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News and commentary on Gov. Mitt Romney, as well as discussion about the political strategies and news relating to other leading GOP contenders and election-related events.
Romney Project
Romney Project: Explorations in SIGHT and SOUND. A monthly mix of Trance and Progressive, inspired by the work of Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Destination Unknown (Reb) and Neverrain Recordings (Eric Jordan). For more information, visit
Team Romney
Podcast by Team Romney
The 405 Radio
The Talk Alternative! radio from the left coast. Super live talk - righteous podcasts.
Conservitarian Talk Radio for Patriots who still believe in Freedom, Liberty, and the Rule of Law.Join us each week for 90 minutes of Conservative/Libertarian Commentary and Humor as well as the politics and news of the week viewed through the prism of the Constitution and Conservative thought. With your hosts Mag Thomas in Seattle and Kimberly Jacks in Norfolk-Covering the U.S. from coast to coast with conservative talk radio awesomeness!
Broadcasting live on 8-10 AM EDT, Political talk show covering domestic and international economic, social and political issues that affect Americans.
Eduardo Quezada
News Sports & Interviews: When You Want Them, Where You Want Them.Eduardo Quezada, is known in the USA Spanish speaking world for his more than 30 years broadcasting news, as the number one local news anchor for Univision and Telemundo Los Angeles TV stations.
Welcome to Believe in America Radio where we will continue our fight in a few days while we take time to adjust to current events and update our services.
Video highlights from the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis - St. Paul. Segments include speeches from the Conventon as well as selected special videos.
Join Jason and Jeff as they discuss today's political topics.
We've moved! Tune into Match Game 2013 on The 405 Radio Network at 9PM every Thursday. Podcasts will upload here after the live show. The GayPatriot Report will be an occasional broadcast.
Critical Voter
Use the next election to become a critical thinker
MarshallTalk discusses difficult & controversial issues incl. Politics, Pop Culture, Class, Race, Parenting, Relationships, etc.
That's What's UP
Social Commentary Beyond the Limits of Mainstream Capacity.
Tune in to hear the latest on pop culture, celebrity gossip, reality TV news, and much more, with your hosts Tanea Johnson & Jeff Weiss!
Our Mission is To provide the entertainment and Information our listeners need to become informed and active in the community.
Zandar, Bon and company fight the stupid in its many forms.
An informative Christian radio segment that highlights current events along and historical world shaping events with various topics.
Sometimes, life gets rough. The problem is, most people don't know how to react when life gets rough! Luckily, Mike and Luke are here to tell you what's going on in the world and how you need to respond to it (because let's face it, you're too stupid to figure it out on your own).
In this first collection of stories following the characters from the "Anne of Green Gables" series, we see 12 vignettes into the lives of the other inhabitants of Avonlea. The case of Ludovic Speed as mentioned in "Anne of the Island" is finally detailed, along with another appearance by Anne Shirley herself in "The Courting of Prissy Strong". We meet some old friends and many new ones from "The Island", in stories both sweet and poignant. An old lady finds happiness in being a "fairy godmo ...
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Lynthia Romney Email her at: Lynthia Romney is the President of RomneyCom, a full-service PR firm, specializing in leadership visibility for clients. She works with leading corporations and national nonprofits to help them develop and deliver their key messages powerfully to internal and external audiences. ...…
Opening Monologue: Singing In the Saddle. Good news abounds this week for American Patriots. The Trump Economy is thriving, Democrats have lost their edge in the "generic" ballot, Comey has botched his book tour, and the MSM appears to be realizing Mueller cannot deliver the goods on Russian Collusion, nor even Obstruction. Joe DiGenova sees th ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The New Yorker, August 13th & 20th 2012: Part 1 (Ben McGrath, Steve Coll, Adam Gopnik)Author: Ben McGrath, Steve Coll, Adam GopnikNarrator: Todd MundtFormat: HighlightsLength: 2 hrs and 5 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 08-08-12Publisher: The New Y ...…
Victoria Romney and Ali Mulhall finish T7 at the national finals of the Drive Chip and Putt Championship at Augusta National. We were there cheering on these latest UPOTs and have the play-by-play for you. Bubba Watson joins the show.
Today we discuss Kim Jong-un's trip to China and why that is bad for the US. We get into why the President can not use the military to fund his border wall, Mitt Romney being exactly who we thought he'd be and Donald Trump's problems finding legal council.
Short episode, we talk about the new basketball coach, local zoning laws, Mitt Romney's comments on DACA and what should happen with immigration. @Sagebrushshow Choose the Right (or Left!) Hosted by @zgrantbess and @SamNJackson. DM us if you have ideas for the pod!
[00:00:01] You were listening to the apex hour on KSUU Thunder ninety one point one. In this show you get more personal time with the guests who visit Southern Utah University from all over. Learning more about their stories and opinions beyond their presentations onstage. We will also give you some new music tools into and hope to turn you on ...…
Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown - Tuesday, March 20, 20184:20 pm: Mitt Romney joins Rod to discuss his Senate campaign as the state GOP begins its candidate selection process tonight by holding its neighborhood caucus meetings4:35 pm: Jon Caldara, President of the Independence Institute and a columnist with the Denver Post, joins the program to ...…
Summary: Did Obama lay the groundwork in 2012 for the 2016 spying attack on the Trump team? The evidence is compelling and troubling. I also address another explosive connection between the Clinton Foundation and the spying scandal. Finally, I discuss the liberal love affair with inflation and negative interest rates and why this matters to you ...…
Summary: In this episode I break down the special election in Pennsylvania last night and why the results matter to you. I also discuss ways to fight back against potential political losses in the upcoming midterms. I address the stunning revelations about more Obama administration connections to the spying scandal. Finally, I cover school choi ...…
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, President Trump sounds like a man fully in charge by firing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, not deranged or someone who should be removed under the 25th Amendment like the media says. Tillerson was fired not because of confusion within the Trump administration, but because Tillerson was undermining Trump’s positi ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: First PrinciplesSubtitle: Five Keys to Restoring America's ProsperityAuthor: John B. TaylorNarrator: Ken MaxonFormat: UnabridgedLength: 4 hrs and 26 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 06-27-13Publisher: Audible StudiosRatings: 3 of 5 out of 2 votesGenre ...…
Mitt Romney is under attack in Utah, but will probably win by a landslide. Ken Masugi's piece in American Greatness, "Donald Trump on love and justice."
