Best remake podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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They are in your theaters, they are in your neighbors homes, and even your own. They have come to destroy your childhood and ruin your future. Only one podcast can protect you from the Invasion of the Remake! Invasion of the Remake is a weekly podcast with hosts Jason, Trish and Sam exploring the cinematic remake. We discuss films that have been remade for better or worse. We will also find those films with a nugget of a good idea that may be worthy of an updating for a new audience with our ...
Remaking Magic
Join Reuben Covington and Jake Mosby for the return of Remaking Magic, the podcast all about game design and magic the gathering. In this podcast we talk about the game design behind the card game Magic: the Gathering.
Remake This Movie RIGHT is a bi-weekly podcast where we take a classic film and craft our own version for a modern audience, capped with our remake in movie trailer parody form. By the end of each episode, we will Remake This Movie RIGHT!
The Remake
Ever watched a movie and thought, "Anyone could make something better than this garbage?" Well so have hosts Josiah and Rob. That's why they started The Remake. On The Remake, they don't just criticize movies; they tell you how they would have made them better. Every week Josiah and Rob are joined by a different guest with a new movie to remake. Whether their ideas are good, bad, or simply strange, they'll find a home on The Remake.
ReMake Me
Listen as Russell takes Justin, a virtual Horror virgin, on a journey through the world of horror.
Hosts Buzz Meade and Eric Little take Original and Remake Hollywood movies and throw them into a boxing style brawl, comparing everything from scripts to actors to the music used. Which will come out on top? Tune in to find out!
Remakers Mark
Remakers Mark Podcast
"Ghostbusters! Independence Day!! Star Trek!!! Ice Age!!!! Jason Bourne!!! IT'S BEEN DONE BEFORE! And we're fed up! Grab some popcorn and listen in as Matt, Mike and Brit give their thoughts and opinions on all the sequels, remakes, reboots and carbon-copy movie ripoffs that Hollyweird has to offer."
Ideal Remake
In the world of Hollywood, movies get green lit and red lit, they get remade and rebooted, but we are the ideal. We’re Sam Gasch and Mike Bobbitt, and this Ideal Remake! Ideal Remake is a podcast about movies. If they're going to get remade, here is what, we think, the Ideal version of that Remake would be!
Remake Factory Hostage Situation Podcast - rewriting and recasting Hollywood classics, forcibly starring Jason and Patrick.
Have you ever seen a film and thought you could do it better? Well we did!A Weekly Geekly Movie PODCAST with your hosts Richard Kelly, Rachel Thompson and Shned Taylor. Join us as we attempt to review film classics and then REMAKE them.Let the battle commence.Follow us on Twitter: @Reeeemake
Remake Rewind
The MDXpods crew talks about movies that have been remade or rebooted. While not strictly deciding which is better, they decide if the remake or reboot should have been made. They also talk about remake/reboot news.
Original Remake
On the ORIGINAL REMAKE podcast we discuss and compare an original film and its remake. Does the remake do justice to the original? Ultimately which to watch?
What if you could go back in time? What if you could fix mistakes you’ve made? What if you could change things for the better, or prevent someone else from making things worse? What if you could … remake history? Welcome to Remaking History, a podcast about the NBC television show Timeless. Each week hosts Karen Lindsay and Doug Payton will journey through time to unravel the mysteries of NBC’s time traveling adventure, Timeless.
Bi-Weekly Chris and Andy pitch their ideas for preexisting movies' prequels, sequels, reboots and/or remakes.
PrequelSequelRemake is a movie podcast where prequels, sequels and remakes are created for classic and not so classic films. Can you imagine what Peter, Scott and Desmond will cook up?
Remake This!
Welcome to the Remake This! Podcast! Join James Rosenthal, Ben Rosenthal, and Jon Hess as they review movie remakes and film adaptations, as well as the original material that they're based upon. Likewise, specials may be done on occasion that break the mold of their regular standard format.Have a movie that you would like the Remake This! Podcast crew to tackle? Would you like to tell them how their opinions are wrong? Contact the guys at RemakeThisPodcast@gmail.comSong Credits:Intro Music ...
