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LD Podcast
A blog and podcast about learning disabilities and kids struggling in school. Topics include dyslexia, ADHD, autism, asperger's, reading, legal issues, dealing with schools, IEP's, therapies and more.
Welcome to the Ld podcast, where amazing things happen.
iOS For O L D
BNA Bridge Maven (we talk bridge in Nashville, Tennessee) alternates with: Wired615Senior an on-line tutorial for the gadget challenged.
Ld tech
Intro to LD tech considerations
Music and LD
I came up with the idea growing up with a learning disability myself due to a brain hemorrhage at birth. I had trouble remembering info but I could recall hundred of songs in my head and play them back on the piano. I had this strange ability to count the # of SI later figured out how to combine any song with any task to assist with memory retrieval; have been doing so since I was 10 (now 34). I now help other kids who struggle with memory recall, behavior mgmt, life skills, etc. below is a ...
LD State of Mind
A Podcast about Learning together and making a difference for college students.
The GoodPractice podcast is a must-listen for anyone involved in Learning and Development or Human Resources. The weekly show, featuring regular appearances from members of the GoodPractice team, plus the occasional special guest, gets right to the heart of issues affecting the L&D and HR communities. From learning needs analysis and evidence-based practice through to the impact of technology on work and hot topics at industry conferences, get critical insights into the world of work, learni ...
The Learning Innovations podcast is about all things Corporate Learning. We discuss the latest in EdTech, innovations in talent development, and the corporate learning ecosystem. You'll hear interviews with learning and development thought leaders and discussion around learning managements systems, authoring tools, learning analytics and more.
Digital learning and online training opinions and interviews from leading elearning company Sponge UK. Getting to the heart of great elearning with absorbing interviews, ideas and tips. For more elearning insights visit
Host Kevin Anselmo picks the brains of Learning and Development leaders from different organizations for you. We ask similar questions to each guest on the podcast and will be packaging their responses into a series of Special Reports. The content will offer useful insights for those interested in organizational learning. Sign up to receive this content directly in your inbox at
Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Editor's Podcasts take a look at emerging and hot topics in food and nutrition research. Each podcast, hosted by Editor-in-Chief Linda Snetselaar, PhD, RDN, LD, provides insightful interviews and commentary from Dr. Snetselaar as well as authors, researchers, and other experts in the field of food, nutrition, and dietetics.
LD & Mo give a raw, honest outspoken recount of their past & present through a sometimes obscured lens of recovery.
Good Bad Gang
Sos & LD are the Goodbadgang. Join them each week as they discuss issues happening in Naija and around the world through the lenses of their lives. Sos tries to keeps it 99% cause you gotta leave that 1% for the s**ts. LD is quirky & calls it as it is. She's also the pretty one.
Childfree Issues
part of c h i l d - f r e e . c o m
The GANGSTERCAST DJ mix series comes from the I'M A HOUSE GANGSTER movement. A HOUSE GANGSTER has the undying commitment and passion for House music, they know that this music is not a trend, it's a culture. The mixes all come from the DJs that follow this culture and love and respect the sound - some are established names on the worldwide scene, some are the future stars of tomorrow, and they all represent the raw, underground essence of real House music. Each mix in the GANGSTERCAST series ...
Three LaserDudes talkin' LaserDiscs. Join Moyke Baud, Sam Hatch, and "Just" Shawn as they tell you what's new in the world of old media! Each episode features a spotlight LaserDisc movie, a Top 5 list, and regular segments on recent pickups, hot topics from LD social media groups, and listener questions.
Contact: rzile@hotmail.comBrain Food Records: Zile's first EP was released in September 2009 on Artefekz Muzik. Following this EP many doors were opened; from being asked to remix other artists to forging great relationships with other dj’s, producers and record labels from around the world. It also gave him the opportunity to play his first international gig at the WMC Techno Marathon in Miami in 2010, sharing the bill with artists such as Perc, Spektre, Oliv ...
Low Definition es tu nuevo programa de videojuegos online, creado por el Team LD, y en alianza con la Comunidad Proyecto Reset, podrás disfrutar de las peripecias de Cloudit, Taizuru y Simoncho, hablando sobre interesantes temas de los videojuegos. Videos, notas, corresponsales y más... Aquí comienza la generación LD!!!
