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Podcast by Toymigos
An English Podcast about Sport Lisboa e Benfica. News, Game recaps, game previews and opinion.
Crime Dolls Podcast
Join your hosts, Heather and Denise; two girls who have awesomely epic conversations about crime, murder, disappearances and other oddities that this world hands us. Come, as we fall down the rabbit hole and discuss our thoughts, theories and massage your ears with knowledge and mystery. Let's get creepy and fall down the rabbit hole.
Public Health and Epidemiology (Richard Doll Seminars)
Nerds and Dolls
Want to know what video games are family friendly? And no we don't just talk about video games, but all things nerdy! Books, movies, music, etc.
Welcome to the Killer Dolls Podcast! Every other week, enjoy an all-new episode with your hosts Lissy Doll and Miss Joy. Armed with their makeup brushes and compact mirrors, they will tackle everything from women’s rights to horror movie reviews. These mid-western women are feisty and do not hold anything back.
Welcome! And thank you for joining me for my very first podcast series, "Not Your: China Doll."The purpose of this series is to promote the voices, stories, experiences, and perspectives of Asian-American women within white-America. For too long, mainstream America has depicted us as the model minority (silent, submissive, and conservative) and the perpetual foreigner (asking us, “But where are you really from?” or “What’s your real name?”, assuming we are all Chinese and related, and mockin ...
BEAUTY. BRAINS. REAL TALK.Every man wants to know the answer to the age-old question…”What dowomen realy want?” PaperDolls is designed to give men unprecedented access to the “girls” locker roomand to give women the voice they have been waiting to have heard. PaperDolls is centered around the lives and outlooks of creator Dannyell Mitchelland her partners in crime T. Strong, Shannon G.-J and Atheia Burke withdiscussions on men, sex, money, power and all things in between. Predicated on their ...
Dolls & Doughnuts
podcast about vegan food and animals
Pineapple Dolls
We are two best friends who appreciate Asian culture. Nikki is geared towards Korea, while Averi's more into Japan. Together, we'll both go beyond just loving the music and dramas. We'll go beyond already mentioned countries that we like, and shine a light on other Asian countries that tend to be overlooked. We are not here to only entertain, but to inform those who want to broaden their Asian palettes. Regardless of our respect for all things Asian, we don't put aside where we come from as ...
Matu Doll
Welcome to the Matu Doll podcast, where amazing things happen & better things prosper.
Two Dolls Podcast
A podcast tailored to spiritual boss dolls
Guy and Doll
Guy and Doll is a movie and pop culture podcast from a couple who decided it was best to record their weekly movie date postmortem for posterity.
Paper Dolls Radio
Offering a fresh face to urban radio, the quartet lends encouragement to those looking for support, confirmation, or a different perspective with wit, compassion and uncensored candor.
Alley of the Dolls
Just two Chicago friends talking trash.
Join Doll Factory as we go behind the scenes to watch the band work on the follow-up to their Weightless and Premonition EP releases, available now through iTunes and
Podcast by Cameron and Laton
Mixtapes, you cannot skip tracks but you can fast forward I guess. Check it out and if you like anything you hear go and buy the record.
The Most Powerful Little Tattooed Lady You Will Ever Encounter. Love, Law of Attraction, Recovery, Spirituality & Strength.
Hobbies Up To Here
So Many Hobbies, So Little Time!
Ningyo BINGO
Learn about Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD). Fill your ears with intelligent discussion from two lovely ladies that collect BJD, and have studied East Asian culture and general art studies.Look for our podcast in the Podcasts app or in the iTunes Store.
This is the Real School of Rock! The Original Rock and Roll Podcast.Interviews, music and more from a Rock and Roll Geek.All done with a Metal Sludge,Blabbermouth sense of humor For fans of Aerosmith,Cheap Trick,Wildhearts,Metallica,AC/DC,American Heartbreak,Alice Cooper,New York Dolls,Sex Pistols,Motley Crue,Starz,Runaways,Punk,Joan Jett,Suzi Quatro,Nazareth,Hanoi Rocks,D Generation,Dictators,Ramones,Kiss,Guns n\' Roses,Glam,Metal,etc.