Remakes exist. Many are hated, some are loved. This is their podcast.
A weekly podcast hosted by Richard Kelly, Rachel Thompson & Paul Moorcroft. Join us as we attempt to REMAKE film classics. Let the battle commence!
Horror podcast about the remake trend. Raw and unscripted. Hosted by det_onate and creepy carrye.
Remaking Rural Health: A KET Special Report
Join us as we try to dive into the dirty world of sequels and remakes! Come along for the ride, as we try and figure out if these movies are pioneering or just plain cinematic abominations.
Remaking the relations of work and welfare - for iBooks
KISS FM Ukraine
The Best Dance Radio
Comedians Cameron James & Alexei Toliopoulos compare and contrast films with their reboots, remakes, and rip-offs.
Robocop! The 1980s classic film spawned 2 sequels, 2 cartoons, and 2 live action TV series. Now this year Alex Murphy is being brought back from the dead once more in a remake of Robocop. To prepare for the new film, download Robocop's history onto your iPod, and your brain, to hear Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob as they watch and review all the Robocop movies at!
Dead Air
A movie podcast that reviews movies that are considered to be awful remakes, box office bombs, useless sequels and other critically hated films, and we ask the question: "is it really that bad"?
The podcast for in-depth discussion on film adaptations and the original material they're based on.
The original classic gaming podcasts continues its endless quest to explore the history of video games, one game at a time. Join hosts Jeremy Parish and Bob Mackey each week as they team up with a host of expert guests to chronicle the creations that have paved the way for today's hits. From forgotten black-and-white arcade machines to modern-day remakes, Retronauts spans more than four decades of vintage gaming greatness!
Join Blake Schultz and Terrence Tatum as they discuss sequels, reboots, remakes and how they compare to their original subject matter
A fun mix of movie talk featuring movie reviews, new and older movies, mostly horror and science fiction, but not limited to. Podcast also features celebrity interviews from such films as Terminator Salvation, Halloween, Pontypool, The Blair Witch Project, The House of the Devil and more!
Legends Podcast
Hi and Welcome to Legends Podcast Here we discuss Entertainment Legends, and Legendary entertainment. Cult, Classic, New, Old, Original, Sequels, Reboot, Remake, web, TV and more, for better or worse. Come and meet Beef, Wing, Lobster and many other special guest as we comment on our favorite entertainment.
This is a collection of tutorials show casing my skills in Logic Pro X, and helping others create at a high level, I this playlist we will be Chopping Samples, Time Stretching, Mixing & Mastering from scratch. I will also will be showing you technics that the pros use, and other useful tips and tricks that will help your music production get better. #DailyHeatCheccListen To My Beats Here To Our Podcast Here: ...
Each episode takes a look at upcoming TV & movie DVD releases, movie remakes, sequels and new movies. Also, each episode will have an interview with a celebrity from the movie, TV ot music industry. Check out our website for movie, DVD, book reviews and more!
Host Shah Shahid is joined by a new guest every episode as they compare film remakes to their source material (comic books, television, movies, novels) to discuss the similarities, understand the differences and provide insight to put it all into context.
Box Office Pulp hosts discussions and analysis of film, directors, genres, and movie pop culture. We love Batman, Jaws, and arguing if Schwarzenegger could beat Robocop in a dance off.
Stanley Kubrick is considered one of the best directors of all time, and many consider 2001: A Space Odyssey his best film. Join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob as they review this cinema classic, as well as the 1984 sequel, to find out if 2001 still works in 2014!
Join us as we sift through the thousands of sequels, remakes, reboots, and reimaginings to answer the question, did we need it?Have a movie in mind? Let us know.
Join Kyle McCormick and Chris Khatami as they investigate remade and rebooted movies with only their nerdiness and a cool guest at their disposal!
