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A weekly review of the paranormal world with Jim Harold and Micah Hanks.
Like Micah
Like Micah brings you stories about the intersection of Progressive Christianity, social justice, and lived experience. Our name comes from the call of the Hebrew prophet Micah to “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly” as people of God. We are a podcast of Downtown Disciples, a progressive faith community in downtown, Des Moines, Iowa. Our community invites those of you who have been hurt by the church, struggle with the church, still hold out hope for the church, or have no experience ...
“Seek to be worth knowing, rather than well-known." This is a podcast about the stories of people who may be well-known, but are more importantly, worth knowing. Each week, Micah Jesse brings you conversations with designers, thought-leaders, actors, musicians, models, social media influencers and CEOs. "Worth Knowing" is a show that reveals the secrets to their success that no one teaches you… until now. New episodes every Thursday!
Husband and wife duo and hosts, Micah and Rochelle, discuss important topics that relate to developing a thriving marriage, while rearing happy kids. This Christian show is for couples who are looking to get married and those who know the joy of marriage and have added children to their family. An episode releases every Sunday.
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We discuss topics related to spirituality and everyday life. As you may notice, the some of the topics are a bit off beat, or at least unusual. This is intentional as our hope is to encourage everyone to find God in the most simple, yet obvious settings.
The Future Is Now
Micah's Podcast
Micah's Podcast
Micah Jesse
Micah Jesse is a celebrity & lifestyle blogger and personality. His website,, is a go-to source for all things "amazing," including celebrity news and sightings, social events, fashion, and interviews.
Micah I Winship
This podcast was created in Anchor. To make your own podcast for free, visit
Every week we converge in Orange County, California's seediest studio to talk about entertainment, music, books, etc,. Whatever we want. We hope you enjoy! We will
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A digital medium consisting of episodic series of audio discussing social issues, gay pageantry, relationship talk and Exclusive Interviews.
Two man-children make top ten lists for topics that have little to no real value!
Young's Literal Translation is a translation of the Bible into English, published in 1862. The translation was made by Robert Young, compiler of Young's Analytical Concordance to the Bible and Concise Critical Comments on the New Testament. Young produced a "Revised Version" of the translation in 1887. After he died on October 14, 1888, the publisher in 1898 released a new Revised Edition. (Summary from Wikipedia)
The Official Site
Christian Life Fellowship Sermons - Video and Audio.
Black on Black Cinema is a weekly podcast where 3 guys discuss the ins and outs of Black films. With a touch of humor and a drive for relevant discussion, Black on Black Cinema will entertain, as well as, inform. Hosted by Jay, Micah, and Terrence.
Hosted by Micah Uetricht and RL Stephens, from Jacobin magazine.
The Nerdpocalypse
Weekly podcast that started it all. Focusing on all things nerdy from movies, science, technology, comics to the strange and bizarre stories from around the internet. The Nerdpocalypse podcast aims to entertain as well as engage in intelligent conversation about what makes up our nerdy world! Hosted by Jay, Micah, Jack, and Terrence.
Middle Theory
News, history, current events, politics, conspiracies, and controversy... all without the slant of the mainstream. This is Middle Theory, where the facts come to you unfiltered, with your hosts Micah Hanks and Christopher McCollum. Follow the show online at
Ringer FC
Ringer soccer fanatics Chris Ryan, Micah Peters, and Ryan O'Hanlon team up to talk all things football. Joined by Ringer staff and guests, they will cover the Premier League, the USMNT, Bundesliga, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, as well as international soccer ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
Hancher Presents
Podcast by Micah and Chuy
The Official Podcast Home of the Atlanta Hawks, hosted weekly by Micah Hart and Hometeam Brandon Leak
Ringer FC
Ringer soccer fanatics Chris Ryan, Micah Peters, and Ryan O'Hanlon team up to talk all things football. Joined by Ringer staff and guests, they will cover the Premier League, the USMNT, Bundesliga, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, as well as international soccer ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
Vittek Tape Togo
on air on Micah Radio at 6 am gmt
On Table Noise we interview people of abnormal walks of life, whose stories are often not told. This could be anyone. Comedian, veteran, prostitute, priest, a drug dealer or an actor... Sit down, take a listen, learn about the world around you.
Your favorite podcast’s favorite podcast. Hosted by Ross Bolen, New York Times Bestselling Author and cheese enchilada aficionado, with producer Micah Wiener.
Micah Hann and Joshua Saunders talk NBA.
Laughing Penguin
Ethan Miller, Dallas Jack and Micah Hall sit down to talk about everything under and over the sun in this Comedy Podcast.
VC Podcast
The VC Podcast is the best place to find sermons from our weekly services!
