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The Avoiding the Puddle podcast exists to help improve your skills in competitive fighting games. The hosts, Aris and MYK, are both very experienced tournament players of multiple fighting games and in every episode they bring you strategies, opinions, reviews and interviews. The podcast is geared mainly towards the Tekken series but is not limited to it. They discuss strategies that apply to all fighting games.
Avoid Being Hated
Avoid Being Hated Can't we all just get along? Well. Maybe. The ultimate conflict resolution, this podcast gives you a look into someone else's every day life so you can avoid saying or doing the wrong thing. We are your guide to awkward situations.
Avoiding Chores
The official podcast from Avoiding Chores – A small business located in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.
Avoiding Boredom
Podcast by Avoiding Boredom
Avoiding the Storm
15 Minutes a week and you will gain an understanding of the Economic Factors that Shape your World and impact your $
Henry Stanton’s 1922 book Sex – Avoided Subjects Discussed in Plain English is intended as a frank (although consevative and moralistic) guide to human sexual behaviour and relationships. It is partly a self-help book, partly an attempt to relay the scientific knowledge of the day in relation to sex and reproduction in a way suitable for popular consumption.
Henry Stanton was appalled at the shocking lack of information given to young people about sex and reproduction in his time. He felt this was a crime that needed to be fixed and so he wrote this book explaining sex for young and old. Ignorance of basic reproductive processes he felt led to experimentation that then led to sin, crime and prostitution. While this book is definitely not written in what I would call Plain English, contains some very questionable 'facts' about masturbation and me ...
Avoid Overload
Technology, Gaming, Beer.... maybe not in that order
Avoiding Balaam
Challenging verse-by-verse teaching of scripture from
Warning to Avoid's recent posts to
We live and thrive on the daily success of agents, supervisors, and leadership teams around the world. CCC Podcast will bring you interviews from top telecom and contact center professionals to help educate, empower and execute in the every day grind.
Avoiding The Issue
Joe Tarpey, Paul Butland and Bob Craddock weave jocular tangents on random subject matters. "Offensive" language features
Avoid All Spoilers
Avoid All Spoilers is the podcast filling your need for discussions of some of your favorite films. Spoiler free first half and spoiler full for the rest.
13 short vignettes to help the Christian take a deeper walk with the Lord as well as help the curious understand how Christianity is really supposed to work. Topics include: 1. How to Avoid Positive Stinking (the title piece). Why true submission to the Lord trumps forcing ourselves to "think positive" all the time. 2. Our Conditional Love of Jesus (in 3 parts). Explores the conditions Jesus required for us to love Him. If these conditions are not met, He clearly states we do not love Him. 3 ...
Serving the entire tri-planet area.
Join Stacy Jones, the CEO and founder of Los Angeles entertainment agency Hollywood Branded. Learn from her 20 years of experience as she shares top notched advice on marketing best practices for brands and walks you through how to leverage entertainment content and influencer partnerships to increase your brand’s overall consumer engagement and most importantly, your sales.
The Taxcast is a 30 minute monthly radio show from the Tax Justice Network packed with the latest news, scandal, research and unique analysis of events in the world of tax evasion, tax avoidance and financial corruption - the most challenging ethical and economic issues of our times. It features news headlines, unique expert analysis you won't find anywhere else and a mini-documentary.
Each year, millions of Americans have their identity stolen. The Federal Trade Commission, the nation's consumer protection agency, wants you to have the information you need to protect yourself against identity theft.The video is a 10-minute educational program that provides an overview of identity theft and outlines the steps consumers can take
Jessica and Sam are a married couple using a podcast to keep them connected and talking. Sam has persuaded Jessica to watch various cult movies and shows she has not seen, nor generally heard of. Currently Sam & Jessica are doing a full series run of the Henson Company cult classic Farscape for the 2018 year. We attempt to watch three episodes at a time (sometimes we don't get the chance to do three, but that is on average what we attempt) and review them. In the midst of it we talk about li ...