An deep exploration of various activities we've never heard of, plumbing the depths of art and culture for new experiences and good conversations.
Podcast by Paper Doll Media
The authority in House, Techno, Progressive, and Trance.
Broken Barbie TV
Podcasts, video blog audio, and episodes of Broken Barbie Show series
Paranormal Investigator and Author Stephen Lancaster shares his experiences and cases.
What's the opposite of a potato? Iszi and Simon find the opposites of everything from barbie dolls to empiricism.
Art Beat is a public access television show that "keeps its finger on the pulse of the arts community." This show debuted on May 4, 2001 on and the podcast debuted on March 3, 2010. We interview artist, writers, musicians and pure creative people. This show is produced and Hosted by Kinte. Theme song "Song to the Ancesotrs" by TaumbuSeason 11. Willie Robert Middlebrook2. Yrneh Brown3. Preserving our Culture4. Enoch Mack and Odie Hawkins5. Cecil the Life of part one6. Save Artist Our Centers7 ...
Hear It First Radio
Thank you for tuning in to Hear It First Radio!! What was once an underground Hip Hop Show Bruce Almighty has decided to move in a slightly different direction... We want alot more audiance input! Discussions on everything from music, sports, news, guest DJ mixes, current events, relationships, sex, drugs, and of course pure comedy. So Tune in for a couple hours and tell a friend. If you are looking to advertise with Hear It First Radio.. please contact us at or pl ...
Ms. Bickford
A Dolls House Introduction
Rae & Renee talk stalker angels, fireplace boning, and the creativity levels of The Goo Goo Dolls.
MOST NECESSARY TRAP HITS MIXED WELL FOR YOUR LISTENING ENJOYMENT1.bad and boujee migos / uzi vert2. how it feel - future3. la - uzi vert4. where - ty dolls sign 5. crzy - kehlani6. congratulations - post malone7. fake love - drake 8. circles - pusha t9. big amount - 2 chains drake10. last time - gucci mane11. memo - young thug12. going crazy - jeezy13. crazy brazy - asap mob14. ysl - madeintyo15. sweet sweet - travis scott16. believer - major lazer17. cash machine - dram18. freaky girl - guc ...
Every week, Brandon Doll-Hawley and Caleb Tegeler get together and talk about the things that nobody wants to hear. Enjoy *tips hat*
Need some more estrogen in your podcasting bloodstream? The Feminine Critique just might be the completely free hormone supplement for your ears. Join Paracinema Magazine's Christine Makepeace and The Deadly Doll's House's Emily Intravia on this bi-weekly podcast as they team up to discuss and conquer a pair of semi/maybe/kinda related films. Whether you’re looking for in-depth analysis of Brian De Palma’s oeuvre or impassioned observations on Lifetime originals, The Feminine Critique could ...
Raw, uninhibited conversations on business, branding, entrepreneurship, and strategy with Lauryn Doll, The Bombshell Brand Strategist.
This timeless novel highlights the abuse and neglect that the orphaned Jane Eyre faced while growing up. This story opens with Jane Eyre being shipped off to be cared for by her uncle Mr. Reed who lived at the Gateshead Hall. Her uncle was always kind to her but his wife, Sarah Reed was anything but. Sarah’s son John and Sarah’s two daughters also contributed to Jane’s torment. Jane was excluded from all family activities and found solace only in her books and dolls. One day John knocked her ...
We are a family friendly comedy podcast talking about Lego and Pokemon and Star Wars and American Girl Dolls and pop stars and slime and movies, plus other stuff too! New shows every Sunday! Recorded while eating breakfast (or occasionally brunch).
