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A Riverdale Recap Podcast
Check out a bunch of middle-aged guys talking about 'Riverdale.'
The Riverdale Podcast is a show for Archie Comics fans! We're devoted to discussing Archie Comics, both classic and contemporary. If you want to keep up on the exploits of Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Josie and the Pussycats, and the rest of the Riverdale gang, this is where you'll want to be every week!
Dance, music and drama activities which build towards a performance of our play for KS2 pupils called 'Archie Dobson's War, commemorating the outbreak of World War 1.
It wasn’t Archie’s fault really. It’s true he went to America and fell in love with Lucille, the daughter of a millionaire hotel proprietor and if he did marry her–well, what else was there to do?From his point of view, the whole thing was a thoroughly good egg; but Mr. Brewster, his father-in-law, thought differently, Archie had neither money nor occupation, which was distasteful in the eyes of the industrious Mr. Brewster; but the real bar was the fact that he had once adversely criticised ...
Listen as Janet, mom and long-time fan of the original Archie comics, and Jimmy, Janet's son and long-time fan of teen dramas, watch and then discuss the CW's Riverdale.
Archie and Reg
Archie and Reg discuss various issues connected to Funtybuntering at the Naughty Nancy Gentleman's club. And they will do so twice weekly until you jolly well pay attention to them.
Biscuits With Archie
C.H. Allen Clark lives with a menagerie of animals, including Archie, a 20-pound Shih Tzu and one of eight house pets. He is known as the “Big Ragu” of the abode. Call him “Lefty of the Leftovers,” “Fatty of All Known Feasts,” and “Cat Pervert Extraordinaire.” Archie is the inspiration behind many of Clark’s poems, and his short stories are inspired by his ancestors who lived through the Civil War. It’s a collection of humorous, sad, and enlightening prose that will appeal to animal lovers a ...
Archie Barnett
Podcast by Archie Barnett
Archi Elz
Hey Archie!
Welcome to Hey Archie, the podcast where your boy, Patrick M. Dunn, hops into the wayback machine and eavesdrops on the citizens of Riverdale, U.S.A. during their most intimate moments.
Archie and Reg
Archie and Reg- out of their time and out of their minds. Brandy and waffle at the Naughty Nancy club. Every Friday.
Join me as I travel the world of Architecture visiting incredible cities, and stunning buildings. In this podcast I explore the power of architecture and its ability to transform, converse and celebrate the human experience.
Feature Stories From Our Award-Winning News Team
Check out a bunch of middle-aged guys talking about 'Riverdale.'
Cry Me A Riverdale
Cry Me a Riverdale is a deconstructive look by deconstructive boyshapes Jon Risinger (On the Spot) and Mikey Neumann (Movies with Mikey) that seeks to illuminate new things about the show Riverdale. These two super-sleuths will break it all down, Encyclopedia Brown-style, and unlock the secrets of a show that never should have existed in the first place.
New episode every Friday as we reminisce about the week that just was.Focusing on popular culture, sport and entertainment, we'll look back at what we've especially loved and hated. Join us for some _serious and intelligent conversation_ with a little bit of chaos thrown in for good measure.Always looking back. Never on the cutting edge.
WELCOME TO RIVERDALE: the "official" podcast of the hit CW show. Hear the stories of how it was made by the creators & stars. Hosted by Bob Barth.
Breakfast at Pop's
Part recap, part roast, all Riverdale.
Did Aliens build Stonehenge? Did the Easter Island statues walk? Did the Vikings colonize Midwest American? What does mainstream archaeology have to say about all this? Listen to the Archaeology Fantasies podcast and learn about popular archeological mysteries. Hoax or fact? Learn to tell the difference with Dr. Kenneth Feder and cohost Sara of the Archy Fantasies blog.
A weekly comic book podcast reviewing all the latest issues from DC, Marvel, Image, Archie, Dark Horse and more. Hosted by Andrew Levins and Siobhan Coombs for Kings Comics in Sydney.
the internet's first, greatest, and only podcast dedicated to the sexy new Archie murder mystery show, hosted by @katekillet & @grahamwright
On the RIVERDALE REGISTER, John and Kaitlin recap all of the shenanigans that Archie and Co. get into on this week's episode of CW's dark adaptation of Archie Comics. Love triangles, murder, twincest — they're here to talk about it all.
Two men in a dark room discuss comics. And Tom Cruise... for some reason?
Pals and Gals Olena, Nikki, Steve, and Paul discuss the ridiculous CW television show Riverdale.
