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Duke Nukem Forever Community Podcast
The official Duke Nukem Forever podcast series, featuring interviews with team members from Gearbox, Triptych, and 2K Games. This podcast will take you behind the scenes and give a sneak peak into the upcoming shooter due out June 14, 2011 in North America and June 10, 2011 internationally.
THiRD SHiFT is a weekly podcast hosted by Eric and Matt. Topics include everything Gearbox, with up-to-date coverage on releases, reviews and more!
A Tournament of Lies
In A Tournament of Lies three lifelong friends attempts to rank every single video game ever made on an ever expanding list. Is Ocarina of Time better than Half-Life? Is Duke Nukem Forever worse than Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5? Listen to hear the list reveal its mysteries and get involved by contributing your own submissions via email.Follow the gang:@Denarse@sideburnious@dannyodwyer
Quarter Circle Punch
A podcast on gaming, sometimes movie and rarely music.The Casters are:Bah - Adam GrahamThe Doctor - Tye McIverEeleyes - Eli PhillipsKezza - Kerrod KerrThe Outer Rift - Jono Klassen
Oh Yeah We Talk's Podcast
Jay Styles and Friends(Jared, Nick Nukem, V Brown-Conversation Piece,Noortorious, Mellie Mel, GianFranco and Khellie B) sit down in a weekly podcast to dissect Hip Hop's culturally influenced topics. Join the "Oh Yeah We Talk" family every week as we give it to you "straight" and we promise you "no one is safe" and nothing is "sugarcoated".
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Andi and Ryan throw things at the wall to see what sticks in their discussion of the "Spaghetti" emoji. Which plate of pasta reminds us of "Pizza Theme" from Spider-Man 2: The Game, and which one is genuinely appetizing? Stay tuned for #ProteChat, heavy handed JoJo's Bizarre Adventure references, merciless fork roasting, and the worst slurping ...…
It Is What It Is - Episode 5 (Duke Nukem Movie, #NeverAgain, Snapchat VS A Kardashian)Saleem “The Dream” Abraham joins Jack to pose the question: who asked for a Duke Nukem movie in 2018? Will the #NeverAgain movement finally be the one that enacts change in America’s gun laws? The influence of a Kardashian to devastate social media platform Sn ...…
The Gaffer Tapes: Fantasy Football Comedy Podcast
The FA Cup break is over and the Caraboa Cup lifted, now it's time to get back to business. The Gaffers return to the studio to review the action from Gameweek 28. We discuss blank gameweek tactics, the use of your remaining chips, Duke Nukem and monks. There's also one of our favourite quizzes to date and we finally ask the eternal question "W ...…
This week on LAST LIVES...Jbone, Dad, and Sam G talk 90's PC Gaming, Point & Click Adventures, and PS1. Can 3 dudes in their 30's with wives and families clear their backlogs and confront the final boss of MIDDLE AGE NOSTALGIA? Find out on LAST LIVES. Memory Card PC Gaming Leisure Suit Larry Beavis & Butthead Virtual Stupidity Duke Nukem 3D Pla ...…
Life Update (22/II/2018) • Misconceptions about Nuke Med • How Nuke Med Works • Ultrasound: More Than Just Pregnancy Scans
Big Trouble In Little Podcast
We watch on Amazon Prime A Ghost Story. We also talk about John Cena being Duke Nukem , XFL , and Bill and Ted 3
Entertainment Pop
The episode is a few days late my bad technical difficulties. We talked: *Mom and Dad, I Tonya. *John Cena is in talks to play Duke Nukem in live action film. *Motley Crue biopic finds Its cast. *First look at Brie Larson in the Captain Marvel suit. Trailers: *Rampage. *The hurricane Heist. *Black panther clip kinetic energy. *Pacific Rim upris ...…
From The Power Glove to Rock Band, our heroes have a lengthy discussion on the weird game peripherals of yore. 00:00:50 - Shadow of Mordor 00:02:29 - Sound Shapes 00:08:05 - Thomas Was Alone 00:12:52 - Dino Frontier 00:18:47 - Weird Peripherals of Yore 00:45:56 - Where is the Resident Evil 2 Remake?! 00:49:51 - John Cena as Duke Nukem! ======== ...…
We digitally replaced our faces with a selection of celebrity’s faces on this weeks episode – see if you can hear the difference. Thanks to the magic of AI everyone can be a porn star! And Nic Cage can finally be in a Superman film Amazon is also stealing ideas from our show Solo will not be a Star Wars film as far as China is concerned Flameth ...…
In this episode we spend the majority covering games that we've played recently, which includes Cuphead, Furi, Pyre, and Celeste. We also discuss Nintendo Labo, the possibility of John Cena playing Duke Nukem, the closing of Miitomo, and the passing of video game cover artist Bob Wakelin. 1.45 Dustin played Cuphead 9.00 Luke played Furi 16.45 D ...…
The Deep Six Podcast - Comics, Video Games, Movies, and Everything Else Nerd Culture!
