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The Pursuit with Kelsey Humphreys is an insightful and entertaining in-person, video talk show featuring today’s most successful people like Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran, Gary Vaynerchuk, HGTV’s the Property Brothers, Chalene Johnson, Michael Hyatt and more! Each episode features an in-depth interview where guests explain how they got to where they are today and their best advice for anyone who wants to achieve success, but may feel stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure of where to start. Every ep ...
Kelsey J Patel's show
Kelsey J Patel is one of Hollywood's leading wellness and reiki experts. She has dedicated her life’s work to helping her clients live vibrant, joy­filled and abundant lives. Through her public speaking, Fortune­500 consulting, workshops, classes and private client sessions, she utilizes various techniques to bring about healing, clarity, relaxation, purpose, awareness, inspiration and motivation to her clients. Her work includes reiki, meditation, intuitive healing, mindfulness exercises, E ...
Welcome to the Barefoot Boardroom! I help creatives and corporates take the leap to entrepreneurship.
Each week Kelsey Chapman, brand strategist, influencer and online educator, shares thoughtful interviews with creative entrepreneurs leaving a mark on today's world. Here at the Radiant Podcast, you will find conversations that equip our listeners how to build a business, grow their platform, and steward their influence.
Kelsey Humphreys, recovering hot mess, talk show host, motivational journalist, bestselling author and media entrepreneur, wants you to reach your definition of success. She breaks down all of the insights from her incredible interviews, extensive research, and personal experiences, into one, simple, doable tip per episode. And she hopes to make you laugh while doing it. Each episode is inspiring, motivating, insightful and fun, with tips on habits, health, productivity, confidence, dream ch ...
Game Blitz
Join Kelsey and Cody for an hour of video game discussion and hijinks. We're your two best friend you haven't met yet. Listen to us argue about a different gaming topic each week and discuss the latest and greatest in news, predictions and gameplay spanning all generations of gaming. We are not a personal blog, but if you're into that kind of thing we close out each episode by briefly reviewing whatever game we happen to be playing that week.
Kelsey Malia
Kelsey Bergh
File-Sharing Technologies- COM3332 Mini Project 2
Kelsey Goss
Kelsey Kinney
Registered Dietitian
This is my podcast!
Welcome to Keeping Up with Kelsey! This is a show where we will talk about running, fitness, health, finding balance, and keeping up with all that life has to offer. Nothing excites me more than talking about running and fitness with others. On this show we will have special guests who will share their experiences and discuss a variety of topics while inspiring us and making us laugh. Come along as we laugh, cry, think, and become our best and strongest selves together!
Wish you had more time? The Get Automated Podcast is a show about implementing systems and how to leverage automation to save time and grow your business. Get more done with less. Real world examples of how automation has changed the lives of small business owners and entrepreneurs. I interview real business owners to learn what works and what doesn't related to sales, marketing, and operations in the world of automation technology.
The A&K Radio Show is a podcast that host individuals who have found that drive and chased it down to in an effort to live life to the most fullest. The definition of an outlier stems from an individual who deviates from the norm to create a new personal norm.
Is the world ready for us? Pull up a chair and enjoy the show!--Every week or so we get together for an evening of hanging out, drinking wine, and talking about just about anything that comes to mind.
Podcast by Wine & Cheese
The Traveling Touron
A behind the scenes look at travel writing hosted by travel writer and self-proclaimed Great Touron King Kelsey Timmerman
As featured on Conan and The Tonight Show, Self-Helpless dives into all things self-improvement with comedians Delanie Fischer, Kelsey Cook, and Taylor Tomlinson. Completely uncensored and special guests!
Buzzfeed's Kelsey Darragh and Kate Peterman give their unfiltered take on life as they know it. From diva cup maintenance to maybe not going home with that guy even though he's got the whole Eminem 8 mile vibe ("wait, are you into that s**t??"). They hope you can, if not learn from their mistakes, at least laugh at them. The podcast where they f*ck up so you don't have to.
Problematic Women
Shining a spotlight on strong conservative women, current events, and the hypocrisy of the "feminist" left. Hosts: Bre Payton & Kelsey Harkness.
Ask the RD
Join Kelsey Marksteiner, RD and Laura Schoenfeld, staff nutritionists at, as they answer your questions about ancestral and Paleo nutrition. A must-listen for anyone new to the Paleo diet or looking to improve their current Paleo diet based on their personal needs and health goals.