Mark David Christenson and Connie Shin watch and discuss movies that their guests suggest they should see for various reasons. Music by Timm Sharp and Logo designed by James Mulholland
Join your host, Erik Fisher, as he talks to successful friends and influencers about how they manage their time, prioritize their tasks, and take steps to avoid burnout.
Avoid procrastination podcast
Marriage can be the relationship we all dream of having. Killer sex life, partner through anything, fun, adventurous, encouraging, and liberating. Your marriage can be key to feeling alive and living abundantly. And all it takes is everything you got, but that's what you already promised. So tune in every Monday for techniques and encouragement to reap the benefits of a full throttle marriage.
Nationally-syndicated consumer expert Clark Howard shows you practical money-saving advice to help you save more, spend less, and avoid scams and ripoffs. To access the entire Clark Howard Podcast archive, go to
What is the missing element in many marriages and couple relationships? It’s giving love, not just getting it. Are you interested in learning a positive approach to loving that will benefit your partner, strengthen your relationship — and nourish you? Join Dr. David Sanford, couples therapist and his wife, Joyce Wilson-Sanford, executive coach, as they explore approaches to joyful loving, drawn from Dr. Sanford’s new book.
The Loh Down on Science is the fun way to get your daily dose of science in less than two minutes. The program explains the world of science with a dash of humor. Hosted by writer/performer and Caltech alumna Sandra Tsing Loh, it's a program for those who love science as well as for those who avoid it!
Each year IQPC offers approximately 2,000 conferences, seminars and related learning programmes worldwide attracting a dedicated group of top decision makers year in and year out. IQPC leverages a global research base of best practices to produce an unrivaled portfolio of problem-solving conferences, in doing so provide the fastest and most enjoyable way to find out what is going on in your professional community and the best way to meet the suppliers that can help you accomplish your goals. ...
Court Appointed
How can you avoid trespassing while playing Pokemon GO? Is "To Catch a Predator" entrapment? Can you use a spring gun in the fall? Lawyer Mike Meadows and his dude like brother-in-law Tommy Smirl tackle the pressing issues of the day in a legal podcast geared to educate and entertain lawyers and non-lawyers alike.
A podcast for scam avoidance and personal safety
Colour Code
If there’s one thing Canadians avoid, it’s talking about race. This podcast is here to change that. Join hosts Denise Balkissoon and Hannah Sung for a new conversation on race in Canada. We won’t have all the answers but we do ask bold questions.Theme music by Bonjay.
This show is about empowering you to avoid making excuses and to help you maximize your fitness and weight loss results. No gimmicks, just research-based facts from Award-Winning Fitness Expert, Best Selling Author, 21-time Boston Marathon Finisher and 12-time Ironman Triathlon Finisher Jonathan Roche. Visit to start your 7-day Free Trial!
Personal finance show bringing listeners actionable advice to retire successfully. Hosts Joe Anderson, CFP® and "Big Al" Clopine, CPA break down key strategies on designing your investment portfolio, maximizing Social Security, generating a retirement income distribution plan, avoiding paying unnecessary taxes and so much more. Show notes and transcripts at
ConspiracyOz is a current news site with a uniquely Australian perspective, we seek the truth that mainstream media avoids.
New Nurse Podcast
As a new nurse you might be worried about killing your patient. This podcast will help you avoid doing that by teaching you what to do if you find yourself in a "worst case scenario" in the ICU..
Worst. Show. Ever.
You'll probably want to avoid this podcast. It sucks. It's filled with neurotic tales of thieving bears, decoy wallets, and epic Olive Garden rants. It's irreverent and stupid and terrible, and the hosts should really be ashamed of themselves. You can also find archives of this travesty in the "Better Off Undead" podcast, which was just as bad but also had an even stupider name.
Code Monkey Podcast
Two nerdy guys mostly avoiding talking about code.
