Best chicken podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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The Angry Chicken is a podcast that cracks 40 packs, throws down a 1/1 chicken w/ a +5 Enrage, all the while keeping you up to date on everything going on in the world of Hearthstone . Each week the latest news, strategies, crazy game stories and your emails are covered. Garrett Weinzierl, William "Dills" Gregory, and Jocelyn Moffett together host The Angry Chicken.
Chicken Whisperer
Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer®, brought to you by Kalmbach Feeds, is a nationally broadcast web radio show all about keeping backyard poultry, show poultry, and living a self-sufficient lifestyle. Each week, the Chicken Whisperer®, Editor In Chief of, Chicken Whisperer Magazine, Author of, The Chicken Whisperer's Guide To Keeping Chickens, and National Spokesperson for the USDA-APHIS Biosecurity for Birds Program, welcomes experts in their field from around the country to share ...
Whether you have been keeping chickens for years or you are just thinking about getting started; have a big flock out in the country or just a few urban chickens in the city; chicken tenders Don & Suzy share their knowledge, experience and opinions to help you get the most out of your backyard chicken flock.
chicken pop pod
pop culture past and present
Sharing our small farm stories and skills along our farming, gardening and homesteading journey.Visit the farm for an informative and sometimes irreverent tour through our garden, livestock pastures, chicken coop and greenhouse as we live - pasture to plate. Farming topics free range around pastured heritage pigs, broiler chickens and pastured eggs, heritage breed turkeys, an heirloom vegetable CSA and garden, high tunnel / hoop house / green houses, organic and traditional gardening, farm i ...
Community Chickens
At Community Chickens, we’re committed to creating a community of poultry enthusiasts who want to learn more about flock care, breeds, and enjoy hearing stories from the coop!
Commodore Computer Lovers, Rejoice! Chicken Lips Radio is all CBM, all the time! A member of the Retrobits Family of podcasts.
Chicken Dinner
Chicken Dinner covers all angles of sports handicapping and features interviews with sports media personalities and some of the sharpest bettors around. Follow the show on Twitter: @chickenxdinner @spshoot
Podcast by Wolf of Skywall
In this podcast Peter and Kristen share their adventures of homesteading, family life, their Catholic faith and much more.
Horrified Chicken
Horror movie enthusiast lightheartedly reviews horror films with her non horror fan husband.
Introduction Hello my name is Zachary. I live in Georgia. I have and raise over 100 chickens. This podcast is about anything and everything that has to do with raising chickens. Each podcast won’t be very long they will range from 10 to 30 min. E-Mail me at
Welcome to The Brown Chicken Brown Cow Show & Podcast. We are a Sex-Body-Gender Positive podcast and show that aims to entertain, inform, and have a little fun. There’s going to be something here for everyone who believes that sexual exploration, sexual communication, sexual identities, and being open to sexual possibilities are healthy, friendly, and most importantly fun. We believe that your things might not be our things but your things are ok too. Join your hosts as we all learn and shar ...
A young, but not too brilliant writer is conscripted by a ne'er-do-well friend to help out on a chicken farm in remote Dorset. While traveling to the country, the writer encounters a lovely young girl and her academician father on the train. He is delighted to discover that she is reading a copy of his latest book. In the countryside, he also discovers that the professor and his daughter are neighbors. However, over dinner one night, he gets into an acrimonious debate with the elderly schola ...
It's all about the plants! We'll take a step out the door of my chicken coop studio to see what stories we gather up. Cooking, Herbalism, Gardening, Fiber and Textile Arts are the main topics.
A podcast featuring 4 first-generation African-Americans and their humorous perspectives on current events, pop culture and growing up in "bi-cultural" households.
Compelling stories with life-changing practical advice.
Twin Beaks is a chicken fanatics podcast. We’re crazy about chickens and we want to make you crazy too! We will be exploring the fantastic and intriguing world of all things chicken. Not just the usual about chickens but the unusual; Folklore, mythology, alternative medicine, permaculture and chickens as house pets. From chickens around the world to chickens traveling around the world….. Join Amber And Shannon as they explore all things chicken and share their personal experiences living wit ...
Door Monster crew members Kyle, Ian, Rachel, and Allison share unpopular opinions on writing and visual storytelling using mostly superhero movies as examples. Occasionally, we touch on other films, tv shows, video games, and web series, and generally try to keep a positive outlook on all of them. Have suggestions for topics? Email us at!
Techno Chicken
A Mix Of Techno, Trance, Dance, Electronic, Fusion Music from around the World.
A smarter look at sports and politics. This is The Chicken Social
Jordan Emanuel discusses 'the culture', and beautiful things of that nature, join him and guests each week as he attempts to make sense of the world and how he strangely sees it.
