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Mocha Minutes
This is the Mocha Minutes Podcast! A melanated beauty who discusses current events, politics or anything floating off the top of my head :) Email me:
The Roz And Mocha Show
Canada's favourite radio show is The Roz & Mocha Show. It's your go-to show for entertainment and pop culture exclusives. If you don’t hear it on the Roz & Mocha Show, you won’t hear it anywhere else.
Cafe Mocha Radio
Cafe Mocha Radio and Entertainment
Mocha Vegan Performance Podcast
Performance through fitness, nutrition and productivity
Mocha Latte
Join hosts Dante and David as they talk about various issues that happen in our world. There's some philosophical talk, but it's very remedial. There will also be guests on the show to talk about things that people don't usually talk about in a public setting.
Flippish Podcast » Mocha Blog Live
Tuesdays just got hotter: Sexperts Mocha and Mae are here! These sizzling ladies will guide you through all your sex life concerns, so tell it all and spill the beans! Learn a new word every episode, straight from the sextionary. Get a good review of the kinkiest sex toys in town. Or simply be allured by these two lovely ladies. Education has never been this sexy!
Mocha ChatNVerse's Economic Summit
This Podcast was created using
Mocha Latte After Dark
Online Dating
The Retro Mocha Show
We are two dudes who build stuff that we want to exist. We like passive income and sell things that we would buy. The Retro Mocha Show is us, Shawn Baden and Brian Knapp, the co-founders of Retro Mocha, hanging out and talking about stuff that we find interesting. Join us for our semi-regular to weekly podcast where we discuss whatever is own our minds.
Mocha Milkies Cafe
an audio podcast about breastfeeding, pregnancy, and parenting in the african american communities.
Circus Coffee's Search for the Best Mocha Latte In the World
Travel and taste with me as I tour North America playing with the Circus and Circus Coffee, continuing on my quest for the "Best Mocha Latte in the World." Each week will include interviews with coffee professionals, really cool people that like coffee, highlights of each town's local coffee scene, topics of coffee and circus interest, as well as exclusive music from Moddog.....this just might be the best coffee talk of your week!
The Mocha Vegan Podcast: Performance | Lifestyle | Blogging | Online Business | On Demand Radio
THE podcast where fitness, nutrition and productivity divine a path towards a happier and healthier life.
Podcasted Fiction – Christine Rose
Mochas, Mediocrity, & Misanthropic Madness
Podcasts – Christine Rose
Mochas, Mediocrity, & Misanthropic Madness
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It’s Women’s History Month and we’re concluding our celebration with ‘My Journey’ an evening in honor of Essence Communication new leadership. This week we’re inspired by the journeys of trailblazing actresses Lynn Whitfield and Black-ish Jenifer Lewis known as the Mother of Black Hollywood. We’ll introduce you to Hollywood’s newest ‘Game Chang ...…
Cup uh Joe In this episode of Noted, the crew look at COFFEE! Flavor Name Notes % Time FA Dark Bean Super strong, very bad off notes, offensive and overtakes everything, burnt popcorn sprayed by a skunk mixed with dirt and coffee <1 7 FA Tiramisu Emily liked it, not a bad coffee, almost like WF Crispy Coffee, a little earthier taste Dave hated ...…