Mary Frances is a little girl whose Aunt Maria intends to teach her to knit and crochet, but she's very strict and demanding. It's a good thing the Knitting People are around to help Mary Frances out! This book includes real patterns which can be knit and crocheted for dolls and children. (Summary by wildemoose)
NSFE. Not Safe For Ears! **FIRST EPISODE DONE** In this Episode: Meet the Hosts: Denzel, Nick, Danny and Marvin Sex Dolls---From a man's perspective Discussion about colorism BAM! *CHECK US OUT EVERY WEEK FOR A NEW EPISODE*
Podcast about the cute Cherry Merry Muffin dolls by Mattel and other 80's girls dolls and toys. Also news from the website Merry Muffin Land . NET.
Three books of travel writing (between them covering the USA, Canada, Japan and Egypt) by the Nobel Prize winning author of the Just So Stories and the Jungle Book. Rudyard Kipling (an Englishman born and raised in India) offers an interesting outsider's view of the places he visits, candid and sharp witted, yet with a deep humanity.Letters of Travel comprises three books: From Tideway to Tideway 1892-95 contains pieces first published in the Times covering voyages across north America (USA ...
About Us Ghoul Talk is a podcast about Mattel's Monster High doll line, for and about fans of all ages! ​ The Podcast will consist of: 1. Doll reviews (new and "doll of the week" reviews of older dolls) 2. Character bios and research (not just short bios like the mattel site has but researched and gathered bios from the diaries, and other appearances 3. MH News : whats coming soon to toy shelves 4. An "Ask Abbey" segment, where questions, silly or real can be sent in to "Abbey" for advice 5. ...
Crafty explores the amazing people of today who craft things using their hearts. Join Nick Dolle on his journey finding the best of the best in animation, film, movies, sculpting, writing, and the old school crafts like woodworking and fabric crafts.
Mark Baxter has worked as a vocal coach with Aerosmith, Journey, Goo Goo Dolls — and many others. His singing lessons and tips are honed by years of experience and have been put to the test by mega stars and amateurs alike. His teachings are so powerful, you might just find that you are completely transformed as a singer after just one episode.
Wild Dollies
Wild Dollies is a podcast about American Girl Dolls, LOL Dolls, Barbies, Monster High Dolls, Ever After High Dolls and everything else we girls like to talk about. I also have a successful YouTube channel of the same name where I post videos! I hope you enjoy!!
Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts was first published in 1881 and staged in 1882, and like his earlier play A Doll's House, profoundly shocked his contemporaries. Dubbed "a dirty deed done in public" by one of its critics, the play focuses on (among other things) venereal disease, euthanasia, and incest. The original title literally means "the ones who return," and the play is about how we can deal with the awful legacy of the past. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett)Cast:Mrs. Alving: Elizabeth KlettOswald Alv ...
As I write this, I have before me on my desk, propped up against the telephone, an old rag doll. Dear old Raggedy Ann!The same Raggedy Ann with which my mother played when a child.There she sits, a trifle loppy and loose-jointed, looking me squarely in the face in a straightforward, honest manner, a twinkle where her shoe-button eyes reflect the electric light.Evidently Raggedy has been to a "tea party" today, for her face is covered with chocolate.She smiles happily and continuously.True, s ...
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show series
What is the greatest love song of all time? What things didn't you learn in school that you wish you had? How thoroughly would Gene Roddenberry beat George Lucas in a fight? Would you like to hear RJ sing the Goo Goo Dolls?
This week, Keith and Andy have the power! They talk about the classic He-Man cartoon, Andy's experience taking a sex doll to a theater, and the boys going to see the movie Rampage. Listen now!Contact us the show at…
01. Fakear - Next Life 02. Funkerman feat. Enlery - I Follow the Sun (Melsen Remix) 03. Axollo feat. Ralph Larenzo - Nights 04. Hook'N'Sling feat. Anthony Maniscalco & Lauren Aquilina - Shoot Down The Sun 05. Chrome Sparks - O, My Perfection 06. Koelle, Jody Wisternoff & James Grant - On Air 07. RETROAD: Filterheadz - Day At The Beach 08. Luca ...…
In this podcast, JSF and I discuss the Doll and theories surrounding her before the DLC came out. Would you like to support this channel? Discord : Music: Intro: Up in my Jam, Kubbi Behind the Scenes: Hold on a M ...…
This week we hit a lil bit of everything. We ease in with some sliced ketchup, monkeys snatching babies and how to impress Taylor Swift. Then we dive into a lil "Would you Rather?" where Matt proclaims "I'll do Dad!". Finally we end it off with Travis describing movies poorly and the one who can discern his nonsense the least ends up on the wro ...…
Glowing agro crags from space! Creepy doll heads! Mannequins run amok! And random references to obscure 80s shows! It must be the first Jon Pertwee story "Spearhead from Space!" John and Taylor continue collecting all the firsts with this 1970 classic!
