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Let's Make Some Noise!
The Spliff Potcast
A weekly potcast that delves into the many facets of cannabis, pot, weed, marijuana, ganja, bhang, grass -or whatever you call it! For beginners, seasoned tokers and interested non-partisans alike. Boh will discuss how to apply cannabis medicinally and recreationally, new products and trends, as well as industry and political ramblings. Hosted by Boh Nellis, who's not a doctor, so don't take these opinionated offerings as medical advice, mkay?
Jenny Kane, who covers marijuana for the USA TODAY Network, examines America's shift toward legalizing marijuana by telling the stories of the people who are living it: pot farmers, rural sheriffs, a professional mountain biker, a Cordon Bleu cannabis chef. In each episode, Jenny talks to them about how their jobs, lives and dreams have changed as more of America is legalizing the country's most controversial herb. You don't have to be a stoner to listen. We're not. We're just interested in ...
Join The Northern World of The Lancashire Hotpots in their very own madcap podcast...the 'potcast
Snooker Potcast
A monthly comedy snooker podcast. Join Ben and Dave as they take a sideways look at the world of snooker.
RidingEasy Records is a Rock n Roll record label that focuses on heavy psych, doom, metal, and rock. Check out our website for the real deal goods and other titles we carry. Home to Monolord, Electric Citizen, Salem's Pot, Mondo Drag, Brown Acid Comps, Slow Season, The Well, Shooting Guns, R.I.P., Dunbarrow, Danava and many more.
Casually Baked, the potcast, is an extension of the conversations and experiences I have around cannabis for wellness. As the modern cannabis culture evolves, it's interesting to discover how and why people like you are incorporating marijuana into their lives. And because the plant is complicated and the culture is nuanced, there are always questions and experiments and cautionary tales around every corner. I want to lighten the stigma and build your canna confidence!
Potcast Oregon
Potcast Oregon is a high-concept, professionally-produced Internet radio show that brings together cutting edge technology, investigative journalism, and engaging entertainment for a 30-minute variety show about the world of cannabis and beyond.
The PotCast is a series of random, spontaneous conversations hosted by a Kiril, an French expat to Estonia. The PotCast gathers people with different conceptions of reality to discuss their experiences. Among the guests are artists, researchers, comedians, writers, and many others from around the universe.
Systematic Pathology: Current knowledge of specific diseases as they affect individual organs or systems
Podcast by CApotcast
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In January of 2014, Governor Dan Malloy announced that four medical marijuana producers received approval to open in the state of Connecticut. My name is Paige and my father is one of those medical marijuana producers. This podcast is about entrepreneurship, family relationships, business conflicts, the medical community, and of course, pot.
The Potcast
The Potcast helps minorities grow beyond the glass ceiling with the mindful use of cannabis. April Flores and Milcah Halili, founders of FatFlower.Media, cover the best organic medicine and conscious cannabis culture available in the West Coast and the people who cultivate them.
Eden's potcast
America's PotCast
THE #1 Cannabis Podcast! 💚 Covering the latest in Cannabis News, Business, Trends, Products, and much more! 🎙📈💌 Joint the movement with Ray and Austin!
Cool guys smokin and politicin
Local Music, Local Marijuana Seeking out Denver's Best Bands and Best Strains!!
Spark That POTcast
Podcast by Spark That POTcast
A Writing Variety Show featuring a little of Everything from Everyone, Everywhere
A Cannabis industry community where we share the stories of Budtenders, Extractors, Edible Companies, Marketers, Dispensary Owners and more. People are interested in what happens behind the scenes. We bring to light these wonderful people who are making a positive difference.
Welcome! This is the Cannabis Cure UK Weekly News Podcast at Cannabis Cure UK is the #1 Pro-Cannabis Media in the UK bringing you the clear truth on Cannabis. We will defeat Cannabis Prohibition in our homeland!The fight for the KINGDOM has begun!Please listen and leave any feedback that you may have - we are all in this TOGETHER, so lets make it work!Check out Cannabis Cure TV over at for interviews, strain reviews and a closer look at t ...
This POTcast series was created as part of the e-Path project - a collaboration between the Royal College of Pathologists and e-learning for Healthcare at the Department for Health. Each POTcast shows an autopy specimen and details the cause of death and, where known, the medical history of the patient. If downloaded into iTunes, they can be grouped by "Pathogenesis" or "Systematic Pathology" categories using the "Composer" and "Grouping" fields.