John Kinkaid is plagued with alcoholism and the fear of what retirement will bring. Alone and without friends John is used to taking the solo approach at life, even while on a mission with his fellow S.W.A.T. members. How far can John push his team? Will one of them put him On Ice? This week we bring you the thrilling tale On Ice by independent ...…
In this episode, Adam talks to Edd Yerburgh, Vue.js core team member and author of the vue-test-utils library, about testing Vue components. Topics include: Challenges with testing Vue components prior to vue-test-utils How vue-test-utils works and what it looks like to test a component Choosing a test runner Common mistakes people make when te ...…
Aadil returns to join Ben and Lucy in a full on roast of Brewdog, a chat about Tacoma, some extra thoughts on Zenge and a thorough discussion on violence and video games. Ben drinks the ‘Huddle’ Pale Ale from Verdent and ‘Glory’ Triple IPA from Northern Monk. Aadil has the ‘Cardinal Wolf’ Belgian DIPA from Weird Beard and Tiny Rebel and a Van V ...…
This Episode, we are joined by Candice of the Ratchet Ramblings Podcast. We talk about: Married to Medicine, RHOA, Safaree (eye emoji), Taye Diggs, Rae Carruth, Mo'Nique and much more! Follow Candice: Twitter: @londonNMommy Ratchet Rambling Website: Follow Me: Twitter: @mochaminutes F ...…
(CW: Rape, Domestic Violence) In this episode, Shanta and Rashanii talk about Dizzy the puppy, Shanta guesting on Mocha Minutes, White Folks in South Africa, Taye Diggs, Stacey Dash, Darth Wig, NCAA Boycott, Heather Locklear and Domestic Violence, and we close out with a discussion of Black Panther. Enjoy. Call the hotline at 916-572-9016 Leave ...…
(CW: Rape, Domestic Violence) In this episode, Shanta and Rashanii talk about Dizzy the puppy, Shanta guesting on Mocha Minutes, White Folks in South Africa, Taye Diggs, Stacey Dash, Darth Wig, NCAA Boycott, Heather Locklear and Domestic Violence, and we close out with a discussion of Black Panther. Enjoy. Call the hotline at 916-572-9016 Leave ...…
Word to the Mutha
"All I really to be happy. To find a love that's mine. It will be so sweet" We get into her humble beginnings, her hits, videos, hip hop fashion influence and how she became the musical voice for the struggles and experiences of black women. Guest: Stephanie, host of Mocha Minutes
Happy Valentines Day everyone and welcome to the official launch of the Beer Harmony podcast! In honor of Valentines Day (and the big launch), Greg and Shannon are reviewing the perfect dessert beer; Firestone Walker's Mocha Merlin coffee infused oatmeal stout. Mocha Merlin is the classic Velvet Merlin infused with local coffee, cocoa nibs and ...…
CAR-MUHL Flavorings Mentioned: CAP Caramel, FA Caramel, FLV Caramel, FW Caramel Candy, FW Salted Caramel, FW Salty Butter Balls, HS Caramel, INW Caramel, LA Caramel, MB Melty Caramel, SC Caramel Candy, SC Caramel Cream Puff, TFA Caramel (og), TFA Caramel,… Continue Reading →
On this episode of the podcast, I am joined by Deidre (DeeTales Podcast) and Charlee (Word to the Mutha Podcast) to recap the 2018 Grammys. Meet the new Cut Up Crew! Follow The Show: Facebook Twitter Instagram Follow Deidre: Twitter: @mydeetales Website: Follow Charlee: Twitter: @wordtothemutha Facebook: @wordtothemutha Websi ...…
For nearly six years, acclaimed author, speaker, podcaster, and Main Street Vegan Academy director, Victoria Moran, has trained individuals to become vegan lifestyle coaches and educators. Now, Victoria has teamed up with one her Academy alums turned faculty member, cookbook author, culinary instructor, and radio host, JL Fields, to bring that ...…
Mocha Latte and Hot Cakes in the Morning discuss the differences and challenges of dating in the black and gay communities.
