Best mundane podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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The "Glorious in the Mundane" podcast is hosted by Christian Artist and Worship Leader Christy Nockels. Offering conversations and interviews with some of your favorite artists, speakers and authors, the podcast is designed to inspire you right where you are today doing whatever it is you're doing.
A weekly podcast from comedian Chris Lamberth.
A professional wrestling podcast where two guys talk about the wrestling they grew up with and talk about what's still awesome, lame, offensive, or just weird. It should be cool.
Trading house chores & errands for paddles & Dominance
A tiny weekly Monday podcast about something.
Come hear the Magic of the Mundane! Members of Rocher Hotel come together to play D&D and have wild adventures!
Mundane Noir
Mundane Noir is a podcast written and performed by normal, everyday people. We strive to create short stories from the most ordinary and mundane occurrences of normal life and present them in a clever and entertaining way. All with a nice noir style narrative in a modernized production. We at Mundane Noir specialize in the boring, the drab, and the uninteresting. We know that, in the end, it's not about the contents of the story, but how that story is told. Follow us on Twitter @MundaneNoir ...
The purpose is to explore anxiety and depression on a micro scale. Every episode, I will be discussing a story of mine or a guest and how anxiety and depression affects small parts of their lives. It's all about making the invisible visible.
The Library of Introspective Mundanity contains audio diary archives collected from sources across the spaces and times. Due to recent events, the records require organization so please pardon the recovery efforts.
People submit their most mundane tasks and we turn them into epic movie trailers.This has been started as a fundraising project for Comic Relief 2017. The cost is just £5 and 100% of your money will go to Comic Relief.For more information visit
Gallery Of The Mundane And Fantastic is a fully-improvised comedy podcast created by Phil Kijak, Peter Kremidas and Darren Stephens.
A show that delves into topics that seem mundane, annoying and sometimes downright boring - to reveal that they're surprisingly awesome.
Everyone I Know
A weekly or sorta weekly podcast where two opinionated brothers spout their beliefs on mundane topics with their unfortunate guests. Three topics, two brothers, one guest. Get a free audiobook and support the cast! Email us!
God In All Things
This podcast hopes to find God in all things, mulling over questions about God from an Ignatian perspective, reflecting on scripture, and being attentive to how God permeates the moments of our exciting and mundane life. For more, visit
Kill Me Now is a weekly podcast hosted by award winning comedian and writer, Judy Gold. Since Judy always seems to be pissed-off about something, she thought why not interview celebrities about what makes them angry - from the extraordinary to the mundane. Whether it's your cheap friend who always gets up from the table when the check comes, to injustices such as inequality & equal pay, Judy and her guests vent with wit, humor and passion while you laugh your ass off.
Listen while Tim and Jill, hosts of Our View, discuss many important LGBTQ issues such as healthcare, equal rights, and discrimination among other important LGBTQ and community topics.
Dean Blundell and friends find humor in everything from the mundane, to the miraculous, to the obviously stupid.
Phoning It In
Random trivia from my life, and therefore most likely to be interesting to family members and incomprehensible to everyone else.
Official podcast of the Ephemeral Rift YouTube Channel where I share my thoughts, observations, perspective and personal experiences on a variety of topics ranging from the everyday mundane to politics, and as of November 2017 featuring music from various genres. YouTube: Facebook Page:
Audio versions of the small press publications from Panspermia Press. Writing by Darren Simpson, Illustration and Podcast production by Chris Baldwin. for more information or find us on facebook.
Bad Asians
David Nguyen and Imran G are two stand up comedians in the San Francisco Bay Area who provide weekly colorful commentary on current events, culture, and/or the mundane.
The science of happiness churned through this wide-eyed, infuriating, inspirational and mundane act called life. If you want to follow thousands of others into the rabbit hole of positive psychology check out The Positive Psychology Podcast.
strange N unusual productions, we would like to entertain you with our family of shows. Friend Of The Family: where the Narrator is a character, the 2 leads hate each other, fighting the supernatural is sometimes disappointingly mundane, talking to family members can be a terrible idea, and a 16-year-old girl is infinitely more excited about stabbing a lot of things than she is about boys. Letters to Asmodeus - Worst advice column ever. Dark Files - How to reach the Twilight Zone via Looney ...
Truth-Time Theatre
A weekly exploration into the insane and mundane nonsense in the lives of four friends from California.