You always hear about "dead-beat" fathers, but never much about how many women refuse to co-parent or allow the father fully into a child's life...we talking about that today! In addition to mad baby mammas who are horrible co-parents, we talk about our own experiences and struggles as young entrepreneurs and of course you already know that we ...…
We are back , with a new season, new format and you!!! yes you give our show a try. It's fun , lively and educational ( we hope). The opening episode is with guest host Amanda Gavin and Guest Star from the Los Angeles Derby Dolls and Director of TV and Movie development Brittany Cope " Moon Bootz". Find out why we have been so long off air , YE ...…
Hello again, Rangers! We’re so excited about this new subcast of Reading Rangers! One of our most requested subjects from our annual listener survey was discussions of short fiction, and so we’ve decided to deliver with Reading Rangers: Shorts! Woohoo! On a bi-monthly basis, a rotating cast of team members will sit down and discuss language, th ...…
More party starters to get the floor burnt and your crew turntSnakehips All My FriendsMary J Blige Can't Feel My Real LoveJustin Timberlake Can't Stop The FeelingYoung MC Bust A MoveUsher I Don't MindCameo Word UpDrake & Rihanna Too GoodJohnny Gil The FloorMarvin Gaye I Heard it through the Want MeKent Jones MerengueBell Biv Devoe PoisonDJ Khal ...…
Back on the Block with it.... Banshee's Block to be Specific... So I had my homegirl Cee-Cee (Celaunce ) and my Homeboy Whipp (LaRod Whipple) on for this one!! So we talked about Bad sex... what makes it bad? what can make it good? Everything for Oral to Foreplay!! Also some Fab and Emily B talk towards the end. ** I do not Own the Rights to th ...…
Welcome Guys & Dolls! Enjoy our first episode which has some “get to know you” questions to get a feel of Miss Joy & Lissy Doll. We are still getting the hang of our equipment and editing so bear with us. We hope to cover a wide variety of topics that matter to us. Please subscribe and tell your friends. The dolls will bring you a new episode e ...…
Bad combo in the car. Nice doll! Have this bucket. Who took my pepperoni? That rabbit had it coming. Therapy Thursday and more on this episode of The Morning Stream.
