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This is a 1st hand account written by a survivor of the Titanic about that fateful night and the events leading up to it as well as the events that followed its sinking. - Summary written by Allyson Hester
We are the parish church of Ss Philip & James in Whitton in the Diocese of London
SS-Book of Genesis
Pastor Phil Ballmaier concluded the series on the Book of Genesis. In the Hebrew, Genesis translates as ‘Bereshith’ or beginnings. As we explore the life of the first man, Adam and his descendants we uncover a multitude of rich history.
Streaming a selective playlist of Lounge, Chill Out, Smooth Hip Hop, Nu-Jazz, Bossa Nova, Trip Hop, Deep Electronica, D'nB, Dub, Ambient Waves and Downtempo Grooves. Tune in @
SS Podcast
find us all on twitter. @Big_Broons @Matt_In_Limbo @AEJCostanzo
SS Trilleon
Have you ever wanted to be the captain of your own spaceship? Well I have and these are my stories.
Bad@ss Connections
Small Business owners need to differentiate in their market. This will provide them a forum for that as well as building a relationship with their clients.
Welcome to the YOUNES E. S. S. podcast, where amazing things happen.
Komplexitätstheorie (SS 2012) -
Radio Aryan
American and British Pro-White radio
Informationsintegration (SS 2012) -
Bringing you your weekly dose of real talk about expression, crap days, creativity, being a person, and everything in between.
This is an audio version of the Seventh-day Adventist weekly Bible study guides.
Prozessorientierte Informationssysteme II (SS 2012) -
Internet- und WWW-Technologien (SS 2012) -
The complexity of current software systems, evolution of their requirements and uncertainty in their environments has led the software engineering community to look for inspiration in diverse related fields (e.g., robotics, artificial intelligence, control theory, and biology) for new ways to design and manage complex systems and their evolution. In this endeavor, the capability of the system to adjust its behavior in response to changes in the system itself, the requirements, or the environ ...
Podcast by SS
S E S S I O N S.
Blog Annecien consacré au podcasting
V and A Shipping
V&A Shipping What happens when Star Wars crashes head long into Smokey and the Bandit? An Intergalatic Beer run! Vic and Argmon are just trying to make a simple delivery, albeit while being chased by the local fuzz. They pick up an unexpected stowaway on their planet to planet run. Joey, the unwitting stowaway, is thrust into space and must deal with not only being in space, but with all the alien creatures aboard the SS Acid Rat. Once the delivery is complete, Vic, Argmon, and their new cre ...
Strange Attractor
An unscripted conversation between Johnny Noble and Lucy Butcher about sciencey stuff over a wine/s/s/s. And the occasional wasabi pea.At least one of us stumbles home having learned something new and interesting. After listening to this podcast, we hope you stumble off with something new too.
Fisk Miller
This podcast is about my SS presentation.
A L I E N | A I | R O B O T I C S | S C I F I | T E C H N O L O G Y
For many Americans, Social Security serves as the foundation of their retirement income plan and it needs to be managed just like any other asset. There are good decisions you could make about Social Security and bad ones, and sometimes the difference between the two can cost you a significant amount in lifetime benefits. Every dollar that you can increase your monthly Social Security benefit by means one less dollar that you have to pull for in retirement from other retirement savings. Let ...
Transformation Tuesdays was inspired by the CD "The Jesus Question" by Matthew Kelly. Deacon Jimmy Ghiglione and Aaron Emig recap the Gospel from the prior Sunday and give action steps and resources to transform our lives for that week every Tuesday at 2:10 p.m. at Morris Hall from Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Collinsville, IL...A Spiritual Home for Everyone.
Welcome to SS Radio with Shelby and Shannon. Thank you for joining us as we explore the world of podcasting together.
Codename Vengeance
When an American pilot on loan to the RAF shoots down three British spitfires in his own squadron, and then crash-lands at a German airbase in Holland, the Nazi SS have more than a few questions about his identity. Who is this American? A deserter? A traitor? A maniac? Or truly a German spy as he claims to be? Before they can interrogate him to find the answers, Henrik escapes the airbase and travels on foot to Amsterdam for mysterious reasons of his own. Apparently he has returned from Amer ...
