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LMAO! With Ryan and Lauchlan's Podcast
Join in on the tomfoolery of these two fine chaps. Talk can range around anything, from college work to current affairs to petty namecalling, so laughs are guaranteed. And be sure to subscribe for more awesomeness too.
ThemNutz Podcast
Hosted By Stand Up Comedians Darius Campbell, Ray Chung, & Matt Cole Bringing Funny Guest To Tell Crazy Stories & Joking around And Having A Great Time.
Craigslost (from Dazed and Convicted)
Craigslist Craziness! Seen Craigslist ads that baffle? Those unintentionally bizarre, manipulative, or downright sleazy posts? The ones that make you go WTF, LMAO or AIOTRP (Am I on the Right Planet)? That's "Craigslost"!
Pirate Podcast
Just a group of Pirates living the Pirate life.
Laundry Day
Weekly podcast done every, well, Laundry Day. Covering everything from the most current pop culture topics, to the meaning of life! Enjoy.
Giant Toaster Podcasts
Gaming Information and Noteworthy Topics Theatrical Observation and some Trending Entertainment Reviews
So The Other Day
C.J. Schiatta and Rich Powell have been long time friends since they were 15. Like anyone else, they've shared countless stories and endless experiences with one another. Talking and discussing topics such as women, dating, sports, technology, friends, and concerts you could've sworn Rich went to, this is a podcast about nothing. Our friends Joe and Matt join us as well.
Joe and Len Show
Two best friends talking about everything and anything. Nothing is held back, no reservations... Funny conversations and good times to be had. Listen, laugh, share, contribute, spread the word... follow on instagram @ joeandlenshow ; email us @
Will and Bobby Know Everything « TalkBomb
Every week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, hosts Will and Bobby learn more about each other and the world around them. And find both lacking! Listen to WBKE every week to hear the funniest, weirdest, and most absurd conversation available anywhere on the internet! Follow Will and Bobby on Twitter: @WillRogers2000 @BobbyKoester and @TalkBomb Will and Bobby Know Everything is a proud member of the Talk Bomb! Find more at!
Carlos and Rudys Extreme Life
Hello Everyone, This Podcast is hosted mainly by Rudy Palomares, and Carlos Alcantar, but that is not to say there won't be many special guests. Carlos and Rudy will talk about many current issues in a light hearted and humorous manner. Whether the topic is drug use, video games, movies, or what the future holds, these two along with many guest will speak their minds on the subject.
F&M Radio Podcast
Join your co-hosts Fello and Max as they take you through a journey of fun filled adventures, sacrilegious discussion, and nail biting sports event coverage (lmao sike!)
Triple Blaze Radio
Triple Blaze Radio presents entertainment at its best!LMAO @ Johnnie J & Friends is a 8x nominated - Award winning show! 2013 & 2012 Jordan Mikael Radio Award Winners for 'Best Comedy Show' is at it again!!! Tune in each and every Tuesday night @ 7pm EST to listen to LMAO @ Johnnie J & Friends.Join your favorite comedian Johnnie J as he displays his comedic genius along with Ms. Cocoa & Valentino as they share their funny views, silly behavior and random thoughts about any and everything!Mon ...
Circus Browns Not a Side Show
TTYL! LMAO! BRB! WWJD? WTF?! WTFWJD?LLRR! Local Live Rock and Roll. Every Friday on KRCL 90.9FM produced by the tragically glamorous and transiently agoraphobic sex god, Connery, and hosted by vegan activist and polyamorous pit master spinning the sweet wax when the set ain't live, the spy who loved me- Circus Brown.