Attacking unnecessary Hollywood Remakes, Reboots and Sequels show by show. Hosted by Todd Sokolove (BEWARE OF THE BABYLON) and Archie Cubarrubia (TWO GAYZ AND...) with just enough sass, wit and shamelessness.
The Last Knock
Billy Crash and Jonny Numb deliver an intelligent perspective on horror cinema.
Take Two
On this podcast, we discuss how and if we should remake classic movies today. We debate over cast and crew and any changes that should take place to make classical movies successful today.
Dead Air
A movie podcast that reviews movies that are considered to be awful remakes, box office bombs, useless sequels and other critically hated films, and we ask the question: "is it really that bad"?
Welcome to the complete collection of Yeah, It's That Bad, containing every episode previously uploaded to iTunes, as well as every premium episode and After Dark special. Yeah, It's That Bad was a movie podcast that reviewed movies that are considered to be awful remakes, box office bombs, useless sequels, and other critically hated films. At the end of each episode, Joel, Martin, and Kevin ask the question: "Is it really that bad"?
The Pavement Pounders discuss adapted science fiction, generally well-known films derived from written works. They read the book, watch the movie, watch remakes, reboots, re-adaptations, and give it all a good mulling over.
The ABA Journal Legal Rebels Podcast features men and women who are remaking the legal profession and highlights the pioneers who are changing the way law is practiced and setting the standards that will guide the profession in the future.
In anticipation of the upcoming Michael Bay remake of Friday the 13th, the hosts of Now Playing look back at all the films in Jason Voorhees' oeuvre. Join us as we take a lighthearted look back on the body count of the past 30 years.
For Better or Worse
For better or worse, it seems as though Hollywood is bent on remaking every movie and rebooting every franchise. Sometimes they're warranted, but most often they're not. Either way, a new version of your favorite movie is near. And that's where married couple Michael and Shana Sims come in. Every other Friday they'll recast, rewrite, and reboot cinematic classics, underrated gems, and stinkers with potential. Hollywood might not get it right, but these two will.
Double Murder
Two Movies Enter, One Movie Leaves! Each week on DOUBLE MURDER, presented by, hosts Danny! and Tim review two horror movies and debate which one is worth YOUR time to watch. Is the original better than the remake? Can the latest entry to a franchise hold its own? Which obscure entry in a particular horror genre is better? Tune in to DOUBLE MURDER to find out! Check out our Facebook page: Email the guys at: DoubleMurder@Bloody-Disgustin ...
After gaining the rule of Heaven and Hell, with all the power that promised, Kate and Daniel should be set for eternity, right? Well, sure, as soon as they get used to their god-like powers. And then they need to remake the Earth. And t
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We were taking it easy today and decided to go see the new tomb raider movie with the new popular actress Alicia Vikander. We also decided to see the Angelina Jolie version all over again as well to see how much we remembered it and how good it was as well. We took the opportunity to compare the two and see if it this new version was worth the ...…
Hey there, remember us? Yeah, we know. We thought we were done with the hiccups in the schedule, but this thing called February happened. Things didn’t get better in March. And April was not shaping up to be any kind of improvement. Sure, we had content in the hopper, we had stuff we wanted to talk about, and we wanted to talk to you all. Probl ...…
Today we’re going to talk about three distance killers off the tee that you may or may not heard of. Two of them are going to be interesting for you for sure because they’re unique and not a lot of people talk about them or understand them. I’m going to talk about how you’re doing things in your golf swing that are going to cost you a ton of di ...…
Baseball is back and so is another hot mix from yours truly. This mix has a heavy emphasis on 2018 remakes... songs that were huge in their day, re-done with a 2018 twist. Check it out and let me know what you think. Be nice to one another.
