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The Goalmouth is a five-minute update of the latest soccer news delivered every weekday morning by 7 a.m. eastern time. A coproduction of Howler Magazine, Dirty Tackle, and the Total Soccer Show.
Discussion show in English for Irish language learners around the world.
Brexit Bitesize
The latest news and comment on British politics. Broadcasting live online from England.
F1Minute is a short, sharp sixty second show providing access to all the latest happenings in F1. Giving you the facts, the figures and quotes for every story, F1Minute tells you all you need to know, without taking too much out of your day.
Mathematics has been done in particular times and places for thousands of years. Behind the theorems, equations, techniques and applications taught in the lecture room is a history of false starts, astonishing breakthroughs, remarkable personalities, fruitful collaborations, misattribution of credit, and disputes over who discovered what first. A series of stories, in fact. The materials aim to give students some of the history which lies behind a selection of the famous names and equations ...
98FM's Big Breakfast is on from 6am - 10am, Monday to Friday. Join Cooper & Luke for Dublin's Best Music Mix every morning, the biggest competitions in the city, special guests, loads of laughs and lots more!
Get your teeth into a free slice of the big man at breakfast Nick Ferrari.
Discussion show in English all about the Irish language and Irish culture.
Hosted by Zach Franke and brought to you with love from the team at, Bite-Size Wellness is a show dedicated to delivering powerful nutrition, fitness, and mindset advice in bite-size episodes from top experts from around the world. The main goal of Bite-Size Wellness is to take the confusing and contradictory world of health and fitness and distill it into small bites that make shift happen in your life as you go through the process of digital digestion from week to week. Fo ...
Get your teeth into a free slice of the big man at breakfast Nick Ferrari.
Bitesize Vitality
Bite-size well-being wisdom to make each day healthier and happier than the one before. Real-food nutrition, fitness tips, mindfulness and cooking ideas to help you upgrade your well-being each day, courtesy of Health & Fitness Expert Carrie Hogan.Twitter: @carrieholistic & website for London services:
A GuysGirl is classy but may drink and curse on game days. Livestreamed on Facebook and Periscope, 'The GuysGirl Show' is hosted by Blythe Brumleve and provides smart, sarcastic and insightful commentary on sports, entertainment and the female fan culture.
Listen to the best bits of Emma Barnett's LBC show, on Sundays from 4-7.
Welcome to the Titus 2 Minute - a bite sized podcast that gives you the tools, inspiration, and encouragement you need to craft a Gospel-Centered Home. Join host Jami Balmet as she interviews Christian women in all aspects of Biblical Womanhood and Homemaking!
Dr. Rebbie Straubing of shows you how to use your understanding of Law of Attraction to cultivate spiritual awareness, healing, loving relationships, prosperity, and more. Learn the latest and greatest tips from the woman behind YOFA, The Yoga of Alignment, Rooted in the Infinite, The YOFA jhe Sessions, and so much more.
Hosted by Mark Willaman, founder and CEO of Fisher Vista, LLC, Bite Size B2B Marketing Talk gives actionable marketing and PR tips to help you with your B2B marketing and PR. Since 2000, over 1,000 companies have used Fisher Vista, LLC products and services to target HR departments and other B2B decision makers such as IT, Finance, Operations and Purchasing.
Listen back to the best bits from LBC's late-night star Anthony Davis.
Direct from Mic's newsroom, stay current with a daily run-down of top stories, breaking news and analysis from our team of journalists. In a world where information spreads at the speed of light, this show provides listeners with the most important narratives and relevant updates to start your weekdays off on the right foot - Monday through Friday at 6 A.M. Eastern.
Podcast by Joe Westbrook
Bonus content from Pop Culture Leftovers
Podcast by Bite Size Career Advice
Learn English in bite-sized pieces. With each daily episode, Matt will take you through a large variety of topics to help improve your listening and speaking bit by bit. Each episode will also feature some small goal or homework so you can apply the material in your day to day life.
Bite-Size Math Pi
The Bite-size Math Pi podcast is about math topics in secondary or high school. In each episode, Jeffrey discusses topics like indices, differentiation, binomial theorem, math functions, and others in a quick and easy way to help you understand them. Join him for a bite-sized math pi(e).
Bitesize Football
Bitesize Football - Brought to you by Harry Robinson, Josh Lawless and Deano Spyrou.
Bite-size Mammoth
4 guys talk and laugh about life.
Presented by the IDTechEx Analyst Team, providing impartial market research, business intelligence and events on emerging technologies (Printed Electronics, IoT, 3D Printing, EV, Energy Harvesting, Graphene, Sensors, Wearables, RFID & more). For more information please visit:
Bite Sized Lemons
We are a nerdy podcast featuring two best friends: John and Alistair.