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show series Frideric Prandecki CEO – Bob’s Repair Anyone that has hired a contractor in recent years for home repairs has faced three problems: false information due to review fraud, hidden costs due to advertising fees, and inflated prices due to lack of pricing trans ...…
P – Gerrit Cole – vs Angels – $12,600 Cole has been a Draftkings shark over his first four starts. He’s 2-0 with a 0.96 ERA which includes 41 strikeouts in 28 innings. Cole is averaging 33.5 Draftkings points in these 4 starts. He is facing the Angels which should test him since the Angels have been playing good ball as of late, but Cole still ...…
Paul Martin (@PaulTheMartin) goes solo to discuss where you should be placing your FAAB bids this week. The first episode had the juice. Suggesting Jed Lowrie, Nick Pivetta, and Ian Kennedy have paid handsomely for those who listened to the show with Andy Singleton, Fantrax "The Baseball Show". This week a whole new list of names to go out and ...…
Ahhhhh, ladies know it well, right?! The time of the month where lovers, children, family members and friends head for the hills, hiding from our wrath.... or tearfulness... or both! But, you know that it doesn't have to be like this right? Yup, PMS is totally optional. But we're taught that it's "normal" and simply just part of bein ...… Steve Hoffman CEO – Tyme Technologies Home Steve was a relatively normal guy, aside from his day job as a physicist working on everything from new aerospace designs to weapons systems. While all scientists have their streak of brilliance, how many actually act on them and ...…
A Sermon preached on Easter 3 based upon the following Scripture: Acts 3.12-191 John 3.1-7Luke 24.36b-48
A Sermon preached on Easter 3 based upon the following Scripture: Acts 3.12-191 John 3.1-7Luke 24.36b-48
Slow Motion Sundays 101: Class is in session so yo @ss better take notes! Breaking the ice & clearing the elephant in the room, Ms. Forte', Mrs. Nika Forte'-Sesay, Mr. James Sesay & Mr. F. Khristopher Blue discuss the most recent dealings between law enforcement in America & the ripple effects of each circumstances on the Black/AA community in ...…
A sermon preached on Easter 2 based on the following ScriptureActs 4.32-351 John 1.1-2.2John 20.19-31
A sermon preached at the Easter Vigil & Mass 2018, based on the following Scripture:Genesis 1.1–2.4aPsalm 104.1-7Genesis 7.1-5,11-18; 8.6-19; 9.8-13Psalm 36Exodus 14.10-end; 15.1aEzekiel 36.24-28Psalm 42.1-7Ezekiel 47.1-12Psalm 46.1-5Jonah 1.1– 2.10Psalm 130Acts 10.34-431 Corinthians 15.1-11John 20: 1-18…
Sermon preached on Maundy Thursday 2018, based on the following ScriptureExodus 12.1-141 Corinthians 11.23-26John 13.1-17,31b-35
Sermon preached on Good Friday 2018, based on the following scriptureIsaiah 52.13-53.12Psalm 22Hebrews 10.16-25John 18.1 – 19.end Leslie Smith Managing Director Commercial Direct Commercial Direct is a division of Silver Hill Funding, LLC, a direct commercial mortgage lender that provides investors and small-business owners with customizable commercial mortgages tailored to ...…
I consistently recommend having your WordPress site separate from your podcast host. I wanted to go a little deeper and give you my full list of recommendations... My Recommended WordPress Hosts: Kinsta DreamHost ($50 Off Coupon) Show Notes For Episode 13
Rebecca Chambers is a Social Science Teacher at John McCrae SS in Ottawa, Canada. A couple of weeks ago she emailed me, explaining that her classroom was a hub of amazing student projects. She was right.She can be found on twitter @MrsRChambers and you can follow her blog at Cameron Lamoureux is a grade 12 student at Jo ...… Giovanni Gallucci On today’s segment with Giovanni, he talks us through the process of a website audit by looking at a real website (from our second guest) and identifying the positive elements and the aspects of the site that need to be updated for search presence. Liste ...…
Dory Weiss, VP of Engineering at nCino, joins the AppChat to talk about embracing the Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) methodology in developing cloud banking products on the Salesforce platform. Other subjects include her unusual start as a writer of code, maintaining company values amid growth, “pollinating” ideas across teams, and a way to show off ...…
In the wake of John’s death, the crew scrambles to get to the closest fuel point... But then it just disappears. The crew members grapple with their different ways of coping with the tragedy, which often collide, resulting in rising tension. Who was the killer? Or what was the killer? What is in the captain’s missing logs?Theme and transition m ...…
3-25-18 - Young Adult Sunday School Class - Palm Sunday Vernon Guillermo Chief Executive Officer Agile Interoperable Solutions AIS and their flagship product CORE were born out of a real-world need to rapidly re-establish critical business communications in the aftermath of a hurricane which crippled local i ...…
Hay una especie de magia cuando uno escucha a un cantautor. Me refiero a que se siente el cariño en cada una de sus interpretaciones, porque son como sus hijos, pero además de eso son su forma de expresarse. Un enamoramiento, un corazón roto, un triunfo, una tristeza, lo que sea que este pasando por la vida del cantautor, o por su mente, lo exp ...…