The monthly discussion podcast about random topics
This podcast provides timely information each week on fish pond, seasonal garden, food forest, and poultry care tasks and projects as they are happening.
Can milk a chicken??? Well, can you? Four young(ish) men take you on a bizarre and humerous adventure through the weeks lesser known news items. Often digressing into the surreal, but always hilarious. Episode 1 sees the guys entertain thoughts including smoking children and celebrity fears amoungst many others.
Podcast by Walter and Cameron
Chicken Rant
Chicken Rant, where the truth comes home to roost.
Chicken Pi
Chicken Pi: Twisted tales intended for a mature audience. Horror, sci-fi, sci-fi/horror, and WTF. Be sure to subscribe to Chicken Pi; more twisted tales will be added.
List Chicken
At List Chicken, we take listener submitted lists, play them against each-other, and give you the report!
Jeremy Garnet, a second-rate novelist, gets talked into joining his old pal Stanley Featheringstonehaugh Ukridge in an insane plan to start a chicken ranch. Garnet should bail out on his crazy friend, but he falls in love with one of Ukridge's neighbors, Phyllis. Soon he is up to his neck in sick chickens, bad debts, a hostile future father-in-law, a sinister plot, and dirty golf. It all gets a bit thick, what? (Summary by Mark Nelson)
Mrs. Abernethy's Cyber Chickens talk about the books in the Series of Unfortunate Events Series, impersonate characters, and more.
An outlet for the chicken scratching in my brain.
Chicken Force
Podcast by Chicken Force
The students in Mrs. Abernethy's 5th grade class talk about the books they're reading.
Chicken & Beard
Welcome to the Chicken & Beard. We talk about shit we can laugh at.
Chicken and Grits
Welcome to my podcast. My name is LegenDarie. Chicken and Grits is for any topic up for discussion. I might offend you but that's not my problem.
Hey everyone, Pixel Chicken Gaming is made up of 4 best friends that love games and love talking about them. Thanks for listening and check out our YouTube videos if you enjoy the podcast!
MMA Chicken es un podcast libre. Dedicado al análisis de todas las cosas MMA, siga a Igor Perez (Presentador, y conocedor de Artes Marciales Mixtas) y a Jorge Solano (Psicólogo y comentarista) en este espacio semanal libre de la mierda de las televisoras y las presiones del mundo del espectáculo. Apenas estamos comenzando, queremos en algun momento tener una pagina mucho mas presentable y un podcast grabado de manera mas profecional, pero por cuestiones de tiempo mas que todo y “manpower”, l ...
Chicken And Stars
Just Add Water
Hello!!! Welcome to my podcast!!! In my podcast I mainly just rant about things that annoy me.
Chicken FinGaz 2G
Random thoughts
Owen and Chill come together to discuss topics that ranges from the absurd to effects of history on present day life.
Every week I head out online and run through my Inbox to sift out great jokes. PlusI inclued some of the new stuff that I've written during the week. Warning use of gratuatice valgarity at times. Please enjoy.
Arroz Con Chicken
Hola, Bienvenidos and welcome to the Arroz Con Chicken podcast! THE source for news, gossip, advice, etc. This is the perfect place for you!! Wanna know who the Yolanda Saldivar of the week is? You gotta listen up!!
Hey everyone, Pixel Chicken Gaming is made up of 4 best friends that love games and love talking about them. Thanks for listening and check out our YouTube videos if you enjoy the podcast!
Chicken And Rhetoric
Chicken and Rhetoric is a 7-member group talking about current trending topics on the internet. We tend to focus on social justice-y stuff but hopefully we’ll be the right kind of politically correct.
Chicken and Beer
Just a podcast with a couple of guys chatting sport over some chicken and beer
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Take a bite of Indian cuisine with this cultural meal. Becky Low shares how to make Chicken Tikka Masala.