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CB and Soos are back with GigaPet Gillette for another Bring It Back! Bracket. This bracket includes all the best cartoon characters from the 90's. See who gets upset in the first round and who takes home the title for best 90's cartoon character. Bracket includes Bart Simpson, Doug, Arnold, Stimpy, Cartman, Beavis, and many more. Leave us a me ...…
CB and Soos discuss the massacre in Las Vegas and how it affects a future trip for a bachelor party. Plus, CB updates everyone on his Tinder experience. Also, CB and Soos get redemption at "Show Us Your Tweets" and finish out last week's hashtag. More voicemails from random callers. Plus, a trip back to 2000 in "Nostalgia Nutshell" to talk abou ...…
CB and Soos discuss Hugh Hefner and their experience with Playboy. CB is starting to play the game and catch fire on Tinder. Plus, several phone calls throughout the show to figure out a new segment for the podcast. Also, "Show Us Your Tweets" hits a wall and ends the show prematurely. Leave us a message on our FREE voicemail box and we will pl ...…
Humor and the Abject Podcast
It’s officially the spookiest time of year, and to celebrate I hopped on Skype with Los Angeles-based poet Mira Gonzalez. She’s the author of the books “i will never be beautiful enough to make us beautiful together,” published by Sorry House, and “Selected Tweets,” a collaboration with Tao Lin. We talked about The Babadook, alt-lit, sexism in ...…
Talk Up!
On this episode we covered a few things:- Kevin Hart's fuck ups- Hurricane Harvey and Irma showing us the world is about to end- Mariah Carey's right to never move an inch while performing and we also talked about negative self-talk as our main discussion. Please be advised that Crystal does a lot of yelling in this episode so don't be alarmed ...…
CB and Soos are joined by Sean Marvelous himself to discuss Star Wars, in "CB Sees", after CB and Soos watch for the first time. Plus, The Big Podcast With Shaq name drops CB and Soos on his show after Soos sends a clip of Bryan Driskell revealing his fetish. Also, talks about hurricane season and some experiences Sean Marvelous has had with we ...…
Duce & Easy are joined by Nate again and discuss the importance of friends and why getting a girl who gets along with your frineds is important.Nate gets a match during the episode and there's a twist to it (lmao)!
CB and Soos host the first ever "Bring it Back Bracket" with special guest, Giga Pet Gillette. The tournament includes female crushes from the 90's we couldn't get enough of and the few we may have forgotten about. Some of the contestants are Kelly Kapowski, Topanga, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and the Pink Ranger. See who take the top ...…
Everyday Ignorance Podcast
Sorry we are late, but welcome back to Everyday Ignorance Podcast episode 45! Everyone is back, well temporarily. On this episode we talked to Daron about his Made in America Festival experience, which caused him to get a little heated Nina & Monique. They had a lot of questions in regards to his rare form behavior while in Philly from dancing ...…
CB and Soos release the final episode in the "best of series." They flashback to when Marvel expert joins the show to discuss Spider-man and Soos surprises with his knowledge of comics. Plus, professional love doctor, Dr. Dangit, joins in on the fun to give CB dating advice. Everyone loves dogs, so CB and Soos have a funny dog discussion throug ...…
Lasers on the Ride
Part 3 of Lasers on the Ride’s multiverse series is “The Mod Broadcast” where the Lasers discuss all things mod but really just the scooters. They throw on some lmao accents and sort of examine the music from the era.By (
CB and Soos are back with "the best of quarter 3..." A lot of brand new segments and firsts happened during the third quarter of the CB and Soos Show. The first ever voicemail segment, where random callers leave messages, was a hit. Two funny interviews with Mr. Saint Patrick and a grave digger that had CB and Soos in tears. Excellent advice fo ...…
We Bringing Love Back Podcast
We're back again this week to discuss first dates! I don't have too much to say but women, me and T-Hill apologize for Demyja's ashy behavior (LMAO). Also, thanks for Whitney (@1Lovee_GiAna) for joining us today.