Bitesize Football
Bitesize Football - Brought to you by Harry Robinson, Josh Lawless and Deano Spyrou.
Bite sized snippets from Maria McCann and her Back Chat team - a perfect length for your commute or walk. Nice and short - bite sized.
Bite Sized Lemons
A nerdy topical podcast discussing Pokemon, Gaming, Film, and Popular Culture all while having a good laugh at anything and everything.
Bite Size History gives a tasteful insight to our past, allowing us to have a strong sense of identity of who we are in the present moment - why we think what we think and why we feel what we feel. From having a strong sense of self-identity through understanding our history and our most primitive instincts, we are able to make decisions for a better tomorrow. These conversations will give you an insight to very unique perspectives, that will allow you to take control of your life - find val ...
Quick and tasty little tidbits of science, made simple and easy to digest. Your brain will thank you.
Daily tips for women who are ready to clear their debt or take control of their money.
Bite-Sized Bryce
Bryce Halliday is a professional dilettante. He has composed music for film, radio and video games, performed a one-man show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and he can often be found improvising music for Theatresports shows around Sydney. He's finally found a way to bring it all together:Through short, sharp, six-minute episodes, Bryce serves up a sample of what he's been working on lately. There are excerpts from live theatre and improv shows, behind the scenes process diari ...
Bite Size Security
Join NCX Group CEO Mike Fitzpatrick as he discusses the latest Cybersecurity News and Trends that affect today’s businesses everyday. He’ll share strategies to mitigate your risks. For more information go to
Philosophy Bites
top philosophers interviewed on bite-sized topics
Bite Size Marketing for Entrepreneurs talks about online marketing tips, tricks, and tactics one concept at a time. This enables you to implement what you've just learned right away.
Not a guru! Business basics for professionals, curious people, and entrepreneurs. Find us on Instagram @CVMNconsult #knowledgeispower
Whether you're an entrepreneur, a startup, an old hand in a small business, managing someone else's business or just dreaming of running your own biz, 5 Minute Biz will inspire and empower you. And it's not just the practical stuff, though that's important. It's also about doing the 'inside work' that makes all the difference. After all, your success isn't so much about what you do, but about who you allow yourself to be. Discover how to handle your hidden blocks, fears, excuses and worries, ...
Everything you wanted to know about Branded Content but were so overcome with the jargon you decided not to ask
BiteSize Cooking® Audio Tips are 45 second food and cooking hint and tip vignettes, written, voiced and produced by the host Victoria Hansen. They began as daily radio segments airing across Australia on metropolitan and regional radio stations in 2005 and have been on national Australian radio since then. They have won two Australian Food Media Awards.
A K-Pop podcast that brings you bite-size news five-days-a-week. Let us catch you up on the latest buzz of the Internet!
Short inspirational messages of teaching and encouragement by James Seager - Pastor of Bentley Pentecostal Church, Doncaster, UK.
After several years and millions of views, the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world’s largest scientific society, is bidding farewell to its popular YouTube series Bytesize Science. But you can’t keep a great chemistry video series down for long. We’re proud to announce Reactions, a new weekly video series about the chemistry all around us. For more Reactions videos, please check out our Youtube channel at:
Welcome to the Bite Sized Habits podcast, This podcast is all about serving up bite sized, digestible evidence-based guidance from top health and behaviour change experts and some inspirational real life stories to help you to get the mindset for success and stay there.
This podcast will bring to creative people ammunition to weaponize their mindset and breakthrough barriers to start “showing up authentic!”
After several years and millions of views, the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world’s largest scientific society, is bidding farewell to its popular YouTube series Bytesize Science. But you can’t keep a great chemistry video series down for long. We’re proud to announce Reactions, a new weekly video series about the chemistry all around us. For more Reactions videos, please check out our Youtube channel at:
Roaring Elephant
Bite-Sized Big Data
Tarot Bytes
Tarot Bytes: Bite-sized lessons for Tarot beginners. Created by Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady.