Talk 30 (Rock) To Me
Listen to Kimmie and Kelsey as they talk about their love for 30 ROCK with bits of laughter and maybe just a tiny bit of night cheese.
A podcast about death and all of its forms. Former remains transporter & death enthusiast Kelsey Eriksson answers listener questions on the topics of death, dying, and your body's postmortem activities. If you've ever wondered what happens when you put grandma in the ground, this is the podcast for you. It's everything you always wanted to know about death, dying, and the dead. It's not's fun. Really.
Kelsey Bennett and Maddy Scott examine the inner workings of their anxious minds
I believe that you were created to do life differently - to live free, focused and on purpose, both for your good and for God’s glory. You were made for so much more than you can even begin to imagine, and while the mission might be simple, the journey is far from easy. But the choice is yours: will you settle for less than the life you were created to live, or will you dare to do life differently…to live on purpose in your faith, marriage, motherhood and everything else in between? I’m Kels ...
Historically Speaking is that podcast that lifts up the old log of history and pokes at the things crawling underneath you never knew were there. Emus! Insane merchants! Bizarre deaths! Astronomers! Weird and creepy letters written by famous authors! This place has it all! Join Jack, Kelsey and Isaiah as they weekly delve in the weird, hilarious, and downright bizarre parts of the past you've never heard of but really should!
The Culinary Citizen, a podcast about food, diplomacy, and culture, features chefs, academics, and activists who use food as a tool of conflict resolution, diplomacy, and cross-cultural connection. Each episode, hosts Sam and Kelsey introduce listeners to a difference concept or theme, and welcome guests from all around the world to discuss.
Double Entendre
Podcast by Kelsey & Tiffany
Sunset Grill
It gets dark in Murrells Inlet, it gets much darker at the sunset grill. Discussing murders, cults, and conspiracy theories, The Sunset Grill features the opinions of Noah Byrne, Blair Pitcher, and Kelsey Hudgins.
C3 Brooklyn
C3 Brooklyn is a church for the people of New York City led by Pastors Josh and Georgie Kelsey. Our vision is Jesus Christ, our mission is people, and our cause is love. Join us this Sunday for church at one of our 4 locations across NYC, find out more at
Where Strength and Nourishment Collide! A non-conventional approach to health and fitness, your host Kelsey Albers dives into what it means to be strong and nourished. Fueled by her own passion and expectation to live a better life, she hosts experts in the wellness field to discuss a wide range of topics, all looping back to the basic desire to be better. A division of Ignite. Nourish. Thrive. LLC.
Kelsey and Brett will talk with other passionate developers about technology they care about. Each episode will go into the topic of discussion as well as the latest software development news.
Do you still recite, "New year, new look, new Paige" at the beginning of every year? Do you still call Drake "Jimmy"? Do you love reliving the glory days of the most dysfunctional school in Canada? Holland Baker and Kelsey Pillischer take on the task of watching every single episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation and gab, analyze, critique and just plain enjoy the show that truly goes there.
As featured on Conan and The Tonight Show, Self-Helpless dives into all things self-improvement with comedians Delanie Fischer, Kelsey Cook, and Taylor Tomlinson. Completely uncensored and special guests!
Informed is the witty, informal way to get the news you need in less than 10 minutes. Tune in and consider yourself Informed. Hosted by Amber Smith and produced by Kelsey Albright.
The Pinegate Road Podcast is all about the creative journey. As Kelsey takes on the new transition of leaving her corporate design job to run her design studio full-time, she talks about how things are going as they happen in real time. Guests are also brought on the show weekly and interviewed. They share about their journey, their passions, as well as new thoughts and ideas that we can all learn and grow from. From business advice, to working through creative blocks, to sharing laughs and ...
Kelsey and Alyssa help navigate you through the world of history with a point of view that can only be described as "imaginative". Follow them as they ask fundamental questions like "What does Neapolitan Ice Cream have to do with Napoleon?" or "Was Atlantis a real place?" Please rate, review and subscribe for more episodes.
Kelsey Tonner is an experienced, global tour guide and founder of the Be a Better Guide Project, a movement that brings together tour guides and tour operators from around the world to learn from one another. His mission is to help anyone, anywhere, create extraordinary experiences for travellers. In this podcast we’ll look at best practices for tour guides, travel businesses, activity operators and Destination Management Companies. Whether you’re a freelance guide, a travel business owner, ...
