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Teresa Tomeo, host of Catholic Connection is a dynamic Professional Speaker and local Media Personality. She discusses social issues, media awareness, and interviews local businesses, youth, families, and community leaders in Southeastern Michigan. Live and local, Teresa reports on news throughout the Catholic community and how we can make a difference.
Insights Readings from timeless Christian literature and writings of the saints and doctors of the Church.
A weekly exploration of the past, present and future of the Latino musical universe
By Maria Fernandez, a highly-experienced native Spanish teacher. Easy Spanish lessons with speaking exercises and drills. Master the Spanish verbs. Expand your vocabulary. Develop your conversation skills. Get a cool Spanish accent. This Spanish course includes: verb drills, role playing exercises, language learning tips, vocabulary audio flashcards, everyday words and phrases, pronunciation exercises, fun grammar lessons, and more. This podcast is ideal for beginners, and those with gaps in ...
Instruction on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and other topics critical to those seeking answers to life's greatest questions..
Kresta in the Afternoon is what Catholic radio has been missing: a daily conversation - personal, authentic and human. It looks at all of life through the lens of Scripture and the teaching tradition of the Catholic Church. The scope is not limited to spiritual subjects...our host Al Kresta talks abortion, war, peace, dissent, old age, New Age, heavy metal, light eating, politics, church affairs, current events, family and marriage, movies and media, theology and apologetics, sports, crime a ...
Tom's recordings about coffee from regions abroad and at home in California's SF Bay Area.
Parenting issues from diaper dilemmas to teenage traumas to college crises along with family, personal and professional life issues are dealt with in a straight-forward, no-nonsense, and often humorous way. Just tune in to listen to some words of wisdom or call in with your own questions.
More 2 Life is a radio program that brings the Theology of the Body teachings of John Paul II into the practical, everyday experience of life. Dr. Greg and Lisa will help you solve your problems with relevant, relatable and achievable tools and solutions straight from the genius of the Theology of the Body. It is the life you were meant to live! If you would like to make a telecounseling appointment with Dr. Greg or one of his associates, call 740-266-6461. To purchase Dr. Greg's books, plea ...
This show is hosted by Fr. Bob Warren S.A., of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. Since its inception in 1898, reconciliation and healing through at-one-ment — the unity of men and women with God and one another — has been the mission of the Friars' work and ministries to people of every race, religion, and walk of life.The social ministries of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement serve the poor, the needy, and the homeless, people living with HIV/AIDS, those in hospitals and prisons, ...
Radio Maria USA
Catholic Radio for the USA
This is the authoritative book written by Montessori to describe her methods. It gives an overview of the Montessori Method as developed for 3 to 6 year olds. It is a short work, intended as a manual for teachers and parents, detailing the materials used as well as her philosophy in developing them. "As a result of the widespread interest that has been taken in my method of child education, certain books have been issued, which may appear to the general reader to be authoritative expositions ...
Imagine what life would be like if you had access to an enlightening tool that offered meaningful personal insight and guidance? The knowledge you would gain about your journey - and the clarity you’d find to make empowering life choices – well it would be nothing less than remarkable! Guess what? There IS a powerful tool that offers exactly this - and more: Astrology. You’re invited to listen in as your host Maria DeSimone educates and inspires you each week about the mystical language of a ...
Radio Maria Uganda
Radio Maria Arabic
Radio Maria Arabic
Insights to help Catholics acquire the tools they need to do their part in the New Evangelization.
Sandra McDevitt brings you heartwarming tales of ordinary people dealing with extraordinary situations.
In the early 1900's Dr. Maria Montessori began to reform educational methods with her work the 'Case dei Bambini' in Rome, Italy. Montessori began her work by developing methods to educate mentally retarded children, the method she developed was used with several children who at age eight took the state examinations in reading and writing, the children passed with above average scores. Because of this success (which is known as the 'first Montessori Miracle') Dr. Montessori was asked to open ...
Von Di - Fr um 20:30 Uhr l?dt diese Sendeschiene dazu ein, sich in der H?rerfamilie mit verschiedensten Themen rund um Glaube und Spiritualit?t auseinanderzusetzen.
Radio Maria Philippines
Stories fans want to hear and stars want to share!
Inspiration and teaching about Scripture that shows how God's word can feed, strengthen, and give hope in our daily circumstances.
