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everything music and film! movie trailers, music videos, special features, extras, soundtrack albums, composers and more!
Horror News Radio - The Official HorrorNews.Net Podcast | Horror Movies / Interviews / Reviews - The horror movie news reviews and interviews podcast from Doc Rotten and HorrorNews.Net with co-hosts Dave Dreher, Santos Ellin Jr., Thomas Mariani and Vixen, the voice of reason.
The FadCast is the podcast representing Film Fad ( Every week we cover current events and elaborate upon film history and fads and trends associated with a particular film or film genre.
Tim Buel and Jeremy Kirk are at the helm of this podcast on chatting about all things film. The show features guests from other film websites as well as filmmakers and actors who join in on the show segments that praise and tear apart the cinematic world of yesterday and today.
Movie Trailers
Trailers from upcoming and new movies.
Film Forecast
A comedy podcast where two pals watch movie trailers and try and figure out the entire plot of the film without ever seeing it. New episodes come out Thursdays, just in time for you to get a final spoiler before heading to the movie theater on Friday.
The best movie website for people who actually LIKE movies are now casting those pods! Enjoy our various shows as we continue to bring you the best movie commentary you'll find anywhere.
Bits and Flicks
The podcast for gamers who love movies! In "Bits" we cover new and upcoming game releases, current game industry news and discuss any games we have been playing recently. Then in "Flicks" we go over any recent trailers, tv/film news and discuss any tv or movies we have been watching. Listen to both or just listen to one, either way we got you covered on all your entertainment needs.
Too Soon Podcast
Think that trailers show to much? Well we will watch them so you don't have to. Talking about new movies and the trailers that come out for them. Just a few guys who love movies and love to talk about them.
Trailers From Hell showcases classic previews of past movie attractions punctuated with humorous commentary by iconic filmmakers.
Cinema Bluster
Movie review and news podcast with a slight bend toward horror and genre films.
Film Pulse
The official podcast of FIlmpulse.Net wherein hosts Adam Patterson and Kevin Rakestraw review the latest in independent and arthouse cinema. Sometimes we have cool guests on and sometimes we talk about what's playing at festivals, but we always talk about the films you should be seeking out. Join in on the conversation and let's celebrate the movies together!
Movie Babies
Two lifelong roommates and former amateur trailer makers review the latest and greatest in movie trailers. Armed with a celebrity guest, they typically spiral into humorous tangents about sexism, race, and trying not to be bad people. They answer the important questions like, “Does this trailer sell us on a trip to the theater?” and, “Can you Home Alone it?” Listen as they continue their ongoing quest to create the Movie Babies Cinematic Universe (MBCU) by connecting all movies together into ...
The Movie Previews Podcast provides you with the most popular, new, and fresh movie trailers straight from Enjoy The Movie Previews Podcast on your iPod, Zune, or other portable mp3 player.
AhoyAhoy! And welcome to RambleOnAboutMovies! Here is where your hosts Eric and Dan discuss any and all things movies, including reviews, spoilers, speculation, and much much more!
In each episode of The PrePost Film Review hosts Jon Asquith and Matt Stephenson discuss a film over two distinct periods. First - brief, spoiler free impressions of a trailer upon its release. Followed by a spoiler-filled review recorded months later once the film hits cinemas. A thoughtful and occasionally funny look at how trailers represent films.
A film podcast in which hosts Ben and Michael talk about trailers, movies, and the weekend's latest releases.
Why review a whole movie when you can review the trailer? Roberto Suarez, John Whitford, and Barbara Buckner Suarez review and analyze movie trailers for upcoming films to help you decide what movies are worth your hard earned cash!
Make Movies Great Again is a weekly movie news, and discussion, podcast hosted by Matt Vieira, Adam Bernardino and Sean Abernathy. MMGA is our never-ending struggle to destroy cynicism in the box office. Call 401-285-8120 to join the conversation by leaving a voicemail for us to play on the show!