What happens when you get two Bettys in a room? Join hosts, Jessica Fernando and Heidi Smith for weekly reviews and recaps of the hit CW television series "Riverdale" to find out!
Christianity in Business is the show that helps Christian business professionals to integrate biblical values into business. The Christianity in Business Podcast is an initiative of the Archie W. Dunham College of Business at Houston Baptist University. You can get more information about HBU’s Center for Christianity in Business--including the Christian Business Review academic journal, articles, videos, and news about upcoming events--by visiting our website at
Jonesboro, Arkansas |
Rah Rah Riverdale
We're Al and Joe, two fans of the Archie universe who decided to do a podcast about the CW's new show, Riverdale. Join us weekly for the best discussion of the show and whatever else we get up to. Leave us a review and send your feedback to
A weekly podcast of the sermons being held in Faith Family Worship Center Chicago
Author Robert J. Peterson and Comedian Tim Powers present an AFTERSHOW of the CW Series RIVERDALE. Tim and Bob are both lifelong Archie readers and comcs fans. The boys discuss the show from their unique perspective, examine the storyline and script, and determine how true RIVERDALE stays to the source material. If you love ARCHIE, if you love RIVERDALE, you'll like what Tim and Bob have to say in HIRAM's Lodge . Follow us on Twitter @Lodge_Hiram
Mac & Maud watch Archie and the gang navigate the perils of high school and a dark, twisted mystery in the CW's Riverdale.
The official podcast of BumbleKing Comics, Ian "BumbleKing" Flynn and Kyle "KyleJCrb" Crouse of the KNGI Network discuss gaming, comics, tech, science, entertainment and more!
GCPD is your biweekly dose of news from the world of video games, comics, and yes, even puppy dogs. Join Matt Peters and Archie Easter as they tell you about the best entertainment that you can get your paws on.
A weekly podcast from Andy and Archie, two gay nerds sharing love for each other, for popular culture, for DIY, and whatever else interests them.
Three Geeks discuss Comics, Movies, Television, Toys, and more! Join them as they have EPIC SUPERHERO SMACK DOWNS, pitting Hero Vs. Villain!
Did Aliens build Stonehenge? Did the Easter Island statues walk? Did the Vikings colonize Midwest American? What does mainstream archaeology have to say about all this? Listen to the Archaeology Fantasies podcast and learn about popular archeological mysteries. Hoax or fact? Learn to tell the difference with Dr. Kenneth Feder and cohost Sara of the Archy Fantasies blog.
Vinyl Analysis
70's and 80's Rock N Roll discussion with Archie and friends.
Broadcasting out of Pop Tate's Chocklit Shoppe, Lucy Cappiello and Evan Munday review and dissect Archie comics digests for your amusement and elucidation.
Archie Patterson began a DIY revolution in 1971 in California, with his FM broadcasts of Euro electronica. Now 36 years later, his Eurock experiment comes alive Online with a series of Podcasts featuring EM from all around the world. With ambient tracks, media, and Web production by Doktor Bob.
Red Circle Gazette
Devoted to the Archie line of super-hero comic books!
Take a trip to CW's Riverdale with Rebecca and Jonathan as they deep dive into the dark and dreamy television world of Archie and the gang. Tune in each week to hear thoughtful recaps, spot on criticisms, and even personal tales. From Archie's existential crisis, to Blossom twincest, to Betty's mom's eyebrows, no topic is off limits. Also look out for poignant segments, like f*ck, marry, kill, character power rankings, and who done it.
Jackie likes superheroes and comedy. Steph likes rom-coms and TV shows about genius savants. Steph watched cartoons about the Archie characters growing up, and Jackie had never heard of them until she watched the Riverdale pilot. So tag along with these two former college roommates desperately clinging to their bright college years in this wildly unqualified adventure into podcasting and media criticism! We'll go through every episode of The CW's new hit drama Riverdale and talk about our fa ...
Two Gayz And...
Being gay isn't a lifestyle choice, but being fabulous is. Chronicling Archie and T.J.'s random adventures.
Interviews and insight on Alberta politics from Archie McLean, a provincial affairs writer at the Edmonton Journal.
Quality Deep Soulful House podcasts available for free download. Enjoy the mixes and please share. The DJ ARCH MOBILE APP is available for free download as well at on all major platforms.
Archie & Jfreak talk about random things for your entertainment. (Not Guarenteed.)