If you've been struggling with anxiety, depression, fears, obsession, panic, or any relationship, marriage or family issues, or just want less stress and more happiness, this show will empower you to honor yourself and make decisions that are right for you. Npr, Mindfulness, compassion and being in the present moment are only components of a bigger picture. Honoring yourself and living authentically, along with strengthening your emotional intelligence are a few of the keys to an empowered l ...
Starting Today
Starting Today. Your host, Judith Wentzel, the Breakthrough Expert for coaches, speakers & trainers brings to you each week, tips, strategies, techniques and resources to rapidly transform the quality of your life and business. Prepare to breakthrough to the success you desire... Starting Today!
Your Guide To Avoiding Burnout & Surviving Grief
An award winning personal finance and investing podcast, Be Wealthy & Smart™ gets your money working harder for you, so you don't have to work so hard. Linda made $2 million at the age of 39 and shares her investing, business and financial knowledge with you. Linda speaks in plain english and has a fresh and different approach (hint: wealth building is NOT about frugality). Listen to one podcast and you might have to binge listen to the rest! Money moves in cycles and peaks in bubbles. Learn ...
Join your host, Erik Fisher, as he talks to successful friends and influencers about how they manage their time, prioritize their tasks, and take steps to avoid burnout.
Sex is Fun Podcast: hosted by Laura Rad, Gay Rick, and Coochie! Dedicated to the rational discussion of human sexuality from the approach of fun, enjoyment and pleasure. Each episode features a different topic that will discuss how to maximize sexual enjoyment while avoiding all the dangers of sex.
Does the word ‘budget’ make you microsleep? Have you never, ever looked at your super? Do you avoid dealing with your finances because it seems too hard, and boring, and annoying? Welcome. You’re not alone. Join Comedian Claire Hooper on her mission to get it together with money.
"Death By Social Media" is the fatal end to careers, opportunities, good reputations or even freedom that can occur from one's online actions. Let's identify this affliction and help you avoid a similar fate.
“Setting the Record Straight: God’s truth for this generation” is a powerful, back-to-God’s-Word bi-weekly podcast. This show is firmly established in Bible truth to expose and rectify the many misconceptions, omissions and outright lies that have crept into our belief system. We empower the end time generation to choose salvation, avoid deception and correctly interpret Bible prophecy.
Learn how to accomplish your goals through increasing your mental power, avoiding energy drains, and becoming more mentally efficient.
Success is found on a path of mistakes. Matt Fox from talks with those who have found success so you can learn from their mistakes and failures. You'll discover you're not alone on your path to a successful business. Don't repeat the mistakes others have made, you'll find new insights that will help you grow your business. Past guests include: Nate Kontny, Dov Gordon, Jason Leister, Mike Vardy,Tony Stubblebine, Tim Brownson, Barry Moore, Zephan Blaxberg, Nicholas Kusmic ...
Esquire Report
An entertaining and somewhat irreverent legal news and information show with tips and strategies for representing yourself in court
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Welcome to Finance and fury Financial-Crash proof your investments This is a flow on from the last Say What Wednesday, this episode talks about how to get yourself into a position to survive any market correction. We’ll cover off on the two types of volatile investments – Property and Shares; today’s episode will focus on Property, and in the n ...…
To avoid being cursed, we watched episodes 7-13 of C3 CubexCursedxCurious. So many cursed items to collect but so few episodes left!
