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Shan and RJ
105.3 The Fan
Shan Boody gives unfiltered sex advice, recommends the perfect song and gives everyone homework- every day
Shakedown Shan
Positive vibes & Liberty
This podcast is just randomly me! I’m giving advice to indie artist and give random chitter chatter!! I will also do indies spotlight on Friday’s so if you have music email it me:
The life of saviour Jesus is being introduced to the people. It will be hope for the people who are hopeless in their lives.
Shan Barlow
About me and Baseball
Random dude that talk about Star Wars in Indonesia.
Haramcin shan jiya
Hukuncin shan jiya, da shan abubuwan dakesa maye, da wasu tambayoyi masu anfani.
SHa N AlBalo Chi
What's up
Discussions about the life of a beautiful Queen who is of African decent, residing in America.
This podcast is about putting a positive message out! This a place to get inspired, encouraged, empowered, and intrigued!
The podcast that makes it easy on you
Splitlog Baptist
Sermons from Splitlog Baptist Church
Because audio is easier than video.
Starguments is a Tabletop RPG Podcast using Fantasy Flight's Edge of the Empire rules. We play it pretty fast and loose with the rules, and we prioritize a good time over anything else. Meet our Talent:Anthony as Reno Shan - The fast talking lawyer with a sketchy past and a really nice wardrobe. Simone as Sohki - A Rebellious Bothan with a lot to prove, and a lot to make up for. Danielle as Raz - Raz is a Wookie with a Napoleon complex. Raised far from Kashyyyk, he's looking to prove a city ...
Two Wise Jawns
A podcast about two jawns trying.. well we trying dammit. We're friends from college discussing global sociopolitical affairs and our #ProblematicFavs. Hot taking, contemplating, but mostly laughing the world around us. Morg STANS for Solange. Shan STANS for nail art. Both regard Kanye as a personal bestie and in the HIGHEST ESTEEM. #YeWhisperWe're available on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Google Play, Stitcher, and Pocket Casts - search "Two Wise Jawns" ... subscribe! Email: TwoWise ...
Down-to-earth business advice that's out of this world! Business masterminds Joon S. Han and Christine McDannell will simply rock your biz in ways that you never thought possible.
Down-to-earth business advice that's out of this world! Business masterminds Joon S. Han and Christine McDannell will simply rock your biz in ways that you never thought possible.
This Ramadan's Special transmission for all muslim brothers and sisters living in Hong Kong. Be with us at iftar time and Listen to Munajat-e-Iftar (Tilawat, Naat, Dua, iftari announcement and Azan) LIVE from Madrasah Faizan-e-Auliya Allah Ping Shan at 6:50PM(HK standard time) .Download New Android Mobile app now جزاک اللہ خیرا
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We discuss Keith’s Summer Roadmap, and what turned up in Game Update 5.9.1. 1. Introduction Here are Chill’s new Smuggler and Agent: 2. Tip of the week Congratulations to this week’s winner, Liberti! Thanks to Agent Ironspider and Quercus for entering. Please send your tips to before the next show for a chance to win a Taun ...…
Shan hymn. Shan health talk program. Shan general knowledge program. I surrender allBy (AWR).
An Introduction to Romans by Shan Van Norman
East Coast Radio — KZN listener, Shan called into East Coast Urban with Thandolwethu on Tuesday evening after a very scary drive on the N2, northbound, near Clare Road Bridge. Shan and her husband were travelling back home just after 6pm on Tuesday night when the incident took place. Listen as she replays the incident with Thandolwethu.…
After attaining awakening, the Buddha traveled throughout India to teach. Along the way, he used different methods to help people of different backgrounds. In this episode, we will focus on just three of these stories. The first is of the Buddha inviting Nidhi into the Sangha, who was seen as impure and lowly by others. The second is of the Bud ...…
In the Star Wars: The Old Republic section of the show, Marshall and Will discuss their weeks in game, server maintenance, and Game Update 5.9a. Links: All my incomplete achievements reset today Game Update 5.9a Thanks for Theron Shan. <3 <3 <3 This is a love thread, haters make your own lol. Hidden Achievement COMPLETE! Can't Recruit ? Surpris ...…
Dan, Shan, and Damon watch the NBA Draft Lottery live while giving you their analysis and reaction to the selections!