This is Archie, Freddie, and Bobby and we are going to talk about Fred Shuttlesworth
Welcome to RiverTalk where Archie's hot now, Jughead isn't normal and we're always in the mood for chaos. Every week your favorite RiverTalkers will break down each deliciously fun episode. The RiverTalkersElizabeth Larsen Victoria Nelli Aditi Vast Allison Williams
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Loyiso Gola & Archie Maddocks (both Arsenal) join Alex, Liam and Paul to give their assessment of Unai Emery getting the Arsenal job, Alex's trip to the FA Cup Final for Man Utd vs Chelsea, England's chances at the 2018 World Cup, how much love footballers need in their lives and the truth about Lionel Messi's puberty. The guys also imagine nig ...…
Capital26Free — Archie, Skittles and Jerry the Bartender (don’t tell him we called him that), join Onai for this weeks episode. They hit it off by ridiculing one of the the “other guys” for not coming to the show because they were apparently invited to come to the royal wedding. The show gets intense when they ask the question, “what do you do ...…
Getting in under the wire again during a long weekend, the whole crew is here (or are they??) to tackle: The Albany Comic Show comic pick up that was a Kickstarter. “Beasts of the Black Hand.” Oversized comic from publisher Ominous Press. Created by Paul Harding, Ron Marz and Matthew Dow-Smith. Ryan Browne new Kickstarter but it is over now. Ri ...…
This episode of Jugheads is all about redemption, as Veronica tries to make up with Betty after kissing her crush in the closet, Jughead and Archie patch things up after Jughead spies something scandalous happening in the music room, and Cheryl has some explaining to do when the Sheriff comes looking for her with questions about the murder of h ...…
The final programme of dance resources linking to World War 1. In this programme the dance activities explore trench warfare with a sequence about going 'over the top'. Then the focus moves on to the Armistice and the commemoration of the War and those who died. Extended music sequences from the programme are available from the Sound Resources ...…
The final programme of music resources linking to World War 1. The medley of contemporary songs includes 'Over there' and 'Home! Sweet home!' while the original song to learn - 'Can you, can you remember?' - invites the singers to reflect on the War and its enormous cost in human lives. The backing tracks for the songs are available as download ...…
The second programme of dance resources linking to World War 1. The movement sequences in this download explore life in the trenches, then working in a munitions factory on the home front. Then it's back to the trenches for a sequence exploring the Christmas truce of 1914. Extended music sequences for the dances are available in the Sound Resou ...…
The second programme of music resources linking to World War 1. The medley of contemporary songs to learn includes 'Hush, here comes a whizz-bang!' and 'We're here because we're here'. The original song is the grimly humorous 'Stuck, stuck in the middle' - about daily life stuck in the trenches. Backing tracks of all the songs are available in ...…
The dance activities in this programme begin by contrasting 'town' and 'country' in the summer of 1914. There are also some simple steps to learn from a contemporary dance called 'The Castle Walk' before the declaration of war takes us to the parade ground for some military drill steps.The activities in the programme can be used to support your ...…
Music resources linking to World War 1. This programme has a medley of contemporary songs to learn - including 'It's a long way to Tipperary' - and also an original song which explores the mood in the summer of 1914 and provides a curtain-raiser for the school play 'Archie Dobson's War'. The programme is available to download.…
453 - LTHM Podcast - Mixed by Diego ValleLatest LTHM Release:Prince.L - Maybe From Mars | Enzo Leep Remix List:1.Miagma – Close Approximation (Girl O’Clock Rhythm Mix)[NSFW]2.Zlantnichi – Miyagi Afterclassic (Original Mix)[Monday Morning Records]3.Dieru – Secrets Inside Her (Riciar Gh ...…
Man, this Brave New World feels suspiciously like the old world.