M.I. Stuff Podcast
Kelsey Hudgins discusses random topics and how they relate to him and his guests.
We Have Questions
Kelsey and Tiffany ponder the questions that keep us up at night.
My Good Bad Taste
A podcast for only the most discerning lovers of all things pop, trash, tacky and taboo. Join Kelsey and Meghann as they delve into pop culture, true crime, and those weird corners of the internet you find yourself in late at night. One of them is a witch for real.
Expert Citation
A journal club podcast with Joe Cuevas, Kelsey McCoy, & Tyler Burch. Join us as we delve into the publically-available world of science and learn a little in the process.
Join "Big Shots" Andrew and Kelsey as they pitch unscripted million dollar ideas for billion dollar movies. New episodes weekly!
Empowering and inspiring creative, holistic women entrepreneurs. Freedom + Ease is created by Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley, the writer + coach behind
Two Many Trailers
Podcast Co-hosted by Marianne and Kelsey, where we talk about two of our favorite trailers every other week!
Weekly Messages
These are the weekly sermons from Kelsey Memorial UMC in Corpus Christi, TX, The Sparkling City by the Sea.
Kelsey and Rachel McCarson discuss boxing's biggest stories and most interesting fights in a three round format.
GATEWAY podcast follows Kaelen Bell, Ally Sigurdson, Josh Goossen, Kelsey Schaefer and Gabby Bruce as they discuss​ their favourite art throughout history.
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There was a lot of news in the gaming world this past week, so Kelsey and Sam share their opinions on the latest happenings. We also have a new Bat Bulletin as well as get hyped for a Lando movie.
Cara is the Pinterest Queen and has built a business out of helping small businesses (+ a few rockstars, literally) get noticed online and drive eyeballs to their websites. Pinterest Marketing + Squarespace Design are Cara's JAM. She started in social media marketing in 2011 by managing 13 million fans across 17 social media accounts for a worl ...…
In this episode we bring some style to the podcast. Kelsey Bratcher chats with Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style. They hit on time savings, travel, family, hardship, and health. This podcast episode is custom tailored to the small business that wants to grow.
Welcome... To Abomination Park. This week we travel to the heart of Isla Nublar, or is it Montana, and discover the newest attraction. Check out! This week's poster features one funky gremlin and we continue our hot burger streak! Song Credit: DON'T MAKE TERRY WAIT by Dr Sparkles licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Artwork by Kel ...…
A special edition of Eyre on Air, in which Jenn, Kelsey, and Joe dish about the royal wedding, Meghan Markle, who wore what, who is who, and everything in between.
Episode one and a half, aka a deleted scene. Kelsey and Graham talk about getting confused as a child. Welcome to "Entirely Subjective." Two best friends (and coworkers) (and writing partners) try to stay on the subject. Episodes every other Monday (mostly).Intro and outro music by: Lucciago
This week, we begin our series, The Mother Heart of God with a panel. Kelsey Bradley, Tasha Britt, Tiffney Brink, and Tish Torrez. God Our Mother poem written by Allison Woodard and performed by Kallie Garrett.
