? We unwittingly tackle a collection of questions fitting neatly into a "hand" theme, ... Continue reading ?By Justin Heimberg and Aaron Hilliard
Justin reaches in his pants to discuss George Washington's sweet merchandizing deal and the Goddess Venus' need for clamshell pasties. Doug Mandel, BPA (Blog and Podcast Agent) drops by to explore some exciting opportunities for stepping up The Questionauts to ... Continue reading ?By Justin Heimberg and Aaron Hilliard
In what turned out to be our least politically-correct episode yet, Justin and Aaron take a trip "inside the beltway" with their wonkish Guestionauts, Philip Bump and Michael Elliot. We also stay fair and balanced by getting the conservative side ... Continue reading ?By Justin Heimberg and Aaron Hilliard
Actor/Writer/Comedian Matt Price (TNT's "Men of a Certain Age") joins the Questionauts and to tell "necessity" to take a hike: food is the mother of invention. Along with a performance from Aaron's recent one man show, the guys reveal a dirty little secret about Burlington Coat Factory. They also answer these listener-supported questions: When ...…
The Questionauts discuss Justin's eco-unfriendly hobby and Aaron's LSD-laced doctor visit. Even with some technical difficulties, they still manage to fully and irrefutably answer these Listener-Supplied conunDrums (or LSDs): What is the catchiest jingle ever written? What's with "lamps" in genie stories? Why do they look so different from lamp ...…
The Questionauts reveal hidden meanings behind popular movies (Three Kings and The Social Network), and take a trip down memory lane to the days when Fonz.com ruled the internet. In addition, they give undeniably-infallible answers to these questions: What's with the 3 crowns on Swedish Sports Jerseys? What happened to MySpace? What's the techn ...…
KIT PONGETTI GUEST STARS, and the Questionauts riff on Dog Waste Disposal Systems, tell tales of bloody competition back in their bunker-dwelling days, and Justin gets confused for Bryant Gumble. They also find time to improvise answers to the following dills of a pickle: Why do papercuts hurt so much? How can I be a better (w)rapper? What's th ...…
In our second episode, the Questionauts are coming to you live from Cexcler Hall at good ol' University of Michigan, Urbana Campus (Go Fighting Derelicts!). We tackle a conspiracy theory, and ask some difficult questions of our own about the nation's over-reliance on vertical janitors. This week's listener questions: Why does it (still?) read " ...…
In our inaugural podcast, the Questionauts tackle the following headscratchers: The U.S. doesn't use the metric system, so why do we happily consume two-liter bottles of soda? Is there a way to unskunk "skunked" beer? Do swimmers get head lice, or does the chlorine kill those nasty little critters? If eternity is forever, is half of eternity eq ...…
If you're a fan of the film 28 Days, or the film 28 Days Later, or the film 28 Weeks Later, or the film 28-Skiddoo, you're going to love our 28th episode!By classicsinfo@expertologists.com
Quite possibly the newest episode of the Expertologists you've ever heard!By classicsinfo@expertologists.com
The Expertologists take on a slew of questions in a slurry of excitement!By classicsinfo@expertologists.com
A new fun-filled episode that you'll have to hear to believe that you heard!By classicsinfo@expertologists.com
Trust is more than just a word that sometimes follows the words "Bank" and "and." This week we explore who and what our listeners can or should trust. Also, what's BuryBall? And what's BarryBall? And what's BarleyBall? And what's BarelyBall? Find out!By classicsinfo@expertologists.com
We have as many words for "explanation" as Eskimos have for snow, and we prove it in this episode. We also take a question posed in our facebook forum that brings together schools of thought from Leonard Skynyrd and Albert Einstein.By classicsinfo@expertologists.com
Tired of breathing all that Hitler air? Wondering what about the possibility of a dark side, a hidden underbelly of the seemingly cherubic Expertologists hosts? This episode unearths some less-than-stellar qualities and foibles of the doctors.By classicsinfo@expertologists.com
The gang discuss the best wrist-watch for polar climes, get visited by the least interesting ghost of all time, and deal with yet another of Justin's destructive proclivities. When will that guy learn?By classicsinfo@expertologists.com
The Expertologists tackle the issue mechanical dancing flowerpot makers have been trying to hide for years: suicidal, tortured plants. Have they lead Justin to a life of rocketarianism? Is that safe? And is Charlie breathing or eating air? And while we're at it: is Kit falling in love with a bad-boy caller? And to top it all off: a special glan ...…
In this episode, the Expertologists tackle the issue Mutual of Omaha tries to sweep under the rug: animal suicide. Also, what is the least safe way of tanning oneself, and should it be avoided? The answer is probably yes, but you may want to listen anyway. And finally... Movie moguls, this one's for you: an Expertologists guide to crafting the ...…