The moment you've all been waiting for, a brand new episode of the Deep Six Podcast with Matt Barnes, and Steven Spevak, is here! Starting off the show are two quick take segments where the guys discuss the announcement from Vince McMahon that the XFL will be returning in 2020, as well as our first look at the Andre the Giant documentary set to ...…
What's Up With You
DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ IS HERE! Reilly and Joey go into detail about the mechanics of the game, story, and whether is accessible to casual players as well as more experienced fighting game players. The new Pacific Rim Uprising is discussed as well as possible trailers for the Super Bowl. Also the possibility of John Cena being Duke Nukem in a new ...…
Pop in with your hosts, Cal and Mike, to delve into the week in gaming and movie news including some Stranger Things Season 3 details, John Cena starring in a Duke Nukem movie, Bioware's Anthem possibly being an early 2019 game along with some studio strife, Dragon Age 4 details, Xbox's awesome Game Pass feature, a wacky Death Stranding Theory ...…
Kenobi's Corner
Episode 95:This week we celebrate the end of January. We finally cover the first half of 2018’s movie release as promised, months ago. But first we have a blast from 90’s with some Duke Nukem news, a blast from the 80’s with Clue movie news, and speaking of getting blasted, surely someone was blasted from their job when Thor Ragnarok was releas ...…
Godzilla Versus Duke Nukem Episode 174 On this week's show, We are back from vacation and ready to hit the news and talk about The new Hurricane Heist trailer. There is a new trailer about the I Kill Giants movie, and and John Cena has been cast in the new Duke Nukem movie. We have a Facts on Patrol hitting Godzilla history, and In The Comics w ...…
Black Lightening Review, Daredevil 3 Casting, Robocop Reboot, Duke Nukem Movie, Justice League: No Justice New Comic Series, Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer, & Powerless on Aussie TV?! Post YOUR DC dream team (heroes and/or villians!) on the group page:! Pop Culture Meetup Details: https://www ...…
This week the news is both silly and serious, just like every week. We start with the silly and move into the serious.Included is a rumored Duke Nukem movie in the works as well as professional footballers gambling problems and a car bomb that killed 95 people in Kabul.Music by breakbeat_doc
Boss Syndrome Podcast
This Week - John Cena is in talks to become Duke Nukem for the upcoming film, Yuji Naka joins the ranks of Square Enix, but what does this mean for his own company, Prope? A new Dragon Ball Z game is announced for... .mo
This week we talk about Apple Watch, sweatcoin, Duke Nukem Movie, Clue reboot, Sword in the Stone Live action, Nightflyers tv show, John Wick Continental tv show, Verizon and AT&T slowing down data speeds over the last year, and much more. Brought to You By: Listeners Like You on Patreon About the Podcast: Patreon Sweatcoin Duke Nukem Clue Swor ...…
Nerd Bourbon
We should have seen the signs. When Disney purchased Lucasfilm for four billion dollars in 2012, sure, it was momentous. But not many saw it as an omen of the Hell to come. Today, Disney owns everything. Disney owns it all. They own every major film studio and brand. They own the theme parks. They own *nostalgia*. The ears of Mickey Mouse were ...…
This week on the podcast, Zach and Joe discuss the 90th Academy Award nominees, the return of the XFL, Black Dynamite, old man heist movies, tons of new TV shows, the Mighty Ducks, Clue, Duke Nukem and much more. News: 90th Academy Award nominees, Pacific Rim: Uprising trailer, the XFL is returning in 2020, Michael Jai White teases a new Black ...…
Barney the Dinosaur is refusing to wear condoms at his tantric sex workshop (YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY), John Cena is refusing to be America’s Nice Boy in the possible Michael Bay Duke Nukem movie, and The Boss Baby is refusing to be anything other than the most Oscar-worthy movie of all time.