Renovo Podcast
In Latin Renovo means to renew, restore or revive…this is the show where we explore the miraculous nature of the mundane as we look at one part of the Catholic tradition to help you engage more fully in the practice of faith.
A podcast helping people leave behind safe and mundane in order to ENTER a WILD season of faith and life.
A show about everything and nothing. Allan, Dylan, Matt and Dave discuss the important, the mundane, and everything in between each and every week.
Ritual is a podcast about how humans make patterns of meaning in a maddening world. The rituals we discuss will span centuries and civilizations. They will run the gamut from the ornately performative to the relatively mundane. Season One focuses on the quest for immortality and how we cope with our own expiration dates.
Geeky Gay
This is a personal journal type podcast where I talk about my life as a gay geek. Sometimes I will cover techie stuff, sometimes I’ll cover my travels. Sometimes I’ll cover mundane triviality. It just depends on my life at the time.
There are numerous hurdles to recovery from an addiction to pornography. Interestingly, the biggest of them all is our mundane lives. The busyness of our everyday routine simply erodes our motivation to fight. Every time you tune in, this podcast will give you one thoughtful reason why you should continue to fight this addiction.
Pop Filler
Pop Filler is about pop culture and settling into the mundanity of everyday living. Episodes are short.
Featuring stories and critiques of contemporary culture with a focus on the mundane daily recollections of two consciously confused young men.
Chaotically Neutral
So five nerds enter a basement and try to be good at RPGs. Welcome to the Chaotically Neutral Podcast, an actual play RPG podcast. Currently we are running a campaign of MASKS: A New Generation by Magpie Games. Join four unlikely heroes as they desperately try to balance their super-heroic and mundane lives!
Hank Presents:
Each episode of Hank Presents focuses on the practical within the problematic, and the inspirational within the mundane. Hank Presents is compiled of live events held throughout the world, first hand interviews with experts in a variety of fields, and an overarching narrative of hope that engages the spirit no matter where you are on your journey of faith and self-discovery.
The rules are simple. Your boys watch two PERFECTLY PAIRED films. They review/spoil all the important bits. They bicker about mundanities. Then they choose an inevitable winner. GET YER POPCORN!
Three friends discuss the week’s hottest news, debate various topics, and rant about mundane drivel in a podcast so confused, even the name is backwards.
The 20-Sided Theatre carries out its mission to bring you, our beloved audience, diverting tales of people and events, ranging from the mundane to the absurd. And we'll always be sure to have a few laughs along the way.
Have you ever asked: “Is this all there is to life?” Untangled explores the lives of people who have questioned our social systems, constructs and norms and chosen to live life in a different, often unconventional way. Through honest storytelling, Untangled explores one focal question: what does it really take to untangle from society’s giant rule book, move away from the mundane and embark on a search for something more? Join host Alana Helbig as she interviews ordinary people about their c ...
An English tourist in a small, rural town in the South of France discovers an ancient manuscript with a strange illustration on the last page. A young orphan is sent to live with his elderly cousin, a secretive man who is obsessed with immortality. A picture that tells stories that change according to who is viewing it. These and other delicious, goose bump evoking tales are part of Ghost Stories of an Antiquary by Montague R James. A master of his craft, MR James was an academic and adminis ...
Follow Aly as she takes you on adventures... from the mundane to the insane!
This is a Thing
A podcast about two medical students avoiding a slow decline into banality. Each week, our intrepid hosts try something new in the hopes of not becoming horribly mundane.
A group of Dubliners gather together for a Christmas celebration in James Joyce's transcendent tale of the mundanity and magic in life and death. "The Dead" is taken from Joyce's collection of short stories Dubliners. (summary by Iremonger)
Attic Aficionados
Exploring the artifacts and culture of the magnificant morsels found in their attics, the aficionados are mundane missionaries. Sometimes they talk about movies and food too.
What Up, Cuz?
Welcome to "What Up, Cuz?" A podcast that dissects the minutia of the mundane and the triviality of the extraordinary. Two cousins; Tyler & Kasey Williams, on separate journey's that intersect with each other come together to discuss their respective past, present, and (hopefully) future. "What Up, Cuz?" also features guests and friends of the cousin's Williams'.
