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Hooked on T.J. Hooker
A podcast dedicated to the forgotten gem of a cop show T.J. Hooker (1982 - 1986) hosted by Eric Szyszka and Ben Worcester. Hear the guys and the occasional guest star discuss William Shatner in all of his glory. Anything you hear may be used against you in a court of law.
Subspace Transmissions: A Star Trek Podcast
Tackling the best, worst, weirdest, wildest and everything in-between that Trek has to offer.
Podcast by SMovieMakers
Look At His Butt! Podcast
Look At His Butt! LT and JK Talk Trek
The Edge of Forever: The Star Trek Podcast
Years in the making,'s Star Trek podcast has arrived! Whether you're a fan of Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, or Archer, you'll want to listen to this chronicle of every Star Trek franchise from start to finish!
Boston Legal TV Show Podcast
Boston Legal TV Show Podcast: Hosted by Dana Greenlee of Commentary on Boston Legal TV Show, featuring episode audio, guests experts that discuss show news, in-depth commentary about plot lines and show characters on Boston Legal TV Show seen on the ABC TV Network.
Look At His Butt! Podcast
Look At His Butt! LT and JK Talk Trek
Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Common Sense with Dan Carlin is an independent look at politics and current events from popular New Media personality Dan Carlin.Carlin's self-described "Martian" viewpoints infuse each episode with a political alien's take on the world around us and the problems it faces. It's a smart, unique (and admittedly U.S.-centric) program that doesn't dumb down the information or analysis for the slowest person in the room.Carlin's rapid-fire staccato voice has been compared to William Shatner after ...
Justin Halpern: Meet the Author
Join New York Times best-selling author Justin Halpern (Sh*t My Dad Says) for a discussion about his new book, I Suck at Girls, a laugh-out-loud collection of funny and touching stories of his romantic coming-of-age misadventures. Justin will give a reading, share some stories that inspired him, and take questions from the audience.
Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Common Sense with Dan Carlin is an independent look at politics and current events from popular New Media personality Dan Carlin.Carlin's self-described "Martian" viewpoints infuse each episode with a political alien's take on the world around us and the problems it faces. It's a smart, unique (and admittedly U.S.-centric) program that doesn't dumb down the information or analysis for the slowest person in the room.Carlin's rapid-fire staccato voice has been compared to William Shatner after ...
Nature Conservancy of Canada - A Force for Nature
Denise Donlon hosts A Force of Nature produced by the Nature Conservancy of Canada and starring Ryan Reynolds, Jason Priestley, Rachel Blanchard and William Shatner.
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In this week's show, Chief Brody dons a rumpled raincoat and Bad Hat Harry lights a cigar for double Shatner Columbo in 'Fade in to Murder' and 'Butterfly in Shades of Grey.' Also in this week's show, old detective techniques are the Wonder of the Week!
We play “Would You Rather” with our guest Mariano Nicieza, co-creator of Stan Lee’s “Godwoke.” Would you rather…watch Justice League on opening night or binge watch Netflix Punisher? Would you rather…re-watch the Zack Snyder trilogy before going to see JL or re-watch the Star Wars prequels before Last Jedi? And more! PLUS: Four Reasons the Just ...…
SHOW NOTES His go-from-poverty-to-prosperity story is one for the movies. Born into a family living in a shack in a small town in Kansas and knowing only poverty, food stamps, and hand-me-down clothes, Michael J. Maher conquered incredible challenges and a near-death experience to be known by many different titles: Millionaire Real Estate Agent ...…
Starburst Radio Podcast
Episode 7.19: Fear the Walking ViewersIn which Mike Royce reveals the hero of STARBURST, unleashes the duelling fireworks, and suffers a bout of ‘Tolkien Fatigue’. Whilst Martin Unsworth thinks Star Trek might be in need of a swear box, introduces his ‘Dinosaur Traumas’ segment, and is delighted that Shatner is taking out the ...…
JD tells a story about living with and then without his mother and father.
We go full #ThorRagnarok! Did it leave you feeling green? Is Loki the Best Marvel super-villain of all time? And what about that Valkyrie casting choice! Mike & Hasan also pose the question: Did Thor ape the Guardians 2 formula? PLUS: Brian Michael Bendis jumps the Marvel ship…which DC character should he tackle first? PLUS: We’re on Amazon Ale ...…
Well the studio just about got gutted this past weekend and I had some fun at the beginning of the show. Things will get back to normal at the beginning of next week. For now though the studio upgrade process is going well. You have heard me talk about proximity beacons. I know now how to do it with minimal investment! This course that I endors ...…
Published on 26 Jul 2017. Acquired trains its lens on the “second or third best acquisition of all-time”, Priceline’s 2005 purchase of Our heroes are joined by friend-of-the-show and former Jetsetter & Room 77 CEO Drew Patterson to help understand how this little-known startup from The Netherlands grew into the largest travel compa ...…
Fingers & Delaurus At The Movies
Adam West meets The Shatner
Murph and Andy recap a classic World Series game, plus a conversation with William Shatner and more
William Shatner joins AD as he promotes his one-man show at Hoyt Sherman on November 2nd.