Off The Post
Smart hockey talk for the informed fan, Off The Post is a national hockey podcast produced by Postmedia, the parent company of the Toronto Sun and National Post. Hosted by John Matisz.***GUEST LIST:Joe Birch,Uffe Bodin,Jason Botchford,David Branch,Matt Cane,Victor Carneiro,Josh Clipperton,Matthew Coller,Josh Cooper,Scott Cullen,Justin Cuthbert,Rachel Doerrie,Misha Donskov,Mark Edwards,Ian Fleming,Luke Fox,Eric Francis,Domenic Galamini,Bruce Garrioch,Adam Gretz,Sami Hoffrén,Gus Katsaros,Josh ...
Dense Pixels
The Dense Pixels Podcast is a weekly show talking about everything you need to know in the video game industry. We give you news, opinionated discussion, the important info on major new releases, and lots of humor from four guys who know, love, and live video games. Hosted by Brad, Micah, and Terrence.
Poverty Unlocked
The Christian response to a world of poverty
Micah Redding and Amy Gaskin explore Christianity and Transhumanism, diving deep into the relationship between religion, technology, and the future of the human race.
Micah, Ryan, John Yates, and friends discuss wild-eyed ideas about the future. With unique guests, they delve into life in the age of constantly accelerating change, and what that means for technology, culture, and the future of the world.
A group of Nerds who talk about Comics, Movies and TV shows every Saturday. Subscribe for some awesome chat about the latest developments in Marvel, DC and Star Wars with the geeks.Official podcast of (@ComiConverse)Staring: Jordan, Dale, Roger, Ryan, Micah and Nick with special guests#RunbyNerdsforNerds
Comedian and Writer Micah Gordon has been online dating for years, to varied degrees of success. As a fun social experiment, and a cool first date idea, Micah decided to start inviting his Tinder dates to a podcast booth at the Nerdist School, and recording the experience for everyone to hear. Listen to Micah go on first dates on So What Do You Do: The Tinder Date Podcast!
Christian Life Fellowship Sermons - Video and Audio.
RBF is committed to teaching God's Word in a way that makes sense to those that might not normally attend church. We are a church focused on knowing God, connecting to others and serving each other and the community.
A weekly discussion for the established church about the challenges and issues church leaders face. Led by Micah Fries (Brainerd Baptist, Chattanooga TN), Sam Rainer (West Bradenton Baptist Church, Bradenton FL) and Josh King (Sachse's Church, Sachse TX). The show is produced by Jay Allen ( in Dallas TX.
Much Too Much
Podcast by Micah Weirich
The weekly podcast of Grace Church of the Nazarene in Chattanooga, Tennessee with Pastor Micah Sturm.
The mission of Brainerd Baptist Church is to see God through Christ deliver individuals from the bondage of sin, disciple them into faithful followers of Christ, and deploy them as leaders to the nations. Sermons are preached by Micah Fries.
Podcast by Micah Dewey
Middle Theory
News, history, current events, politics, conspiracies, and controversy... all without the slant of the mainstream. This is Middle Theory, where the facts come to you unfiltered, with your hosts Micah Hanks and Christopher McCollum. Follow the show online at
You Suck Be Better
You Suck Be Better is a podcast about all the social things we've never been taught to do. Hosted by Micah Gordon (@MicahJGordon) & Amanda de los Reyes.
Podcast by D Micah Hatcher
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A new MP3 sermon from Grace Reformed Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Importance of Expository Preaching Subtitle: Exposition of Acts Speaker: Micah Perry Broadcaster: Grace Reformed Baptist Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 4/15/2018 Bible: Acts 6:1-6 Length: 66 min.…
"We all experience the "potholes" of life; bumps in the road. But if we depend on Jesus, He will give us a recovery plan (Micah 7:8), to regroup and reboot our lives. Then we can stay focused on His imminent Return and follow the love commandment to be Rapture Ready at all times." -Pastor Cliff Reynolds…
A new MP3 sermon from Providence Orthodox Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: God's Kingdom Exalted Subtitle: Micah Speaker: Shawn Mathis Broadcaster: Providence Orthodox Presbyterian Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 4/15/2018 Bible: Micah 4:1-2 Length: 30 min.…
Chris brings a message looking at the book of Micah. How do we respond the challenges in the world around us and how is God's message for the Israelites relevant to us today?