Are your Mac photos a mess? Follow these beginner's tips to get them under control and improve your picture organization. how to import, organize, and edit photos in Photos the impact of facial recognition on your privacy photos that have a location assigned to them the edits you make to p ...…
Graduated from Chengdu TCM University Registered TCM Practitioner Tai Chi Quen and Qi Kung Master In 2011, Master Stanley was invited by Guangxi TCM University in China to help perform western research to prove the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in healing a wide range of conditions. During this time, he amassed invaluable data a ...…
In this episode Darren and Andy chat about the classic Karate Kid film series.They cover the 4 main films, the remake, the game and the cartoon and of course the upcoming TV series.
Join Robin, Rigby and Scott as they talk about the newly released horror 'A Quiet Place', which is hands down a movie universe none of them would survive. They ask the hard questions that no one seems to be asking, like how do you fart and not get killed by a monster? They also talk about indie flick 'At Granny's House', the Netflix series 'Gho ...…
Merc With A Movie BlogEpisode 3-Fox pushes X-Men: Dark Phoenix & New Mutants back-Marvel's Captain Marvel brings back past characters-Sharknado 6 set to end the series...with a twist-James Wan remaking Stephen King's The Tommyknockers-Pedro Pascal joins Wonder Woman 2-Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston join up for new Netflix comedy-Colin Trevorro ...…
Instead of making ourselves smart about news stories this week, we're taking a broader look at The News. It's truly not just navel gazing to say our highly polarized marketplace of ideas and current political strife may have something to do with the media we consume. We'll talk about the economics of reporting, online echo chambers and whether ...…
In this episode, Jon Alterman speaks to Dr. Calvert Jones, assistant professor at the University of Maryland, College Park in the department of government and politics and the author of Bedouins Into Bourgeois: Remaking Citizens for Globalization. Calvert reflects on the UAE’s military conscription program through the prism of wider efforts to ...…
As sea levels rise, nuisance flooding is the first wave of assault on coastal cities. Can we protect our coasts from inundation, or is retreat inevitable?---Jeff Goodell, author of the New York Times award-winning book, The Water Will Come: Rising Seas, Sinking Cities, and the Remaking of the Civilized World, talks about the impact of rising se ...…
For anyone that grew up watching Naruto, who would've thought that we'd get a sequel about his son?The TGYK boys are he to talk sequels we'd want to see, ones we wish we never got and remakes of series that we wished would finish properly (Looking at you Soul Eater...)Please stay awhile and listen as Seb tests Niko and Kevin on how much they re ...…
The crews back this week and even though its a slow news week they still hit you with some quality entertainment. Get the update on King 69 from Keiz , the crew talks about movie and tv show remakes, the road to Wilder vs Joshua , hood movie march madness bracket and alot more. Tune in and enjoy.
Today its just Quinn because his computer crashed and we lost the original Episode #3...go figure. He talks about himself, his music, his friends, and rants on about Final Fantasy VII Remake for a bit.Quinn also mentions a new Barcade in Jacksonville FL He also plays his new Culture School EP Titled Akumu for the first time. Ray calls in too fr ...…
Why isn’t my promoted pin running?! Lately we’ve noticed a lot of people asking about why their promoted pins aren’t taking off, or suddenly stop running. Angie and I have asked this ourselves many, many times. In this episode, we talk about some of the reasons we’ve discovered that promoted pins don’t perform. We only run traffic campaigns in ...…