Award-winning actor. celebrity pitchman and legendary icon William Shatner joins Neale to talk about LottoGopher, his latest financial venture that’s poised to change the game for millions of Americans. Neale also talks to blogger Britnie Sims who says today’s moms are bombarded with conflicting information everywhere they turn. She and Neale e ...…
Trouble with Tribbles Wherein Andy and Jessica talk: The snappiness of the episode—it’s fun! Jessica’s absolute favorite moment of Star Trek so far: watching Shatner get bombarded with Tribbles! Spock and McCoy insulting each other and that whole relationship The joy of Scotty and his accent and character and starting the fight The bar fight Je ...…
Errand of Mercy I lovedie-loved-loved this episode. Listen as Andy and I talk mostly actors and spot-on acting in this one. Also: The hand gestures of the Organians Captain Kirk’s reaction to the Organians and moment of shame in Errand of Mercy Commander Kor and Kirk’s relationship – are they basically the same character? The Klingon commander ...…
TERRIFICON presents: The Power Cosmic Podcast
NYCC SPECIAL EPISODE OF THE POWER COSMIC: TERRIFICON Mitch ventured into NYCC and interviewed two of the stars of the new animated film BATMAN VS. TWO-FACE. Listen to WILLIAM SHATNER as Harvey Dent/Two-Face, BURT WARD as Robin the Boy Wonder and director Rick Morales discuss the film. Plus, Mitch gives his review at the end.…
Team Banzai Studios Master Feed
Discord: Patreon: News How was NYCC? There is a listing for Star Trek Discovery on Google Play. Not available yet. Shatner set tour DSC source of technobabble statement. The Orville: Last episode was a kinda crappy copy of TNG’s “A Matter of Time”. Ten Forward: Chris on Twitter: Do u thin ...…
This week we talk about releasing code in two different environments and we sidetrack as usual. *note* there were some gremlins in Alan’s recording machine this week so we had to settle for the version we recorded on John’s side where Alan is on Skype. We will do better next time. Book corner Paradox Bound by Peter Clines Audible: http://polyma ...…
Welcome to episode 002 of A Balanced Breakfast brought to you unofficially by Walgreens and Disney’s “Pirates of the Carribean.” This week Davo shares his new hobby, the gang goes to the Zoo, and a round of “Sex with Me”. All proceeds will go to help Elon Musk stop skynet, so Plug in you ear pods and get ready for us to cram your canals with co ...…
Greetings ALL!! Mr Erick V joins us this week as its the first episode without our fearless leader Hoody :-(, but we push ahead to bring you a brand new episode this week featuring a interview with William Shatner!! We get into the awesome week that John Boyega has had. As always we'll tell you what's coming out this week with "Bring Em' Out". ...…
The Tech Blog Writer Podcast - Inspired Tech Startup Stories & Interviews With Tech Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Innovators
William Shatner is a Canadian and an Emmy Award-winning actor who became most famous for portraying Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the starship Enterprise. But there is much more today's guest than his career in the Star Trek franchise. Shatner's 2004 cover version of Pulp’s Common People produced by Ben Folds from his underrated Has Been album ...…
Ted Leo — Lonsdale Avenue / The Wedding Present — Shatner / Makthaverskan — Eden / Ariel Pink — Time to Live / Grooms — Magistrate Seeks Romance / Small Circle — We Belong Here / The Replacements — Bastards of Young (live at Maxwell's, 1986) / Jack Lee — Come Back and Stay / Chris Cornell — Ferry Boat #3 / Bent Shapes — USA vs Por / Bent Shapes ...…
Vintage Voorhees
We talk Trump, Rocket Man, Kirk, Rush, famous Voorhi (the plural of "Voorhees"), and his upcoming show in Omaha.
A Taste of Armageddon Wherein we discuss: How Jessica just doesn’t believe that anyone would voluntarily walk into a disintegration chamber How this may be the most peaceful and moral of all wars (and the guards are just the worst) Comparing Eminiar 7’s war with our food processes Ranking on the Enterprise Redshirts and Spock’s nerve pinch and ...…
Filling The Void Podcast Network
In an episode about absolutely nothing, the Renegades just wing it and go off the rails on the Crazy Train! From Chief's new viewing pleasure of the Shatner Masterpiece TV Show TJ Hooker to Spin talking about the ancient Kings Dominion ride Smurf Mountain, the conversation somehow ends up in the Magic Kingdom where giant turkey legs and pork sh ...…
At Least You Tried...
