Best failure podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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Masters Of Failure
Masters of Failure is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian Ali Sultan. Each week there is a fun guest exploring their worst experiences in dating, sex, career and more! The objective is to share and celebrate the growth made from these failures and motivate people to put themselves out there.
Stories of success are everywhere, hoping to inspire us. But they so often leave us feeling inadequate. In contrast, failure is commonplace. We fail at diets, marriages, jobs, parenting, and so much more. Yet from failure can come growth, insight, happiness and success, since it is through risk-taking and trial and error that we are able to innovate and grow. Despite this, we rarely talk about failure since it has become synonymous with defeat. We seldom hear about the disappointments, and c ...
Famous Failures
On Famous Failures, I interview the world's most interesting people about their failures and what they learned from them.
Hosted by Paul Moore and Josh Thomas, How to Lose Money is a wealth-building podcast dedicated to the honest, sometimes gut-wrenching stories of business and life lessons learned. If you’re an entrepreneur going through a tough season, a business executive wanting to avoid strategic mistakes, or just someone who loves to hear about victories earned on the other side of painful trials, this podcast is for you. With new episodes every Monday, we feature an interview with a business leader who ...
My goal is to help my listeners overcome the fear of failure so they can live the life of their dreams. Everyone has a dream, I believe the fear of failure is stopping them from making it a reality, not for long.
Failure To Launch
We’re all familiar with the idea of a pilot episode, the one-off test run of a series to see whether or not it could ever work as a television show. But what happens to the shows that never make it past that stage? Usually they’re cast aside and disappear from the public eye forever, doomed to fade into obscurity. But Melbourne comedy troupe The Consumption say “No more!” We are reaching deep into the bowels of television history to bring you back hot steaming piles of TV's many bizarre misc ...
There’s a myth out there that failure is career-ending and that success is achieved without any bumps in the road. But in reality, it’s surviving rock bottom that gives entrepreneurs the experience, confidence and edge that ultimately causes them to thrive. You’ll hear stories of challenge, perseverance and triumph. Plus you’ll learn how to capitalize off the failure factor--your secret to success.
Podcast by Goat Rodeo
The X-Failures
A comedy show where three friends search for the paranormal, but the paranormal finds them.
Forgotten Failures
The obscure movie podcast. DEEDS NOT WORDS
The General Failure Podcast consists of four great people discussing the things we like, hate, are excited, or nerd raging about. Everything about TV, movies, comics, video games, and cons! New episodes come at you every week!
Are you trying to answer the question, "What's next for me?" Do you want to stay more focused and find better balance between work and family? In this show, Jim provides you a clear framework for setting goals-- the right goals for you-- and achieving them. Because being average scares the crap out of you. You don't want to "play to the level of your competition." You want to be significant. You want to crush it in your job. You want to be an awesome parent. You want to be fit. You want to m ...
Failure To Launch
Drinks, debates and updates on shows that never made it past a first season. (Podcast)Hosted by:Molly SanchezMitchell ThompsonEmail us:
A podcast about about business failures, focusing on startups and emerging companies.
We watch a piece of popculture and discuss its failings
Chris and Lee are best friends who never see each other, so they started a podcast.
Three guys who met in high school talking about video games, movies, technology, and other general nerdy things. We upload every other week, usually on Mondays and are live on Twitch every other Saturday.
Risking Failure
Conversations and Ideas around Growth
Hello Failure
Hello Failure is a podcast created by Anna Weeks and Christina Patel, celebrating all the grand failures we have as human beings. From the classics fails, like having your shirt tucked into underwear in your high school cafeteria, to adulthood fails, like that time you didn't pay taxes for eight years, your delightful hosts cover it all! Each episode Anna and Christina talk to another interesting human about his or her Fail Tale, and how that's been working out in the long run. If you listen ...
Of course you listen to Tim Ferriss, Mixergy, and This Week in Startups to learn about startup successes. We want entrepreneurs to learn from the mistakes of failed startups. Listen to failed founder interviews.
Wisdom Through Failure (WTF) is a podcast created by CT and D-VO in May of 2015. This podcast focuses on the failures of; pop culture/celebrities, history, and world news/events, as well as our own failures, and bestows the inherit wisdom we have (or should have) gained from these, and delivers it in a comedic fashion.We here at WTF want to hear from all of you too. We would love to hear about your failures, so we can tell you what you did wrong, and how to avoid it in the future (mixed resu ...