It's the 30th hour of Season II! Can't believe we've made it this far and we're only getting started! Lots of great music this hour, check it out! Tracks: Stiletto Bomb - Won't Let Go NOFX - California Uber Alice The Bobbyteens - Hate Me A Little Bit Vomit Launch - Life Sucks The Generators - Earn Your Stripes The Toy Dolls - The Death of Barry ...…
Grab your coffee and rum, pull up a seat, and join us as we discuss Voodoo horror, as well as a very basic summary of what Voodoo actually is beyond the bogeymen and dolls Hollywood has taught us. In this episode we discuss the blacksploitation classic, Sugar Hill, as well as Serpent and the Rainbow.…
This week on Spooky! We missed you guys! Maddy and Sarah talk about a lil spooky boy and an unsolved string of murders or domestic terror incident, that's up to you to decide. Before the stories even start there's a short "listener story" about a recently solved murder/paranormal incident (at about 3:45). Stories start at about 13:30. First, Sa ...…
Green Door Network Monday Show. This week’s episode we have very special guest, Gabe Mauch of Grindhouse Cafe. Gabe gives Joe a run for his money with the music he listens to and the amazing shows he’s been to. Here’s short list of bands discussed to wet your appetite: The Cure, Nick Cave, Morrissey, New York Dolls, NAS, Anything, Wesley Willis ...…
The recent part of a new project that focuses on quality House music and its subgenres as tech house and deep house,presented by Shuro Martiny.Follow us :1.QUBIKO - These Days /Defected/2.STEFANO RANIERI - Less Talk /NU LU Electronic/3.THE DEEPSHAKE ...…
Here is my mix from my mixshow "Beat Konection" every Sunday & Wednesday at 9PM EST on Find my show schedule at: search DJ Bryan Konrad on iTunes Journey Into S ...…
'IT'S ERIK NAGEL' with MATT OG & GITTLES INTRO [0:00:00] Intro SEGMENT 01 [0:01:44] 'Toys R Us' update. Brick & mortar music stores. Homestar Runner / Strongbad. Don Imus retires. National 'Air Sex' competition. Unboxing a real doll. Don Imus signs off. BREAK [1:13:16] Break BONUS [1:15:47] Bonus Segment SEGMENT 02 [1:20:09] TV/Movie updates. ' ...…
In Episode 23 of Guide to the Unknown: William FINALLY settles the matter of The Easter Bunny! He's a bunny, but he lays eggs? NO! Listen up, this question is answered! Something is missing though: the fear... Thankfully Kristen is driving the terror train this week, by sharing the real story of Annabelle, the haunted doll. If you've only seen ...…
"Well...I've got gonorrhea." Vinnie & Matt discuss "The Burning", the sixteenth episode of season nine, as well as...toe thumbs, high notes, and favorite Puddy/Mickey moments. Links from our discussion: Jason's first film, "The Burning" (1981) The Roast of William Shatner Jon Stewart/Arby's compilation Patrick Warburton (David Puddy) Twitter Da ...…
Is intercourse with a sex doll rape? Paris sex doll brothel asked to shut down. Cop sucks a suspect's toes for some reason and Christian group boycots the Sweet Jesus ice cream company in Toronto
Derek Doll, 3-time champion at Tyler County Speedway; Sye Lynch, 3rd generation racer at Lernerville Speedway; and Brian Abner from Lake Cumberland Speedway are this weeks guests.
Frankie and Keisha discuss a social media post about a man marry is his sex doll and having additional sex dolls as mistresses.
## Artist - Title01 The Black & White Musiq, Candy - Small Talk (Original Mix)02 Zepherin Saint - Skyy (Tribe Vocal Mix)03 Brian Nance, Bes, Kafele, Opolopo - Just Be (Opolopo Remix)04 N'Dinga Gaba - Neuroplastic05 Oluhle, Cuebur - Umzwangedwa (Cuebur Spirit Mix)06 Twizi Deep, Kai Mof, Steve Paradise, Beppe Corazza - Quite Inside (Paradise Pian ...…
This week's 77 percent show focuses on Sex doll craze in Africa. In Zambia for the example, the government has threatened the offenders with heavy jail terms, We will also head to Kenya where you can enjoy your alcoholic drink while listening to gospel music in a bar or nightclub begging the question can God, drinking and dancing mix? Listen to ...…
In their first (conspiracy theory heavy) episode covering Untucked, Jillian and Shelby discuss and recap all of the drama happening in the first Untucked with the new cast of RuPaul's Drag Race and take listener questions and comments. Topics covered also include Bebe Zahara Benet being possessed by the Holy Spirit, the TRUTH behind the Cracker ...…