Nataliia Totka
The mundane. The extraordinary. The days of our lives. Wisdom. Stupidity. Heartbreak. Loss. Pain. Struggle. Everything we have to deal with and every fear we have to overcome. Big dreams. Big hearts. Love.. Thoughts
2 Voices Radio are Andy Waterfield and Nick Benjamin. They take you on a humourous canter discussing people, places and stuff. The chaps offer a light hearted look at the mundanity and minutiae of life. The half hour podcasts range from highlights from their weekly long running show on Radio LaB 97.1FM in the UK through to Travelogue podcast specials.
Exploring the human condition. Jacob Wagner and guests discuss human existence ranging from the philosophical to the mundane. More episodes can be found on youtube and soundcloud.
All work and no play can be so mundane, but luckily hobbies keep us grounded and balanced when life because overly repetitious. So what are those components in which we speak? Well tune in and listen to Quick Best and Kyle P as we give the run down from all topics of interests, such as gaming, movies, shows, technology etc.
My Walking Life
Tom Griffen, artist and modern-day explorer, journeys afoot and lighthearted, 4000-miles across the length of the United States. In this podcast, Tom tells his own stories and those of random strangers he meets along the way. He also describes both the mundane and exciting details of his 3 m.p.h. life windblown on the American roadside.
Weekly is a revival of the lost art of conversation: not composed, real-time, sometimes serious, often not. Esther, Jered, and an occasional guest talk about the mundane, the weird and sometimes find a gem.
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On today's show: Tom Perez defends the cost of the DNC's lawsuit against Russia and Wikileaks. Milo gets shouted out of a Manhattan bar by the DSA. Gina Haspel's involvement in Bush-era torture program, black site prisons, destroying evidence. Wisconsin is ramping up its punishment of food stamp recipients. The teacher strikes spread to IN, GA. ...…
You might think Christians are anything but surprising. And Jesus and the church may seem rather drab or tame. But the real Jesus, along with people who are truly following close at his feet, has the power to change the world in startling ways. Let"s break out of the mundane, see Jesus for who he really is, and take hold of a new way of life th ...…
Fortune Feimster grabs a Pomegranate Margarita and discusses her Sarah Huckabee Sanders impression, the mundanity of her "gay Hollywood lifestyle", and shares with Steph a mutual love of Carol Burnett. This episode brought to you by Select Blinds and Ziprecruiter.…
Don't get trapped in the mundanes of life. Find value in your day when it's running you. Life is crazy no matter how great it is. But there are often things that don't go your way. Desire to be supported and encourage by other like-minded women? Join us at Women of IMPACT. Sometimes we need a reminder ...…
Episode 3: Dungeons & Dragons and Characters. Hey guys! It’s us again. This episode we talk about characters, both memorable and mundane, and different character archetypes. Got any favorite characters or builds? Let us know! Think Critical: Dungeons and Dragons Survival Guide is here to help you jump into this amazing hobby. Join our hosts, Si ...…
I've been revisting one of the set texts from my degree (I read it nearly 30 years ago!) - Max Weber's Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism - recently. I do this for you, by the way!I'm becoming increasingly aware of the deeply hardwired beliefs we have about work - work is what makes us valuable human beings, work is Godly, hard, mund ...…
Third episode of Mundane Mondays: the Minute PodcastNow available on iTunes!Please email any mundane ideas you have to
Keeping with last weeks theme and the run up to Infinity War we're taking a close look at Thanos and the first few of his comic book quests as a cosmic supervillain. From the 70's, including his possession of the cosmic cube, versus Captain Marvel and the Avengers leading to his first death, into the 90's and his reappearance with the Silver Su ...…
Transcript: Luke 24:13-35 New International Version (NIV) Now that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem. They were talking with each other about everything that had happened. As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them; but th ...…
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Sometimes the sales basics feel mundane. Sometimes we burn ourselves out making phone calls and sending emails, and we feel like we’re spinning our wheels. Without regard for how effective it is, we want to try something different. On today’s episode of Sales From The Street, I share my own experience with burnout and the […] The post TSE 809: ...…
You might think Christians are anything but surprising. And Jesus and the church may seem rather drab or tame. But the real Jesus, along with people who are truly following close at his feet, has the power to change the world in startling ways. Let"s break out of the mundane, see Jesus for who he really is, and take hold of a new way of life th ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The Golden HornsAuthor: John BurkeNarrator: Alexander McConnellFormat: UnabridgedLength: 2 hrs and 58 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 12-18-12Publisher: Audible StudiosRatings: 3 of 5 out of 1 votesGenres: Mysteries & Thrillers, HistoricalPublisher's ...…
