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Hallelujah Monkeyz: A Gorillaz Fancast
Join writer Trevor Ikrath and comedian Dillon Flynn as they conduct a weekly roundtable on all things Gorillaz. Oh, joy's arise!
"Hallelujah!": Reflections on life in the London Philharmonic Choir – Past, Present and Future. Presented by Daniel Snowman
As part of our anniversary celebration, we have gathered a number of past and present choir members to tell their stories about the London Philharmonic Choir. Why did they choose to join the LPC? What was the audition like? Did ladies really wear hats to rehearsals? What's it like rehearsing and performing under the world's top conductors? And what really goes on during those foreign tours, of which the LPC has had so many in recent years? Get to know us by listening to our six podcasts espe ...
District Of Cannabis® Marijuana Ringtones & Alarms
Marijuana is legal in Washington, DC for recreational and medicinal purposes. Hallelujah! We're going feature high humor! Welcome to The District Of Cannabis® Marijuana Ringtones Show.
FirstPresMtV Sermons
These sermons were delivered at First Presbyterian Church of Mt. Vernon, IL. They are offered as a resource for continuing reflection and conversations of faith. To God be the glory. Hallelujah! Amen!
Come 2 Jesus
Daily vignettes to jump start your day with hope. A sanctuary attesting to, and affirming, God's awesome power. A haven of "One-Minute Miracles," hosted by Inspirational Speaker, Mary Wickramasekera.Hallelujah!Jesus saith unto him, "I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."John 14:6
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Revesby Presbyterian Church
Peter Barnes : 1 Thessalonians 5:4-8 SERMON NOTES: BE AWAKE AND SOBER! (1 Thessalonians 5:4-8) In 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Paul has been comforting Christians who were worried about the state of those Christians who had died before Christ’s return, and in 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 he is encouraging Christians to live in the light of Christ’s second ...…
SikThVividThe Future In Whose Eyes?Caligula's HorseWill's Song (Let the Colours Run)In ContactPain Of SalvationMeaninglessIn the Passing Light of DayZeal & ArdorCome On DownDevil Is FineAnathemaSpringfieldThe OptimistParadise LostThe Longest WinterMedusaWarbeastHitchhikerEnter The ArenaBruce Corbitt InterviewWarbeastMaze Of The MinotaurEnter Th ...…
8-13-2017 Weekly Message Contemplation of the Week: Psalms 98:1-9 Text: Isaiah 56: 9-12 The title of the Word: Why Do Not The Servants Of God Know The Judgment Of God, That Even Known By The Servants Of Satan? God raised Babylon to be a mighty empire to judge the sinned Israel and sent a strong message through the prophets, but the kings and pr ...…
When God Visited The Earth #2 Worship with The Sounds Of Pentecost and Children’s Choir Start of Message – When God Visited The Earth – Pastor Z – 12/19/1976 Matthew 6:10 Hallelujah or OH NO! We have done our best to convert cassette tapes into a more modern way of listening. This process does not […]…
SendMe Radio
Listen to awesome Nigerian Gospel music and sing Hallelujah with us here on SendMe Radio where "We Promote the Gospel". SendMe Radio is being listen to in many different countries around the world and now in the Middle East. Want a better world? Then help us spread the Gospel don't keep us to yourself share us with your friends and families so ...…
AminK #PrayerCloset
Hallelujah INJ
Five Hallelujahs #2 08.06.2017 Five Hallelujahs 08.06.17 from Lakeside Community Church on Vimeo.
Hallelujah Monkeyz: A Gorillaz Fancast
After a week away, the Hallelujah Monkeyz book club reconvenes as Dillon and Trevor conclude their coverage of the band's biography, Rise of the Ogre. Time to close the book on this two-parter!