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Today on everyone's favorite podcast for conspiracy, the paranormal, & the all around fringe:How's it going Higherside Chatters? How we feeling? I have to ask because it's hard to beat back the oily appendages of the nefarious few with a cloudy mind, a stuffy nose, and all the fun stuff that comes with living in the poison environment the capst ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church is now available on with the following details: Title: LD 26 The Sign and Seal of Adoption Subtitle: Everlasting Assurance Speaker: Rev. Garrett Eriks Broadcaster: Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church Event: Sunday - AM Date: 3/11/2018 Bible: Galatians 4 Length: 47 min.…
Music courtesy of Tucker Biddlecombe -- HMS Pinafore -- Gilbert & Sullivan
A new MP3 sermon from Hope Reformed Church of Brampton is now available on with the following details: Title: Created for Good Works Subtitle: Heidelberg Catechism Speaker: John Bouwers Broadcaster: Hope Reformed Church of Brampton Event: Sunday - PM Date: 4/22/2018 Bible: Ephesians 2:1-10; LD 32 Length: 42 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Faith United Reformed Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Signified & Sealed in Baptism Speaker: Bryce De Zwarte Broadcaster: Faith United Reformed Church Event: Sunday - AM Date: 4/15/2018 Bible: Gen: 17:1-11, Acts 2:36-47, LD 27, CofD 1-17 Length: 36 min. Overview: 1- Covenant Pr ...…
To make up for two shorter episodes, join the Snark Knights as we discuss a movie for close to the actual run time of that movie, the Joel Schumacher… classic? Batman Forever! An aggravating movie that can’t pick between two wildly different tones and half-asses both. A smarter movie already filled with plenty of duality would have played that ...…
Download Episode A brief update. Follow us on twitter @ufo_cast Like us on Facebook Review us on iTunes Email the show – To get hold of the series on DVD or blu-ray follow these links. In doing so you’ll be supporting the running costs of the podcast. UFO – Volumes 1-4 Collector’s Edition [1970] [DVD] UFO – Volumes 5-8 Collect ...…
Mo was having a normal(ish) day at work and all of the sudden her tooth fell out. Today we tried to stick to one topic (or a lot), LD is struggling with someone in her life that is triggering her.
Our heroes make their way into the city of Amenphis and adapt to city living. On their way to school, Kepler haggles for a horse, and Kofi and Aiko get a drink with some surprising company. Press play and grab some street food in this episode of DND4D! *** *** Music Credits: Theme by Kyle Schwaba @ Track Name: ...…
It's spring. Bold colors are starting to pop up everywhere you look (hopefully). And, with the onset of spring it got me thinking, what does BOLD mean to me, and why is it important to really understand that for myself. In today's rant and riff I share my perspective of the word BOLD. Yes those four little letters: B - O - L - D. Would love to ...…
Evan Lazar of The Boston Herald and Pats Pulpit joins to talk about the adventures of Duron Harmon, discuss our moves in free agency, and give his take on whether or not the sky is falling. Download Episode 57 Subscribe on iTunes Want to support the show, and help us take it ...…
In a break from the regular format, Samuel and Phil have both played new, recently released PC games. Sam goes head to head with an unspecified cult in Far Cry 5, Phil chunders on a friend in Sea of Thieves, and both have a rant about why, yes, Warhammer: Vermintide II is very difficult thank you very much. Discussed: Far Cry 5, Sea of Thieves, ...…
Photo by: Jocelyn's Photography Shownotes Listen to our episode all about our rehearsal dinner through the wedding. Lauren talks about her something old, blue, borrowed, and new, what readings Lauren and Daniel chose, and why their wedding bouquet was featured in Reader's Digest! Links: Reader's Digest Article Music by: Nazar Hybak retrieved fr ...…
Rick Rage (a Nick Fury parody) has come to the boys for help in assembling a team of heros. The world is in danger as supervillain Cups-For-Hands McGann unveils his most evil plan yet. Can Dave and Trevor stop him? We’ll see.Follow us on Facebook, Instagram @thebooksareboringpodcast or on Twitter @booksRboring or booksareboring.netTheme song by ...…
BridgeMaven finds humor in The Transit Plan, music courtesy of Steinway.
It’s finally here! Episode 50 of In the Car After! We finally made it to 50 episodes yall! Hosts Raffy and Denise talk a bit about some early memories about the show as well as some new changes they’d like to add to make the show more interesting and interactive for you guys, our dear listeners! Denise and Raffy also talk about the Greatest Sho ...…
Podcaster, GO! Jace & Josh here and we’re back with our 43rd episode. We review Pacific Rim: Uprising. We also review some current topics like the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica Scandal, the Uber self driving car accident in Arizona, Enjoy, Jace & Josh Deadpool 2 Trailer (NSFW) Mark Zuckerberg CNN Interview Facebook & Cambridge Analytica: Here’s ...…
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