Hey beautiful people here is the latest instalment of Nate Max Tv YouTube & PodCasts. We solidified the connection between these mass shootings and mind control, how its carried out and the process that takes place. We spoke about the Spy Ops with D a vi d Ho g g the crisis actor "operation hog wash", the disarmament of the American public & ho ...…
Looking to overcome a mundane life? Try one of these art/music events happening this week in Orlando. Don't see your event? Post it for us in the comments! - Starting this Friday, UCF Celebrates the Arts 2018 kicks off two weeks of performances at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts with Leonard Bernstein's MASS, featuring 200 performer ...…
First ever episode of Mundane Mondays: the Minute Podcast Please email any mundane ideas you have to
Daily life usually sets us on a path that's almost robotic, and we forget to see God in all things - the good, the tragic, or even the mundane. Think of your day today. Did you see Him in your kids' laughter, the homeless person on the corner, or even the papers you stapled? He was there. Join us as we discover how to see God in everything.…
She of the Wild: The Podcast with Beth MoreyEpisode 14: The Magic & Mundanity of Dreams Realized I recorded this episode on location in Glastonbury, England -- on the side of Glastonbury Tor, in fact -- a place where myth and history collide. My trip to England was something of a sudden decision, and following my dream of visiting the U.K. left ...…
You might think Christians are anything but surprising. And Jesus and the church may seem rather drab or tame. But the real Jesus, along with people who are truly following close at his feet, has the power to change the world in startling ways. Let"s break out of the mundane, see Jesus for who he really is, and take hold of a new way of life th ...…
Morgan Mandala is a mindful master of the imagination who merges the world of spirit with matter in her magical artwork. As a painter, Morgan travels the world to perform her art on stage during live music events at some of the coolest transformational festivals on Earth. Join us for a conversation about symbols, spirit, and sychronicity. You m ...…
March 29 is now the official National Vietnam War Veterans Day, set aside to “observe with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities” the commemoration of the war. More important than commemorating a war is to commemorate the service, in some cases the ultimate service, that soldiers gave their nation. For our part, we commemorate with w ...…
Hello everybody and welcome to another unruly episode of Mundane Nights!! This week Mud and Riddle discuss the Monday Night Wars of 12/15/1997. Topics include: Austin goes to Sullivan's Bridge, DX is causing riots, everybody in Charlotte wants a piece of the nWo, and a lucha match on Nitro blows your boys away.…
The Radical Element is a new anthology of historical YA fiction short stories edited by Jessica Spotswood. This anthology moves chronologically through American History. We’ll dive in to these stories on today’s episode of the YA Cafe, the podcast for teachers, readers, and caffeine addicts everywhere. In today’s episode… The Radical Element: 1 ...…
Happiness Spells is five minutes of happy things, a collection of thoughts, feelings and reveries. Headphones on. The mundane strikes us this week, but there's so much happiness to be found in every day victories. In the curve of their jaw, in the solitude before the rain. A hint of #ASMR, a touch of #guidedmeditation, a lot of gratitude. Happi ...…
In this episode, your humble hosts Jens, Yavar, and Clark take a look at the second feature film scoring assignment of Jerry Goldsmith's career: the lean, gritty 1959 noir City of Fear. We discuss the way this paranoia-filled film reflects the anxieties of its era, and examine the ways it falls short despite its striking premise. Additionally, ...…
At times I have believed God could do anything, anything except forgive me that is. And even now, I sometimes fall into the erroneous thought that God loves other people more than He loves me, or at least likes them better, and is more likely to intervene in their lives than He is in mine. Just in my circle, I am not the only one who has these ...…
Previously in Revelation 8But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, the murderers, the fornicators, the sorcerers, the idolaters, and all liars, their place will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” Day 28 – 6th Wednesday Revelation 21:9-27 9Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls ...…
Jake Ducey is a motivational speaker, author and youth role model. At 19 Jake dropped out of college and traveled the world writing the book “Into the Wind” shortly thereafter. Jake is the youngest published personal development author with Penguin Random House. Favorite Success Quote “Most of us are gambling on the biggest risk of all and that ...…
In this episode, Sarah talks about the behaviors we all have that hide hidden emotions. What is something you displace emotions into?