There are all kinds of cute, trite, and even "right-sounding" phrases out there, which people genuinely believe are either A) In the Bible, or B) Things God would agree with. Unfortunately, they aren't either of those things and, often, do more harm than good. When we, or someone else, loses a loved one ir friend to death, it might be best if w ...…
You likely know Theodore Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” He also said, “The unforgivable crime is soft hitting. Do not hit at all if it can be avoided, but never hit softly.” Ralph Waldo Emerson counseled, “There is no strong performance without a little fanaticism in the performer,” and Oscar Wilde added, “Moderation is a ...…
You likely know Theodore Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” He also said, “The unforgivable crime is soft hitting. Do not hit at all if it can be avoided, but never hit softly.” Ralph Waldo Emerson counseled, “There is no strong performance without a little fanaticism in the performer,” and Oscar Wilde added, “Moderation is a ...…
Join us and see how we landed in real estate as we talk about our early obstacles and what we would’ve done to avoid them, and also tell you how to get started in real estate if you’re interested! 😃
Rising oil prices translated into healthier finances for the state of Oklahoma. But higher revenue numbers for April were overshadowed by news of financial mismanagement within one of the state’s largest agencies. In November 2017 the Oklahoma Health Department announced a shortfall of $30 million, but an investigation by Attorney General Mike ...…
Dr. Araceli López-Arenas (Dr. Cheli) joins me today to talk a little bit about how the process of going to therapy works, also when and why people should try (or re-try) seeing a metal health professional. The conversation around mental health has opened up significantly in the last couple of years but there are still obstacles to overcome to a ...…
There are all kinds of cute, trite, and even "right-sounding" phrases out there, which people genuinely believe are either A) In the Bible, or B) Things God would agree with. Unfortunately, they aren't either of those things and, often, do more harm than good. When we, or someone else, loses a loved one ir friend to death, it might be best if w ...…
Episode 23: Today we talk about the lies, deceit, half truths and the chaos and exhaustion all of this creates. And how both sides see it so differently! Here are the questions I asked: Does the lying bother you? Is it making your head spin, enraging you, or do you find you are just avoiding it and becoming numb to it, because it’s consistent a ...…
Amarilys Rassler shares how she got involved in the occult and how she escaped the Satan's torture. She offers guidance on learning how to avoid being trapped by Satan's lies.
Corporate mentoring in action: Building a happier, more productive workplace through a youth mentoring program partnership: How much does your department or company spend annually on corporate professional development? How often does your church or union lament declining member engagement or employee satisfaction at work? How often have you wan ...…
Twitter: Denton_Day3:05 Caps lose Game 410:52 Liberty moves to ASUN23:21 Chris Miles joins to talk playoffs, free agency and MJ46:58 Warriors Rockets Game 254:20 How Redskins can avoid Brandon Lloyd/Pryor situation60:00 Guice would go to White House
Just a quick heads up we had some audio problems on this episode and instead of trashing this awesome episode we tried our best to make due with what we had.On this spoilerific episode of Speaking of Which we discuss Avengers: Infinity War and what we enjoyed and detested about the film. If you want to avoid spoilers skip ahead to 25:25 where w ...…
James Nellis is the CEO of the Nellis GroupNellis Group and was awarded 30 under 30 by Realtor Magazine in 2005. James is an active member of the 30under30 reunion group and is frequently a keynote speaker on marketing and branding in the industry. On this episode, James presents on the common mistakes real estate agents make when branding thei ...…
An unfortunate part of the process. Something that many people fall into and never seem to get out of. At some point or another, in whatever area of life - be it fitness, finances, relationships, your career, you will indeed experience this. The dreaded slump. A place where you feel stuck, perhaps unmotivated and a point you seemingly can't bre ...…
Today I am speaking with the founder of Design Affects, Katie Crepeau. Coming from a background in Architecture, Katie is a business strategist for impact-driven architects empowering them to practice unconventional, impactful and intentional design. In this episode you will discover: - The strategies to avoiding burnout - The essentials of run ...…
Finding the right coach or mentor can spur you on your own journey to greatness while helping you avoid or minimize pitfalls. In this episode, discover the 7 key differences between mentoring and coaching so you can decide which is right for you.
