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My Gay Agenda
My Gay Agenda: An Investigative Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast where we interview members of the LGBTQIA community and plot whatever it is cisgender heterosexual people think queer people are doing.
Welcome to the Gayborhood with The Gay Agenda
Join Brant Branson & Trant Transon, your favorite talk shomosexuals, as they whisk you away to an exotic brunch location each week.
James Hipps
Tell 'em you Heard it Through the Gayvine!Every week we bring you the latest in Gay and Lesbian news topics and events on Wednesday nights from 8-9 p.m. EST.
DJ Timbee
Perth DJ. Very much a part of the gay agenda.-------Winner our favourite dj 2011, 2012, 2013 OutinPerth PollWinner Best House dj PDMA 2011, 2013 Finalist Best Electro dj PDMA 2011, 2012, 2013Winner Best Community Group Glammy Awards 2012Best Entertainer for 2012 Glammy Awards
Just My Opinion with Spiritual Studd & M.T.
Just what is the Gay Agenda? Have you wondered why conservatives keep ringing the same bell? Well, so have we! But we just may have the answer. Welcome to our first podcast! The hosts of Just My Opinion, Spiritual Studd and M.T. will open your eyes and ears with their opinion on religion, church, politics with a little sports thrown in. This issue is discussed with humor, passion and most of all the sincere hope that someone will come to understand that they are worthy of God's love.
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Claire expresses deep regret for a comment she made on their 2nd episode re: victims of sexual assault. Both wish “the gay agenda” was a real thing, because that would be the best agenda ever. J & C gush & herald Jay-z’s 4:44 show/concert & Jamillah bought some dope merch. The girls receive a phone call, & to keep their show at 60mins. they edi ...…
The Shoot From The Hip Show
Montoyis & Reese crack the mics and discuss Christmas Shopping, Papa John's CEO stepping down, Apple Updates slowing down older phones, Voicemail(response to bullying discussion), Joe Budden leaves Everyday Struggle, BET's Social Media Awards, Evelyn Lozada's still hoe-ing, Issa Rae's Bi-Sexual HBO show, Sports Picks & More! Subscribe to the sh ...…
Welcome to the Gayborhood with The Gay Agenda
Brant & Trant may be in Ohio, but that won't ruin their Christmas Cheer! Well, maybe it will for Trant... Join our hosts as they exhange gifts, meet up with a couple of Festive Guests, rank the Twelve Daddies of Christmas and loot a decrepit Cinnabon! "The Gay Agenda Theme" by Caitlin Gilmore"Blow-Up Santa" by ccMixter"Bring Those Presents to M ...…
We're back, and this time we managed to record the entire episode in one sitting! Wow! This calls for a celebration, which is why this week, we're talking about S01E16, "Chocolate Cake"! An episode named for the fact that, uh, there is a chocolate cake in it! Sure! Now I know what you're thinking, Brendaheads: it's a real shame that last week's ...…
Welcome to the Gayborhood with The Gay Agenda
Trant Transon & Brant Branson, your favorite talk shomosexuals, visit a knock off museum to meet a supernatural Special Guest. But first, get some tips to Shake up your Chakras, learn our hosts' futues with Tarot card reading, and learn what kind of tree you are! "The Gay Agenda Theme" by Caitlin Gilmore "Summer Fun" by Scott Holmes…
Welcome to the Gayborhood with The Gay Agenda
Trant Transon & Brant Branson, your favorite talk shomosexuals, drop anchor in Detroit, and prep brunch for its fair citizens! Chat app tips, Bespoke Vision Boards designed by Brant, and a MYSTERY Celebrity Guest! "The Gay Agenda Theme" by Caitlin Gilmore"Summer Fun" by Scott Holmes"Jump for Joy" by Scott Holmes…
We chat with Alli Angelou, a cisgender lesbian, about finding the word "lesbian", internalized homophobia, and having a partner with the same first name. Christina gives horrible summaries for Golden Age musicals.
We welcome our first guest, Courtlyn, to discuss her identities as asexual, bi, and genderqueer. Jenn puts Courtlyn and Christina to the pun test with her mini-game.
We're now on part two of our sci-fi-esque pilot episode, where we get to know each other! Jenn chats with Christina about being out as bisexual for nearly a decade.