Welcome to The Trailer Drive-In with Nathan and Cory. We discuss the best in trailers for both film and television.
We watch movie trailers and then talk about a crawlspace.
Totally Fandom
Join Ryan Downs and Brenda Hernandez for an awesome day of the latest news in movies and television!
Vince DeGeorge and Chris Herndon love movies - both old and new. They've been watching movies together for over 25 years, and have picked up a thing or two along the way. They want to not only give you their thoughts on current movies, but introduce a new generation to some older classics. Oh, you may hear some other things along the way because they love to experiment. See more at:
This is the place to find all the strange, rare, b-movie, indy, horror, sci-fi and classic movie trailers. We show the trailers that Youtube can't show! Gore, nudity, explicit language is fair game in these trailers. Updated twice a week.
Ever wanted to hear two people review a new movie... no? Well how about they throw in some news and trailers at the beginning... still no? What if they are funny... got your attention there! This podcast is dedicated to the fine folks who make films, and the even finer folks who go see them.
DreamWorks Animation SKG
Why So Blu? Podcast
The Why So Blu? Podcast is an extension of the content of where people who love films, comic books, video games, and blu-rays can write about them.
Mitchoy Chats!
Dive into every film, from the dusty corners of cinema to the smash-hits of today, all reviewed from the perspectives of three life-long, movie-loving friends who love to discuss movies but rarely all agree. Tweet your responses @MitchoyChats and join the conversation!
Bollywood Weekly
Bollywood Weekly is India's first ever podcast dedicated to Bollywood. Every week, we review the latest big theatrical release, and also provide views, opinions and random observations about the latest films, trailers, industry news, digital media and other relevant topics. Thoda funny or light-hearted rakhne ki bhi koshish kartein hain! There is only rule: no gossip, rumors, who’s dating who or any of that! We only focus on the things that matter - the movies themselves.
Movies On UP!
Movies On UP! is a twice weekly podcast covering all things movies. Hosts Ryan and Dave discuss news, rumors, headlines, box office numbers, trailers, and more, with plenty of opinion thrown in along the way.
Ehnother Podcast For You To Listen To!
The latest in Independent, Hollywood, International movie and trailer news, film festival round-ups, tech updates, the occasional interview, & more! But by the time you listen, it will probably be old news.
Rob Hayes
Iv'e been producing and djing for a good few years now , my favourite styles of music are all things House, Garage and Drum and Bass.Over the years i've been lucky enough to get a few releases out there and had the chance to remix some really good tracks , feel free to check out my stuff , i'm frequently adding new tracks , and make tracks that I can available for download.I'm always interested in working on new tracks and if I like a track will often take it on to be remixed ...Best way to ...
Popcast Podcast
Weekly discussion of movies and movie trailers!
Ramble On West
Chris & Jonathan continue on the Ramble On Movie podcast on the West Coast. Discussing reviews, news, trailers and tackling the industry's issues.
Ciné OUATCH, c'est le magazine des amoureux du cinéma, présenté par Geoffrey Chavance, sur OUATCH TV ! 1ère diffusion : tous les mardis, 22h-23h. Ce podcast (LARGE) est optimisé pour l'iPad original et l'iPad 2 (résolution 1024 x 576 pixels).
Based in Calgary, Canada, join the Why We See Movies Podcast team of Ron,(the Cinephile) - Darren, (Film Scores) - Paul (Geek Culture) - and Ivan, (Comic books & gaming) - as we discuss current entertainment news, review the latest movies, and Rant & Rave about what we all have been currently watching.
A group of friends that try to come together once a week and talk about movies, TV, video games, or anything else we can think of.
WELCOME to PODRANTSApologies Straight away for the bad language.Podrants are Steph and Sharky talking and joking about Movie and TV shows. Covering Genres from Super heroes. Sci-Fi , Horror Etc.Anything that gets our Boats floating. Always Welcoming Ideas for a Weekly Theme. and also , Podrants Gives a Shout out to the Weekly News and Rumors around the latest Movies and TV shows.