#failurebydesign giving a voice from designers and artists to photographers and musicians. A place to let other creative's know it's okay to fail and learn from your mistakes. Come and listen to the interesting stories.
#BESTFRIENDS Chris and Lee don't see each other very often anymore. So they started a podcast, please listen.
Best selling, award winning author and actor M.J. Dougherty hosts this weekly podcast that shares stories of life's failures, mistakes and issues. M.J., along with weekly guests, will focus on what we learn from all that life throws at us and how these times usually are the catalysts to making us the people we are meant to be. This podcast is just the thing for those looking for some real world inspiration to help make life a little less exhausting!
I'm 24, I've failed over the course of the last eight years or so to launch a successful business. I just want to talk about it. It helps to audit myself for the projects I'm currently running and it helps to frame my perspective in my current situation for success.
A sketch comedy podcast. And occasionally a live stage show. Part of the Mon Frere Comedy Network.
R.E.N.A.L. Failure
Ska band, You & All The Blind People, get together and talk about shit no one cares about; straight out of our asses and into your ears.
Distributed Failure
A delicious video game podcast. We discuss everything and anything game-related: What We Play, Gaming News, Retro Games, and much more. We cover all consoles - New, Old, Portable...if it plays video games then we'll talk about it! Regular Gamers talking about Video Games.
Critical Failure
Friends discover how to play Dungeons and Dragons by fumbling around a bit, and hoping they're following the rules; catch us every other Friday where ever you get your podcasts twitter: @critfailurecast Check out the other 'All the Nerdy Fun' PodcastsMusic: glitchxcity on youtube is the premier site for up-to-date cardiac information. Our goal is to provide you with information that can empower you to receive the best fit cardiac healthcare available.
The Founders, Futurists, and Failures podcast takes you on a journey inside entrepreneurial minds. Conor Flynn interviews people in the entrepreneurship space to give you a candid view of their thought processes, startup struggles, and strategic tactics. Thank you to our sponsors: Startup Commons - Entreprenavel -
Wisdom Through Failure is a podcast created by CT and D-VO in May of 2015. This podcast focuses on the failures of; pop culture/celebrities, history, world news/events, and even our own failures, and bestows the inherit wisdom we have (or should have) gained, and delivers it in a comedic fashion.
Crises are signs of a system’s weakness. Historically crises have led to political upheavals. Our current social, economic and ecological crises are all connected to our monetary system. How shall we proceed with our money?
Welcome to living with kidney failure I want this podcast to be a resource for people living with kidney failure and their loved ones
Too Jaded Failures
Thoughts on comedy, culture, news and neuroses from Tony Bock and R.E. "Chip" Huffman.
Joint Failures HD
Joint Failures is a weekly podcast that features engaging geek "chats". Tune in and stay a while and find your self engaged in a great conversation just like you'd have with your buddies. Joint Failures features little known comedy gems of the world, great deep tech discussion, sketches and a review of a beloved item from geek culture.
Average is Failure
Vaughn Edmeade and the team discuss Self Improvement, Culture and Work through their Worldview.
Failures from the Field is a new podcast brought to you by Ubuntu Education Fund. Hosted by Jordan Levy, international development expert and Chief External Relations Officer of Ubuntu, each episode dives deep into some of the most pervasive problems facing international development. Through interviews with the best and brightest development leaders, this series explores the often unheard realities of non-profit fundraising, what it truly takes to transform lives, and the failures which ulti ...
Joint Failures MP3
Joint Failures is a weekly podcast that features engaging geek "chats". Tune in and stay a while and find your self engaged in a great conversation just like you'd have with your buddies. Joint Failures features little known comedy gems of the world, great deep tech discussion, sketches and a review of a beloved item from geek culture.
Developer On Fire
Developer On Fire with Dave Rael is an interview podcast with inspiring and successful software professionals telling personal stories about their experiences with delivering value. It is a chance for you to get to know your favorite geeks and learn more about who they are, how they deliver, and what makes them tick. Learn from and get to know special geeks like Matt Wynne, Rob Eisenberg, Udi Dahan, Ted Neward, John Sonmez, Phil Haack, and David Heinemeier Hansson.
Jonas and Dave are Failures. Or are they? Let's find out. (Hint: they are).