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My guest on today’s show is Kraig Guffey. Kraig is the Founder and Strategic Director of Syrup. Passionate about helping small companies grow in maturity & revenue, Kraig leads a team of doers to execute across the digital channel—brand, web, social, paid media, funnel optimization and more. Even though he’s executing in the digital world, he t ...…
Today is a special edition of Improvable Circumstances!With one of our faithful head Imps still away we have a short and sweet episode for you in the form of a PSA.Zac does his best rendition of a Public Service Announcement to spread awareness of Peace, Love, Positivity and good shaving practices.As well, he discusses Harry Potter and whether ...…
Matt covers some basic phrases and adverbs we use to determine how likely something is to happen. The phrases he talks about are:will definitelywill probablylikely tomay well / mightnot likely toprobably won't definitely won'tSend all questions and assignments to
In this episode, I discuss surds and the surd form. Rationalising, conjugates and rational numbers and irrational numbers are some of the topics that are discussed.Visit Email at Facebook:
Matt goes through some basic tips when we are tackling reading comprehension in our English proficiency tests. He discusses some places to find some extra practice like: BBC News, CNN News, CBC News, The Economist, The New Scientist, and the askhistorians and askscientists subreddits on If you have any questions, comments, or critiq ...…
Matt wraps up his short topic on the passive voice with two more tenses, the present perfect and the future form.Present perfect: have/has + been + past participleFuture form: will + be + past participleBe sure to practice converting or changing active sentences into the passive voice to develop your skills in the passive voice. Matt is happy t ...…
On today's episode, I discuss liabilities, better known as debt. Find us on Instagram @CVMNconsult and be sure to add us to your Alexa Flash Briefing! CHECK OUT OUR COMIC BOOK PODCAST‼️By (Pop Culture Leftovers).
Bestselling author and health podcaster Shawn Stevenson is our special guest host today in Episode 980 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.” Today we have a special LLVLC Classic episode featuring Shawn Stevenson. Most people who get into the health community tend to find their way to improved nutrition and lifestyle choices as a direct result ...…
Matt sits down with his long time student, Cecelia, for a quick chat about some interesting topics. They discuss the environment, animals, and Beijing's bikes.Vocabulary:QR codeapex predatorsrefractionrainbows
On today's episode, I discuss assets and their importance. Find us on Instagram @CVMNconsult and be sure to add us to your Alexa Flash Briefing!
Hey guys! This is a Trash Panda episode which means a bitesized session with someone that works in the industry that has another passion. Today, we talk to Ricky Schmidt, lead singer and bassist for Western Settings, a rad band based here in San Diego. We have an intro with news alongside Jake Collins and we talk about Melvin Brewing and Womens ...…
Today we continue our discussion on the passive voice using the present tenses. We form the simple with am/is/are + past participle and we form the continuous with am/is/are + being + past participle.Send your practice sentences to
On today's episode, I discuss profit! What is it? Why’s it important? Find us on Instagram @CVMNconsult and be sure to add us to your Alexa Flash Briefing!
Hey everyone! Today we’ve dropped a special bonus episode of Adam and Matt reviewing the latest Avengers: Infinity War trailer. Check out the guy’s thoughts, theories, criticisms and more, all in this bite-sized episode. So click on, buckle up and listen in, as we present you another Xennial point of view on The Happy Xen Podcast! Show Notes: L ...…
THANKS FOR LISTENING!This week the boys talk all about all the new trailers and games that have come out. It's a blast, next week is our two year anniversary so we kept this week short so that we wouldn't overload you guys on lemons.Email the show at we love to hear from you!All news wedge items can be found on our Faceb ...…
As ambitious people, sometimes we can be so busy focusing on the big breakthroughs that we forget to give ourselves credit for the bite-sized improvements we've made or the mini milestones that we've racked up along the way. There are plenty of times where we may have stopped ourselves from fully celebrating an accomplishment "until the ink is ...…
Welcome to Chin-Quee Chats, the bitesized podcast where I talk about movies, sports and everything in between. In today's episode, I am joined by Dan Purcell where we talk about our favourite comfort movies. In the Free Chat segment we talk about how music is so important to movies and some musical scores we adore. Cinema Chat: 4:05 Free Chat: ...…
The first ever episode of EOS Pod! (Well second because I edited the sound) Welcome & to sum up the podcast we review gigs & albums for you on a fortnightly basis but in bitesize time as we’re aware that people are busy in this age of technology!Cannibal Corpse & The Black Dahlia Murder Gig Review: 1:20Conjurer/Mire Album Review: 11:50Judas Pri ...…
The guys talk about a certain effect that makes us think if reality is all that its cracked up to be...
Matt begins his week talking about the passive voice with one of the more important tenses of the passive: past simple. We use it to describe some of the major achievements in human history all the way to minor happenings in day to day life.Please direct all questions and homework to or @bitesizedengpod.…
On today's episode, I discuss revenue! What is it? Why’s it important? Find us on Instagram @CVMNconsult and be sure to add us to your Alexa Flash Briefing!
