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Escape From Illustration Island is the critically-acclaimed audio podcast featuring conversations with Illustrators, Art Directors, Art Reps and other creative professionals. Past guests include Drew Struzan, Christoph Niemann, Marshall Arisman, Gary Taxali, Bob Staake and more.Visit for the ultimate resources for Illustrators!This Podcast was created using
Illustrators Will Terry, Lee White, and Jake Parker talk about illustration, how to do it, how to make a living at it, and how to make an impact in the world with your art.
Each week, Matt and Greg sit down with a new illustrator / artist to learn what inspires them, where they get their ideas and how they make time for their art. Oh...and we drink beer. Streamed live from Asheville, NC!
Trials and successes as an Oil Painter, illustrator or other creative person. Interviews, conversations, and solo thoughts and perspectives, with a sense of humor. Oil Painting, Art, Freelance, Illustration,Taxidermy, Sculpture, Creativity, Crafting, Music Making, Instrument Building... who knows? We all have something in common: a creative spirit and a love of what we do.
The Illustration Underground is a show about working as an illustrator/cartoonist with Kevin Cross and Mark Rudolph. From business to art discussion to being cool, this web series takes an honest look at working in the industry, not a bullet-pointed list to success.This Podcast was created using
In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the birth of anatomist and physician Andreas Vesalius, this conference brings together rare book collectors, curators, art and cultural historians, and physicians to explore the changing concepts of the human body and visualizations of knowledge in illustrated medical treatises from the early Renaissance to the seventeenth century.
A new web series that helps women be heard, make art, and get paid.
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Our first mailbag episode! Lee, Will, and Jake will be answering questions that people in the forums have been asking; there are lots of great questions, some fun questions, tons of insightful answers, and even some differing opinions. Link SVS ForumCheck out the SVS forums. You do not have to be a subscriber to participate in the forums. It’s ...…
Buckle up for this 40 min interview with NY Illustrator and Animator, Irene Feleo as we discuss the best ways to practice your craft as an artist. We answer all your burning questions on how to know your ready to sell your services as an artist through deliberate practice.
Today we tackle the subject of fan art. We discuss what it is, what it isn't, whether or not you should do it, and the legality of it. We definitely are of three minds on this one so get ready for some arguing! Legal statement: Will, Jake, and Lee are not lawyers and this is not legal advice. However, they have experience, thoughts and options ...…
In this episode we swallow some pride and take a look at some of our less stellar moments. These are the times we wish we had a rewind button for life and could do things over. We have take away points from each story so you don’t have to make our mistakes again. Hopefully, none of you are as dumb as us! Story 1: Will’s Phallic Tortoise [01:31] ...…
Ship Happens Today it is all about shipping something and getting it out into the world. Often we talk about what the difference is between a professional and an amateur, the art is one difference, but another difference is professionals "ship." Link: Merlin Man Podcast When people are successful, one big hallmark of that success is that they a ...…
Many people wonder, is it too late? Or, am I too old to start? Will, Lee, and Jake talk about this age old question and discuss how it isn’t too late. There are many successful creatives that didn’t start until they were older. Lee shares his story and how he didn’t start art until later on in life. We talk about ways you can amp up and make th ...…
MY ART IS GREAT, WHY WON’T ANYONE HIRE ME? Will got a really long letter from an artist who felt that they had done everything they were supposed to, they felt that their work was great, and they were frustrated that they still weren’t getting work. Jake and Will looked over this artist’s work and felt that the work was pretty good but not grea ...…
Welcome to the 3 Point Perspective podcast. This is the podcast about illustration; how to do it, how to make a living at it, and how to make an impact in the world with your art. Your hosts are Jake Parker, Will Terry, and Lee White. For the last 25 years, they've all worked with just about every major publisher and every publication in the bi ...…
Enjoy this audio interview with illustrator and animator Richard Borge! Find out how and why he switched from a degree in Pre-Med to a long and inspiring career as a creative professional.By
Episode 88 of the EFII Podcast features an audio interview with award-winning illustrator James Yang! We discuss his many years of experience as a professional artist and the lessons he's learned along the way.By
Episode 87 of the EFII Podcast features an audio interview with illustrator/designer/motivator James Victore. Together we escape the island and discover territories and ideas never before explored on the show.By
Episode 86 features an audio conversation with John Flansburgh of the band They Might Be Giants! We discuss John's design background, TMBG's approach to visual art, collaboration and so much more.By
This new episode of the Escape from Illustration Island Podcast features an in-depth audio conversation with Kim Sielbeck, an illustrator, rocker, and downright cool person. We discuss her seemingly envious creative life and find out if it's really as cool as it appears. The episode closes with the song Monster Island by Kim's band Puppies. Tel ...…
This super-packed episode of the Escape from Illustration Island Podcast features an in-depth conversation with Paul Sahre, a multi-faceted Artist and Designer who consistently innovates on creative projects with everyone from The New York Times to They Might Be Giants. We discuss his pursuit of "interaction" through illustration and design, pl ...…
Illustrator and Senior Art Director of Time Magazine Martin Gee shares his perspective on art, life and accidentally winning an Emmy.By
Illustrator and Senior Art Director of Time Magazine Martin Gee shares his perspective on art, life and accidentally winning an Emmy.By
After 5 years, the Escape from Illustration Island podcast returns!!!By
After 5 years, the Escape from Illustration Island podcast returns!!!By
Greg and Matt interview long time illustrator and ZaPow artist Joe Burleson.