Keeping bears as pets, outlaw astronomy, ghost busting, healthy living, how to win at carnival games + more. Check out our site,
Vapor Central
Vapor Central | Stoner Sundays, The Sarah Hanlon Show & The CK POTcast Mondays, The Mernahuana Zone Tuesdays, Weedy Wednesdays, 3rd Klass Thursdays, Live Music Fridays & Saturdays, and more..
Wasted Time is a weekly podcast recorded at the World Famous Comic Strip Live in NYC. Every week we will have comedians drinking and laughing and just hanging out..Hosted by Comedian Tom-E and Jesse..
El potcast de innovación, negocios y marketing para emprendedores de a pie.
Green Bros Hydro
The Official Green Bros Hydro "Potcast" Series
Opening your minds one potcast at a time.
Hermann Hellwig Podcast with the newest Set's and Potcasts
Highly Overrated
Welcome to Highly Overrated! A potcast where Jordan and Reina sit down and toke... whoops, TALK about random things, play games, and get
Get Fed Up Instead
A Bomb Relish Potcast. Friends for over 20 years, Chris and Tony converse about their lives spent while getting Fed up. Read descriptions for topics and remember we are high.
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Investor Ideas 'Potcast'; #Cannabis News and Stocks on the Move; Canopy Growth, Abattis, Canada House Wellness, Callitas, Newstrike
Investor Ideas 'Potcast'; #Cannabis News and Stocks on the Move; Emerald Health, ABcann, Snipp Interactive
Investor Ideas 'Potcast'; #Cannabis News and Stocks on the Move; Aurora Cannabis, Abattis Bioceuticals, ICC Labs, The Green Organic Dutchman
Investor Ideas 'Potcast'; #Cannabis News and Stocks on the Move; CSE: LILY, OTCQB: MPHMF, OTC: NGTIF, OTCQB: CLSH
California’s Emerald Triangle for decades has been an underground powerhouse for West Coast weed, but as the state goes online with recreational marijuana, the lifestyle of many old school farmers is in danger.
Many industries have places where professionals, both young and old, can hobnob and break bread. Weed is no different. And since San Diego crafted a system for adult-use marijuana businesses, there’s been a wave of private clubs offering to connect investors and entrepreneurs who might not know one another but whose interests are the same. They ...…
The Disaster Kitchen has reopened, and we're preheating with the last panel we had from Balticon 51 last year. Why the Storyteller Needs a Narrator- a discussion about giving your narrative a voice. As in vocal performer. This is about putting your work in audio. Also, Erin and A. F. were both ON the panel, along with some other staggeringly am ...…
"You could just call it a serger..." It's SyFy Original Movie Night again! For this special episode Peter and Red hash out the (2012) movie Jersey Shore Shark Attackpotcast links:Sound Cloud:…Stitcher: http ...…
SHOW NOTES 01:40 What is a “mother plant” 05:45 Can you patent your marijuana strain? 07:20 mixing hops and cannabis (lagunitas x ABX extracts) 08:40 CannaChris’s background 14:20 What did Chris do after the Navy? 18:30 What questions should your bud tender be asking you? 30:25 Tesla phones 31:00 Simon Sinek 32:00 Does your company know the WHY ...…
Hi. We recorded on vacation in Denver.
SHOW NOTES 03:00 weed maps- research your nearest dispensaries 04:00 not all dispensaries are the same 05:00 Iheartjane- live menus 06:00 checklist!! What to bring! 14:50 best strains to try for first time 18:30 What makes a good dispensary versus bad dispensary 28:20 Rays 1st dispensary experience 32:15 Austins 1st dispensary experience 40:00 ...…
Are you overwhelmed shopping for CBD products? Jo is. Dive into this cannabidiol Q&A and learn the basics so you can shop for and consume CBD with confidenceno matter where you live. Don't miss the potcast show notes at
This month on the show, Katie chatted about her Ireland trip, we tried some Tayto chip from Ireland. Jerky smoked/vaped weed for the 1st time and we learned about the benefits of it Dialin with Denise had 3 people call her who instantly regretted it and stay tuned AFTER the show for a special bonus segment! As always Thank you for listening and ...…
You would be surprised to know that "89% of the NFL smokes weed"- according to Martellus Bennett.. Are your favorite athletes playing high? Can Cannabis treat concussions/CTE? Whats the big deal about legalization? Why is the NFL so strict with substance abuse policy? Roger Goodell behind this? Can marijuana REALLY help these athletes? Wh ...…
You'll relate as Jo explores the mishaps of memory loss from cannabis consumption and rants on the burdens of social media. Listen and share with a friend.