In this episode, BGB continues our discussion about Netflix's Dear White People Vol.2, Kelsey needing her own episode, gold star lesbians, AtlIvyW, Order of X, the numerous big reveals in the show, Justin Simien is the GOAT, respectability politics, Trevor the cheap hotep, the bunch of bananas, Gabe, white people playing racist roles, freedom o ...…
Jamie Watts is an incredible athlete with a story that will inspire you no matter your fitness level. She is a runner from the DC area who has completed well over 100 races that range in distance from 5ks all the way to her recent marathon finish. What's even more impressive than that? Jamie has done this as a runner with cerebral palsy. After ...…
Episode 65 of Siamo Vancouver, Vancouver’s own Italian Community Radio. In this episode we spoke with Benedetta Diamanti, Community Engagement Coordinator at the Italian Cultural Centre. We also played an Italian Word game with our favorite non-Italian Kelsey Marshall and learned about daily life in Napoli with Vittoria Guastafierro. A new Ital ...…
Recapping some of the ministry in the last week. Ministry at USM in Hattiesburg; Pain in body approach; Apostate Baptist Preacher's Kid ;Keep Testimonies on Phone; Two testimonies from USM;Friend them on Facebook; Tillman's Corner Homeless ministry; Powerhouses of the Faith all met; Jo Jo update; Sadie update; People are on the fence; Homeless ...…
IDAHOBIT is tomorrow on the 17th May! Join Kelsey and George as they talk about mental health in the LGBT+ community, IDAHOBIT and what you can do to support it.Sources: it Part of the Dance - ...…
Welcome to the show notes for the Martin episode of Season 1 of Café Nervosa. We hope you enjoy the podcast! Podcast Episode Synopsis: We get into what makes Martin and his duct tape-covered recliner so great First up, Martin is awesome and when he gets under Frasier’s skin is when we get to see Frasier as more of a human. Martin’s chair is so ...…
Welcome to the show notes for the Cast episode of Season 1 of Café Nervosa. We hope you enjoy the podcast! Podcast Episode Synopsis: A little bit of Grammer talk, and then addressing the cast that we don’t get to in other episodes. Callers, Noel, and Gil take centre stage. Ugh, Kelsey Grammer. We have issues, guys. Due to his not great politics ...…
Kelsey Mitchell, #2 pick of the Indiana Fever, joins the show. Jake tries to get the Ohio State grad to mention "That Team Up North" by name and we look ahead to her rookie year for coach Pokey Chatman and the Fever.
Welcome to Season 3, where the world of Film Strippers revolves around SPORTS movies! In this intro episode, we discuss which movies we are doing episodes on, our background in sports, and how Kelsey got hit with a baseball traveling at exactly 90mph.
We were honored to have the nation's leading home run hitter on our latest podcast! Kelsey Horton is not your ordinary Division I second baseman. She is leading the nation in home runs this is season (25) and home runs per game (.490)! In this interview she shares her goals, plate approach, absolute favorites, and thanks the ones that helped he ...…
This week Josh and Kelsey discuss the hottest music video on the planet right now, chat about new Star Wars news, watch a new trailer for “The Predator,” and talk about other geek news. Tune in to get super pumped!
In this week’s episode, the bks share stories from the weekend including a hike that left Kelsey stranded with no water. Madeline raves about getting a tattoo from a local female artist. The bks introduce special guest JULIA BARRETT! Julia tells us how she got into drawing the female body and where she sees herself now in the art community. The ...…
Kelsey Bratcher chats with small business automation expert Alex Bass. Alex Bass is a ProsperWorks and Zapier expert who has done quite a bit of cool stuff. We discussed various topics ranging from workflow and data to some new cool tools Alex has been using.
Charli and Kelsey make their debut in Season 1 of Petty Queens.Follow Kelsey:Instagram: Charli Online:Facebook: ...…
Jill Schumacher is a physician's assistant from Annapolis, Maryland who recently became a Six Star Finisher after completing the six Abbott World Majors. Having worked for 7 years to accomplish this goal, she finally has been able to cross this off her bucket list and in this episode she is sharing all about it. Jill shares how her and her husb ...…
Excuse me madam, is your wig on fire? Joe, Kelsey, and Jenn dish about 2008's The Duchess.
Welcome to Episode 43 The Colorado Series part 2 with Cycling Legend Connie Carpenter Phinney. Connie started her athletic career on the ice in Wisconsin as a Speed Skater going to the Olympics. She was the youngest female to race in the Winter Olympics in 1972. She also was a Rower before getting super serious with cycling. She is a 4 time Med ...…
This is episode 71 of Only Everything, and I thought it might be fun to take a look back to the great sound affections that happened over the first 25 episodes. Please join me for: Alex Vincini EP. 7 Names, and the creative process Kelsey Greenleaf EP. 8 Feminism, and Skating Oliver Elf Army EP. 19 The Great British Bake Off and Europe Keenan U ...…
In this episode we interview Kelsey's friend Allison. An accomplished marathon runner and exercise expert. Allison shares how she making running an integral part of her life and by establishing this habit, she reaps physical, mental and spiritual rewards. Bonus: Kelsey defines "chasing the dragon."