Use this plan to see 27 top sights in Washington, D.C. over the course of five days of visiting world-class attractions. Suggestions for dining and advance planning, as well as ideas for modifying the plan if you have more or less time to spend in Washington, D.C. are included. Click on the audio bar at the end of this post to listen to the acc ...…
Today’s podcast identifies the one question that you can ask yourself before you take things too personally. I’ve heard lots of couples bicker and fight over the twenty-five years I’ve been a therapist, and this question will save you from so many assumptions and misunderstandings. I’ll use an example when I actually followed my own advice and ...…
What's the forecast for today's game in Chicago, is Doug working on a big piece of journalism for sweeps, discussing Allie LaForce's post-game interview with LeBron, debating Allie's approach for the question, the response on Twitter was fascinating, anonymity continues to be an issue on social media, do message boards still exist, discussing a ...…
Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 193 On today’s episode, Elyse and Annie present to you a cornucopia of bizarre French foods. Even if you never plan on trying any of them, you need to know about them because they’ll pop up on menus here and there and we’ve known visitors who had big surprises when their food arrived! Elyse herself has ...…
Friends, I’m going to be bold and give you my opinion about something chicken-ish. Ready? Here goes: I think it’s perfectly okay if you don’t free range your chickens. (Don’t want to read all the words? This blog post is also a podcast—just press the triangle play button on the little black bar at the top of this post!) When I first became a ch ...…
BeLeaf In Magic: A Maple Leafs Podcast features Christian Holmes (better known as Christian Mingle or Holmesy) and Oscar Elieff talking about hockey and all things Toronto Maple Leafs. With their knowledge of hockey and comedic talents, Christian and Oscar will enlighten your ears to hard-hitting, truth speaking, uncensored, 100 % no bullshit L ...…
This week we bring in a very special guest: Tyler Moore. We are incredibly honored to have Tyler on this week, but just because we think he's super cool doesn't mean we won't grill him like chicken on a hot bed of charcoal. That was weird. Anyways, enjoy the episode!
A Southern staple, and even more popular during Mardi Gras, you have to try this loaded chicken recipe by Chef Ace!
This week the crew tried out a new battle royale game: Radical Heights! Is it as good as PUBG and Fortnite? Of course there's more Sea of Thieves stories to go around. The seas are salty and so are these poor virtual sailors. Overwatch's latest even, Retribution, is in full swing with new skins, emotes, and a game mode but not everything is wor ...…
Episode 36 begins with Will and Sarah discussing the finer points of swarm trapping, from timing to spacing to construction. Their new bees arrive soon and they also intend to catch some wild swarms using traps in the yard. Next, they discuss a sick chicken and how to quarantine a chicken to help with recovery. They also discuss a home remedy f ...…
Chef Ace cooks a delicious African chicken dish with mango salsa you don't want to miss!
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If you can’t sleep, you’re not alone. About 30 percent of American adults report having issues with insomnia, according to the American Sleep Association. A quick Google search for the phrase “trouble sleeping” yields nearly 7 million results. With quality sleep evading so many, we’re often searching for new ideas that can help. Taking magnesiu ...…
The US and Russia continue their game of chicken, the UK hacks ISIS and China is Top Executioner Of The World. Take a few minutes away from the news with a positive story about frogs — and who doesn't like frogs?! Good news: after years of decline, they're on the way back in Central America. Source: ...…
Wait Wha Podcast Episode 18 – “80’s, Animals, and Poop Knives” Scroll down for player On this episode of the Wait Wha Podcast, Matt discusses the movie Ready Player One and his upset over the differences between the movie and the book, Matt then grabs his fanny pack, hops into his delorean, cranks the theme to Night Rider, and floors it to 88 M ...…
That's right! CLNS Media's Dynastic Duo is at it again. Calvin Chamberlain and Matt Rury are prepared to whisper sweet nothings to you and probably a something or two as well. Tonight's line-up includes but is not limited to....chicken nuggets, grilled cheese sandwiches, soda, wait a minute...this is a different list. Celtics! NBA! Kyrie Irving ...…
Comedian Chris Turner joins us this week to discuss Beer Belly LA, a local gastropub in the Koreatown part of Los Angeles. This gem may be known for their beer selection and diverse menu, but don't sleep on the tenders! We also have Chris freestyle rap about tenders, discuss our ongoing boneless wing debate (with the help of a lawyer), and afte ...…
Spring is in the air and the sisters are talking gardens this week. Apartment gardening, permaculture, and the occasional chicken escape!
This week, James and Schweiss assemble to discuss the epicness of Roz the whore, The Greyjoy rebellion, Thoros of Myr, and Ned's inability to know his children. Enjoy!
This week, Schweiss n Johnson assemble once again to dive deep into episode three of A Game of Thrones. Join them as they recount the episode while digging below the surface to reveal sub-plots, explain certain plot points, and just enjoy their current watch-through of this spectacular show. Remember to leave a review…
The dynamic duo has assembled once again to discuss the happenings of Westeros. Join us for an in-depth analysis on the second episode of the hit HBO series A Game of Thrones. Enjoy, and make sure to leave a review.
This week, Schweiss and Johnson assemble to discuss the pilot episode to what will become one of HBO's biggest hits; Game of Thrones. Follow us for a deep dive discussion into the events of the episode, all the while comparing and contrasting with the best selling novels from the Song of Ice and Fire series. Enjoy!…
Welcome to the pilot episode of our new Game of Thrones podcast. We take this episode to discuss our season rankings, discuss what we want to do with this show, and cover our favorite characters throughout the show and novels. Enjoy!