Everyone gets their start somewhere, and the road to success isn't always easy. Between her roles as Jackie (That 70's Show) and Meg (Family Guy), and long after he was the "Beloved" Captain Kirk, William Shatner and Mil
News Terry Farrell and Adam Nimoy are engaged QMX insignia badges $14.95 - not screen accurate, but better ones will come soon enough. I have one! From @EKavlar (Raven 322) Ten Forward: Chris on Twitter: What would be the synopsis of an episode of TOS written by you? Star Trek ...…
Who Moved My Freedom Podcast
Hank Strange Who Moved My Freedom Podcast: The Late Boy Scout The Late Boy Scout Hank Strange Who Moved My Freedom Podcast Episode 37 LIVE from the Big Daddy Guns Studio in Gainesville Florida. #hangoutsonair #whomovedmyfreedom The Late Boy Scout talk about Knives for Everyday Carry · Survival Knives ...…
Standard Orbit: A Star Trek Original Series Podcast
Standard Orbit 186: Defined By A Sword In His Hand TOS Stars in The Twilight Zone. If there is another television series as culturally relevant, as forward thinking, and truly as timeless as Star Trek, it's The Twilight Zone. Both in their storytelling style as modern day morality plays and their theatrical production style, the series share a ...…
On the inaugural episode of the Burn Down the Sandcast, we play it by ear. We talk about Santa in an uncomfortably erotic way, William Shatner's musical career, Yo La Tengo's relationship with freeform radio fundraising, and punching very bad people. And also punching other things.…
4 Color Flashback: The Superhero Re-watch
Cainim reviews the Pilot episode of the CW's The Flash! And he wonders: where's the narrative drama? Music: SO much Spider-Man! 4 Things! Forensic Guy! Science Stuff! And Cainim's Top five funny superhero comic book characters? Canim's History with The Flash! The replacement Supermen!: Superboy! The Eradicator! Steel! Kyle Rayn ...…
In this episode, Mike and Molly discuss Shatner's recent alt right rants, Star Trek trading cards, and their graphic novel idea Troi Meets World! Also, in depth discussion on TNG "Brothers," Voyager "Day of Honor," and a bit more on DS9 "The Way of the Warrior Pt. 2."
Team Banzai Studios Master Feed
News People on twitter should stop being awful and nasty to the DSC team. Nobody deserves hatred. “There will be technobabble”. The whole “No God” thing was a misunderstanding. It’s allowed. Commercial! James Cawley has a new Fan Film Academy ...…
Grumpy Old Geeks - Covering tech news, security, movies, tv shows, and books for tech savvy adults
The smartphone generation; Facebook FTW; Uber on fire, literally; Hyperloop is a go; Bitcoin split; Shatner being Shatner; the Circle; Cobra Kai; Themis Files; #LeakTheAnalyst; IoT regulation; hacker vacations; be bored; non-melting ice cream, alright! Show notes at
There's no doubt we're living in interesting times, but could this be the silent start of a new civil war? Rotolo shares his thoughts on the media's role in our growing national divide, including the dangerous leaks dripping out of the White House and into the headlines. Then it's a spectacle of the truly strange and grotesque as the Freak Show ...…
We had so many internet issues, we had to do this episode offline. Our upload speeds went down the toilet, buy hey, we still have a show for you! Stories – FARTS & BALANCED Streamers getting annoyed – Polygon Minecraft united is close – IGN Comics don’t always last forever – Verge Shatner’s saving ocean animals again – Uproxx So that’s what it ...…
This week we go fully off topic and delve deep into realms of tangents. Show notes GaunletSC2 Falcon's Patreon Our Patreon PenguiN HerO Meat PIes AT-AT Rick and Morty Darkest Night Zietgiest Twilight Zone Ungeniused The Great Emu War Emu War Comic Review on iTunes Competition Follow us on Twitter @FalconPaladin @ATSomicron --------------------- ...…
Coming to you live from The McDonald's on White Plains Rd. Hehpi Jae goes off the rails with special guest Jonez, discussing everything from Transgenders in the military, Lil Duval controversey, The Red Pill, Jae's hatred of things, his love for Chelsea, William Shatner and so much more! Grab the full episode on Itunes: St ...…
Welcome to the 29th episode of Buzzed Out. In this episode, Brandon takes a look back at the 2006 William Shatner-hosted program "Show Me The Money". Opening theme: "Happy Happy Game Show" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Closing theme: "Sing ...…
Cinescopers wants you to go ape! In celebration of the new film War For the Planet of the Apes, we’re going back to the beginning and discussing all five original Planet of the Apes films, as well as the 2001 Tim Burton remake. In our Apes finale, we’re looking at the two most maligned films in the franchise: 1973’s conclusion to the original s ...…
Stagehandery JERKs Podcast
More on Burt Reynolds and William Shatner, American immigrant history and Christopher Columbus, Bitcoin ATMs, and even more on the hard life of local union stagehands and inept crew.
How to Make $3 Million Selling Your Indie Film on iTunes & Amazon w/ with Nick Palmisciano of Range 15 We all hear that self-distribution is the future for indie filmmakers. Build an audience and make a film for that audience but finding real world examples of a “true” indie film breaking $1,000,000+ using that model… The post IFH 167: How to M ...…
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