With technology embedded in everything we do, hackers and fraudsters have more avenues than ever to launch attacks. Today, spam and antivirus software are no longer enough. Dave Kennedy outlines steps you can take to avoid phishing scams, mitigate exposure to malicious code, and spot suspicious emails and “communications in the middle” fraud. Y ...…
Texting became a daily routine, which is implemented in our lives like taking a shower or brushing our teeth. We all have a different attitude towards it and it is more stressful for some of us than others. It can also be used to avoid difficult situations, for example, escaping an actual conversation. Unfortunately, our differing approaches to ...…
The military almost always plays a part in popular science fiction movies. Some are much better than others. I've got 5 of the best sci fi movies starring soldiers for you to watch, and the worst military sci fi movie ever made for you to avoid.
I see a few buckets a person is best to stay in: Marriage God has designed marriage to be one man and one woman for a lifetime. There are numerous temptations that make us seem like this bucket is small, confining and maybe dragging us down. We need friends to keep us in our bucket. Work If a man won’t work neither should he eat. We would like ...…
Why is this so important? Being able to know and likewise understand a social setting is an invaluable skill for the entrepreneur. It let's people know that your cognizant of what's going on, and your ability to be able to see that, and then engage on that same level socially is huge. It creates instant trust and likability. Some people would h ...…
Link has a conspiracy theory about a popular podcast.Torie quits her job.And we discuss The Avengers: Infinity War!BEWARE! There be spoilers in them hills! To avoid MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS skip from 22:30 - 34:25
Murielle Fellouse, founder of Date Like A French Woman Podcast joins us as a Conscious Dating,Relationship and Self Love Coach. We discuss how one has to shift the brain and energy level to make emotional and energetic space for the love and richness you really want in your life. Murielle shines the light on the emotional vampires and what we m ...…
Welcome to Furious Friday – These episodes aim to solve misunderstandings In this episode - Furious about the muckery of statistics used to perpetrate misunderstandings Misconceptions about the world when it comes to the world, the economy and what we are taught, by the media. Click Bait is the winner when we are too busy to fully look into an ...…
Buying a home is a daunting process fora first time homebuyer. In this episode, Ron Lyons explains what mistakes first time homebuyers make and how to avoid them.
Chrissie Swan and Deano catch up with the brilliant Amy Schumer about her experience making I Feel Pretty, what it was like being on the set of Judge Judy, and how she narrowly avoided an opioid addiction after a recent health scare. It's safe to say they got along like a house on fire!
Subscribe to Mr. Dapperton: on BitChute: to my Patrons!Lady Cthulu: http ...…
We try to stay on point in most of our podcasting and blogging content. We figure most people come to RVFTA to learn more about RVing or discover amazing destinations to visit with their rigs. You don’t want to hear about our arguments over household chores or carpool scheduling hiccups, right? Well, the truth is that we get a lot of questions ...…
You know what's funny? Watching somebody try to drink right after a trip to the dentist's office while their mouth is still numb and everything spills down the front of their shirt like a tiny baby. You know what's NOT funny? After the numbing stuff wears off and every single nerve ending is zapping you face with electric hell. I've had some co ...…
We digressed again! Of course it started with Idris... which led us to the Met Gala, Avengers Infinity War, Dear White People, hoteps and some Ghetto Action News! We have a Keto update, find another hottie Idris rival and chat Janelle/Tessa among others. (link in bio) Btw Avengers spoilers were spilled so avoid 24:20-30:15 and 44:38-48:00 if yo ...…
According to an annual report by Vitals, patients wait an average of 19 minutes and 19 seconds before they see a doctor. Certainly, this amount of time isn't substantial, but healthcare professionals and patients alike can benefit if these times continue to decrease. And how to handle “wait times” is constantly evolving; with innovations in tec ...…
About the Show Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, but the right mindset can make the difference between succeeding and quitting in business. Mark “The Speaker Man” Wiggins talks about his success and failure in franchising, his unrelenting ability to not quit and how to avoid envying other’s success. Connect with Mark on Twitter at ...…
In this episode, Kathy and Paige discuss the problems that occur when teachers doubt themselves, and ways to avoid them. We also talk about staying true to yourself as a teacher...retaining your passion and inspiration, while incorporating the wisdom of new experience. Cocktail of the episode: Dark and Stormy…
Unlike some surrounding states, Oklahoma’s inmates can decide whether or not they want to be considered for parole. Roughly two out of three parole-eligible inmates choose not to go to their parole hearings, effectively disqualifying them for early release. State officials say this contributes to prison overcrowding and hurts inmates’ chances t ...…
We are in moment. We are in a movement. In this era of #MeToo, we are all facing our own experiences with scrutiny and Regina has realized that in not reporting misconduct that she witnessed first hand, she has been complicit. This is her story. The Story – 0:23 So this is a hard one because I feel incredibly bad about my complicity. And at thi ...…
Eric Jorgenson, director of growth at Zaarly, tells us about some culture and management challenges that can blindside you during rapid growth, along with tips on how to avoid them. Richard Tubb & Karl Palachuk explore the scary and positive sides of AI being embedded in our lives.