Kid bites head off of live chicken at school event, woman sets boyfriend on fire after Easter dinner, girl forced to watch murder of her boyfriend, Christian priviledge diversity course at University.
Sam pre-games before they record, Bev plays an April Fool's prank, they both chat a bit about their Easter holiday, lament about how unprepared they are for gardening season, Bev shares her first seed swap experience, they discuss goat feeding and bathroom habit oddities, and Sam reads our first ever listener farm story! Show Notes: Get Awesome ...…
Hour 1 School shooting averted?...concerned citizens, capable law enforcement both doing their part ...Migrant caravan scraps plans to charge the US border...who's funding these caravans?...yep, you guessed right: George Soros...has his fingers all over everything ...America has seen these type of radicals before...same old revolution ...Creato ...…
This week is all about animals and cities: from backyard chickens to birdwatching and even entrepreneurs making life easier for your furry friend. Plus: how can we design our public spaces in a more animal-friendly way? From Milan: Salone highlights, interviews and a daily running guide. More info.
Being likeable goes a long way. Being likeable with an MBA goes even further.As a Business Leader of Global Sponsorships, Music & Entertainment at Mastercard, Brian doesn't let his credentials get to his head. Brian's career in sports and entertainment has included stops at brands like Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and Mars, along with managing the ...…
Tracklist1. PROTECTOR ID - Alarma 2. Seek N Destroy - Wrap star 3. Jauz - Feel the volume 4. Jauz - Feel the volume (JOYRYDE 'Stick it in reverse' mix) 5. Matroda - dat vibe Pt. 2 6. Moksi & D.O.D - Higher 7. Martin Garrix, Florian Picasso - Make up your mind 8. Lazy Jay - Float my boat (Bougenvilla remix) 9. Ekali feat. Denzel Curry - Babylon ...…
Have Hope Forever It’s hard to not be short-sighted. Those of you out here this morning who have children, how do you teach your children what money is and how best to use it? I ask this because one of the challenges we all had when we were children is that we are unable to not be short-sighted. I remember when I was a tiny child I got some mon ...…
Show Notes – Natalie Hormann Personal resilience – the ability to cope with stressors, to cope with events that are potentially unpleasant. Community resilience – coloured and varied, tight knit, able to meet its own needs from within. Being resourceful and being able to put yourself in a resourceful state. Important to be able to manage our st ...…
Scott joins the podcast, he had random chickens in the backyard that we ended this podcast because his neighbors knocked on the door to get them. We discussed movies, past pranks, and a story about a boxing match involving handicapped kids. We recorded another episode right after this one you can check out at…
HAPPY EASTER FRIENDS! “See what love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.” -1John 3:1a Listener: “Hi! I just started listening to your podcast and am so excited to listen thru them all! I was wondering if you could have an episode about what it means to be a “daughter of God” or “child of God” and ho ...…
Sean RasBy (Ras Radio).
We celebrate thirty-five years of never being sent to juvenile prison (though one of our hosts did participate in a frozen chicken strip heist as a camp counselor) by looking back to March 25, 1983 when THE OUTSIDERS and BAD BOYS were released to theaters. Among the many things we debate in this episode on ill-mannered young hooligans is which ...…
In our latest episode we discuss Cal's trip to Vegas, CSU sports, March Madness, Marvel movies and comics, play a new game and discuss Music City Hot Chicken.
Josh bought live chickens to raise. Leo is a wordsmith. WrestleMania is right around the corner! We talk RAW, Smackdown Live, and drink delicious beer! Enjoy our first episode that was dual casted on YouTube and Periscope! Who's ready for next week? These guys are! #UseYourHead #pWo
Jalen and Jalen discuss March for Our Lives, Cardi B, Chicken Wings, and introduce two new segments!Official Twitter: @thejalenpodcastPersonal Accounts: @_jalensworld, @jaesteveaintish
TV Anchor & Chef Ana Quincoces makes delicious chicken quinoa bowl! Send in your recipes, questions and video to Ana. #COOKINGWITHSKINNYLATINA
This Nashville specialty is a type of fried chicken covered in cayenne pepper.
Alex and I are wrapping up our conversation on holistic health today by discussing how spiritual and social health each relate to physical health. We love our communities! Especially when they help us eat yummy food...we'll touch on sanctification, social boundaries, and chicken wings (obviously). Linkables discussed in this episode: 1 Corinthi ...…
We know what you're thinking. This is an episode where Bev and Sam get drunk and giggle about animal private parts. WRONG. We have a very dignified discussion about male pigs, and some unfortunate side effects that occur when they are sexually maturing.....while living in your house. They also discuss planting blueberry bushes, their favorite c ...…
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