Storied is a podcast that tells stories about faith and failure. And sometimes it recounts stories that are so ridiculous that they seem more fitted to Monty Python than to real life. So, listen in to learn about the past, to enjoy a good story, and to know more than you did before.
Author ID: Aweberman Category: Fiction Website:
Join Silver Young Living leaders, Laura Erdman-Luntz and Lauren Bellon for daily and weekly business advice.
Bad Ideas Podcast
A podcast about the worst ideas in history. Albert Berg and Tony Southcotte take on some of the biggest historical flops, mistakes, and blunders. From Cop Rock to the Yugo.
What do all of your favorite comedians, actors, writers, and artists have in common? At some point, they’ve all completely f*cking failed. Comedian Don Fanelli (Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer, UCB) sits down with folks at the top of their game to talk about the times they ate shit and their dreams felt more elusive than ever. These hilarious, heartbreaking, and incredibly relatable stories remind us that failure is not only necessary when pursuing a dream, but ultimately the inspiration that ...
This Epic Disaster
A weekly Atlanta-based podcast that examines the screw ups, the failures, the freak outs, the foul ups and all those who make them. Including you. Including us. Hosted by Cheri Brown and Rick Baldwin, This Epic Disaster features stories, interviews, games, trivia, chat, and valuable information you can use when the things in your life go horribly wrong.
Welcome to my weekly Monday Motivation podcasts! Each week I will have a new topic to discuss. I call it "Monday Motivation with an edge!" Listen in and learn ways to STOP with the excuses and live life to its fullest! If you're ready to GET OFF YOUR ASS and do something your future self will thank you for... then these podcasts are FOR YOU! I also ask for, and appreciate, feedback and input! So, listen carefully for the question of the week and yes, special offers to help you Achieve Your S ...
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It was a good weekend for Mo Salah, Ander Herrera, Olivier Giroud and Napoli, and a bad one for Shane Long, Declan Rice, Harry Kane and Mauricio Pochettino.We discuss the weekend of glowing tributes to Arsene Wenger, and what they have tended to leave out. What kind of manager should Arsenal go for after Arsene?John Brewin joins us to discuss W ...…
Join our Facebook Group - A community of Mind Flippers Elizabeth Miner, as a young single mother of two children, struggled financially, living below or at the poverty level with sights on a better life. She developed a successful professional career with only a high school diploma and was able to raise her family out of poverty. She now runs h ...…
April 22 Failures can be final, if we don’t learn to roll through them. This message equips us to see beyond our failures and strengthens us to move past them. Download the web guide here: StoriesThatShapeUs Web Guide4.22.18
Failure is only if you quit. Failure is not steering off course, something not going right, things flipping upside down, no... Failure is walking away from your passion. In this episode Gabe discusses failure and how to overcome it, steer away from it, and avoid it at all costs. If this adds ANY value to your life, please share it with a friend ...…
Who and what defines you? We draw our personal identity from our face, our family and friends, plus our dreams, longings and hopes. But at your very core, who are you? Do you live out of an accurate settled identity, or are you uncertain of yourself, where you fit and what you can contribute?If our identity flows out of how the world defines us ...…
BCG-004 STOP WAITING TO BE CHOSEN Welcome to Episode number four of the BOOMER CAREER GUIED PODCAST, where we’re going to be talking about the BOOMER CAREER BOOST SECRET #1 So, If you’re thinking about launching a job search, this is the perfect episode to start you in a positive direction. I want you to keep in mind that: THE KEY TO A SUCCESSF ...…
New Zealand should be more like Silicon Valley if it wants its companies to succeed on the global stage.This follows claims potentially good New Zealand companies are going broke, from a lack of investment staying in New Zealand.Rocket Lab founder Peter Beck told Mike Hosking there's nothing magic in the water in Silicon Valley."There is a few ...…
Was he perfect? Not even close! So how can he be called a man after God's heart? Well is is not about perfection but rather about how we view our sin and our failures. David learned that loving what God loved and hating what He hated was most important. A good lesson for us. We need to have a whole heart for God.…
10 Reasons Why You NEED to LIFT HEAVY to Build Muscle 10 Reasons Why You NEED to LIFT HEAVY to Build Muscle 1. Get Stronger 2. Up your weight load as often as you can 3. Hit failure ( I know there's a lot of people saying that failure is not the [...] The post 10 Reasons Why You NEED to LIFT HEAVY to Build Muscle | Gravity Transformation appear ...…
One year after releasing ​"A Series Of Sneaks​", Spoon erects a permanent middle finger to Ron Laffitte in the form of a single. Laffitte, the recently canned VP at Elektra Records, was ultimately responsible for ASoS's failure & for Spoon getting dumped from the label. This week's sidetrack dives a little deeper into the story as we listen to ...…
Michael Stallard is cofounder and president of the Connection Culture Group, a leadership training and consulting firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut. He gives keynote speeches, teaches workshops and consults at a wide variety of business, government, healthcare and education organizations including Costco, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Cent ...…
It's not often in New Zealand an art dealer opens a second gallery space - and there have been a fair few failures in the past, but one of our leading contemporary gallerists Hopkinson Mossman wants to change all that.