This week we’re going beyond Black-ish with legendary actress Jenifer Lewis. She talks about the hit series, her new book ‘Mother of Black Hollywood’ and how bi-polar disease almost made her spiral out of control. Exclusively on Café Mocha! #TheMotherOfBlackHollywood #Blackish
It's Episode 20!! Rashanii (Single Simulcast) and Gerald Jones (Buy Black Podcast) join me to discuss Aziz Ansari, Consent and Mo'Nique. They also become my goons ;) Follow the show: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Follow Rashanii and Single Simulcast Visit Rashanii here: Follow Gerald and Buy Black Podcast Visit Gerald her ...…
The Boys try this podcasting thing on for size, and have a ton of tech trouble. And the food is bad. Featuring: blackberry beer breakfast sausages Spam spread on american cheese mocha Oreos a health-food cookie
On this episode: Ginuwine is Transphobic? Millie Bobbie Brown too "grown"? There is NO Black Panther Boycott Different World vs Grown-ish Follow the show: Twitter Facebook Instagram Email the show:
Roland Martin "brings the funk" this week on Café Mocha. He gets serious about how we can 'clap back' to protect our community and what Trump’s policies mean in 2018 and beyond. Stay woke with Café Mocha! #StayWoke #RollinWithRoland #BringTheFunk
Have you fought tooth and nail to lose weight only to put it right back on—and then some? Have you hit that age where it seems like, despite your best efforts, weight gain is inevitable? Whether you’re sick and tired, feeling helpless, or more motivated than ever to transform your body, you’re going to want to tune into this episode of the BioT ...…
In this episode: Dave Chappelle's new specials RIP Erica Garner What I should have learned 2016-2018 Follow the show: Instagram Facebook Twitter Email the show:
On this episode: Brochu not being charged with a hate crime Chris Long Tweet Thread Cam Newton defends Jerry Richardson Papa John steps down Follow the show: Facebook Twitter Instagram Email the show:
Ashland GracePoint
Home About Ministries News and Events Sermons Contact Christmas Eve [avia_codeblock_placeholder uid="13"] Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on Pinterest Share by Mail How did this message impact you? Share your testimony Private Manuscript: Introduction: Good evening, I would like to echo the welcome extended by Joanne S ...…
You bring wine to a dinner party & it's not opened, can you bring it home? She said 'YES'! A R&M fan proposes to his girl. Funneling Swiss Chalet Sauce. R&M answer fan questions. A guy on Craigslist tries to rent out HALF his King Size Bed.By (KiSS 92.5).
Are you supposed to wear underwear under Long Johns? Or ARE Long Johns underwear? Sex with ghosts is real and it's ruining marriages. People would pay $1,445 to make all the stress of the holidays go away. Whats the right way to cut a piece of toast?By (KiSS 92.5).
Can glass really break if you hit the right note? Are we really supposed to believe that Paper beats Rock? Is hanging a bag garbage on your neighbors door, that they left on the floor of the trash room, the most passive aggressive response ever?By (KiSS 92.5).
On this episode, I am joined by Amber from the Wonderful Malcontents and Black Chicks Watching Podcasts to discuss: Al Franken is Trash Colin Kaepernick Queen B's Surprise Wonder Woman Follow Mocha Minutes: Twitter: Mocha Minutes Facebook: Mocha Minutes Podcas Instagram: Mocha Minutes Follow Amber: Facebook: Black Chicks Watching Twitter: Black ...…
We try to break the world record for how many straws you can put in your mouth at once - which is 459. Maurie and Mocha bet on the AMA's and the stakes were high! Loser massages the winner. Kid Jokes, The Queen and the worlds biggest slice of pizza!By (KiSS 92.5).
29% of Americans think pie is better than cake! A study revealed that nagging moms have kids that grow up to be more successful than kids who didn't have a nagging mother. If you invite people over and order food, is it expected that your guests pitch in?By (KiSS 92.5).
BLOODY MARY BLOODY MARY BLOODY MARY! Is there a right way to stack a hamburger and should the cheese ever go BELOW the burger? We're back with another round of 5IN7. The right and very wrong ways to ask for free stuff. And 'Couple Costumes' Yes or No?By (KiSS 92.5).
75% of people believe in at least one paranormal thing (big foot, ghosts etc.) If you're invited for dinner at a friend's place during the week, how late should you stay? We talk to the Queen about her first meeting with 'Suits' star Meghan MarkleBy (KiSS 92.5).
A Roz & Mocha game called Pinched is played! Mocha has never heard of the group ABBA and fans LOST IT on him. The CRA scam is now a voicemail and threatens to have you arrested. Did an author from the 1800s predict Trump, Russia and America's downfall?By (KiSS 92.5).
Too old to Party? Clubbing at 7pm so you can be home in bed by 10pm is now a thing! Is the key to happiness dating a short guy? Popping pimples gives you the same thrill as riding a roller coaster. And is it ever okay to date a friends ex?By (KiSS 92.5).