What do you do when you hear about a alcohol that is described as tasting like a burnt condom filled with gasoline? You find the closest place they sell it and pick some up. Then you go share it with your friends. We had such and adventure just searching for this elusive Chicagoan drink that we couldn’t wait to try it. This liquor is so packed ...…
I have recently had personal experience of the work of the wife required care in The Liverpool Women's Hospital after an operation...I was totally humbled by the kindness and dedication of the staff...selfless first class care and they ask nothing in return...they are Earth Angels....I've always had the greatest of respect for our doc ...…
Advice for the young people from bubblegum's best! Worried about sex, drugs and rock and roll? Confused by the mysteries of love? We answer all your questions on this very wise episode of Echo Valley! A dramatic reading from a Susan Dey book on how to flirt! Spotlight on the singing sages from Space Coaster! Tribute to Schoolhouse Rock's Bob Do ...…
Stag Weekend is a brand new sports podcast brought to you by Stag Radio, the University of Surrey's award winning student radio station. Archie Biltcliffe, Ben Ward and Michael Slavin discuss all the major news in the world of football and rugby with expert analysis and fresh insight. Listen to #StagWeekend LIVE every Monday from 3-4pm on StagR ...…
Blurry Photos' David Flora and Sex Archie's Grant (aka General Ironicus) hold on to their butts for the 2nd act of their reenactment of Jurassic Park! You deserve better. Support me on Patreon and Ko-Fi. Muffed Movies & Blastropodcast clothes on our Threadless store. This episode is sponsored by the Second City Training Center. This sponsorship ...…
Podcast on the Brink is back for a new episode with hosts Jerod Morris of The Assembly Call and Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall. The show is available weekly.In this week’s show, Morris and Bozich open up the reader mailbag and answer your questions. Among the topics discussed:· What we know about next season’s schedule· The latest on Juwan Morg ...…
EJ and Ross break down the 11th episode of season one. Archie and Veronica get ready to perform at the reunion. The jones and coopers have dinner together.
I have recently had personal experience of the work of the wife required care in The Liverpool Women's Hospital after an operation...I was totally humbled by the kindness and dedication of the staff...selfless first class care and they ask nothing in return...they are Earth Angels....I've always had the greatest of respect for our doc ...…
When we started this podcast, one of our first goals was to make sure we did and episode about the CW reboot of Archie comics, Riverdale. The show reimagines the classic Archie characters in a adolescent soap opera world of mixed genres: hardboiled detective, film noir, goth horror, teen romance, erotic thriller. To us it is … Continue reading ...…
Running Rugby Podcast - Episode 14 A jam-packed edition of the Running Rugby Podcast this week, as Archie, Toby & Leo revisit the Quade Cooper saga, discuss Brad Shields' selection in the England squad, and breakdown all of the games from Round 13 of Super Rugby. The boys also pick their ideal centre pairing on Wallaby Watch ahead of the June T ...…
Host Ben Rice visits Empress Tavern to sit down with brewer Peter Hoey and owner Rob Archie of Urban Roots Brewing to discuss the upcoming opening of their brewery and smokehouse in Sacramento (set for May 19, 2018). We talk what to expect when you're expecting (to open a brewery), Rob's history in the restaurant world, Peter's brewing history, ...…
He's a story editor and writer for one of TV's hottest shows. Ahead of the Riverdale season two finale, Brian Paterson tells me how the show's writers room works, who his favorite character is, who decides when Archie and Jughead take their shirts off, and how he deals with the army of passionate Riverdale Nation fans on Twitter.…
On this weeks episode of #OnTheMike, I sit down with Margot Robbie and Ben Affleck lookalikes Laura Gilbert and Cosplay Chris at the newest amusement park in Sydney - Archie Bros Electric Circus. These guys travel the globe making appearances as super heroes like Harley Quinn and Batman and today they jump #OnTheMike.Check out Chris here:http:/ ...…
Join us for a very special themed week, we're getting ambitious and tackling the vastest topic of all, Space. We're not scientists, we don't really know what we're talking about but I can assure you that we won't let that stop us one bit. This is the most comprehensive* analysis of space you'll find on the internet. Secret alien conspiracies; H ...…
Two hours of trashy garage, punk, rock, soul, and fury! Outrage Radio with host DJ Jdub – playlist May 10, 2018:1. Ron Gallo – Youtubular (2018) [0:00]2. Fuzz – Preacher3. Dion Lunadon – Com/Broke (2017)4. Buzzcocks – You Tear Me Up5. The Real Kids – She’s Alright (2018) [12:06]6. Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears – What Love Is7. Archie & The B ...…
Archie looks at Matthew 6:19-34 – In the course of Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” he challenges us to live our lives in accordance with His Kingdom principles. How we use our wealth and finance is a reflection of where our trust and hope lies, If our treasure is in heaven it opens the door towards seeing the kindness and provision of God in our o ...…
Tonight’s Riverdale was, as we had expected last week, ABSOLUTELY NUTS. So much stuff happened in such a short stretch of time in the first few minutes that it really made us wonder how we got through it all in just 40 minutes — so it took us a bit longer than that to unpack all of it. You can listen to us rant and rave here. If you want to sup ...…
Season 2 of Riverdale is almost over! And the Black Hood is BACK! Who is the Black Hood? And why is Archie such a moron? The girls of Girl Meets Mars try to find outBy (Girl Meets Mars).