Apropos Of Something hosts Ellen Daniels and Nancy Laurence talk with Micah LeMon, author of The Imbible and head mixologist at James Beard Award-nominated The Alley Light, on the art of crafting serious spirits; and Leni Sorensen PhD, prominent culinary and cultural historian, author, creator of Indigo House, on her unique journey from back-to ...…
Welcome back to the Leaders Huddle Podcast. This week we are continuing with our Readiness series with a focus on medical readiness. Joining us in the huddle is a currently serving battalion-level Physician’s Assistant (PA), CPT Christopher Barber. CPT Barber has a wealth of knowledge and experience to inform the Leaders Huddle listeners on how ...…
Rev. Thomas joins Scripture & Spice to talk about the resurrection of Jesus and its impacts on humanity. Micah and Charles summarize ancient religious and pagan beliefs about afterlife and contrast such views with their understanding of how afterlife theology is presented in the New Testament.
Feel confused as to what is the best education choice for your children? Listen in as Denise Pass, a homeschool veteran of 21 years who has also used public school to educate her children, and Micah Maddox, a momma who has home educated and currently has her children in a private school, discuss this important issue. You can rest in knowing tha ...…
In this episode we’re talking to Micah Bybee the founder of Inkwise Graphics. Micah is a full service wrap shop that prints and installs all in-house. He got his start by designing skis and transitioned into vehicle wrap design. Like a lot of us he started his business out of his basement with a printed and has grown into a shop. Recently he's ...…
In this episode, Pastors Eric and Reggie sit down with Pastor Micah MacDonald to discuss why YOU are the hardest person you will ever have to lead. Micah teaches us the importance of developing a personal growth plan specific to your growth.Books you should read: - Ready, Set, Grow! by Scott Wilson- H3 Leadership by Brad Lomenick- Jesus Among S ...…
“You do not know now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” In July of this year the Episcopal Church will hold its General Convention. In preparation a House of Deputies Committee has submitted its report on the “State of the Church”. I recommend the full report for your reading but tonight I focus in on the section called, “Social J ...…
Micah 6-7, workbook 105By (
On this special edition of Middle Theory, an all-star cast comes together to join Micah and McNonymous as we examine news, politics, and the recent ransomware attack on Atlanta. On this edition of the show, we kick things off only to be swiftly taken down as an internet outage hits McNonymous’s hometown. Taking swift action, we are joined durin ...…
Drew Cameron is a papermaker and artist based in San Francisco. He rediscovered his interest in the craft of hand-papermaking after returning from his enlistment in the U.S. Army with a deployment in the war. Cameron traveled to Iowa to participate in several workshops and class visits in support of Hancher's recent production of My Lai. In thi ...…
On this Episode of the Red, White, and Brown podcast your hosts discuss John Bolton becoming Trump’s National Security Advisor, the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, also Micah goes over the recent (not too bad) budget, and Meseret and Dalton talk about Cynthia Nixon’s campaign for Governor of New York and the problems with celebrity an ...…
Stasis Lock Ep. 73: "Fantastic Beasts and how to title them" Featuring hosts Primal Sabbath, Kenny Prime, Micah, Joseph, Dalton, Tyler, Deluxe, Brian, Beast Wars Barry and myself, Bricks on the Dollar. Keep it locked for more Beast Wars-themed episodes every week as part of the Cool Table Network. Bricks on the Dollar ...…
Today,Micah and Nick are joined in the Studio by the irst ever guest on the Podcast! Email:
Tiddlywinks With Strangers is on a Taco Thursday with a fresh ep full of the finest ingredients. The Condor and Herb discuss such stories as the Tale of Micah Greenstein, Emutional Escape and A Principal Gone Too Far! More tales of the stranger side of life...on da Wiiinks.