Laurie Reyes is the very first just-a-regular-bio-mom I've had on the podcast. She's my in-real-life friend and has taught me truths about God and life and motherhood that are buried down and deep in my soul. Truth: She's my "when I grow up" role model. I'm so excited to share her with the world. This week we talk raising lots of littles, paren ...…
A mid-week devotional on The Book of Ruth from Pastor Erick. Part 6 - God Of The Mundane Thanks to for letting us use this resource for the church! In NYC? Come visit us! Service Time: 5:00 PM-Sunday Nights Location: 334 East 20th Street, New York, NY 10003 Website:…
On today’s episode we discuss Rebecca Solnit's book Wanderlust: A History of Walking. Solnit touches on many fascinating aspects of this mundane act, from political disobediance and marching to poets, philosophers, and theories about the origins of upright locomotion.
Clarity on your personal life mission is one of the most powerful things we can do to insure a life of real meaning and significance. Once you have defined your personal values you need to determine how your LIFE MISSION will represent those values. Your personal mission statement defines the impact you want your life to have on this world — th ...…
Pastor David shares with us the story of the woman at the well. She was in her mundane routine of getting water from the well and she had an encounter with Jesus. Little did she know even though she lived a life of broken relationships, she had multitudes of souls inside of her. Many times we are just like Jesus, meeting thirsty souls one on on ...…
Picture Peter Pan sporting a shaved head in a pair of sneakers dropping bookworm bravado. You have Defron. Nostalgic of simpler days when life was just wearing-out your favourite cartoon on VHS, this 26 year-old Melbourne emcee combines confessional song-writing with abstract braggadocio to provide hip-hop that same release from the mundane. To ...…
Episode Notes What Is Blokeology? Blokeology is all about an evidence-based approach to health, fitness and lifestyle. Blokeology is my effort, in my own little corner of the internet, to live a decent, healthy life but to bring in some evidence around men’s health to inform that. I’m a doctor so that involves stuff like physiology and psycholo ...…
(0-10 minutes) Stewart asks Francis: What does meditation mean for you? He says that being in the present is a bad response because it doesn't accurately reflect what the present is. The future merges with the present. He says you can continue to meditate when doing something mundane like thinking, planning, or abstract reasoning. He says that ...…
In this episode, Sarah talks about the important of self reflection. What can self reflection do for you? Please subscribe for future updates
Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Creating the life of your dreams is not all sparkles, sunshine, and rainbows. In fact, it includes a lot of unknown, confusion, facing the dark depths, being scared sh*tless, and hard goodbyes. It’s worth it, every little bit - but it is process. As much as we all wish that once we have the insight and vision, we cou ...…
This episode features Anna Pilette, a Geophysicist and a Technologist out of Portland Oregon. Anna shares her experience working with robotics and drone technology, her thoughts on the future application of this technology, and how she brings her scientific experience together with her artistic interest through her art company, Atomic Dumpling ...…
This is the last episode in the series about having productive and rejuvenating mornings. We are diving into the need to have a routine and how a consistent (albeit at times mundane) work life can help us program healthy routines into our life that will have significant impact overtime. We also discuss what not to do in the morning as well as w ...…
In the mundane travel to and from our daily destinations we forget that this whole life is nothing but a pit stop in our journey of our existence. Let's not forget the important "things" in life are not things. Stay blessed, wide awake, and always ask why?! Jaime Subscribe:
In episode 148 of the podcast Keiron Le Grice joins the show to talk about Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity, and its applicability to astrology as a possible explanatory mechanism. Keiron is the author of the recent book Jung on Astrology, which was discussed in episode 141 with his co-author Saffron Rossi, as well as the book The Archetypal ...…
Gayle Karen Young Whyte is a technologist, human rights advocate, leadership, adult and organizational development expert, and the former chief Talent and Culture Officer at Wikimedia. She consults senior leaders on personal development, organizational culture, and helps them be able for complexity.Gayle was in the process of becoming a monk wh ...…
Class is back in session and today Tyler and Mike are discussing a very interesting movie just released on Netflix that you may have missed called Before I Wake. We are doing a deep dive into exactly how dreams are used as a narrative device in the film and more generally how they are used in fiction. Before I Wake is directed by Mike Flanagan ...…
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