Let's Get Moving is a journey to find small changes that can make a big difference in our lives. Host Maria Shilaos from KSL NewsRadio takes a look at what just a few minutes a day can do for you!
Podcasts semanais do Programa "Entrando em Alpha" com Maria Silvia Orlovas na Rádio Mundial FM 95,7 | AM 660. Todas as terças às 22h. O programa tem como ponto focal as mensagens dos Mestres Ascensionados da Fraternidade Branca que tem sido há anos o tema dos livros, blog com as canalizações semanais, além dos atendimentos e grupos conduzidos por Maria Silvia. No programa são abordados também assuntos do nosso dia a dia, relacionamentos, sentimentos, emoções à luz da espiritualidade, vidas p ...
"The mother and the child" is a lecture given by Maria Montessori in 1915. The famous educational reformer speaks about the importance to give children freedom and a suitable environment, so they will be able to fully develop according to their own nature. - Summary by kattekliek
Cara Santa Maria is a science communicator, television host, producer, and journalist. She is excited to present "Talk Nerdy," a place for conversations with interesting people about interesting topics.
What does it take to be a saint? In this two-hour live show, Barbara McGuigan her guests, and her listeners talk about saints…past present and future. Sainthood is not beyond reach for any of us!
"The Worst Thing" is a podcast where comedian and writer, Maria Heinegg, gets up close and personal with her guests about some of the worst things they’ve ever done, seen, said, experienced, witnessed or felt. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes there’s tears, often it’s uncomfortable and always, it’s interesting.
Church and Culture engages all aspects of our culture with the aim of discussing “cultural apologetics.” Culture is discussed from a Catholic perspective in order to provide opportunities for Catholics to introduce the faith to others through a book, a movie, a TV show, a piece of music, a political issue, or an artist, among other things. The Church speaks through culture, and while there is much in our culture to be avoided, there is much that can witness to the Catholic faith. On each pro ...
This program spotlights the activities of committed Catholic laity whose ministries are making a real difference in their parishes and in society.
Radio Maria Malawi
BAD BAD MARIA is a happy event planner, who pays attention to love, detail, simplicity and original decoration. As an alternative weeding organizer Bad Bad Maria ensures a memorable and passionate ceremony according to the couple special wishes.
Radio Maria Canada
Radio Maria Indonesia
Radio Maria Dominican Republic
Anthology series featuring presentations recorded live, plus classics from the Ave Maria Radio archives.
anita medrano
Nutritionist Maria
helping compulsive/over eaters overcome their unhealthy relationship with, while cultivating healthy habits. | This podcast was created in Anchor. To make your own podcast for free, visit
The sleeping beauty in the wood -- Hop-O'-My-Thumb -- Cinderella; or, the little glass slipper -- Adventures of John Dietrich -- Beauty and the Beast -- Little One Eye, Little Two Eyes, and Little Three Eyes -- Jack the giant-killer -- Tom Thumb -- Rumpelstilzchen -- Fortunatus -- The Bremen Town Musicians -- Riquet with the tuft -- House Island -- Snow-White and Rose-Red -- Jack and the bean-stalk -- Graciosa and Percinet -- The iron stove -- The invisible prince -- The woodcutter's daughte ...
Shadow Politics is a grass roots talk show giving a voice to the voiceless. For more than 200 years the people of the Nation's Capital have ironically been excluded from the national political conversation. With no voting member of either house of Congress, Washingtonians have lacked the representation they need to be equal and to have their voices heard. Shadow Politics will provide a platform for them, as well as the millions of others nationwide who feel politically disenfranchised and di ...
Catholic Radio for the USA
Rodin has pronounced Rilke's essay the supreme interpretation of his work. (From the translators’ Preface)Auguste Rodin, 1840-1917, was a French sculptor. Although Rodin is generally considered the progenitor of modern sculpture, he did not set out to rebel against the past. He was schooled traditionally, took a craftsman-like approach to his work, and desired academic recognition, although he was never accepted into Paris's foremost school of art. Sculpturally, Rodin possessed a unique abil ...
Radio Maria Rwanda
Harrington follows the protagonist of the same name who tries to explore his memories in order to understand his views on Jews. It begins with Harrington's early images of Jews, which are formed by a collection stories told by his maid, of Simon the Jew. His parents further strengthen this image by rewarding Harrington's antisemitism. Only after going to public school and coming face to face with the bully Mowbray are Harrington's views on Jews changed. Mowbray's tormenting of a Jewish peddl ...