We Live Film
The We Live Film Podcast airs every Thursday evening from 5pm to 6pm PST on the Red Guerilla Network. Scott Menzel also known as MovieManMenzel hosts the podcast along with his wife Ashley Menzel and several others including Chad Gleason (MovieManChad), Daniel Rester, Gabe Alcantara, and more. Each week features several unique segments including “What to Watch”, “Trailer Talk”, and “Blu-Ray: Buy It-Rent It-Skip It.” In addition, there is usually a special celebrity guest at least once per mo ...
Cj is starting a career in the film industry. Follow his journey as he applies to LA film school and discusses cinema with various guests. Tweet @corneroncinema
TheBuddyCast Podcast has been created to unite the forces of good and evil to talk about games and film, featuring Liam, Ben, Lewis, Reece and James. All compiling together to claw, scratch and shout for votes as winners are crowned.
Katie & Eric recommend movies to you!
The official podcast of Beth and Louise Hate movies.
AMDb Podcast
Din nya favorit blogg & podcast där vi tar upp allt som har med film och TV att göra, och levererar det rakt in i din hjärna via telepati.
Scene Missing
The Scene & Song Podcast Network includes:Modugno & Mallory: A live comedy talk show with Jason Mallory and Julian Modugno featuring celebrity guests portrayed by Atlanta's greatest comedians and improvisers!Scene and Songcast: Clips from our live shows and interviews with local comedians
These productions are written, directed, shot and edited by Kalen Egan. We hope the films here entertain and surprise, and we thank you for exploring the unusual world of Blue Saddle. Check back frequently for the continuing saga of Long Gone Daddy.
Frame by Frame is a weekly audio podcast with David Alex and Mao talking movies! Join them as they watch trailers, talk about movies and rumors and news on what's going on in the industry, and lots of laughs!! They also feature guest speakers from average joes to film critics to producers. Join the fun!
A weekly podcast featuring film reviews, trailers, news, interviews and comps from the team at SWITCH.
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Award winning documentary film maker and visual artist Amy Jenkins discusses the difficulties and joys that arise when intimately mixing art and life in her new release "Instructions on Parting" Trailer and information here: (John F Simon Jr).
Opening - The Greatest Guilty Pleasure Movies - Get Over It My Name Is Fire by Tim O’Connor High Definition Vinyl - Story from Consequence of Sound For Me by Megan Colley Sucks to Suck - Man claims painkillers turned him gay - Government tells man to wait 80 years - Parks study claims people like parks Growth by Dom Robinson Entertainment Updat ...…
Episode 271: Incredibles 2 Sneak Peak At The Parks, Infinity War Tops Marvel Preorders, and Mark Hamill Hates Star Wars! (April 16, 2018) Welcome back Cast Members, to another episode here at CLOUD CITY CAST! Here are the main topics we’ll be discussing today: 3:00 – Adventures in Fandom 13:00 - Incredible 2 trailer, sneak peek in the parks 21: ...…
Episode 106:This week, all the news you didn't know you wanted and more! Some of it may be true, and we’ll have a good time. We watched Lost in Space, Rampage, and Jonathan stepped way out of his comfort zone and saw A Quiet Place. Was he scared? Did he cry? Most importantly, was it good? Listen as we review and find out. Enjoy!Black Panther wi ...…
Episode 46 of Geekvibes Live this Sunday Aquaman reshoots Incredibles 2 and Oceans 8 trailer New Mutants being a true horror film Jake Gyllenhall says he’s not Batman Thoughts and Theories on Infinity War Set photos of Titans live action show. Gabriel Luna to play a Terminator in new movie Hawkeye's absence in IW's marketing is intentional and ...…
The Disney-Fox merger has a target date, IT: Chapter 2 might have found two more adults, and Mulan is changing its Villain. On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (Friday, April 13th, 2018) Perri Nemiroff, John Rocha and Haleigh Foutch discuss the following: 1) Disney-Fox Merger May Be a Done Deal in Summer 2019 2) Bill Hader and James McAvoy i ...…