*Explicit Content* In this episode we read about a fathers love for his children in, "Screaming Across America" by Mindy Littman Holland. Happy Podcast Friday. Please visit our SPONSOR! Clean Cut Barber Shop in Salt Lake City, UT (21 E Kelsey Ave 84111). All their links are below to schedule an appointment, walk ins are welcome. By mentioning " ...…
Dr Kelsey Erickson (@kelslee777 ) is a Research Fellow at Leeds Beckett University. Her primary research interest is the social psychology of doping in sport. Her PhD research was titled "Doping in... In this podcast Sean Cottrell, CEO and founder of LawInSport, interviews leading sports lawyers, business executives, academics and athletes abou ...…
Presented By Honor Credit Union - Come Be Part Of It!58 percent of U.S. adults think kids should do this in the summer. What is it?Kelsey from Berrien Springs has your answer below!
This week we chart the natural evolution of Gremlins and how that spider gremlin was left in the dust because it's spider traits sucked. Kelsey decides to start a mogwai mill while Andrew weighs the ethics of selling mogwai meat. Check out! This week's poster features one funky gremlin and we continue our hot burger streak! ...…
Episode 64 of Siamo Vancouver, Vancouver’s own Italian Community Radio. In this episode Vittoria, our Italian Expert, took us to her home town in Napoli! She spoke with her close friends about their perceptions of Canada and introuced us to some Dialect. We also played an Italian Word game with our favourite non-Italian Kelsey Marshall. A new I ...…
This is our special episode celebrating Avengers: Infinity War and Free Comic Book Day 2018! This episode was recorded on location at Krypton Comics in Martinsville, Indiana! A huge thanks goes out to owner Eric Singer for letting us record another show at his store, as always, it was a great time! We had a lot of great guests on this episode, ...…
WELCOME KELSEY!! Today we’re talking about two essential oils for body acceptance. We share our go-to oils of late and tell you about our events happening this May! Join us tonight for our workshop in downtown Campbell! Managing Your Emotions with Essential Oils at 5:45pm, it will last 1 hour. Get the deets and RSVP:… The post That Valley Vibe ...…
Welcome to Episode #4! We are really excited to bring this episode to you guys! Why you ask? Well, we have the honor of interviewing an amazing couple of ours who Kels and I both look up to! They are passionate about the Lord, their marriage and fitness. While they are passionate about those things, the are learning how to make all of those a p ...…
Surprise! This bonus episode includes extra content from our panel conversation with L'Oreal Thompson Payton, Elise Metzger, Mallory Ulasek, and Kelsey Gilbert-Kreiling. In this episode, recorded live from Ace Hotel Chicago, these women respond to two important questions about finances, pricing and transparency: What tools do you use to keep yo ...…
For full show notes, please go to: Mirna Valerio, known on the interwebs as The Mirnavator, is a superstar who truly does it all! Having been featured in National Geographic, NBC Nightly News, Runner's World, Elle, Self, and Outside Magazines, being the cover model and a regular contributing author for Women's Running Mag ...…
Julia, Kelsey, and Alyssa discuss different aspects of what being a mom might be. Disclaimer: none of them are moms. Image credit to Mari Andrew.
This week the bk’s welcome a beloved gem in the heart of the Short North, owner and curator of Smarty Pants Vintage JUSTINA SMART! Justina reveals the life of a past Athens townie and her shift from collecting to selling vintage. Justina shares her love of the Columbus community and the bands she just happens to befriend, cough cough YOUNG THE ...…
This week Sam and Kelsey are excited to find out that Tobias blue himself into Avengers, they read from the Book of Swole, talk Westworld and Fortnite, and discuss a couple of news items in the Bat Bulletin.
This week Kelsey and Marianne discuss the trailer for Night School (where a scene scares Kelsey) and the trailer for Under the Silver Lake (where the whole trailer scares Marianne).
4- JOYFULLY YOU: Danielle Stacy Interview on Music & Biz! by Kelsey Low
This week on Self-Helpless, the girls breakdown one of Kelsey's all-time favorite books, Mating in Captivity by legendary couples therapist and author Esther Perel. We try to answer the question posed by the book: can you have passion AND comfort in a relationship, especially a long-term one? Once the exciting beginning of a relationship become ...…
"SEO in 2018"-Practical tips for getting your website seen online and why office managers should take charge of their online listings with Kelsey Halvarson from Roadside Dental Marketing. AADOM Radio & Roadside Dental Marketing are Excited to Present- Kesley Halvarson Learning Objectives: Teach office managers how and why they should take charg ...…
Kelsey Bratcher interviews Maddy Martin from is a virtual receptionist service that provides their customers with not only receptionist services, but also appointment booking and online requests. Maddy shares the benefits of outsourcing one of the most vital components to many small businesses.…
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