Maria Tells All
Maria Tells All is the blog of a teenage girl living in San Diego, California. I talk about what I feel like talking about, what's going on in my life, anything I have issues with, a bit of politics and lots of fun. I discuss trips I've gone on, and this is just in general a great blog to relax to! Subscribe, and have fun!
Coleen provides free, friendly advice from a Catholic Christian perspective on a variety of personal and family issues.
Oh my it's maria
This podcast was created in Anchor. To make your own podcast for free, visit
Radio Maria Malta
Radio Maria Malta
Vamos a divertirnos! Música, animales, estilos de vida.
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podlovePlayer("#podlovewebplayer_c817a0e9c212ea5ed7260b80673ec9b850192b60", {"show":{"title":"Feuillet\u00f6ne - Kultursendung f\u00fcr Musik, Film, Serie und Literatur","subtitle":"Die Kulturmatin\u00e9e mit w\u00f6chentlichem Wohlsein f\u00fcr Augen, Ohren und Hirn. Wir besprechen Musikalben, B\u00fccher, Filme und Serien. Wir verkosten Whisk ...…
We took a break because the finale was terrible. C’mon MTV, stop making us wait to see the winner of The Challenge, we just find spoilers anyway. Zach and Hillary are here to help host, and we cover the winner of Vendettas. Spoiler, it’s Cara Maria. We’re too nice to make you wait to know. It’s Cara. You go girl. We cover the finale and the reu ...…
Episode 6​1 - ​​Maria Filippone​,​ D.O.Dan Sterenchuk and Tommy Estlund are honored to have as our guest, ​Maria Filippone​,​ D.O. Maria is a physician, co-founder of Des Moines Young Artists' Theater and co-owner of Noce, Des Moines’ premiere jazz club. She is a mother to three girls, and has been pursuing a life long dream of learning Arabic. ...…
Enjoying the outdoors with your pets. Keith Peterson, Maria Schultz and April Peterson from River Rock Outfitter in downtown Fredericksburg.
Self Advocate | Read the Fine Print | Motivation | Inspiration
On this episode of the Emerald Podcast Network news reporter Ryan Nguyen interviews current ASUO president Amy Schenk and incoming ASUO president Maria Gallegos about their thoughts on ASUO. Schenk reflects on the successes and failures of her tenure and offers advice for navigating the student government, while Gallegos shares her hopes and fe ...…
Today’s movie is “Come Sunday” (2018), the religious drama based on the life of Bishop Carlton Pearson (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a preacher ostracized by his congregation and peers for proclaiming that everyone has already been saved and that there is no hell. The film was adapted for the screen by Marcus Hinchey and directed by Joshua Marston, based ...…
Reflexões Espíritas Web Rádio Sementes de Amor
Somebody please adopt this adorable Dalmation!Rosa: Maria KonopkenEssex: Mike GospelDan: Dan Schiffmacher
Reflexões Espíritas Web Rádio Sementes de Amor
Reflexões Espíritas Web Rádio Sementes de Amor
Today is Equal Pay Day. Maria Shriver has a report. It’s National Sibling Day. Misused phrases that make you sound dumb. More fun with texts from teens. These are hilarious. CBS is upset about a Charlie Rose expose.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Osteopath, bariatrician, ketogenic family physician, and author Dr. Adam Nally is our guest today in Episode 1379 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.” Today we are proud to welcome back to the show former Keto Talk co-host and co-author of the brand new book The Keto Cure, Dr. Adam Nally from Releasing today is the long awaite ...…
Maria and Tom interview Adam Wheeler and Shannon Dray over their triple bill show NEO.
Maria and Tom interview Anna Thomson on PO PO MO CO at MICF.
Maria and Tom talk to Kirsten Jackson over her role as Ambassador for Art for Epilepsy 2018 and her artworks.
Tom and Maria interview Icelandic Comedian Ari Eldjarn over his show and his experience of the MICF.