Crazy busy? Overwhelmed? Alone? Everything is figure-out-able but what if you don’t have the time or capacity to figure it all out? FRUSTRATION! Could some SUPPORT in the form of a VA relieve some of the burden? Molly Rose Daly Speed (my VA) and contributor to Agency in Your Inbox: Bite-Sized, Actionable Advice in Every Area of Business from 21 ...…
Matt summarises some of the complicated history between France and England, and how that has impacted the English language in very dramatic ways. He also covers a few French words and phrases that we use in day to day English:-touche-bon voyage-mousse-carte blanche-entree -cul-de-sacBe sure to submit your questions to ...…
Matt talks about some important tips we can focus on when we are writing persuasive essays, especially for tests or in a classroom setting. He does introduce a few new words/phrases: anecdotal, infrastructure, stay on topic, rack your brain.Direct questions and comments to bitesizedenglish@gmail or on Twitter @bitesizedengpod.…
In this episode, Emily explores questions asked recently by a former client. “Should I expect to be paid for these speaking, blogger or brand partnership activities?” and the differences between a brand partnership and consulting. We discuss the different types of "payment" to consider as well as distinct differences between partnering with a b ...…
Here's a bite-sized traffic and backlink opportunity challenge, specifically focusing on getting a GUEST POST. Head to for more info!
Matt covers some of the trickier uncountable nouns that caused some confusion for submitted answers. He talks about words like news, meats, paper, money (and currencies), and grass.If there are any more nouns you are not sure of, please do send your questions to
THANKS FOR LISTENING!This week Alistair is out so Reggie and John talk about the upcoming Kirby game, the new Infinity War trailer, and finally the dream roster for Super Smash Bros Switch!Email the show at we love to hear from you!All news wedge items can be found on our Facebook: ...…
"Fired Up? Ready to Go". x2 For the first official episode of the Ten Words podcast we are taking a closer look at the skinny kid with the big ears (who's not from Kenya) and managed to defy all the odds to become the 44th President of the United States. Widely regarded as one of the greatest speakers of recent generations, this episode takes a ...…
Today Matt covers the main quantifiers we use in English with countable and uncountable nouns. We practice some of them with examples, and highlight some of the related quantifiers that are interchangable or similar but slightly different.Send your assignment to and Matt will be happy to help!…
Matt talks us through countable and uncountable nouns. He covers some important basic points like general rules, basic quantifiers, and some key irregularities. Check in tomorrow for more detail on quantifiers.Send your assignment to or Tweet at Matt @bitesizedengpod!
In this episode, I discuss how to solve the index or exponential equations using the laws or rules of indices that were discussed in episode 1. The method of comparing the indices with the same base is discussed.Visit bitesizemathpi.comEmail at bitesizemathpi@gmail.comFacebook:…
Matt talks about the various words we use when talking about the habit of smoking.Vocabulary:cigarettes, tobacco, cigars, pipe, smoking, butts, second-hand smoke, inhale, addicted to, quit, cold turkey, wean off
Mike and Rich discuss the glory days of Technobabble and Rich gets learnt about "Of Mice and Men" For the 6th episode we get joined by Ben of Playing with Power a Nintendo Power retrospective and Repeat one a bite sized thought on good music and we babble on.... Phones without headphone jacks Youtube Re ...…
Man, Russians do some wierd things.
We celebrate the national day of Ireland by talking about the origins, celebrations, and meaning of Saint Patrick's Day!Vocabulary:-Catholic saint-shamrock-diaspora-Ireland/Irish
In this episode, I discuss indices (or exponents) and the 6 laws of indices. These laws or rules of indices will help us to manipluate the numbers with indices. Questions? Drop an email at
In episode 0 of the Bite-size Math Pi podcast, I talk about what this new podcast is all about. I also tell you how you can get in touch with me to ask questions or give feedback about the podcast.This episode was recorded on Pi Day, March 14, 2018. (3/14)
Matt covers the basics of the Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous tenses. The example sentences are below:-I have seen that movie before.-She has written eight books.-You haven't cooked dinner for months.-Have you seen my watch??-I have been living here for three years. OR I have been living here since 2015.-Frank hasn't been ...…
It’s a bit of a bite-sized Rider Love this week, as we only have the one new episode of Build. But DestinyAmber and Dan fill the time with chat about the week’s news, including peeks at upcoming Ex-Aid, Amazons, AND Rogue content! Build 25 is jam-packed with surprises, whether it be Misora’s new powers and link to the Pandora Box, the Nanba Chi ...…
We have a shorter episode today, covering some ways we use these three vocabulary words in phrases and practical spoken English.To focus on:half an hour, quarter of an hour, two and a half hours (NOT 2.5 hours)24 hours describing a store, 24/7 describing something constant."Give me a minute/second/half a minute/18 seconds" - I need more time"Th ...…
Today's phrases:"It's time to +verb""The time has come""On time""I don't have the time""Time's Up""Good times""You got me at a bad time""It's a matter of time""Time flies""I am pressed for time""It's about time"Be sure to post your questions or comments to!
On today's episode, I discuss the Management Plan! Find us on Instagram @CVMNconsult
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