This episode sees historians Dr Suzannah Lipscomb, Dan Cruickshank and Emily Gee examine the final locations in the “Loss & Destruction” category, as chosen by Mary Beard from public nominations. Find out about the shipwrecked SS Mendi, the burst dam that devastated Sheffield and the fight for justice after the Hillsborough disaster. A History ...… Jayme Bella Founder and CEO Greenerways Organic Greenerways Organic’s genesis stems from what Mama Bella always told her granddaughter, Jayme, “Read the labels; if there are chemicals or ingredients you can’t pronounce, don’t buy the product.” Thi ...… Connor Gillivan Co-founder, CMO – FreeeUp FreeeUp – Hire Top Online Freelancers and Land New Freelance Projects Online FreeeUp is the hands-on solution to hiring remote workers online. The marketplace recruits and interviews hundreds of freelancers every week only allowin ...…
Hören Sie sich dieses volle Hörbuch kostenlos bei Titel: Die Aufzeichnungen des Malte Laurids BriggeAutor:: Rainer Maria RilkeErzähler: Janina KüblerFormat: UnabridgedSpieldauer: 6 hrs and 19 minsSprache: DeutschVeröffentlichungsdatum: 11-15-17Herausgeber: SAGA EgmontKategorien: Classics, European LiteratureZusammen ...…
In our last episode before the end of Lent, we sit down with Li Adorno of Cosecha and the Seed Project to absorb his wisdom from experiences organizing with other undocumented people to achieve dignity and respect for all immigrants. Jimmy shares about (our friend) Catherine of Siena, before Teresa calls longtime friend JT Tanner, SJ. Our final ...…
SS - The Kingdom of God in Power Pastor Taylor podcast by Crossroads Fellowship of Augusta
A Sermon for Lent 2 preached on the following ScriptureGenesis 17.1-7,15-16 Romans 4.13-25 Mark 8.31-38 Ps 22.23-28
Check out my latest interview with rising Chi-Town rapper, AfghanKilla!Afghan calls in to talk about stereotypes with being Brown, his growth with his new release of "AK, SS", social and family change, clout chasing and realizing your doing it for the love of the game!Follow Afghan on Instagram! Jul ...…
On this week’s Emotion Code BROS Show… If you’ve been watching the Emotion Code Bros you have witnessed the magic and miracles of the Emotion Code. Watch next Friday’s show LIVE… 9 am PST (12noon EST). Subscribe and each week you will receive the link to watch each week’s live show (or recorded version later). Michael ...… Jeff Wecker CEO Jeff Wecker, 30 year Highland Park resident, former Chicago Board of Trade Member and professional trader since 1980 both in the pits of the CBOT and as an on-line trader of stocks, ...…
Everybody, STAY F@#$ING CALM – it’s just the latest episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast! But, gosh, is there a LOT to get loud about! While Ol’ Man Whirlyburger is off letting his clientele know what exactly they think about ‘em, The Marvelous Iggy, a.k.a. Ben, Newsboy Bry-Bry, and Tazer get together to scream, and shout, and le ...… Digital Strategy with Giovanni Gallucci In today’s talk, digital strategist Giovanni Gallucci continues the discussion from last week about best practices regarding voice search – what you need to know to optimize your website for the millions of people who search online ...…
TIMESTAMPS & USEFUL LINKS BELOWHelp get me to tournaments to do interviews. Support my PATREON. version: links: ...… In the Private Equity Spotlight WFN1 contributor Ed Baxter goes in-depth into some of the trends and technologies that are impacting private equity and business investment. On today’s show, Michael and Ed talk about a little known resource for scientists, developers, and ...…
Ryan, Lloyd and Dan are joined by Scott Nadeau who calls in from the Raleigh, North Carolina. Scott is Live and Let Diecast’s Instagram and Facebook account lead and he does an amazing job. The Evening Standard in the UK says: “Live and Let Diecast @live_and_let_diecastThis account has a truly unique remit, posting photos solely of collectable ...… Vladislav Shabanov Founder – Cryptoworld CryptoWorld Co is dedicated to providing comprehensive educational forums in the rapidly growing blockchain technology and crypto asset markets. The company is led by finance and investment industry veter ...…
Today’s Headlines (3/20/18) in Marketing and Social Media Article #1: Facebook Stock Falls Article #2: Email Marketing Report 2017 Article #3: Digital Ad Spend Projections Follow Me on Twitter Follow Me on Facebook Follow Me on Instagram Clickfunnels: Start Your 14 Day Free Trial
Pop filters do what their name suggests – they reduce or eliminate popping sounds. In natural speech, certain letters tend to cause your mouth and breath to produce fast-moving air. These plosives typically come from the letters P, T, and K. Try saying the word “podcast” or “pop filter” while holding your hand in front of your mouth – you’ll fe ...…
World War 2 is coming to a close. Hitler is gone, and the Nazi war machine cannot recover from its losses, but somewhere far from the action, an epic final battle will commence. An unlikely alliance between a gungho American captain and a renegade Wehrmacht officer is the only thing standing between the prisoners of Itter Castle and the feared ...…
Its Monday + no sound issues this week means new episode! We discuss spring break, Big Sean & Jhene fake breakup, DJ Envy, Cardi pregnant & more!AOTW: NABH Bam Feat. Cups - The Eulogy, Woo x SS Rico x SmooveShank x Vance - Riding Or Not, Mad Squablz - Rubbin Off The Paint@Boosie215 @TomFlies @GunnaFlyy @LitKingsPodcast…
Enmanuel and Lu Aya of the Peace Poets join us for a beautiful conversation on movement music and the role of the faithful in ending mass incarceration, torture, and racist policing in New York. Jimmy talks to his younger brothers and challenges us to see the impact of racism in the Catholic Church. We end, once again, with a loving examen from ...…
SS - Grace Driven Identity Pastor Taylor podcast by Crossroads Fellowship of Augusta
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