Welcome to the very first episode of My Gay Agenda: An Investigative Podcast! Join us in our exploration of what the heck the gay Today, we get to know one of the hosts of this podcast, Jenn, about her experience as a recently-out bisexual woman on the asexual spectrum.
In part 1 of many to come we start to explore the topic of homosexuality from both a traditional and an affirming view. This week Christina and Ricky sat down with a gay Christian (yes, they do exist!) to get a perspective on his journey. Regardless of any stance on the LGBTQ question, this interview was enlightening and moving. Rather than bei ...…
Episode 2 sees Gary and Jon explore the latest news, including how AI is starting to raise ethical issues and change the way we view the world. Part two of the podcast focuses on how the financial services industry is being reshaped. Machine learning, amongst other significant technology developments, is changing the world of financial services ...…
Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church
I was just a kid, maybe seven or eight years old, and playing church basketball. I was awkward and quiet and not good. Thank God for the First Baptist Church of Elkin, North Carolina, who – because of their commitment to the love and grace of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – allowed me to join their team. In my memory, I spent most of the s ...…
Local Rag Podcast
Adam discusses champagen crime, gay word play, toddlers VS geese, girl fights, a dogs' life, mystery trolly safes, animal love legality, audio issues, tipping on the trotts and the gay agenda.
Wolfgang Kumm/dpa The issue of same-sex marriage is derailing the government’s attempts to promote its agenda, as tension mounts ahead of a special Liberal Party meeting on Monday and parliament’s resumption on Tuesday. The executive director of The Equality Campaign, Tiernan Brady, a leader of the successful “Yes” campaign for same-sex marriag ...…
Quest for Truth – HPN
As Keith and the Retrobots await a phone call, they enjoy a song. Requested by our number one fan, we listen to “Gold” by Nathan Caldwell. Ideas for the podcast come from many sources. This one began by borrowing some honest questions that another blogger had asked on his web site. As he puts it: Recently I challenged my friends and acquaintanc ...…
Two writers, Salam Morcos and Andre Roberge, debate what progressives must do to win. Should progressives stay with the Democratic Party and seek to move it to the left from within? Or should they leave the Party and help build a viable third party that would compete, if not replace, the world’s oldest active party? Salam Morcos: Before we deba ...…
Don’t miss a podcast make sure to subscribe on iTunes and don’t miss an episode! Teaser: You know that person that just seems to get every break? People that just ALWAYS seem to get bumped into first class? The people whose parents pay for … everything? Still?! They ALWAYS get the benefit of the doubt. They are NEVER associated with negative me ...…
Marriage equality never left the agenda for LGBTQ people, but it's back in the news in Australia. Are there signs of a significant policy change that could see the coalition introduce a conscience vote as early August this year? I chat with the Australians for Marriage Equality CoChair, Alex Greenwich to get a better handle of what could happen ...…
Cody is joined by comic and host of OUTCHICAGO Scott Duff and comedian and returning champion Casey Larwood to finally deal with our inner, outer, and inbetweener demons. Learn how to butch up your son so he'll stop having those girly "feelings" and also one chapter about your daughter who you don't make eye contact with anyway because of Eve. ...…
The Gay and Transgender Agenda, Fake Alien Found in Nazca Peru, Corey Goode Secret Space Program Saga on Real Speaks Current Events Show Part 2 In Part 2 of our debut Real Speaks Weekly Current Events Show we cover the ongoing Youtube censorship across many Christian perspective youtube channels while spotlighting LGBT pride month. Plus there’s ...…
Dr. John & Delilah discuss "Microsex'" with Rainbow Trout & Pussy Willow, the founders of Hope Hive Halfway House for Wayward Bees - featuring Ashley Hall and Scot Rose of The Gay Agenda! If you like what you heard, and you think it was worth a dollar, please join the Sexperts fan club: Official site: http ...…
Do progressives and skinheads have overlapping agendas in the Pacific Northwest? Is “Alt Right” a synonym for “White Nationalist?” In the second half of our interview with former skinhead leader Christian Picciolini we talk about the larger implications of current political and media environments, how they contribute to racist extremism and wha ...…
Do progressives and skinheads have overlapping agendas in the Pacific Northwest? Is “Alt Right” a synonym for “White Nationalist?” In the second half of our interview with former skinhead leader Christian Picciolini we talk about the larger implications of current political and media environments, how they contribute to racist extremism and wha ...…
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