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Joshua Jackson
Welcome to the Joshua Jackson podcast, where we take a look at God’s word through our weekly Sunday school lesson.
The Fringe Podcast
TheFringePodcast is a fan podcast dedicated to the Fox TV series Fringe. Send us feedback at and let your voice be heard by calling 304-837-2278.
The Affair
THE AFFAIR explores the emotional effects of an extramarital relationship. The provocative drama unfolds when Alison and Noah meet in Montauk at the end of Long Island. New season premieres Sunday, October 4th at 10PM (ET/PT) on Showtime.
Win The Points!
Based out of Jacksonville, the Win The Points podcast features Wale Olaogun, Joshua C. Jackson, Zander Kean and our specials guests talking about sports and life. But it's not that serious.Win The Points. Yay Sports. Go Team. Yada yada yada.
Fandom Access, previously called Lost Causes is a discussion of not only the show "LOST," but other television shows and movies. We have a segment called "On the Fringe" for "Fringe," and weekly discussions of what's on tv. We have more planned that is on its way.Fandom Access has welcomed many guests to the show in the past including Andrea Gabriel, William Mapother, Alan Dale, Kenton Duty, and Mark Pellegrino (previously recorded), with many more guests planned in the future.
A Fringe Podcast Commentary and discussion of the new series from LOST creator J.J. Abrams
Rick Moncrief delivers inspirational messages as the Senior Pastor of Joshua's Place in Jackson, Georgia; and his ministry impacts generations through various global outreaches and church planting.
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This Father's Day Sunday Pastor Rick continues the story of Joseph. Today he tells about the reunion of the father, Jacob, and son, Joseph.
Pastor Rick is continuing the story of Joseph and his brothers. Today he tells the story of one brother who radically changed and stepped up in this situation.
We are still in our "From Nowhere To Now Here" series, Pastor Rick continues the story of Joseph. How Joseph went from the pit to the palace, part 3.
Pastor Rick continues his series, "From Nowhere To Now Here,", he is continuing the story of Joseph. Listen in for "From The Pit To The Palace" part 2.
As Pastor Rick goes into part 5 of "From Nowhere To Now Here", his message today is "From The Pit To The Palace".
Gods plan for the land (Leviticus 25:1-12)
As Pastor Rick continues his series, "From Nowhere To Now Here," part four is titled, "From Past Due To Breakthrough."
Pastor Rick starts a new series this month "From Nowhere To Now Here".
Today we hear about how we should not just wound are enemies, but destroy them. Listen is as Pastor Rick says we need to strike the ground.
Pastor Rick talks about our words. When we speak corrupt words, are we really hurting anybody?
Listen in for a very powerful message from Pastor Rick on this Easter Sunday.
This Palm Sunday Pastor Rick has a powerful message for us, the Lord has need of us.
Pastor Rick has a powerful word for us today about serving others. Take the towel challenge this week and be blessed as you bless others.
Pastor Rick tells us the definition of greatness, the definition that Jesus gave us!
Get ready for a powerful word today from Pastor Jeremy Bryan about how we need to march forth!
This week Pastor Rick concludes the series, "This Is Us", as he asks where is the man?
As we go into part three of the series, "This Is Us", Pastor Rick brings us a powerful message titled, "What Do You Do When The Wine Runs Out?".
Today we hear a powerful word from Pastor Donna, as we continue our February series, "This Is Us".
The month of February we will hear from Pastors Rick and Donna, as they talk about love, marriage, and family. Listen in for part one of "This Is Us".
Pastor Rick concludes his series, "First Things First".
Pastor Rick continues the series First Things First. Part 3 talks about putting prayer first.
Pastor Rick continues his First series as he takes us into part two, we must have passion!
Pastor Rick begins a new series, "First". Let's learn to set our priorities and put first things first.
Pastor Rick's last message of 2017 is a powerful word titled "Realize".
Pastor Rick tells a story on this Christmas Eve, about a Baby born in a manger in Bethlehem.
This Christmas sermon is telling the story of the virgin Mary and how nothing is impossible with God!
This week Pastor talks about the gifts that were brought to Jesus by the Wise men.
Get ready for a powerful word from Pastor Rick about receiving. God has already given us what we need, we just need to receive it.
Today Pastor Rick talks about the power of the Holy Spirit.
Pastor Rick has a powerful and inspirational word today. You were chosen and appointed by God.
Today Pastor Rick concludes his series "Every Setback Is A Setup For Your Comeback". Listen in as he talks about a setback with the ultimate comeback!
This week we have a very special guest speaker with a very powerful message. Katlyn Bryan tells us how to be fit and fight the devil.
Today Pastor Rick goes into part 3 of his series, "Every Setback Is A Setup For Your Comeback."
Pastor Rick continues his series today. Listen in as he tells about some setbacks in King David's life.
Today Pastor Rick starts a series, "Every Setback Is A Setup For Your Comeback." Listen in as he shares the story of a lady who had a major setback.
Pastor Rick brings us a powerful message today about our walk with God. Listen in as he talks about how Joshua's walk was before the Battle of Jericho.
As we celebrate the church's 17th anniversary, we hear from our Pastors as they talk about the future and the vision of Joshua's Place.
As we continue our "Audacious" series, today Pastor Rick has a powerful word about having audacious courage.
As we continue our "Audacious" series, today Pastor Rick talks about having audacious expectations.
As we begin our "Audacious" series for September, Pastor Rick brings us a very powerful message about having audacious faith. We also hear Pastor Rick's testimony, so thankful he was surrounded by audacious prayer warriors!
This week Pastor Rick talks about physical and spiritual fitness.
We heard a powerful word this week from Pastor Rick and Donna's son-in-law, Timothy Haley. Listen in as Timothy talks about what it means to be sons and daughters of the Most High.
This week Pastor Rick concludes his "Shift" series. Today he talks about trust and tenacity.
As Pastor Rick continues with his "Shift" series, today he talks about the importance of forgiveness. Listen in to find out how you can forgive everyone.
Today we go into part 4 of the Shift series. The point for today is focus.
Pastor Rick continues his series, "Shift" Today he talks about being intentional.
Pastor Rick continues with part 3 of his "Shift" series.
Today our special guest speaker, Pastor Jeremy Bryan brings us a very inspirational message titled, "Call It What You Want"
This week Pastor Rick goes into part two of his series, "Shift." Listen in for how to shift your life, in all areas, to the next level.
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