Afterlife With Archie #1 Looks like Beej is still on a horror kick! This is how the end of the world begins... Harvey Award-winning writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Carrie, Archie meets Glee) and Eisner-winning artist Francesco Francavilla (Batman, Black Beetle) take Archie and the gang where they've never been before-to the grave and back! A hor ...…
Pastor Stan Archie May 5, 2018 James 1:19-27 James 4:1-10
I have a bad left knee. It’s “classic” osteoarthritis says my Doctor. Great, another classic. I’ve had a couple of cortisone shots for it, and while I’ve complained that they weren’t effective, they did relieve some of the symptoms. Problem was, my knee was getting worse – walking up and down stairs got to be an absolute killer for me. In Janua ...…
Update on Archie (4:00) Mt. Kilueah erupts (5:40) Brink’s truck spills $600,000 on Indiana highway (10:45) Immigrant caravan from South/Central America (17:25) Michelle Wolf/WHCD (38:50) Trump – Dr. Harold Bornstein “raped”/Robert Mueller questions leaked/Michael Cohen/Count Rudy Giuliani/N. Korean detainees/James Comey firing reason #3/Paul Ma ...…
Another Soul Heaven show crammed full of the very best quality soul music for your ears and your feet. 1 LEW KIRTON Don't Wanna Wait 1986 2 CHRIS STANDRING No Explanation (feat. Mica Paris) 2018 3 TERRY HARRIS On the Floor 2018 4 CE CE PENISTON Hot (M.F.C. Extended) [feat. Mothers Favorite Child] 2018 5 LISA STANSFIELD Deeper 2018 6 ELOISE LAWS ...…
Raw and Smackdown Live are reviewed with what tickled the fancy and what didn't. They each get separate Meltzer Scale ratings. The comics section visits the pages of Riverdale with the most recent iteration of Archie by writer Mark Waid and flurry of artists such as Fiona Staples, Pete Woods, Audrey Mok, Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Jenn Vaughn just ...…
Ross and EJ break down episode 9. Cheryl seeks archies help. Veronica tries to help out Ethel Muggs.
“THAT’S NOT CHIC!” - Rebecca and Maria in unisonListen to us watch Riverdale 2x19 - “Chapter Thirty-Two: Prisoners,”as we gush about an amazing performance by Madchen Amick as Alice Cooper reckoning with her dead son, yell at Betty for lying to Jughead about getting Black Hood calls, are actually kind of on Archie and Veronica’s side for once ( ...…
My cat Archie is in the hospital (4:30) Toronto van attack (8:05) Waffle House shooting (18:30) Bill Cosby found guilty/“Bill” Fat Albert, & some of the Cosby Kids call in (26:05) The Golden State Killer/East Side Rapist caught (44:35) Trump – Ben Carson & HUD/Scott Pruitt grilled/Ronny Jackson withdraws/North & South Korea/The idiot that is Ka ...…
01) Archie - Feel Your Love 02) Nineteen96 - Beautiful 03) Mobin Master, CARZi - High For The Weekend (Extended) 04) Wayak - How You Dance (Manuel De La Mare Remix) 05) Crystal Shakers - Tonight (Original Mix) 06) Nineteen96 - How to Love Me 07) Clueless - Hold On 08) BadVice DJ, Icy Moon - Come Back To Me (Deep House Remix) 09) No Hopes, Alex ...…
Aspiring sports agent Zachary Gross recently had two opportunities to meet important industry people. He didn't let the opportunity pass him by, and it's made a huge difference in his career arc.Hi everybody I’m Brian Clapp Director of Content for and this is the Work in Sports podcast –As I mentioned a few weeks back, I want t ...…
I won’t lie this episode went off the rails pretty early on and turned into a comic book love fest for Murphy and me. Poor Decaf was left in the dust after his on-air mic check as Murph and I geeked out. So, please, think of Decaf the next time you are at your local comic book shop and buy the man an Archie Comic. https://spankwagon.files.wordp ...…
The Dreck Squad is sworn to investigate dingy, obscure corners of pop culture. Meanwhile, a special 'Blue and Gold' unit makes the case for #Riverdale. Join Whitey Fox and his partner Nathan Ortega as they analyze every episode from the blood-soaked start to the goofy outlandish finish. In this first episode, the boys in blue and gold discuss t ...…
This week, host Jay Sanderson speaks with Archie Gottesman, Co-founder of and branding expert. They discuss Archie’s specialty — using unconventional messaging and creative ad campaigns to reach those that are not engaged Jewishly.
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