Steven C. Barber is an American documentary filmmaker/motion picture combat photographer with three films on the Oscar shortlist in 2010, 2012 and 2016. The writer, author and conversationalist is the great nephew of Edith Wharton (Age of Innocence), the first female writer to win the Pulitzer Prize in the 1880s, in affluent New York. Barber ha ...…
In this episode, Shawn and Craig tee-up the little seen 1989 flick 'Big Man on Campus'. If you haven't heard of it, you're not alone. But maybe you should be! There are lots of good people in it. The trailer is pretty strong. And the story behind the making of the film promises lots of twists and turns, some of which we got into in this episode ...…
SHOW NOTES “Strike that, reverse it!” Listen as Darian and Victor go toe to toe and discuss the merits of two childhood classics featuring the eccentric chocolatier named Wonka. Victor stirs things up first with 1971’s “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.” Next, Darian chews the fat with his pick, 2005’s “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.” Gr ...…
The Film Abbot Podcast is live and ready to roll. On today's episode, we discuss Black Panther, Ready Player One, and the Han Solo trailer. A news rundown happens and more rambling occurs throughout.
On the First Episode of the #CollectivePodcast, we talk about the infinity war trailer, fuzz on the lens feature film Abnormal Attraction and tackle Fan questionsFollow Us:Facebook: ...…
Emergency room nurse and Vitamin B12 activist Sally Pacholok is our guest today in Episode 1378 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.” Sally Pacholok is a registered nurse who suffered from Vitamin B12 deficiency. Once she got to the bottom of her own diagnosis, she decided to help others, because B12 deficiency is often not diagnosed or misdia ...…
No April foolin’ we have a special spin-off episode of Movie Babies #MuBaes - Press Start for another edition of Movie Babies: The College Years! In today's episode, we reviewed not a trailer, but an entire film! That's right, this movie baby is all grown up and off to college, as we hack the planet with Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One! Rea ...…
Everyone’s A Critic is an entertainment review and news podcast where we bring you our irreverent take on all things entertainment, but mostly movies. In Episode 71 – “Ready Player One” we discuss and review the film Ready Player One. But first, we talk about some various movie news and new trailers! And to wrap up the episode, we toss out some ...…
I hope you are all finished Brave by Rose McGowan, but if you didn’t, don't worry. We have a lot of things to talk about regarding her book, her career and her current activism. If you didn’t finish, I encourage you to read on and hopefully find some inspiration in her fight and maybe some motivation to help with her cause…in whatever capacity ...…
Hisonni and Alberto operate in Las Vegas as a tag-team filmmaking duo. As Arri Alexa owner/operators, they shoot multicam coverage on each other's films to maximize efficiency with matching camera systems. Hissoni's passion for visual storytelling started from filming unscripted movies over childhood summers. He was held to a high standard from ...…
In Episode 3 of the weekly Nature Hackers podcast, Joel and Alex talk about HuntEx 2018 and go into their plans for the future! HuntEx HuntEx takes place at the end of April and it is an event in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is an expo to do with hunting and nature. This year's theme is around the youth, sustainable hunting and the conservati ...…
Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents a vodcast for your insider look into the day to day reporting of the hottest scoops, exclusives and reports from the leading reporters in the industry on all things movie news! It’s Popcorn Talk Network’s Meet the Movie Press, hosted by The Tracking Board’s Jeff Sneider and Forbes’s Simon Thompson. Each wee ...…
Speculation has been circling around the mysterious superhero wandering the streets of Hollywood who goes by the name Solar Flare and proclaims to be from the sun on another dimension. This mind-bending experience is not your ordinary superhero story! The full-length feature film has a running time of 112 minutes and features stars Solar Flare, ...…