Hear how Drew took risks and learned from failures and then founded a company that serves companies nationwide with ergonomic education which produced huge savings for the companies in workmen compensation expense.By (Steve Anderson).
Tony Connolly, Europe Editor, discusses an article on the EU rejecting the UK's hard border avoidance proposals
John Saunders, Chairman of the Mental Health Commission, discusses the findings of inspection reports published today
Clint Robinson, Multiple Olympic Gold, Silver & Bronze Medalist, who has more than stamped his authority on the Global Rowing Arena. How to break through limiting beliefs, self doubt and achieve personal gold in your life. After doubting himself at age 18 up against the worlds best, Clint returned two years later to the world stage, only to bec ...…
This week we’ve got Dom kicking the crap out of CJ in MLB: The Show with only a little bit of cheating, Cj is sending google’s up and coming self destruct emails to people, Dom is talking about Rick and Morty making sweet love to D&D, and TJ is back from his trip to Pax […]
Dan Shevchik, Partner and Senior Vice President at Sports Media Advisors, talks about his pivotal career decision to join the SMA firm after attending Stanford Business School. Doug Perlman, a former contact from Business School, and partner at SMA, took a chance on him and a leap of faith with a few clients and a whole lot of potential. He cre ...…
How the failure to address racial apartheid in America in the past caused a Trump presidency; Are Blacks inspirational films worth watching?
Gabrielle Guthrie is the founder of Moxxly, a company that is redesigning the breast pumping experience for the modern mama. In this episode, Gabrielle shares her personal and professional journey into becoming a designer-founder who has thrown her life’s mission into building a product that re-humanizes the experience of breastfeeding for wome ...…
FAA inspection order after Southwest Airlines engine failure. President T rump looks forward to North Korea summit. Possible criminal charges in the death of Prince. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today's World News Roundup.
This episode of CRACKCast covers Rosen’s Chapter 170, Pediatric Cardiac Disorders. This podcast covers cyanotic and acyanotic cardiac defects, the presentation and management of congestive heart failure in pediatric populations, and the management of common arrhythmias in children. A second podcast will release next week detailing other issues ...…
Pascal Flor is a coach at the rapidly upcoming bodybuilding coaching company, Revive Stronger. As you'll learn in this episode, he has put himself through one hell of a struggle during the period of 2016-2017, where he tried to juggle recovering from an injury, (and the subsequent surgery) chronic dieting, and on top of all ... Read moreOvercom ...…
Nathan Tabor has built a life helping others and improving lives. Throughout his own life and experiences, Nathan has acquired an incredible ability to solve problems, develop game plans, and create real and lasting results in both his personal and professional life. He has successfully founded and operated more than two dozen businesses since ...…
David Gleave, Aviation safety researcher at Loughborough University, gives his assessment of an accident in the US in which the engine of a Southwest Airlines plane was ripped off midair
Hey everyone! My name is Alex E Kheyson, and I want to welcome you to the Heart & Mind of a Leader podcast, wish you the best of luck and determination on your exciting and often challenging personal development and professional growth journey. Can I ask you for a big favor? Could you please leave your honest feedback about the topic, content, ...…
Phillip Lanos is a Los Angeles native. Hyperactive and often pensive, this actor, singer, songwriter, and podcast producer is best experienced in person. Due to his half-Mexican, half-French descent, he’s had opportunities to appear on international Latino TV channels like Telemundo for an American Idol spin-off show named “Yo Soy El Artista.” ...…
Ah, technology. I love it and I hate it. I'm an advocate for it and yet most of the time I feel absolutely clueless when I'm using it. I've taught myself how to code websites, create a podcast (kinda), use project management software, and use countless other programs. Yet have trouble making phone calls and using Google Maps. Life is weird. In ...…
Last night was another incredible example of the support on Mixer being absolutely incredible. Ironic that I decided to talk about supporting other content creators, isn't it? So I was hanging out in a buddy's cast after we dropped a host / raid on them, and we came to the agreement that it's important to support other broadcasters. Fully. I'm ...…