Technology is causing so many great changes that it can be hard to keep up with it all. What can you do to avoid being negatively affected by shifts in the industry? Is there a threat of our commissions being decreased? What changes might technology bring to buyer’s agents, and how do we adapt to an industry moving so quickly? On this episode, ...…
On this "Jon Carter Classic" Camping with Grandpa has been an annual tradition for Timmy from favorites like sleeping under the stars, cooking marsh mellows and saying "Hi, I'm Timmy" to skunks. Plus he can always rely on his "Combo Canteen" for Water, Milk, Yogurt or to avoid "accidents" in his "Snoopy Sleeper Bag"! Also Fabulo's Lesson on ple ...…
EPISODE 37 // Is it true that atheism is simply a denial of Theistic claims or is it in fact a proposition in and of itself? Graham shares the testimony of some friends of his who’s son was miraculously healed earlier this month. We ask – should preachers be sensitive to avoiding trigger points with their congregants and can unrepentant sinners ...…
EPISODE 37 // Is it true that atheism is simply a denial of Theistic claims or is it in fact a proposition in and of itself? Graham shares the testimony of some friends of his who's son was miraculously healed earlier this month. We ask - should preachers be sensitive to avoiding trigger points with their congregants and can unrepentant sinners ...…
Do men avoid wearing tank tops in the summer time? Are women really putting plastic on their feet? New Alexander Wang & Adidas is coming May 19th. Nike is "allegedy" adding more technology to their workout clothes.
Ellen Condliffe Lagemann is the former dean of education at Harvard, a prolific author, and a distinguished fellow at the Bard Prison Initiative. In this episode, Ellen talks about her book "Liberating Minds: The Case for College in Prison" and her own experiences teaching in New York State prisons. Ellen persuasively outlines the many benefits ...…
The much anticipated episode is finally here! This episode suggests an effective way of structuring your answers to Section A, AQA interpretations for paper 1 in the A level History exam. It is also packed with advice when approaching the paper and things to avoid. Send us your feedback, suggestions or requests for shout-outs to hello@historyro ...…
On this show, we talked about the importance of avoiding quick fixes and band aid approaches and addressing the real issues with Angela Mader, the Founder and Chief Fitlosopher at Fitlosophy Inc. Listen to find out how Angela thinks journaling, practicing gratitude and keeping track of activities can get you where you want to go! For the Differ ...…
Wiring your brain for a full day of desk-bound work/studying can be a challenge, and whoever said it’s totally natural to spend the majority of your day glued to a screen obviously hasn’t ever tried to use Microsoft Excel on an empty stomach. In such situations, food really is your saviour and it’s therefore so important to choose snacks that a ...…
What is the life of a Pranic Healer like and what can we learn from it? Are special skills and abilities required to be a healer? Get the inside view of our healer’s way of living. Ellen discusses how she maintains her energy level and does all that she does. She describes and explains energy hygiene tools like cord cutting, meditation and brea ...…
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