Hump Day is back and we had to bring you all a special For Lovers treat this episode....we have the lovely ladies Strap on Shan & FiftySHades of Peachestogether they make up Carversations (check out their show on they joined EL Pesco to talk about marriage, corny dudes, dating outside your race, and Peaches has a message to al ...…
On the second episode of Camp Shan Babe we get HOT (and depressed) in Cleveland! I'm on vacation, and what better way to spend in Cleveland than to talk into microphones! My special guest is David Ryder. We talk about Childish Gambino and the masterpiece that is "This is America," our intense pride for LeBron and Cleveland sports, funny stories ...…
Preacher: Wong Li Shan Date: 12 May 2018 (4.30pm) Album: COOS Youth Service Service Ref:Exo 1:16, 2 tim 1:8-9, 1 Cor 2:9, 2 Kings 24:8
Preacher: Wong Li Shan Date: 12 May 2018 (4.30pm) Album: COOS Youth Service Service Ref:Exo 1:16, 2 tim 1:8-9, 1 Cor 2:9, 2 Kings 24:8
Show notes: Seattle’s proposed head tax, Connecticut’s new bill to give electoral college votes to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote, farmers markets, local business, and yet again MORE PC culture but this time with the Boy Scouts. Also, happy mother’s day! Stay tuned to the end to here a little bit from my little man!…
You are going to LOVE my guest today: Shannon Boodram. Widely known as “Shan Boody," she is a certified sex educator, dating expert and lifestyle personality. She is a YouTube star related to all things sex and relationships, and the host of “Make Up or Break Up,” a weekly, Facebook live series. She is also the host of the Fullscreen series, “Y ...…
MOVIES FOR FRENCHIESAnnie chose: Amélie starring: Audrey Tatou and Mathieu KassovitzShannon chose: Divines starring: Oulaya Amamra, Déborah Lukumuena and Jisca KalvandaAre you an Ann or a Shan this week? Let us know!grlsinterruptd@gmail.com ...…
**Shan’s Science Of Sound Show Replay On NEW tracks from Bumpy Knuckles &Snoop Doggy Dog,DJ Kay Slay&Ms Hustle,Funky DL,Tha 4orce,DJ E Rex,Chris Orrick,Configa,DJ Jazzy Jeff,Flex Matthews & Damu The Fudgemunk,Kyo Itachi & Realio Sparkzwel, Mister Modo&Ugly Mac Beer,Royce Da 5 9,Tha Last Emporer & Haak Filmore,Waterr, TY ...…
Guest Speaker Shan-Nel Simmons, CEO/Founder of Nel's Tax Help and BMWOC Corporate Sponsor talks with Anne about her profession as Tax Professional and Auditor. She also gives out details and nuggets on how small businesses are leaving money on the tax via not following proper tax laws and regulations.…
We discuss the latest SWTOR news, focusing on Game Updates 5.9 and 5.9a. Then we talk about Casey Hudson and his vision for BioWare and Anthem, the new animated series Star Wars Resistance, and some very cool Star Wars toys. 1. Introduction You can find the original description of the “Machete Order” for watching the first six Star Wars movies ...…
The Fight Corner makes it return as the guys preview UFC 224. They offer their picks, analysis, and best bets for this weekends big card. Then our resident boxing expert chimes in on the Vasyl Lomacheko fight. Join Shan, Dan, and CG as they prep you for a major fight weekend
Show notes: Not your prom dress?! The latest outrage sprung from the new wave of “PC culture” we live in. However, “PC” is a form of brainwashing to make all of us like individuals. Listen to hear about the prom dress that “Shook the nation”. Baby Alfie is a great example of what happens when you allow the state to control your healthcare syste ...…
Guests: Katlego Mhulatshi and Amo Potloane Shan Thumbran - Relationship Coach
The first Cowboy player to make the NFL's Top 100 list, and do they deserve to be ranked THIS low on the NFL's Power Rankings?
