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Despite his tiny, fleeting epiphanies, host Drew Droege has no idea what his morally bankrupt friends are going to tell him. Painful tales of forbidden desire, embarrassing stupidity, and downright garbage are spun together in search of a larger truth. Lower your expectations.
Dregs of Craigs
Steve, Dustin, and Sean dig into the depths of Craigslist to find the funniest, most cringe-worthy, and confounding ads on the site and riff on them for comedy gold!
Dregs Podcast
Max Dickins and Mark Smith bring you the Dregs Podcast. It's here. Look at it. And listen to it.
Glitter in the Garbage is a celebration of all things fancy, classy, and important. Your host, Drew Droege, and his friends will play obscure celebrities who celebrate, fight, and feast upon the filth. It's like a salon, without all that boring intellect.Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free. Go to��and use promo code EARWOLF for 1 month free (and $5 off the annual plan!)
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The Soft Spot welcomes the brilliantly funny Drew Droege and the legendary Queen Jackie Beat to discuss their soft spot: Drag Parody! From the Golden Girls to Who's the Boss to Abba, we only drag the ones we love
This episode's story teller was referred to us by friend of the show Drew Droege because, like Drew, Andrew Putschoegl is a stand up guy and a total goddamn sweetheart, and because of the amazing story he has about his one time pen-paldom with celebrity of celebrities, Richard Simmons. Get more Tales of Male Folly at Li ...…
This episode’s storyteller is the dangerously hilarious Drew Droege who shares his particular point of view about current nice celebrities, followed by the tale of his run-in with a legendary Hollywood diva.Get more Tales of Male
This week, we learn about per diems and rural Australia and yes of course Hayley Mills is involved.
Drew welcomes two of his favorite party artisans to chat about etiquette, filth, and the childhoods that led us all to the dance floor.
Being left alone with our thoughts is terrifying, cathartic, rare, and necessary. Also, children are equally inspiring and the worst.
Everyone on today's show just loves those sweet salty savory adult booze drinks. Sometimes we find ourselves wandering the streets looking for back rubs and three-ways. And sometimes alcohol just helps us say yes to life!
Erin has a big announcement! Fellow Feral audio host Drew Droege joins Erin in studio to talk about whether or not traditional romantic relationships are necessary as well as Theatre, life in LA and pineapple salsa.
It's another Feral crossover event! Comedian, Actor, and Writer Drew Droege (Minor Revelations) joins Kelly and Katai to talk Christopher Pike's THE LAST VAMPIRE! They talk camp vs. cheese, explosion escape plans (not what you think!) and kids with AIDS! CONNECT W/ TEEN CREEPS ON TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, & FACEBOOK: ...…
We are all in the middle of a huge shift. We must accept the past, embrace the current chaos, and welcome our future selves. Also, Turds On Tuesday! Details inside!
We tell lies with good intentions, but then we feel guilty. We live our truths without abandon, but then we feel guilty. So I guess we just need to get comfortable being uncomfortable.
What if you had the chance to be a respected yet tortured mime? What if losing your virginity was a cruel hoax? Find out this week on a very mysterious episode!
Actors want to be funny, comedians want to be actors, everyone’s a writer, Tom hates New York, and we all love Kathryn Hahn!
Hi! We’re Shaughn, Julanne, and Drew- feel free to mispronounce our names or simply call us something else. We’ve spent our lives navigating this straight white male world, so we’re good!
Spring is here, transporting us back to simpler times with the comforting smells of bookstores, libraries, and … wait, Wendi, WHAT happened to you??? Hey world -- learn how to be!!! Mitch Silpa and Wendi McLendon-Covey guest!
Hey kids! Trust your gut! Most adults ARE horrible and wrong! Especially teachers that wear too much make-up and directors that hang out in fast food parking lots casting amateur fight porn. Lauren Lapkus and Matt Baume guest.
What’s the grossest, thirstiest query to ask an actor in the springtime? Tom Lenk will happily inform you, making you want to go out into the desert to do yoga with Chloe Fineman’s deliciously odd aunts!
Flat tires! The IRS! Grandparents! Baby and relationship woes! Napkins! It’s high drama for Drew and his guests Kate and Paul. Hear them dish the soap!