Welcome One and All to the Glorious Movie Show, the most Glorious Movie podcast in the entire galaxy. On today’s Episode, Two Fox Films have been pushed! Captain Marvel Begins Filming with some returning MCU Characters! We get our First Look at Tom Hardy as Al Capone! And Margot Robbie scares the crap of me & I’m OK with that! I am the Glorious ...…
With “Ready Player One” pixelating into our collective consciousness this week, we discuss one of the many cameos featured in the film: The Iron Giant. Do we make a new metal friend or is this one giant alien not to be reviewed?Time StampsWhat We’ve DoneFraser: Stained Class RecordsAlejandro: TwitterSean: Disney Movie Club + “30 Rock”00:09:55 - ...…
"Best F(r)iends," starring cult-movie heroes Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero ("The Room"), debuts in movie theaters nationwide this spring. The new Wiseau-Sestero dark comedy thriller is written by Sestero, the New York Times best-selling author of "The Disaster Artist," which was adapted into an Oscar® nominated Hollywood film. Inspired by a roa ...…
On the March 29, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by /Film managing editor Jacob Hall and writer Chris Evangelista to talk about Wonder Woman 2, Taika Waititi’s next movie, the ending of the Sharknado franchise, the latest update about a Deadwood movie, and the new Westworld season 2 trailer. You can subscr ...…
On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (Thursday, March 29th, 2018) Mark Ellis, Jenna Busch, Joelle Monique, John Rocha discuss the following: 1) ‘Narcos’ Star Pedro Pascal Lands Key Role in ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel 2) Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over This Disney/Pixar March Madness Bracket 3) Damon Lindelof, Jason Blum Developing Thriller ‘The Hu ...…
"I’m a sort of scholar, and my field of study is you." After the box office failure of his previous film, Park Chan-Wook worked hard with his next script to make something that would really draw people in. He cast two of South Korea’s biggest stars to play the leads and based it on a successful manga comic, weaving a dark mystery together that ...…
Hosts: Stephen & Danielle with the Midnight Hounds (Xena, Duke, Rusty and Morty) Stephen and Danielle chat about the Deadpool 2 trailer. The duo discusses whether Netflix film's deserve to be nominated for Academy Awards after Spielberg's comments on his Ready Player One press tour. Ready Player One excitement is discussed as well as queer repr ...…
Howdy, howdy, howdy! We are back! Join Us as we recap their pop culture conquests for the week. Why does Ana like drama taxi movies, and why does Elaura like the anime equivalent of Twilight? We’ve got some Wonder Woman and Bleach casting news and we discuss an awkward audition tape brought to you by the one and only, Tommy Wiseau. We also cove ...…
It's a quicktime event! Quick press XX and Y! Or not. Hosts are talking Video Game Movies this week! Why are they always so bad? Are there any good ones? We're joined this week by fellow filmmaker and Video Game nerd Connor McLennan. Is the new Tomb Raider any good? We get pretty divisive this week over that, Uwe Boll, Resident Evil and much, m ...…
Movie Export Numbers Unbiased Korean Beer Review Japanese Beers Possible Future Reboots How to make movies A look back at Jurassic Park VFX How Star Wars Changed Movies Alec Guinness Letters Opening Crawl Picture [Graphic] Deadpool Opening Credits (Pre-billing is a dumb name) Jaws Trailer Nausea Warning Blair Witch Marketing Batman Marketing Th ...…
We saw Steven Spielberg’s 80’s nostalgic fun fest, Ready Player One, and we were surprised that it managed to be a good film. We’d heard nothing but shaky things leading up to it, but with our appropriately set expectations, we had a lot of fun with it. It’s not perfect, the ending in particular is a bit of a mess, but it works if you want it t ...…
We saw Steven Spielberg’s 80’s nostalgic fun fest, Ready Player One, and we were surprised that it managed to be a good film. We’d heard nothing but shaky things leading up to it, but with our appropriately set expectations, we had a lot of fun with it. It’s not perfect, the ending in particular is a bit of a mess, but it works if you want it t ...…