This week's 77 percent show focuses on Sex doll craze in Africa. In Zambia for the example, the government has threatened the offenders with heavy jail terms, We will also head to Kenya where you can enjoy your alcoholic drink while listening to gospel music in a bar or nightclub begging the question can God, drinking and dancing mix? Listen to ...…
Drew Elliott joins me for episode five of “Worth Knowing." We recorded in his New York City office at PAPER Magazine, where he serves as Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer. Remember that whole #BreakTheInternet cover with Kim Kardashian West? Yup, he was the mastermind behind that. (The story was viewed over 16 Million times... just in the fir ...…
This we we discuss our initial impressions of Far Cry 5, Terrence's anger-inducing experience playing Sea of Thieves, Fortnite's dominance and how it is affecting schools, Microsoft's likely futile attempt to curb offensive language on their platforms, Marvel being a big jerk in their influence over the marketing of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, V ...…
Published on 19 Mar 2018. The Ringer’s John Gonzalez is joined by Juliet Litman to discuss the impact of Tyronn Lue temporarily stepping away as the Cavaliers' head coach, due to illness (2:20). Then, Haley O’Shaughnessy and Danny Chau discuss how the Warriors’ recent slew of injuries affect the Western Conference playoff picture (24:44) and va ...…
The Ross Bolen Podcast returns for its twenty-fifth episode. Hosted by Ross Bolen, produced by Micah Wiener.Intro(3:00) Viva Las Vegas(39:44) Houston Rap Song Of The Week(43:43) Stuff To Wikipedia When You're High: Project MKUltra(55:18) Hotline Calls(1:17:11) Animal Of The Week: Kermode Bear(1:22:52) The Tale Of Restless Wind(1:30:55) Announce ...…
Mario – Intro Siren & Daisy – Music Kaycee Kamya – Poetry Gabriel – Music Armando – Poetry Tony – Music Micah Tasaka – Poetry Cynthia Young – Poetry Marsz – Music Dave – Poetry Brendan Creecy – Comedy Nato – Rap Noah – Comedy Brian – Rap Nick – Comedy/Storytelling Bobby – Music Crazy Tony Mendez – Comedy…
Micah Love is a native of Houston Texas where he spends his time nurturing his family and focusing on faith building. Mr. Love continues to fight the unpredictable threat of Multiple Sclerosis daily while motivating others who are also affected to push through and live their lives to the fullest. Micah's definition of MS simply means, ‘My Strug ...…
Jen cries again in this one! And you should too, because Rickie is homeless in these episodes and if that doesn’t make you cry you probably don’t have a heart. As we near the end of My So Called Life and process our feelings about that, we tackle some of the big questions, like: Why is Katimsky so fucking difficult for Jen to pronounce correctl ...…
Tony Goins: Like I said before, when we conceived of this series, we got a lot of submissions involving a child in peril … or a child as a cause of peril. This is my contribution to that genre. Our second child was born with a serious case of jaundice, culminating in an awful New Year’s in Columbus’ Children’s Hospital. Jaundice is pretty surre ...…
People always have obstacles to coming into a relationship with God, and in most cases they are valid. How can rational people accept Jesus as their Savior? In this message Micah discusses how our obstacles don't just go away when we accept Christ...they just get really small.
Here in March we are doing a series on exploring the human condition within our culture. Join Denise Pass and Micah Maddox as they interview our special guest, Brian Thomas, to help us unravel some of the mystery behind the controversy of evolution and creationism and specifically, to discuss what we have seen in our culture about the racial is ...…
Micah Smith, the lead singer and songwriter of local band Empty Atlas, has built a following on lyrically driven, charming, alt-rock. Micah sat and chatted with us about Empty Atlas, his life, his passions and of all things...Infinity War. I can't wait for you to hear this distinctly Rebre-ish episode of the Local Spotlight.…
This week on The Nerdpocalypse Podcast, the guys are back to discuss Blade of the Immortal, Pacific Rim Uprising, Men in Black newly announced spinoff stars, Indiana Jones 5, DC disastrous handling of Batman, Justice League's terrible numbers, more Matrix movies, Deadpool 2, Infinity War, and much more. SHOW NOTES CHECKED OUT Blade of the Immor ...…
In conversation with Jaymes Sime about homelessness, both as the director of the homeless support organization MICAH House and as a former homeless person himself.
Okay, so we know there's still a few months left. There's still time for Micah Richards to make a late surge into the Villa Park faithful's affections... But we thought the international break was as good a time as any to go through your Aston Villa player of the season contenders. We asked you to rank the players in order of worst to best. And ...…
Stasis Lock Ep. 72: "I think I saw Snowstalker outside" Featuring hosts Primal Sabbath, Kenny Prime, Micah, Joseph, Dalton, Tyler, Deluxe, Brian, Beast Wars Barry and myself, Bricks on the Dollar. Keep it locked for more Beast Wars-themed episodes every week as part of the Cool Table Network. Bricks on the Dollar Prima ...…
Katherine Schwarzenegger joins me for episode four of “Worth Knowing” to talk about everything from her “most normal childhood ever,” the different challenges she experienced writing each of her three novels + working on several more, and wanting to focus more on television in 2018. Of course, we also get a little insight into the “wild” life s ...…
In this episode we Introduce a new addition to the Drone Photography Podcast crew, discuss what drones we use in our business and why, talk about the three important ingredients to a successful drone photography work, and offer an exclusive behind the scenes look at making of Audi Sport Experience with racing legend Hans Stuck. Show Notes – Lin ...…
Matthew 25:14-30 Review: It all __________________ to God. He ___________________ some of what He owns to us for a time. He intends for us to use what He has entrusted to us to further His ____________________ in this world on His behalf. We will give an ____________________ to Him of how we used what He entrusted to us. Micah 6:8 What has Jesu ...…
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