This Week's Guest: Jeffery Self Do you have an inner performer lurking just below the surface -- or has your inner performer burst above the surface, resolutely refusing to ever be ignored? My guest this week is the fantastic Jeffery Self, who has for his entire life been every inch an entertainer -- whether forming a rebel theater troupe as a ...…
This week, Drew has a skirmish at a terrible Burbank bistro, Andrew Carter tells us about a drunken scuffle from years ago, and Jordan Firstman battles his own envy of talented children. Ding Ding!
Molly Prather and Tamika Simpkins are bringing their biggest, boldest, most supportive laughter everywhere they go, while also telling that little evil voice inside to "shut up and sit in your corner!"
Put on your largest hat and longest gloves, because our guests Tim McKernan and Jeffery Self are taking us to church! Praise!
Guest comedians Drew Droege (Bob's Burgers, Transparent) and Natalie Palamides (Powerpuff Girls, The UCB Show) join in and share stories about feeling stuck with people, pretending friendships are better than they are, and the troubles of people pleasing.Hosted by Garrett Mendez with Dr. J.Recorded live at Lyric Hyperion Theater in Silverlake, ...…
Why do men feel a need to help/protect/teach women? When is it appropriate and appreciated, and when is it straight-up institutionalized misogyny? Julian McCullough and Gina Torrecilla join us this week to discuss! Oh, and Drew demands more from gay Hollywood!
Freddy Krueger! Bearded ladies! Straight boys in gay bars! Matt Braunger and Leslie-Anne Huff join us this week to reveal their beautiful demons.
Courtney and Corey join Drew this week to talk about the ridiculousness of musicals, cartoons, and anything beyond the boundaries of cold hard reality. Except ghosts - Ghosts are fantastic.
American darlings Dave Holmes and Karen Kilgariff join Drew to feverishly dish movies, music, and the power of saying "I don't know".
We're trying to class up our show this time around, and that's immediately apparent from the opening. After that, we continue with Garry Hannon telling of the time he slept with a knife under his pillow. Then Jamie Cruz-Velazquez, Pushy Muldowney, and Daniel Sears compare bad cooking scenarios. Drew Droege is up next with his quintessential New ...…
Fortune reveals the truly beautiful story behind her name, Ian admits he used to be a terrible problem child, and Drew does not love Lucy.
Drew Droege (comedian, actor, host of Minor Revelations podcast) loves filmmaker and icon, John Waters. Thanks, as always, to Molly Lewis for our theme music.
Drew has just turned 40. And with much joy and gratitude. The world is falling apart, but he feels lucky that he gets to live and laugh with guests like Guy and Georgia. It gets better indeed. Guy Branum and Georgia Hardstark guest.
Always question a lone plate of cookies. Remember that family isn’t always blood. And never forget that it’s all just a movie.Steve Agee and Alec Mapa guest.
It’s Inauguration Day, and we’re scared of a lot of things. Now is a crucial time for creation and community and change. We’re back and we’re going deep! Matt Dwyer and Baron Vaughn join us.
Joe Starr, Lauren Ashley Bishop, Carrie Quinlan and Nick Doody join Dave Holmes to talk about catchy Christmas tunes, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s secret second verse, and (terrible) Christmas cracker jokes. Joe Starr would like to plug The Roast of Darth Vader and recommends MaxFun's own Lady to Lady podcast. Lauren Ashley Bishop would like t ...…
Joe Starr, Lauren Ashley Bishop, Carrie Quinlan and Nick Doody join Dave Holmes to talk about catchy Christmas tunes, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s secret second verse, and (terrible) Christmas cracker jokes. Joe Starr would like to plug The Roast of Darth Vader and recommends MaxFun's own Lady to Lady podcast. Lauren Ashley Bishop would like t ...…
Jordan Black and Johnny Pemberton live fast, run from the law, tat their bodies, and laugh though all of it. We love bad boys.
Our guests Anne Lane and Joseph Scrimshaw have had lots of banshees...
Beth Stelling, Kurt Long, Brennan Reece, and Margaret Cabourn-Smith join
Beth Stelling, Kurt Long, Brennan Reece, and Margaret Cabourn-Smith join
This week's guests, Marc Andreyko and Melissa Stephens, chat about drugs and therapy and the beauty of quietly just being okay with who we are. So... Drugs.
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