LAST DIVIDE SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT THIS EPISODE! All Time Low concert review. Shows we want to see Tye Trujillo Mini-Doc A couple of the guys from Metallica and Jonathan [Davis, Korn vocalist] and Fieldy kinda bumped into each other in some airline lounge," explains Korn guitarist Munky, ...…
A great chat with Dr. Marcin Padlewski ND on the great therapeutic benefits of Grounding and me finishing off the episode with song writen by Leonard Cohen "Hallelujah" webssites:
8-6-2017 Weekly Message The contemplation of the week: Job 38: 1-44 Text: Job 42:1-6 The title of the Word: Have You Heard Of God With Ear? Or Seen Him With Eyes? The first written one of the 66 books of the Bible is the book of Job. Through Job, God speaks to all unregenerate Gentiles, unregenerate Jews, and those in the Church of God. All who ...…
Risen Hope Church
Psalm 148Tim Shorey
If Watchmen is the worst, is this the best usage of the song "Hallelujah" in film? Did Farquaad really die a horrible death at the hands of a bloodthirsty dragon? Who decided Robin Hood should be a French musical theatre star? And most importantly, did somebody once tell me the world was gonna roll me? NOTE: Our mic didn't record this episode c ...…
DJ GL "Thotz n Grindn Music"
PyRexx - "Imma Get There" Ft. Bizzle, Bun B, P-Dub, & Dj DMD • Santiago - ADIOS!!! - Ft Pyrexx & Lance Blake • Franky Bells - Juice Man - Ft. JMM (Pyrexx) & Loso • JMM - Formerly Known As PyRexx - "What Do You Want" • Bizzle - Money Get Low • Bizzle - "Already Up" • Bizzle - Summer Sixteen • Bizzle - Holy Grail (feat. Gemstones) • Bizzle - Ambi ...…
Five Hallelujahs #1 07.30.2017 Five Hallelujahs #1 07.30.2017 from Lakeside Community Church on Vimeo.
University Christian Church Sermons
Genesis 29:15-28Laban said to Jacob, “Because you are my kinsman, should you therefore serve me for nothing? Tell me, what shall your wages be?” Now Laban had two daughters; the name of the elder was Leah, and the name of the younger was Rachel. Leah’s eyes were lovely, and Rachel was graceful and beautiful. Jacob loved Rachel; so he said, “I w ...…
DJ PAT - Patrified Radio
Tracklist #PatrifiedRadio 10 #House1. Rapture (Eric Faria & Mr. Kris Remix)-Nadia Ali2. SINGING FOR MONEY (Original Mix)- Dario Nunez3. Mojo (Original Mix)- David Keno4. Loco (Lumc House Remix)- Joaco5. Everybody's Dancin' (Original Mix)- Latmun6. Hallelujah (Angelo Ferreri Shatter Mix)- Kerri Chandler7. El Ritmo De Verdad-Javi Reina8. Joe Ston ...…
7-30-2017 Weekly Message Meditation of the week: Psalm 37: 1-40 Text: 3 John 1:1-14 The title of the Word: Those Who Walk In The Truth That God Pleases Apostle Paul wrote to Gaius that he loved the most in love with him in truth. He also testified in the Holy Spirit that he was blessed with his soul for doing what he did in the truth. He also w ...…
This week we conclude our sermon series in the Psalms. The Psalter closes with a Hallelujah chorus of sorts, exhorting everything, everything in Heaven and everything below, to praise the Lord. All creation shall be a symphony of praise to our great God.
BAMbastics - Mixed by Bambobyl
S O R R Y !!! Almost a month since I uploaded my last mix, but I had NO INTERNET over the last weeks !!! I was on Tenerife, mixing every day, but... NO chance to upload a mix. So here we go: This is a very chilled mix, as it fits perfectly to a beach club. I spent a lot of time in the fantastic "Le Club de Fanabe" on Tenerife and that´s what it ...…
Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
Sermons – St. Brendan's Anglican Church
Pentecost 7A 2017 Rev. Doug Floyd St. Brendan’s Church Matthew 13:24-30,34-43 I was in a graveyard on the Day of the Dead in Torreon, Mexico, making animal balloons. The line stretched as far as I could see. We had gone to the graveyard as part of a mission trip in the area, and we had the hope of sharing the gospel with the folks on this unusu ...…
Christ Reformed Presbyterian Church-PCA
A new MP3 sermon from Christ Reformed Presbyterian Church-PCA is now available on with the following details: Title: Hallelujah Chorus (5): A Worthy Coda Subtitle: Psalms Speaker: Pastor J. D. 'Skip' Dusenbury Broadcaster: Christ Reformed Presbyterian Church-PCA Event: Sunday - AM Date: 7/23/2017 Bible: Psalm 150 Length: 38 min. ...…
Hope Lutheran Church Toledo Ohio Sermons
We finish the series with Psalm 150. HallelujahBy (Rev. Kevin S Maxey).