We cover the latest updates in Fortnite and We Happy Few, rumors about a Duke Nukem movie, and answer a Joyful Mailbag question from @JoesOs.
General Failure Podcast
This week, Dom and Tj are both playing similar games with varying quality! Monster Hunter isn’t getting a Switch port, but for good reason. Unsurprisingly, Sony does something stupid, and Amazon’s “no lines” store has lines down the block. How many people wanted to see John Cena play Duke Nukem in a Michael Bay produced […]…
We Talk Podcasts
Devan & Josh Talk Oscars , Grammys , Batman Gotham by Gaslight, John Cena as Duke Nukem , Mighty Ducks Reboot , Venom and Indys Future . You can also email via or You can find Josh on Twitter and and Instagram Snapchat: jawa31 Join the We Talk Conversation on Twitter @wetalkpodcasts. Plus give us a like no ...…
Fresh Take Network – We Talk Podcasts
Devan & Josh Talk Oscars , Grammys , Batman Gotham by Gaslight, John Cena as Duke Nukem , Mighty Ducks Reboot , Venom and Indys Future . You can also email via or You can find Josh on Twitter and and Instagram Snapchat: jawa31 Join the We Talk Conversation on Twitter @wetalkpodcasts. Plus give us a like no ...…
This weeks episode features two special guests, Tori Aspey Kent & Simon Douglas! We run down the latest news as always at the top of the show and then dive straight into a full game edition episode of Back to the Movies! Cloverfield Name Change | John Cena in talks for Duke Nukem | Ryan Reynolds in Clue remake | Robocop sequel in the works | Ra ...…
Nerdlife Crisis
The Nerd Life Crisis Podcast....Chris Thayer, Steve Hale, and Ron Milts talk about the things they love to talk about. The boys talk about everything from 'Pop to poop' discussing what's hot in Nerd Culture and of course being a father pushing 40. With Frequent guest host Mike Eastman. On this week's episode the boys discuss.... It's time for a ...…
Bacon Knight's Preview Review
On this week's show, Wonder Woman gets the Oscar snub, Duke Nukem' the movie, Clue is getting the remake treatment, a teaser for Dundee, and a new Robocop. Plus I Preview Review Twitter @Baconknight
Nerdy Things Podcast
On the episode this week we wanted to celebrate 'Dungeons and Dragons Day' this January 26th by playing it ourselves. We recorded this when Jules visited for Kingsman 2, if you like it, the other parts will be up on our Patreon shortly! Rian Johnson shut down haters on twitter ...…
00:05:48 - Congrats to Boss Baby00:09:06 - What We have Been Playing00:21:35 - NEWS / Anthem Delayed00:24:45 - Destiny 2 Not in a Good Place00:27:58 - Playstation Action Figures00:32:05 - God of War Release Date00:33:35 - Duke Nukem Movie00:38:05 - Xbox Game Pass00:48:20 - New Game Releases00:53:10 - Twitter Question…
PINEAPPLE! In this episode, the Ginger Giant joins Chris in bringing you the latest nerdy news. The guys go on to talk about everything from Ready Player One, Mighty Ducks, and Magneto to Oathbringer, Black Panther, and Duke Nukem. Tune in and turn up.