How long does it take a dog to smoke a pipe? How does a dog know what time it is? These questions may not be as unrelated as you seem to think they are. And not just because they both involve dogs and the measurement of time. Well, kind of just that. But kind of something much deeper! Then the show takes an emotional turn when the Expertologist ...…
The expertologists go international, answering queries from all points on the globe, from the U.K. to Los Angeles. Amish "bling" is explained, as well as its relationship to the more popular "blang." Then the expertologists take on the fat cats behind the controversial spell-check industree.By classicsinfo@expertologists.com
Drs. Kranz and Hilliard take a trip down memory lane to their frat days, and then quickly leave the room for somewhat inexplicable reasons. The legalities surrounding Henry David Thoreau and his connection to HDTV are discussed thoreaully, all while Dr. Harwood balances atop Charlie Kranz's grandfather. It has to be heard to be believed!…
Where do winks come from (if you know what we mean)? And the subtlety button are discussed this week. Also, a brief deconstruction of the merits of Worthadam® software.By classicsinfo@expertologists.com
The second half of our Super Bowl Blow-Out for 2008! Ever wonder why referees wear stripes? Ever wonder why the Hoagie Sales around Georgetown University are through the roof? Soon you won't be wondering, you'll be wandering! To tell other people the answers to these questions, that is!By classicsinfo@expertologists.com
The first of a two-part Superbowl Special! The gang discusses Gary, their legal representation, and the problems he's sorting out (and in some cases, caused). They also dig into the background of Bowls, Chili, and the Hat-Wearing Lower Class.By classicsinfo@expertologists.com
Australian currency is discussed, especially as related to the possibility of a Divine Intervention in its creation in Tasmania. Many childhood memories are rehashed, including the speedy Dilly Wagon and the story of Johnny Appleseed. Hippy Farmers take their lumps, but also garner a few props for the miracles they've been working in the asphal ...…
In this episode, The Gavel of Zarcon is discussed and hyped even more than it had been previously. Also the old "left hand in the lap" question is discussed, and its history explained. The Pottery Lobby is put back onto the fire for another coat of glaze, and the Sky Wasp is explained, not that it really needed any explanation.…
It's sweeps week at the Expertologists (KERPLOWWW!) The gang answers 1 million questions in a half hour, offers to give away a huge $400 prize to anyone that can stump the doctors, all while being fed clumps of grapes by bikini-clad models. Oh, and Justin is a cyborg. But that makes sense, because he's Dutch.…
The doctors discuss the old days, back when their van was a-rockin' and people thought twice about knockin.' Unless the rocking was being done by Aaron's pet parrot. Also discussed: the steamy Mother Teresa novel so controversial that its name doesn't appear on the cover. And it's all brought to you -- somewhat annoyingly -- by Ikea.…
The gang discusses the differences (and similarities) between "laughter" and "slaughter." Alvin Purple is met with cheers and healthy skepticism, and the Expertologists Studio phone bank almost burns out during a marathon call-in extravaganza.By classicsinfo@expertologists.com
Got no idea what to do with that extra clod polish in the garage? Are you a billionaire casting about for something eccentric to spend your money on? Ever wanted to listen to a game of charades? Then this is the episode for you!By classicsinfo@expertologists.com
The origins of the Charlie Horse and other painful dances, a call from Helsinki, and Professor Heimberg's haunted teletype machine.By classicsinfo@expertologists.com
An episode about the Leibig (a real jerk of a creature), the Afghani kite parade, Pamphleteers and, of course, the Glosenthrax Dilemna.By classicsinfo@expertologists.com
In the final segment of her job interview, Marcy charms her way past David's defenses and lands herself the position.By Aaron Hilliard and Kit Pongetti
The questions get tougher as David grills Marcy on her talents and attributes.By Aaron Hilliard and Kit Pongetti
An improvised web comedy, Marcy (Kit Pongetti) sits down for a job interview with David (Aaron Hilliard), an internet pioneer and former ice cream shop owner.By Aaron Hilliard and Kit Pongetti
In the last episode of the season, Miles and Harry are invited to their campaign manager's house for a little socializing. Things don't work out as well as Miles had expected. (Nick Kroll guest stars) More comedy videos at yardhill.com.By Aaron Hilliard
Miles isn't going to blow his one shot at hanging out with the campaign's movers and shakers. Harry isn't thrilled with Miles' plan to ingratiate himself to the cool crowd. More comedy videos at yardhill.com.By Aaron Hilliard
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