Redondo Beach First UMC
July 16, 2017 Chancel Choir Anthem "Hallelujah" By Leonard Cohen Sung by Ed Zajac Jim Raycroft Music Director
Grace Bible Church Sermons
Speaker: Blake Jennings Scripture: Psalm 113 Series: Psalms Series Order: 10 Location: Grace Bible Church Anderson Worship is so much more than singing in church on Sunday mornings. But to do it well, we need humility, knowledge, and inspiration. Discover all three in Psalm 113. SlidesBy (Grace Podcasts).
English Service - WGM Church
7-16-2017 Weekly Message Meditations of the Week: Psalms 98:1-9 Text: Isaiah 61: 1-3 The title of the Word: Liberty Given by God Through the prophet Isaiah, God has made him say in advance that he will appear on earth in the name of Jesus. When he come, he preach the gospel to the meek, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom to the c ...…
Christ Reformed Presbyterian Church-PCA
A new MP3 sermon from Christ Reformed Presbyterian Church-PCA is now available on with the following details: Title: Hallelujah Chorus (4): Joyful Songs for Zion's King! Subtitle: Psalms Speaker: Pastor J. D. 'Skip' Dusenbury Broadcaster: Christ Reformed Presbyterian Church-PCA Event: Sunday Service Date: 7/16/2017 Bible: Psalm ...…
Sermons from Trinity Presbyterian Church of Charlotte Grace Lindvall (Ruth 1: 1-18) Our second scripture reading this morning comes from the short 4 chapter long narrative book in the Old Testament, Ruth. The book of Ruth tells the story of the Moabite woman, Ruth, and her mother-in-law Naomi. This continues our sermon series on th ...…
Sunday Morning Series going verse by verse through the Book of Psalms
DJ GL "Thotz n Grindn Music"
Datin - Hallelujah All Day • One Datin @ a Time! • Datin - The Signs • SOS feat Datin " Oh Lord " • Datin - Fire in my Heart - Feat Lavoisier and Bizzle • Datin - Had Enough (Feat. Bizzle) • DATIN - OFF THE LEASH • Datin - SAY THAT! • Datin - Thought They Knew Freestyle Pt.2 • Datin - How It All Started • Datin - Homecoming • Fire in My Heart - ...…
We've all sung "Hallelujah" or seen it in Shrek or any other number of movies or shows that needed a quick sad moment, but the song is so much deeper than that. Leonard Cohen was the original writer, and this song is frankly absolutely amazing. Our discussion in this episode will take you deeper and give you a new appreciation for this amazing ...…
In 2017 America, it seems that people no longer trust anything: the media, politicians, professors, labor unions, the list could go on and on. A new Pew poll that has been released shows that Americans still have a positive view of the church with 59% of Americans polled see the church as having a positive impact on society, and 26% say it has ...…
Pauls' Selection Box
Tonights Playlist:Chairman of the Board - I'm on my way, Norma Jean - I've taken over, Richard Brown - Don't Listen to the Grapevine, Supremes & Originals - Back by popular demand, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - I gotta Let you go, The Intruders - To be happy is the real thing, Lonnie Hill - My Sweet Love, New York City - Ain't it so, Friends ...…
Let’s play a game. Think of three iconic teen movies from the late 90’s/ early 00’s. Got ‘em? I’d be willing to bet actress Nicole Bilderback was in one of these movies, maybe even all three. Nikki made her film debut in Clueless and went on to star in Can’t Hardly Wait and Bring it On. During our chat we talked all things 90’s teen movies, gro ...…
You know how much important is to be connected so it's time to join me on Social Media ! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SHOP ONLINE : WEBSITE: http://www.luisdel ...…
Hop on The Worldwide Hour with DJ Wynn and hear the world's music from Gotan Project, Ali Farka Toure, Bebel Gilberto, and Jehro. Gotan Project Ali Farka Toure Gipsy Kings00:00 - DJ Wynn01:06 - Lunatico - Gotan Project04:01 - Chan - Chan - Kora Jazz Trio08:37 - Mentira - Manu Chao13:14 - Compliments For The Peace - Sierra Leone Refugee All Star ...…
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