What the heck is Spongeorama anyway? Greg and Matt talk it out with guest artist Sara Doane!
Greg and Matt talk beer and art with artist Scott Olive.
Greg Vineyard and Matt Johnson sit down with new artist John L. Haldane!
Duncan and Mike delve into the immediately uninteresting world of Unity Horror games with Despair by AGC.
Matt and Greg talk to new ZaPow artist and employee Christy Kirk about her art, where she grew up and, of course, beer (kinda).
This week, Matt drinks some Rocket Girl, Greg drinks some coffee from World Coffee and they both talk with ZaPow artist Dougie Hoppes!
This week, Matt and Greg sit down to have a beer with artist Kevin Bila!
Chuck Giezentanner joins Greg and Matt this week as we return to recording at ZaPow in downtown Asheville.
Greg and Matt are LIVE at Asheville Pizza and Brewing in downtown Asheville to talk, eat and drink with artist Cayce Moyer of Cayce Moyer Creations!
ZaPow co-owner Matt Johnson and artist Greg Vineyard Illustration are joined by artist Dave Nalesnik (
Greg and Matt interview ZaPow Gallery co-owner Lauren Patton! It is her second appearance on the show (she also use to co-host it with Matt in the early days) and we find out all the cool projects she has been working on.
Claire Keane (Disney, Penguin Random House), Jenn Ely (Laika, Google, Dreamworks) and Brian McDonald (Pixar, Disney, Industrial Light & Magic) and I have created a unique conference designed to help you become the great visual storyteller you are meant to be. In May of 2016, our Story Design Conference will take place in the awe-inspiring city ...…
In part one we heard the story of Armand’s long road to success in the animation industry… Now, the conversation with Armand gets spiritual as we discuss ‘pure creativity,’ the role of Armand’s faith in his career and creative process and how many aspiring artists are working backwards… The conversation then spins around 180 degrees to focus on ...…
Greg and Matt talk with ZaPow artist Blake Lee Ferguson and his wife Layla about his art and their new gallery "White Walls" in Forest City, NC!
Armand Serrano‘s inventive compositions, visceral line work and story-rich environment designs have made him a living legend in the animation industry. Join us today as we discuss the start of his long road to success in the animation industry which led to the creation of his trend-setting work on Mulan, Tarzan, Lilo & Stitch, Surf’s Up and Big ...…
Greg and Matt talk with ZaPow artist Jansen Smith and drink some stiff local beer.
Greg and Matt talk with new ZaPow artist Jessie Bowie and drink yet more Rocket Girl from Asheville Brewing.
We talk about the ZaPow flood of 2015 and discuss art with Jill Coleman!
Sorry the episode is late this week. ZaPow is recovering from a minor flood. More on that in our next episode. This episode, Greg and Matt talk with NEW ZaPow Artist Kurt Thaesler who joins us on December 1st.
This week, Greg and Matt talk with artist Lydia Eloff from Columbia, SC.
Many artists are under the misconception that “the portfolio” is a fixed, finishable thing… This misconception can be particularly restrictive at conventions, job fairs and other recruiting events where you get frequent feedback from industry pros. In this episode we share a strategy that will help you design a physical portfolio that can adapt ...…
Greg and Matt talk to Britt transplant and artist Sean Goodwin live from Papoose in downtown Asheville, NC!
In the first two parts of this interview, Jason Brubaker told us the story of his unexpected success at DreamWorks Animation and provided fresh perspective on the power of persistence. Now, in part three, we discuss his career-defining graphic novel reMIND, his record-breaking Kickstarter campaigns and the broad appeal of deeply personal work… ...…
Greg and Matt talk with artist Matt Ebisch ( )
In part one of this interview, my good friend Jason Brubaker and I discussed his first big break, midlife crises, the brevity of life and the desire to create work with meaning. Now, in part 2, he tells the story of his unexpected success at DreamWorks Animation and provides fresh perspective on the power of persistence. Reminder: The comments ...…
My friend Jason Brubaker has achieved impressive success in both the mainstream entertainment industry and as an independent creator. He held a coveted Visual Development position at DreamWorks Feature Animation, broke Kickstarter records with his original graphic novel reMIND and now makes his living entirely from personal projects. In this ep ...…
This episode, Greg and Matt talk to artist Grant Searcey ( ) abiout his amazing illustration art and the heart transplant that changed his life and inspired his art.
This week, Matt and Greg sit down with ceramic artist Leigh Cohen!
This week we are joined by artist Alice Starns! Apologies for the background noise. It was really hot so we decided to keep the air conditioning on!
This episode, Matt and Greg talk with Asheville artist Cathy Nichola ( ) about her amazing encaustic paintings.
Greg and Matt talk with Maxx Feist ( ) life from the ZaPow art gallery in downtown Asheville, NC!
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