A Redditor asked what the most disgusting food combinations are? We've got the ingredients and try some out ! We play a game called �5 In 7�! Is it ok to take another guy to the symphony other than your spouse? Would you pass a love test from the 1920s?By (KiSS 92.5).
THE CHRISTMAS SHOW - PART 2 on the WOAFM99 Radio Show. Featuring 10 breakthrough Indie artists with their versions of original and classic christmas songs! We also feature 3 artists from our brand new Independent No.1's Christmas Special, Vol.3 compilation. Today's Playlist: 1. Mike Peacock - Christmas Smile 2. The Rich Collective - Season of L ...…
THE CHRISTMAS SHOW - PART 2 on the WOAFM99 Radio Show. Featuring 10 breakthrough Indie artists with their versions of original and classic christmas songs! We also feature 3 artists from our brand new Independent No.1's Christmas Special, Vol.3 compilation. Today's Playlist: 1. Mike Peacock - Christmas Smile 2. The Rich Collective - Season of L ...…
Knitting On The Run
Episode 27 – Playing Catch Up Knitting and Running in 30 min or less Segments this week include: Fos, Wips, Stash, Out and About, On the Run and Patterns Be A Helper KAL - extended through January 6th so you can also participate in the Knitmore Girls Do Some Good KAL. FOs MIL hitchhiker shawl, pattern by Martina Behm, knit in Ito Yarn’s Kinu 10 ...…
On this episode, Iman joins me to discuss the "This Is Us" season so far! Follow the show: Twitter:@Mochaminutes Facebook: Mocha Minutes Podcast Instagram: Mocha Minutes
Cafe Mocha Radio
It's a moment in time that has come! This week we're having a candid conversation with Tarana Burke who started the #metoo movement. And why the time is now for women to step up and let their voice be heard. #metoo #mochamovement
On this week's episode: Gabby's revelation The tale of Two Targets Denzel vs Mass Incarceration Follow: Twitter: Mocha Minutes Facebook: Mocha Minutes Podcast Instagram: Mocha Minutes Email:
On this episode of the Mocha Minutes Episode: Married to Medicine What the Hell is Wrong with: Donald Trump Low Key: Gabby Douglas Mid Key: Russell Simmons, Charlie Rose High Key: Lena Dunham: Her convenient feminism and "hipster" racism Follow Mocha Minutes: Twitter: @mochaminutes Facebook: Mocha Minutes Podcast Instagram: Mocha Minutes Podcas ...…
We made it to Episode 10!! On this weeks episode: Reality Minute Low Key: What the HELL is wrong with: Tyrese Colin is GQ Citizen of the Year Mid Key: Roy Moore Keurig walking it back? High Key: Late Breaking: Tom Sizemore Louis C.K. Follow Mocha Minutes: Twitter: @mochaminutes Facebook: Mocha Minutes Podcast Instagram: Mocha Minutes Podcast Em ...…
Do you ever wonder the life of the person behind the lens? And how are they judging you while they edit your pictures? We find out from a very talented and fashionable photographer with a great sense of humor, ASAD ABBAS GILLANI. He’s got some great stories about meeting President Obama, uncomfortable photoshoots, and thoughts on iPhones as pro ...…
On this episode, we talk about friendships as we age, loneliness, and water. 00:30 - Lightweight & low maintenance 02:15 - Water 18:09 - Halloween recap 26:50 - Friendships & Aging 39:15 - Masculinity 46:03 - Doritos 48:34 - “Single” dad 52:35 - Business card reese's swanky DIY halloween costume here's that chili recipe dave was talking about.…
Hear us work with faulty equipment to produce a faulty latte. Listen at your own risk. Nothing super compelling here.
Invisible I stay up later than most people, so I was still awake and playing computer games when the crash happened. Tires screeched before I heard a tremendous crunching of metal. I thought it was just a simple car accident outside until an emerald spray of light flared out from the street and through the neighbourhood before me—and when I say ...…
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