Best mataji podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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Monthly+ - - Essential techniques to help you connect with Babaji Nagaraj - Includes sanskrit calligraphies, focus techniques, energy building techniques + More!
The Song Celestial unfolds a dialogue of the advice given by an avatar or God incarnate. The recipient of the message is Arjuna, the prototype of the struggling human soul who is ready to receive the great knowledge by his close companionship and increasing nearness to the divine Self within himself. This symbolic companionship of Krishna and Arjuna, the divine and the human soul is further dramatized by the fact that their dialogue takes place amidst the din and clamor of a battlefield. The ...
Sri Krishna Lila
Never before has the complete life of Krishna been told in a way that is so engaging and understandable, yet so faithful to the ancient epics of India. Spiritual seekers of all traditions will find inspiration and revitalized faith in these pages. Sri Krishna Lila describes the extraordinary manifestation of the Eternal in the realm of time that occurred in Krishna, the playful and enchantingly beautiful Deity who embodies the highest truths of India's spiritual wisdom. While the usual Weste ...
This is the story of the Lord’s descent on earth as Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, scion of the race of Raghu, pinnacle of human perfection. Place the name RAMA as a jeweled lamp at the door of your lips and there will be light both inside and out... Sri Tulsi Dass. The seventeenth of July Dakshinayanam starts, the 6 months of the year when the sun starts its northward journey. This is a very important month spiritually.The first 7 days are normally given to reading the Ramaya ...
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The world of healing and gurus is full of frauds and charlatans – so one should be sceptical and we must use our brains to judge the truth as these people, who charge money, cannot be your guru. (Duration: 4 mins: 17secs)
Thousand of followers around the world, hail Shri Mataji as India’s greatest living Saint who teaches a gospel of peace – free of charge. (Duration: 5 mins)
How meditation can lead to a sincerity which can transform people’s lives – it even produces a cool soothing breeze on top of the head. Mahatma Gandhi recognised Shri Mataji’s spiritual gift and invited her to live in his household. (From BBC TV Britain early 1980’s. Duration: 4 mins:31 secs)
The awakening of the spiritual energy Kundalini and how it’s used to balance the subtle system and awaken the emotional side in busy people. (From BBC TV Britain early 1980’s. Duration: 2 mins)
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