Romo pens a tribute letter to his former teammate and best friend, and the guys discuss the possibility of the Rangers adding Matt Harvey.
The guys dive into a new study that says Netflix is preventing couples from engaging in an active sex life.
The UT Men's Basketball Coach joins the guys to talk about his tenure in Austin, a scouting report for Mo Bamba, and his favorite food choice since he moved to Texas!
**Shan’s Science Of Sound Show Replay On Featuring Tracks From The Nonce, The Last Emperor & Haak Filmore, MIC Handz, Icerocks, Eric The Red & Illinformed, Evil Ed, Glad2Mecha, Looptroop Rockers, The I.M.F. Plus Many More . Shan’s Science Of Sound Show Live Every Friday From 8:30PM UK Time The Station:**…
"What duh Keto?!?" In our latest episode, we chat with blogger Shan Flynn about all things keto! We asked her all the important questions like - How much bacon can you have? Is alcohol off limits? What about CHOCOLATE? We get into fat bombs, recommended reading/watching, keto breath, amazing weight loss and more! And while we were all about the ...…
PlusHouse Show By SHAN NASH#2◢My Channels &◢Please Share this Mix on Social sites (Facebook, Google +, Twitter etc.)to more pers ...…
Show notes: Last week’s episode is continued. Make sure to listen to episode 5 first! Finishing up Larry Share’s vision for New York. Can we really turn New York upside down and throw out the DNC? #Cumosgottogo! the Facebook trial & data usage enrages society, but the patriot act and “sneak-peek’ warrants get no second thoughts. Crystals, miner ...…
On this special edition of the show, Chill is joined by Dr SWTOR to talk all things gaming, streaming and psychology. 1. Introduction 2. Tip of the week Congratulations to this week’s winner, Medullah! Thanks to Alex for entering. Here are the supporting screenshots provided by Medullah for his tip: Please send your tips to ...…
We talk about Greg's goodie bags, we play Big Money Minute, and Ginger schools Shan about men.
Shan refuses to eat her vegetables, the court finds Bill Cosby is guilty, and Amazon is raising their prices.
Mike Fisher explains how the Cowboys executed their plan to perfection, and what that plan might be for the 2nd and 3rd rounds today.
Cavanaugh gives his thoughts on the Cowboys pick, and what he expects to happen during Day 2 of the Draft tonight.
Is there someone else you would've wanted the Cowboys to take at 19? The guys discuss that, plus the other swings and misses from the NFL draft!
The very first audio experience involving the Cowboys' newest draftee!
Show notes: Syria, lies, and eye-witness accounts. Assad didn’t gas his people! America and Japanese internment camp. On a positive note, let’s Talk about Larry Sharpe!
This week we discuss the class changes, new augments, and further Conquest refinements coming in Game Update 5.9. We also touch on general Star Wars news, including Rian Johnson’s plans for his new trilogy. 1. Introduction 2. Tip of the week Congratulations to this week’s winner, Sapfire! Thanks to Agent Ironspider for entering. Please send you ...…
Show notes: Today’s episode will be about the endless war we have gotten into overseas, the fight against terrorism, and the use of American lives as political war pawns. Listen in to hear about the hypocrisy surrounding our war on terror. Bring our troops home! Stop the spending! No more bombs! Why are we still fighting this war?! When will th ...…
We discuss Game Updates 5.8 and 5.8a, the revamped Conquest system and the further plans to improve it, and much more. Also mentioned is the very strong rumour that EA is working on a new open world Star Wars game, and just why Luke was so whiny in Episode IV. 1. Introduction Here is Chill’s latest themed alt, Chillcroft! 2. Tip of the week Con ...…
Shan has Iris. The Splinter has Wren. Now it's time to make a deal. Music Credits: Nick Jaina, “Expense Reports.” Primary Perception Instrumentals. Needle Drop Co., 2015. Creative Commons License. Chris Zabriskie,”Cylinder 4.” 2014. Creative Commons License. Ars Sonor, “Moving On.” Samaritan, 2016. Creative Commons License. Nick Jaina, “Man Wit ...…
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