It’s the Pop Tower Podcast! KwinnPop’s Peter “Porkchop” Dawson and James “Soulful Lordy” Bullock talk about Secret of Mana, Marvel's Jessica Jones, and Tomb Raider. Does the Secret of Mana remake stand out, or it exactly the kind of thing that got Chrono Trigger fans so upset when it was released on Steam? Does Jessica Jones live up to its firs ...…
Hey, we’re back! Jessica and Jeff have plenty to catch up on between Pincade 2018 and TPF 2018. We have plenty to go over in this show, but we just need to state that New Zealanders and Aussies are quite alright with us. Heaps of fun, those mates. News! Iron Maiden Alice Cooper Kingpin Remake TPF 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards Pincade! A new baby ...…
Hey, we’re back! Jessica and Jeff have plenty to catch up on between Pincade 2018 and TPF 2018. We have plenty to go over in this show, but we just need to state that New Zealanders and Aussies are quite alright with us. Heaps of fun, those mates. News! Iron Maiden Alice Cooper Kingpin Remake TPF 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards Pincade! A new baby ...…
When he was a high-school junior in Phoenix, Arizona, Jacob Staudenmeier created an elaborate “prom-posal,” Staudenmeier decided to remake the opening scene of the movie La La Land in order to ask the film’s star, Emma Stone, to go to prom with him. (Despite his efforts, Stone declined graciously.) The trend of “prom-posals” has led to high-sch ...…
Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered as it's named, has been announced. This is BIG. the best game destruction you have EVER seen. Take down the game world piece by piece and use to your advantage. I deem this my first reactioncast!! It's shorter than usual, but that's the nature of this _^ We can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. Join our ...…
This week isn't a god in the machine, but a Ghost in the Shell! Our talking points include the horrible live action remake, some great panning shots, and philosophy in anime. Plus, make sure to stick around for the showdown in which one brother is too high on pain killers to count syllables! Facebook: ...…
This Week's Topics:Altered Carbon (The Lite Version)The Movie Life: Annihilation The Strangers: Prey At Night Krisha Horror RemakesForTheCulture: Tekashi 69 Usage of The "N" WordLife & Liberty: PharmLife NRA, Killer Mike & The Gun Game Wendy's Mixtape Much Ado About Drake Lil' Dicky 3-D Printing What's In Your Glass? Flashbacks…
Do you feel like all of your paycheck plus some is going towards your bills and making no headway on your goals? Today we’ll cover 5 ways you can get caught up and begin getting out from under your debts! Struggling to Make Ends Meet? I’ve been getting your emails and I want to say thank you. Sharing your wins and questions has been wonderful a ...…
This week on the G.L.O.W. Podcast, Bryan, Velena, and El Frankero discuss the WWE Hall of Fame 2018 class, offering up their opinion on each superstar being inducted. They also do predictions on who will induct those that are not yet confirmed, and general thoughts on the strength of this years class! Segments for the show this week include: Li ...…
Movie Export Numbers Unbiased Korean Beer Review Japanese Beers Possible Future Reboots How to make movies A look back at Jurassic Park VFX How Star Wars Changed Movies Alec Guinness Letters Opening Crawl Picture [Graphic] Deadpool Opening Credits (Pre-billing is a dumb name) Jaws Trailer Nausea Warning Blair Witch Marketing Batman Marketing Th ...…
We watch the new trailer for the 2018 remake of Superfly, and share our thoughts. Also, we discuss the March For Our Lives rally along with the negative reaction from it.
In this episode of ZGR we have a discussion on the recent inflation of Remakes, Remasters, and ports and whether or not they are a bad thing, a good thing, or potentially an unnecessary evilFollow us on Twitter: it on Facebook: Designer: ...…
This week, the crew discusses the best remakes Hollywood has to offer. Plus, Chad writes Tim a creepy poem, Tim and Ashley watch The Shape of Water, and Chad watches Red Sparrow.