WH: Sanders: Not Aware If Trump Knew of Porn Star Payment; Trump Won Arbitration Case Against Porn Star; Porn Star's Attorney: Trump Knew of $130,000 Payment; It's Not Just How Many Have Left Trump Admin, But Why; Schumer: White House Is "Hollowed Out"; Trump Says: "Everybody Wants to Work at the White House"; Cohn's Departure Adds to WH Chaos ...…
On today's episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker and John Kiriakou are joined by Simone Chun, a fellow at the Korea Policy Institute and a member of the Korean Peace Network, and Tim Shorrock, a Washington-based investigative journalist who grew up in Japan and South Korea, who wrote “Spies for Hire: The Secret World of Outsourced Intelligence, ...…
Jon doesn't know anything about the dictionary, Just gets frustrated with the number of men Jon and Jackson check out online, and Jackson is calling you a liar. All this, plus our favorite mommy blogger Brooke Romney joins us to talk about youth sports. Want to advertise on our podcast? Email:…
A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from March 3, 2018. For more go to Hour 1: Cenk. Former Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore is asking his supporters for $250,000 to help fund his legal expenses. A new New Yorker profile of Trump-Russia dossier author Christopher Steele reports on a lesser-known memo the for ...…
Welcome to Geek News, Reviews, & Opinions the Podcast where we talk the week's events in Geek! This week we find out the dangers of reviewing your own game and releasing a demo of said game, Sony looking to make more games first party, more news on the Weinstein front, and Amazon is producing a series for Wheel of Time & the Dark Tower!!This po ...…
“I was in a marriage of 25 years, that most of the time was really unhappy. And I was unhappy. And [she] told me, ‘your Truthteller wants you to be happy’… Brave Girls Camp made me love myself enough to want to be happy—not to fake it, not to smile… everyone thought we were just happy, and that we had this beautiful little family… and I was dro ...…
Matt and ChrisX discuss Russia and their new nuclear capabilities. A 32 year old squatter won't leave college dorm and Mitt Romney runs into resistance from conservatives in Utah.
Welcome to Geek News, Reviews, & Opinions the Podcast where we talk the week's events in Geek! This week we discuss the troubles of Twin Galaxies, Konami entering the microtransactions game in a big way, DICE Awards reactions, and yes there's a Sonic movie on the way...This podcast was recorded February 23, 2018. Intro/outro music composed by S ...…
Republicans are scrambling to meet with lawyers following a wild internal vote for Utah's Republican party that could potentially kick certain candidates - even Mitt Romney - out of the party.
Thanks for listening. Detailed show notes available below. NEWS CONCERNING THE FLORIDA MASSACRE Trump to support expanded background checks for gun ownership following an increased push for gun control after the Florida school shooting last week. Trump spoke to Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R., Texas) about such legislation, according to Wh ...…
Top trending news, Winter Olympic update, #SwampWatch: Trumps endorses Romney and Mueller charges lawyer with lying in Russia probe
A group of American Nationalists discuss this week's headlines stories as well as important developments not covered on the front news page.Social Media:Rising Right:Twitter: https://www.spre ...…
Matt and ChrisX discuss the idiocy of gun free zones, why teachers should be allowed to conceal carry, the Florida shooting and Mitt Romney announces his run for the Senate in Utah.
Top trending news stories, Fox's Laura Ingraham says LeBron James should 'shut up and dribble', #SwampWatch: Former Playboy model alleges she had an affair with President Trump in 2006, Romney to run for Utah senate seat.
Cameron, Lee-Anne and Mike talk the tragedy of the Colten Boushie trial, wine & whining between Alberta & BC, and President Rancid Velveeta. Also, a feature interview with Dr. Hakique Virani on Canada's opioid crisis.By (Canadian Politique Studios).
Published on 05 Jan 2018. POLITICO reporters discuss the frayed relationship between President Trump and Steve Bannon, and what Senator Hatch's retirement means for Mitt Romney. The group also discusses the White House's Iran strategy and what to make of the president's scathing North Korea tweets.
Published on 05 Jan 2018. POLITICO reporters discuss the frayed relationship between President Trump and Steve Bannon, and what Senator Hatch's retirement means for Mitt Romney. The group also discusses the White House's Iran strategy and what to make of the president's scathing North Korea tweets.
House memo states disputed dossier was key to FBI's FISA warrant to surveil members of Team Trump. 12-year-old girl booked after accidental LA school shooting. Accusers dad tries to attack Larry Nassar during sentence hearing. New witnesses emerge in actress Natalie Wood's 1981 drowning. Steve Wynn calls on employees to rally behind him during ...…
What's happening with Gary and Shannon. Oddball Friday: Naked man caught riding stationary bike in community gym. Passenger restrained with duct tape and zip ties after storming cockpit. #SwampWatch. Trump: FBI, DOJ have publicized probe in favor of dems. Mitt Romney will announce on Feb. 15 his decision about the Senate race.…
California State Assemblyman Jim Patterson joins A&G to talk about efforts to audit the High Speed Rail Line Project. Plus, The Nunes Memo and Mitt Romney--will he run?
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