O programa destaca nesta edição o disco histórico, Época de Ouro - Dino 50 anos (LP de 1987, 50 anos de carreira do mestre) e o CD de 2017 do acordeonista Álvaro Couto - SONS DO BRASIL - CHORO. Ouça ainda gravações de Benedito Lacerda; Helio Delmiro; Silvia Maria e Pedro Agi; Novo Quinteto; Humberto Araújo; Luiz Arruda Paes/Orquestra.…
Join Maria with popular guest Aliza Einhorn as she shares her wisdom on the power of Tarot as well as some of her personal secrets and tips connected to reading the cards. The ladies also offer tag team astrology and Tarot readings to two lucky callers!.
Welcome to “Stats and Stories”, a new podcast series from Family Service Toronto, one of the city’s oldest and most vital social service organizations. In this series, we will examine evaluation trends in the Canadian non-profit sector. Each podcast episode will feature a Family Service Toronto student who will speak to Canadian evaluators abou ...…
This month's episode of Kwest On Media podcast delves into the issue of copyright law and ways to pay off the debt of Puerto Rico following the devastating results of Hurricane Maria.
Dave, Maria, and Michael recap the Easter season and Four Corners' Easter gatherings. Specifically, they talk about why the world views the gospel to be foolishness, how Christians can combat their own struggles with the truth of the resurrection, and what sort of implications the resurrection has on our everyday lives.…
REJOICE!--Celebrate the Easter season by exploring what it takes to live a more joyful life
Welcome to the first Episode of Extra Education Beyond School Time. This is Maria Sereno – Your host, Your friend and a parent like you. I can’t tell you how excited I am. This is the first episode and almost everyday I am going to be sharing with you great tips you can easily follow […] The post #001: Raising Children | What a challenge! Thoug ...…
Vivian Liddell and Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz Peachy Keen headed down to Orlando, Florida for Spring Break and met up with local artist and educator Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz. Bronx-born to Puerto Rican parents, Raimundi-Ortiz talks us through her teenage years attending the fabled “Fame” school (LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts) a ...…
Through the centuries, there have been exceptional female performers - on the largest stages of the world, and in smaller, more intimate settings. They include Clara Wieck Schumann, Maria Theresia von Paradies, Nadia Boulanger, Dame Myra Hess, Rebecca Clarke, Jacqueline Du Pre, Evelyn Glennie, Maria Callas, Marian Anderson, and Leontyne Price.…
Maria Shriver, the former first lady of California, and her daughter Christina Schwarzenegger talk with Recode's Kara Swisher about "Take Your Pills," a new Netflix documentary they executive produced. Schwarzenegger says her experience at Georgetown University made her realize that no one had yet made a documentary about the prevalence of adde ...…
Dakota T. Jones is joined by Jasmin Savoy Brown! Dakota T. Jones is joined by Jasmin Savoy Brown who is an American actress, singer, and dancer most known for her role as “Evie” on the HBO series The Leftovers. Other credits include FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, ABC Family’s The Fosters and NBC’s Grimm. She also played supporting roles in the Sunda ...…
Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents The Unproduced Table Read, a weekly Vodcast series featuring Hollywood’s best unproduced pilot and movie scripts read by professional actors, accompanied exclusive writer interviews and insight! Up until now, we’ve been reading polished drafts of scripts that have gone through many, many different iteration ...…
Photo by Mia Fermindoza This week Anna and Maria welcome a very special guest, Alanna Okun. Alanna is a writer, editor, and other words, a very appropriate guest for Never Wear Boring Socks. An avid knitter, she even makes her own un-boring socks. Alanna’s work can be found on Racked, Buzzfeed, NPR, Apartment Therapy, The Hairpin, ...…
Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents a vodcast for your insider look into the day to day reporting of the hottest scoops, exclusives and reports from the leading reporters in the industry on all things movie news! It’s Popcorn Talk Network’s Meet the Movie Press, hosted by The Tracking Board’s Jeff Sneider and Forbes’s Simon Thompson. Each wee ...…
A healthy career comes from a healthy mind. Part one of this two-part episode covers the important role mental health plays in your job search. Maria Carluccio, Assistant Professor in Illustration at CCAD, discuss the barriers within ourselves and the common trials 20-something creative professionals work through.…
On this weeks edition of The Dave Weinbaum Show - Rossanne Barr is BACK in a big way! Maria and James Kallstrom talk FBI. Jesse Watters talks to Diamond and Silk about Uncle Joe bullying our own President. Tucker talks to Erica Thomas about gun safety in Georgia.. all this and more!! Let's do this together!…
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