CB and Soos discuss the North Korea missile crisis and what Kim Jong-un will do. Also, CB reveals dirty secrets in a nasty game of "Would You Rather." Plus, a ultra positive version of "Show Us Your Tweets" to change the the mood. A trip back to August 1999 to talk to songs, videos games, and movies at the time in "Nostalgia Nutshell." Leave us ...…
CB and Soos discuss the return of Total Request Live to MTV. Soos remembers winning the Wiffleball Championship. "Show Us Your Tweets" combines WWE and Chinese food to bring everyone a TOOO SWEET n sour feeling. A return to 1998 in "Nostalgia Nutshell" to talk about everything hot on this day. Leave us a message on our FREE voicemail box and we ...…
THIS TOOK SO LONG TO EDIT Recorded in January , never touched again unitl August. Little Brother/ Cohost of Grumpkins and Snarks Joins us for Analysis of The Princess Bride, selected Scenes from Ransom, and Braveheart, and a hearty discussion on the then Upcoming Beauty and the Beast Remake. Generalized Chewing and eating MCdonalds and plenty o ...…
CB and Soos dive into the OJ Simpson parole story and CB is not happy about it. Plus, a Rocko's Modern Life reboot on the horizon, what do CB and Soos expect from the upcoming revival of the 90's Nickelodeon cartoon? "Show Us Your Tweets" returns with an athlete, movie, and TV twist. Also, more stupid voicemails from stupid people. Leave us a m ...…
CB and Soos dive into the McGregor and Mayweather circus that's traveling across the world. CB talks with an expert about Spider-Man Homecoming and Soos proves why he's the actual expert. Mr. Wiffleball, Koby Keck, stops by the show to plug The Wiffle Ball Championship 2017 and discuss everything Backstreet Boys. Plus, more random voicemails fr ...…
Shade in Full Podcast
Blac Chyna The Scammer goes to court, Josaline Hernandez is doing lines while K. Michelle takes shots. Meanwhile, we are fed up with the POLICE!And yes... We know Nicki is the ninja and Weezy is the sensei LMAO!repost if you enjoyed!
Episode 202 we discuss the following - WWE Great Balls of Fire Predictions - GFW Slammiversary 2017 Review - Alberto Dumb Patron needing to shut up ENJOY .... Perros LMAOBy Steven Guerrero.
We started off rough but it got better! This WYD segment is HILARIOUS!! LmaoGet your Summer 17 Cookout playlist here on Spotify under "CFDC Music" on Spotify!
Howard, J.C. & Larry discuss the crazy week in sports: ICONversation with Jim Tanner, Founder & CEO of TandemSerena Williams vs. John McEnroe...Who's Right?Serena Williams vs. Vanity Fair...Anne Lebrovitz missed?LMAO: The UNC Study Group Enjoy!!!
Howard, J.C. & Larry discuss the crazy week in sports: Colin Kaepernick, Golden State, Lebron and more with Dr. Harry Edwards, Sports SociologistLMAO that will surely make you laugh Enjoy!!!
Three Nerds Watch Cartoons
Lmao we're going on hiatus and I was late with the notice tooooooooooooooooooo !!!!