The Geekset crew is back after a long hiatus discussing what they've been up to, the future of Geekset, A Quiet Place, Gotham getting it's hype back, Marvel Universe, DC failures, What Makes Black Panther an elite Black Movie & More.DON'T FORGET NEW MERCH AND ITEMS NOW FOR SALE ATwww.GeeksetPodcast.comFollow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook@ ...…
Don't get trapped in the mundanes of life. Find value in your day when it's running you. Life is crazy no matter how great it is. But there are often things that don't go your way. Desire to be supported and encourage by other like-minded women? Join us at Women of IMPACT. Sometimes we need a reminder ...…
Dressing For Success I’m so excited about today’s episode because, y’all, we are talking about clothes! Okay, I’m not a fashion expert and I’m certainly not a stylist. But I will tell you, I’ve never met a pair of pumps I didn’t like—and I know that the right outfit can instantly change the way I carry myself, how confident I feel, and my overa ...…
Today is not about YOU! It's all about a heart that cares opening incredible adventures. Adventures allowing you to seize the opportunity to share your love and goodness. Desire to be supported and encourage by other like-minded women? Join us at Women of IMPACT. When life's got you down, share YOU! B ...…
Drew’s guest, Noah Kagan got into the tech game in his 20’s. He put in long hours and sacrificed his evenings and weekends to be a top producer. He worked at Facebook and and currently he is Chief Sumo at his own company, He has had his share of successes and failures and freely shares the lessons he learned and how he challe ...…
TUESDAY! Harry tells us how our big boss discovered his upcoming hair removal procedure. SO EMBARASSING We get on the Need to Know - you wont believe where parents are having their kids parties now. Pricey shares her diet failures...what was she thinking?
Our neighborhoods, the original social networks, help define us. Among friends, family and strangers, they are a collection of shared experiences. Their markets and hospitals, their traffic and trees, their crime and pollution shape our lives. And our heart health. A new study says neighborhoods significantly impact residents’ incidence of hear ...…
How are you supposed to trust the process if you’re not sure the process is correct? How long do you trust it for before it’s time to pivot? On today’s episode with Mental Performance Coach to the Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Browns, and high performers everywhere, Justin Su’a we dive deep into these questions. Justin describes in detail the level ...…
The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviews Basson about his attitude to money (hopes and fears, successes and failures, etc.).
We heard you missed us. Well, we are BACK! We took a couple weekends off to travel a bit, but today brings us back to our Jealous Much ritual and the love we share with you, our dearest listeners. Reunited and it feels so goooood. In this week’s podcast we explore the topic of SELF-SABOTAGE and talk about our own personal experiences with creat ...…
On this episode of the Emerald Podcast Network news reporter Ryan Nguyen interviews current ASUO president Amy Schenk and incoming ASUO president Maria Gallegos about their thoughts on ASUO. Schenk reflects on the successes and failures of her tenure and offers advice for navigating the student government, while Gallegos shares her hopes and fe ...…
Originally released Feb 24, 2014. The first of two episodes where the hosts talk about failures. 0:01:40 - Josh Force ( is the graphic designer behind Laura's impending website. Note from the future Laura’s website is done and here: Jake is very proud of the SSL/TLS certification. 0:02 ...…
Kylie and Bill invite their good friend Nolan over to discuss his first two sex failures. Also recapping other fun sex stories.
It's always a deep blessing to be joined and taught by our brother, Gideon Tsang. Gideon shared a message on the ways we cling to judgement and keeping score, and in doing so, forget the very nature of Jesus' definitive act of reconciling love for all people, and our call back to the table which serves to remind us. Gideon serves in the leaders ...…
Featured on #JasSucces is a touching story of Jacquelyn Pulgo’s successful achievement in freelancing. Discover how she got started in freelancing as she reveals how hard life was for her, sleeping literally in a ‘karton’ and comfortably now in a ‘kutson.’ Jacquelyn’s story is definitely a must watch as she gives inspiration of how freelancing ...…
Fear of Rejection and Fear of Failure causes people pleasing.
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