Crocodile Dundee sequel with Danny Mcbride & Chris Hemsworth?! • John Cena in talks for Duke Nukem movie • Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool writers want to make a Clue movie? • Honest Trailers: GET OUT •
Marc & Bryon talk about what's going on w/ Solo, how to make a good Duke Nukem movie, Bryon reviews Bright and we talk about the upcoming movies of 2018. #SOLO #Bright #DukeNukem #MenofScience #StarWars
On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (Wednesday, January 24th, 2018) Mark Ellis, Jon Schnepp, Perri Nemiroff, Kristian Harloff discuss the following: 1) Incredibles 2 Characters, Plot and Voice Actors Unveiled 2) Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort Makes 3-Year Fox Deal; First Up Is ‘Clue’ With ‘Deadpool’ Scribes Reese & Wernick 3) John Cena in Tal ...…
Netflix dominates the news on this week’s Moviecast. Bright is declared a hit by Netflix despite its critical reception. Meanwhile, Netflix also announced that Castlevania season 2 will premiere this summer, but with a little something more for its fans. Stranger Things season 3 may not be coming out soon, but a producer did have some interesti ...…
Big time! Sorry, but I couldn't think of a one word starter and that just popped in there. This week's episode is really just in two halves as Adam and Logan first fantasy book the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania, then dive into this year's Academy Award nominations and give their predictions! Rounding out the show- a very special discussion on J ...…
It’s your video game industry news update for January 23rd, 2018 – Xbox Game Pass will have future first-party games on launch day, God of War confirms its release date, and PlayStation announces its own kind of amiibo. The video game industry changes every day and your time is important. Let’s get you caught up, starting right now, on Games in ...…
Today on Game Talk Radio Gregg talks about an Overwatch player being banned for taunting a gay rival player, John Cena being cast as Duke Nukem, and my take on the Nintendo Labo!
This week is week 3 of the VIP giveaway, YES, the new item is in this podcast. Also, we get into Nintendo Labo, Overwatch League gets a smack on the wrist, and the Duke Nukem heard me! Don't forget, if you are going to any Wizard World Comic-Con this year use "GAMEFIXSHOW" at checkout and receive 10% your admission.…
Am I On The Air?
Season 16 Episode 3 "Hokey Pokey" - On this episode we discuss Flashpoint getting Directors, The Razzie Nominations, John Cena in talks for Duke Nukem, A new Clue movie with Ryan Reynolds, What is with this Dundee movie, Motley Crue biopic coming to Netflix, Ron Cephas is the Wizard in Shazam, NBC doing a Bad Boys Spin Off Pilot with Gabrielle ...…
This week, Ryan, Ingrid & Nukem discuss 1989's Super Mario Bothers Super Show. You can find it on netflix & YouTube! Spoiler, the live-action segments are the best part! Follow us everywhere at
ARGcast - Another Retro Gaming Podcast
Who knew one of the people that brought you such titillating titles such as Duke Nukem would be trying to make you use your brain for more constructive uses? That's what Apogee and 3D Realms co-founder Scott Miller is trying to do with his brain supplement GodMode! Join David on a chat with Scott about the latter's esteemed career that has brou ...…
GIRL Talk (girltalk)
Welcome to S01E05 of G.I.R.L. Talk, an improv games podcast where we discuss what it'd be like if we had powers from Games In Real Life. This week Cam, Alex and Jalo (Liv is away) discuss powers from Hyper Light Drifter, Mario Kart 8 and Duke Nukem 3D.
Asynchronous Multiplayer Podcast
This week we continue our discussion of what makes a game good with a discussion of how characters can make or break a game. Also, Greg has been inadvertently building a home arcade for the past few years, and we show you how to do it too! Also also, have you ever found out that something you already love is available in another format? Sharon ...…
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