Open Forum Radio
OFR Season 8 (Episode 31) - Arrested War GamesTuesday, June 27th 2017 10:06+ EST.Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Vladz, Derek, JasonMain Topics/Group Discussion:(Feedback at Games: Titanfall 2 getting new maps and more in next free DLC pack Are you ready for 6X? Xbox One X version of Titanfall 2 has reached resolutions ...…
One of the things I’ve struggled with most as an entrepreneur is building an email list. So I asked my good friend, Jared Kimball to help me out. Jared is the Manager of Marketing Programs for Infusionsoft. In this Episode, Jared tells us that: “Building an audience is like working out; you cannot just imagine it, it takes work.” “The key to bu ...…
Sign Me Up Podcast
It's CancerSZN.. and that means the year is already halfway done! turn upp! We're chatting about our cancer (grand)moms and all that they bring into our lives lol. Safarri was the first (but not only)celeb brawling this BET weekend.. and Shanna just isn't a pet person, she can't even fake it lmao
Everyday Ignorance Podcast
Everyday Ignorance Podcast is back with episode 37. This week we had a special guest Kyle aka K.Y. Hecame to kick it with us, because he is the resident father since none of the males on the podcast have kids. On this episode we talked about America’s favorite thot Rev. Al Sharpton and discussed the negativity that surrounds Father’s Day. Don’t ...…
The Truculent Podcast
Nothing better than releasing a preview podcast an hour before the actual event! Ian joins Dylan to talk about the looming expansion draft and how George McPhee is probably screwing the whole thing up lmao
Sign Me Up Podcast
We're back from Cuba but the Cuba Libre lives on!! lmao This week we share some of our favorite memories from our trip abroad.. including our drunken shenanigans with the local Cubanos. As we wrap up #GeminiSZN , we get some prime examples of how Gemini presents in Aquarius Shanna. Plus, hear what Cydney is doing with a fake designer gift.. And ...…
This episode was suppose to be about #Daddies butttt as usual we got side tracked lmao Males, beware! its getting detailed discussing Amber Rose & her photo. we sorry lol 07:00- Amber Rose photo, FUPA's & pubs26:00- Father's Day facts 38:00- TalkThatIsh_Jay's top 10 finest zaddy list48:45- Do you call your mom's husband, boyfriend, boo etc. by ...…
Everyday Ignorance Podcast
THIS IS NOT A SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!! The ignorance never stops...On episode 36 of Everyday Ignorance Podcast we discussed everything from Bed Bugs the new weapon of choice on streets, the NBA finals, Roscoe Dash driving for Lyft. We finally crowned the G.O.A.T of strippers & you won’t believe who the winner is lol. Okay we will give you one clue ...…
Howard, J.C. & Larry discuss the crazy week in sports: ICONversation with Dr. Harry Edwards, Sports SociologistAll Hail the Golden State Warriors, NBA ChampionsUniversity of Louisville, Rick Pitino and the NCAALMAO that will surely make you laugh Enjoy!!!
E3 starts earlier and earlier every year. No topic timestamps this week as it’s a solo show. Andrew spends the first half an hour moaning about how boring EA’s press conference was then spends the back half about Black Panther and Wonder Woman. If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast of Molehill Mountain, you can watch ... Continue reading ‘Mol ...…
Every Wednesday night at 6: 30 pm pst LIITR host and founder Dave (@LIITRBOXING) Duenez and co-host Felipe (@SDFights) Leon talk all the latest boxing news on Leave it in the RinG. Dave and Felipe give a fresh and unfiltered take on the world of boxing with fan interactive debates, breaking news ,and in-depth no-holds-barred interviews with the ...…
Every Wednesday night at 6: 30 pm pst LIITR host and founder Dave (@LIITRBOXING) Duenez and co-host Felipe (@SDFights) Leon talk all the latest boxing news on Leave it in the RinG. Dave and Felipe give a fresh and unfiltered take on the world of boxing with fan interactive debates, breaking news ,and in-depth no-holds-barred interviews with the ...…
This week we talk briefly about James Comey's testimony, Theresa May's general election result, the failure of Kansas' tax cuts and Skittles' contribution to Signalling Capitalism. Also featuring Kurt Eichenwald's tentacle "research" confession, the story of an eight year old drag queen plus discussion on dude weed LMAO.…
On the Low Podcast
Cousin - Fuckers seriously do exist guys, it's unfortunate but true. FACTS!I’m back in the building but this time we have an Election Special for you. I sat down with Cynthia from the blog; A Cup of Cyn Tea and Ryan from IGOTTWEETS and also IGOTINSTA to discuss the Fuckery that was the 2017 General Election. We laughed, we didn’t cry, we banter ...…
DJ Biopic » Podcasts & Mixes
Today’s ‘Mind Deep Confusion’ Session was a blast from the past, going in on the up tempo Soulful tip this week. Playing from the archives as i simply haven’t found many tracks I’m digging from that scene right now so took you back in time to some tracks that are now on the verge of being classics, however not quite as yet, though some I played ...…
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