There are certain characters that are imprtant to our culture we need to keep bringing them back. This weeks episode covers the video game vixen, Lara Croft! They keep pumping out games and now 17 years after the orignal, we are getting another movie ffranchise. Did this need to happen? List to Remake Rewind with Mike and Double D to find out! ...…
This week, Contextual Deviants makes this look good with 1997's Men In Black! Join hosts Christian Hagen and David Gutsche and their new Contextual Computer (TM) for a galaxy of goofs and a...Gemini of gags? Crap. Space alliteration is hard. Highlights include: F***ing Eric Roberts, Smash Mouth (but with an edge), teenage Tommy Lee Jones, a sho ...…
Transcript …there. How are you doing? All right. I am talking about, “A Theory of Functional Programming,” which is a book that I’m working on, and this is actually me working on it right now. I am going to talk about the topic, and hopefully, the transcript will turn into my book. I talked about a lot of things last time. That was last Friday, ...…
This week we discuss Tim Burton's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Did this reboot stick the landing? One of us though it did. We also discuss the potential of another remake and who we would want in it. Email us with anything we missed or movie suggestions you want to hear us discuss at Enjoy! *We had some technical ...…
Show Notes: Wait, we’re on? Stub learns how to drink. Fast Food Showdown. Roach definitely knows how to pronounce Canada, trust us. The dessert family tree. Roach tells the tale of the best pie he ever had. Three of the guys do some trip planning. What three possessions are most important to you? The old folks teach the millennials about how ph ...…
We're finally in remake territory, maniacs! This week we're chatting about the 1988 revamp of The Blob with Kevin Dillon and Shawnee Smith. We talk about generic sandwiches, Pizza Hut cups, and the time Merle Haggard put a music producer in his place.
Philip Bahoshy is the Founder of MAGNiTT, an online platform that connects MENA entrepreneurs, startups and investors and offers access to extensive research, analytics and insights from across the region. He was raised in the UK with Iraqi origins, Philip obtained an MBA from INSEAD in 2013 and a BSc in Economics from the London School of Econ ...…
Researchers around the world are racing to create the ultimate algorithm – one capable of teaching itself all there is to know. University of Washington computer scientist Pedro Domingos joins us to talk about how this eventual discovery would change the way we live. His new book is called “The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate L ...…
After almost a year's absence, Andrex, sbf717 and Mallys are back to sooth your ears with sweet, sweet game talk. What are we playing? Sony's remake streak: Ratchet & Clank and Shadow of the Colossus. Kingdom Hearts 3 is actually coming out. 😮 Is Xenoblade losing sight of the first game's appeal? Also, Tales of the Abyss. So long Wii Virtual Co ...…
She was pregnant and needed work. Her father wanted to get on podcasts and tasked her with the outreach. One day, he suggested she could offer this as a service. Ever since she’s been a fast-rising star in the podcasting world… …and a real life-saver for myself (David Allan). She helps clients get their house in order so they put their best foo ...…
My friend, Donald Kaplan, moved to a three-bedroom patio home in the lovely, wooded Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, California over twenty years ago, at the insistence of his wife, Beverly. They were getting older, and she wanted to inhabit space on just one floor. She also was preparing for the fact that Donald, who was older, would likely predeceas ...…
(or: "What is the Sound of One Man Sadly High-Fiving the Air?") Destry Rides Again is a 1939 western-comedy starring Marlene Dietrich and what was then a still up-and-coming James Stewart. It's named after a movie from 1932 which was itself based on a book written by Max Brand, a Seattle-born author, and was the basis for a nearly scene-for-sce ...…
Gritty powerpuff girls, mugs, and nerds—Devorah’s going to Professor Utonium (yes it’s a verb now) this pitch together.
Kazaam! Shaq is a genie for a latch key kid. Shaq raps a lot. CD bootlegging is heavily involved. Did we mention this director never directed a film again? This week, Desmond crafts a Tolkein-esque prequel (22:46), Scott explores the fictional history of music piracy in his sequel (40:16), and Peter shows utter contempt for the works of Aaron S ...…
WELCOME TO EPISODE 6 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW! In January, we launched this podcast as a convenient way to hear directly from experts about how you can benefit more fully from modern learning systems. On a regular basis, I’m interviewing some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field of extended enterprise learning – including v ...…
Previously in Revelation This is the second death, the lake of fire; 15and anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire. Day 27 – 6th Tuesday Revelation 21:1-8 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. 2And I saw the ...…
'Guideline number one is if it feels wrong, it is.' Joe Dolcetti Click To Tweet Joe Dolcetti is a futurist and an innovator in the field of human performance with an intimate and innate understanding of human movement and flow. He has a conditioning training, coaching and sport science career that has spanned over 31 years around the globe and ...…
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