"And I said, my day is going fine except I just bought a pair of pants that are 2 sizes bigger than the ones I was just wearing..." For this episode Peter and Red unpack the secrets of the 2013 film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.potcast links:Sound Cloud:…Stitcher: ...…
On this weeks show, Chris, Rob, and Aaron talk about: St. Patrick’s Day, concerts, the new Infinity Wars trailer, A Wrinkle in Time, Jessica Jones, smoking Gas Monkey, Run the Jewels / Rick and Morty video, taxes in California, smoking lounges in California, and Kansas wants to keep Kratom legal. Please follow us on Twitter @TheWeedsmen420, Ins ...…
Episode 26 - “Fit 'Em In There” - the decline of the VHS rental store, Squiggly porn, 18+ Adults Only section, Show and Tell, Joe Schmo's Brandy, Go shit at your own house, Underground potcast (1 hr. 20 min)
On this weeks show, Chris, Rob, Aaron, and MikeyB talk about: more Lyft stories, Aaron saw Black Panther, acouple eats their pet pig, more shower thoughts, smoking NYG cookies, a pro marijuana activist gets busted with weed, the top 10 cities who smoke the most marijuana. Please follow us on Twitter @TheWeedsmen420, Instagram @TheWeedsmenPotcas ...…
This whole episode is a huge mess. The Dish Boy greets you, which is bad enough... and everything just kinda goes downhill from there. But the high points... "Countdown" by Scott Roche Barry has years left of indentured servitude as a delivery man. But one particular package may be his own deliverance. After that, we introduce our new Short Ord ...…
Upendo RiddimYear: 2017Producer: Nine Mind/Lenkey RecordsTracks:I-Octane - Hey MamaM1 aka Menace - Ups and DownsMachel Montano - Take It SlowTurner - ChampionsVoice - Year for Love Welcome to episode 22 of the fastest growing Potcast in California. In this extra steamy episode of 42 STRAINS Surfer Dan , Double A ,and Snacks kick back, relax, and enjoy several bowls in the one and only SCHRODINGER’S LOUNGE for a much needed session. ...…
On this weeks Weedsmen Potcast Nugget, Chris, Rob, Aaron, and MikeyB talk about comic book writer Mark Millar’s influence in the movies. Please follow us on Twitter @TheWeedsmen420, Instagram @TheWeedsmenPotcast, and on Facebook at Welcome to episode 21 of the fastest growing Potcast in California. In this episode Surfer Dan , Double A , Snacks , Roo , & Peaches sit down with extra smooth special guest Chuck Dante (sans tops) in the one and alone SCHRODINGER’S LOUNGE for a much needed ...…
EP:14/ Much Love Peace and Unity • EP:15/ Awareness of Life • EP:16/ Ganja Talk (GreenThumbDabbers Potcast)
"Jane Lynch is my sister! oh hohoho!"For this episode Red and Peter hash out Red's favorite movie of all time! The (2009) film Julie & Julia.potcast links:Sound Cloud:…Stitcher: ...…
Adam Vine, co-founder of Cage Free Cannabis, promotes his sustainable cannabis accessories and discusses why the cannabis industry must include people of color and allow them to profit from the legalization of cannabis.
Snooker Potcast Episode 16 - JV + WT / Text to speech / Brett Holywood
"Touch my big black dick, crazy white girl!" For this episode Red and Peter unpack the (2012) film For a Good Time Call.potcast links:Sound Cloud:…Stitcher: amateu ...…
In this episode: Ghostbusters...kinda.
In this episode: Lofty plans.
this week join jr_doom, marked again, e7ikplays, theonecam for our takes on this weeks action figure news and our particular take on life. this week we have questions plus new commercials and skits ...…
In this episode: We lay down the law.
In this episode: Madness
In this episode: Politics and Ghostbusters
In this episode: Zombies!!
In this episode: Blade-the finale!
In this episode: I'm not totally sure....
In this episode: Makin' Art
In this episode: A double feature of hotel horror!
In this episode: It already happened.
In this episode: Weird shit, man.
In this episode: Dreams
It’s October, and that means it’s time for another episode of The Melting Potcast! Today, the Head Chef and Grillmistress bring you a Main Ingredient story by Heath Howell! “The Long Weekend” Oliver has spent the last four months taking care of his mother. At the end of his rope, he boards a plane with her, hoping it might be the beginning of t ...…
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