This week on the podcast, the Bees are still going strong on the YA books with A Wrinkle in Time. There's plenty of praise for this award-winning classic, but Audrey and Cher also make time for feminist corner and some American Girl Doll talk. A Wrinkle in Time brings these Bees back to their childhoods and revelations like who their twelve yea ...…
Hey guys & dolls! We are almost ready to begin. Thanks for being patient! -Killer Dolls
Toys R Us MEGA FASHION PACK REVIEW Instagram LiveIn this video, Gypsie reviews the Toys R Us MEGA FASHION PACK for Barbie dolls, during and Instagram Live. We love these doll clothes!About Broken... This is a safe space online for adults who collect Barbies and other dolls to discuss and share hobby ideas and customizing trends.…
Hattie McGill: Hand Embroidery Artist Today on the Stitchery Stories embroidery podcast, Hattie McGill shares her life as a hand embroidery artist and freelance embroiderer working in fashion, costume and film. Listen as Hattie shares her embroidery journey and how she balances her own art for sale and commission, with the typically unpredictab ...…
I’m Matu, thank you for following me. Hey! I’m a YouTuber 😉 Add me Youtube: Matu Doll Facebook:Matu Doll
Steve Lastoe from X-Minutes podcast returns to chat with Heidi and Molly about adorable zombies, crazy doll people, and Cabin in the Woods references to Serenity, Buffy, and Angel. X Minutes Podcast The Princess Bride Minute Podcast
Join One Half Of The @ToyMigos Ernie @TheFallenFett & Rich @El_Sinestro in The Podcasting DeadA Podcast Spoiler Recaping the latest episode of AMC's The Walking Dead. We will be discussing the Season 8 Episode 13 "Don't Send Us Astray" of AMC's The Walking Dead Make sure to Subscribe iTunesPodbeanSoundcloudStitcherTuneinSupport the shows RawLiv ...…
What do you do when you’ve always loved your job – the job you planned to have for life – but suddenly it doesn’t seem to fit you anymore? Today’s guest had just this experience after 13 years as a successful corporate litigator in New York City. Amy Impellizzeri loved the law and will never stop calling herself a lawyer (a title she earned thr ...…
3 Things We Learned at Shoptalk Retailers spent lots of time legitimizing their reason to exist Same day delivery becoming the new normal - with Target leading the way Grocery is the next retail segment to be disrupted The Evolution of the Retail Store ’The Evolution of the Retail Store’ - Technologies Optimizing the Store Experience (Shoptalk ...…
In May, 1988, in Everett, Washington, four-year-old Feather Rahier disappeared while playing outside after dinner. Her frantic cries drew Feather's mother to the dark garage that was home to Richard Matthew Clark. Clark had stolen the child, bound and gagged her, and begun to undress her. Only at the last instant was the little girl saved by he ...…
Why. Why did we need an episode about creepy doll Murderers. Superhero shows should be fun to terrifying. Was this episode a hit or did the creepy dolls miss the mark. Our bonus episodes have started to be uploaded as of now there are two ready for download. These episodes can be found on patreon for subscribers of the $5 level or above. Check ...…
For episode five we explore all things animated. This week we take a look at a hidden gem of Australian film that will have you both scratching your head and wiping tears from your eyes. Another bizarre post apocalyptic wasteland, for kids? In TV land we explore the creative concept of Drawn together and take a look at the new pubescent offerin ...…
In this episode, the Savage Patch Kids talk about the results from the 1 on 1 game, sex dolls and much more!!
Lyft Escapades/ Chinese food Luv/ Netflix “Not 4 Me” Button/ Pepe on Hip-Hop/ Natural vs Weave/ Hit It, Hell No or How Much?/ Blow-Up Sex Dolls/ Rapper Background Checks/
🌟 Subscribe | 💚 Like show | 💔 Dislike ----------------------------------------- Bachelor Girl are bonafide Aussie pop legends and to celebrate twenty years of 'Buses & Trains' Dan and Andy interview the inventor of blunt fringes and Bachelor Girl front woman Tania Doko, fresh off her performance at Popchops in Melbourne. The boys chat to Tania ...…
Today on the show: Unhappy Japanese men are turning to silicone sex dolls... We're Up You're Up Satanists have adopted a highway in America... Nurses have revealed the things people say in the moments before their death Meet Nola, the world's third best tennis player... In the over 80's womens seniors Newsreader Alex was locked in his garage af ...…
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