We saw Steven Spielberg’s 80’s nostalgic fun fest, Ready Player One, and we were surprised that it managed to be a good film. We’d heard nothing but shaky things leading up to it, but with our appropriately set expectations, we had a lot of fun with it. It’s not perfect, the ending in particular is a bit of a mess, but it works if you want it t ...…
Welcome back for another round of The Reel Film Nerds! This week Mike and Matt discuss the spy thriller Red Sparrow! Matt is not a huge fan of all the torture and beatings or the constant flip flopping. Mike thought it was great especially all the twists and turns, it kept him guessing! Mike rated it 3.5 out of 5 Reels and Matt rated it 2.5 out ...…
Frank Smethurst is a revered fly fisherman and guide whose passion for the sport began at a very early age. He began tying his own flies at age eight, starting working at The Fish Hawk by age 12, and eventually moved to Colorado to launch his career as a guide. Aside from guiding, winning tournaments, and hosting television shows (and running a ...…
Show Notes 00:33 Saturday Night Live Korea - SNL Opening theme 2016 (COMMON GROUND)커먼그라운드 01:54 eLISTination! Wes Anderson movies 08:59 Visual & Thematic style 10:12 Bottle Rocket (1996) 21:55 Rushmore (1998) 24:29 John lives in a Wes Anderson movie 30:40 Moonrise Kingdom (2012), opening scene 35:56 Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) 36:59 Chocolate b ...…
Welcome back to something of an anaemic africast as we only have two hosts this week instead of the usual three. We start of with the newest movies in Pacific Rim: Uprising which somehow manages to bodge the simple concept of “giant robot punches giant monster”. Next up is Ready Player One which was something of a Marmite topic when it was stil ...…
This week, we’re discussing the underrated classic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (8:02). Marco and Benji both love this film, and have a lot of fun revisiting it. We are both obviously big Jen Yu stans. Also, some brief conversation on the Overboard reboot trailer (5:57) and Pacific Rim: Uprising (00:00).…
First time for everything, and this week it's Stacey hosting! She absolutely smashed it out of the park too. This week we did "Game Night", the new Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams comedy. Not seen? You legit only need to see the trailer. It gives away the entire film.Highlights include:Would you let me take a bullet out of you?What Top 10 List ...…
This week we talk about the Captain Marvel film bringing back some familiar MCU characters, the Deadpool 2 trailer, the Deadpool animated series no longer in production, X-Men Dark Phoenix / New Mutants delay, how Avengers 4 may be Chris Evans last MCU film, Tessa Thompson being cast in the upcoming Men in Black film, a Street Fighter live acti ...…
Really?!? Admiral Holdo is Force Sensitive!Laura Dern is making waves with Star Wars fandom again with her comment regarding her controversial character from The Last Jedi, Vice Admiral Holdo. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dern said that Holdo, “...was longing for peace, and a revolutionary in that way, and wanted to be trained by ...…
Doctor Strange brings us one step closer to Avengers: Infinity War and we are cutting it close. We go over the trailer for Infinity War as well as the trailer for Deadpool 2 before diving deep into The Sorcerer Supreme. Join us for a look back on 2016s MCU film Doctor Strange.Social media:infinitywarmup@gmail.com ...…
Captain Marvel cast announced, Death of Superman voice cast, Carmen Sandiego live-action Netflix, Scooby-Doo spinoff gets first trailer, Paramount hires a screenwriter for ROM film.
Whats going on everyone? I'll tell you whats going on since we missed last weeks episode due to RSS feed issues we are bringing you two episodes this week teh first is a Hype filled pre launch of Microsofts Sea of Thieves as well as a trailer that prompted the record for most pre-sold tickets for a Super Hero movie. We have some rumors about po ...…
HELLO HELLO! Welcome back to another episode of Chillosophy! Today we are joined by guest Max "The Cat" Garrison as we discuss Platypus milk, the final Avengers: Infinity War trailer and what we constitue is a pizza! This was a fun one! Enjoy!Avengers: Infinity War trailer: Pizza Toppings:h ...…
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