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Throw Starfish
Small, seemingly insignificant actions can make big differences
STARfish Inspire Radio
Podcast by Neal Anderson
Thoughts from a Starfish
We share the journey of creating a non-profit and the day-to-day operations of directing an international development organization. If you're a social entrepreneur, an international traveler, a social justice and service enthusiast, or passionate about non-profits, then this podcast is for you. Share your experience:
Mr. Shark Attack & Lady Starfish Show
Brilliant rantings, biting commentary, the podcast with teeth. Chomp chomp. Email us at mrsharkattack or lstarfish, both @GMAIL.COMThis Podcast was created using
Mr. Shark Attack
Home of The Mr. Shark Attack and Lady Starfish Show ...
Consciously Crazy Chicks!
Megan and Hayley Su are two dynamically different women who seek to change the world one starfish at a time! The Universe has so much to offer us and wants us to have all we desire and more!
Consciously Crazy Chicks ~ Megan Rogers & Hayley Su Buchanan
Inspired Choices Network Megan and Hayley Su are two dynamically different women who seek to change the world one starfish at a time! The Universe has so much to offer us and wants us to have all we desire and more! Megan Rogers & Hayley Su Buchanan
On The Seashore by SMITH, R. Cadwallader
This gifted nature writer who is so good at describing animals and their habitat and habits here gives us a look at many of the fascinating creatures that can be found on the seashore. Starfish, the many types of crabs, shrimp, sea weed and finally something called the Precious Wentletrap which I will allow your imagination to think about for a while. His writing is clear and, as always, easy to read. Note that these are presented as educational 'lessons' on the various animals found near th ...
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In Episode 1314 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we bring you an interview with wellness coach, certified nutrition educator and magnesium expert Morley Robbins as our guest today. As a hospital executive for over 30 years, Morley Robbins became disenchanted with the “revolving door mentality” of these “illness maintenanc ...…
Theoretical Accountability
Josh had a rough first recording. So they re-recorded this week's episode in person. So the audio is a bit raw. Ignore it. Focus on the dumpster fires instead. Links: Josh in full starfish mode SOCKS – Vital Salveo Sleeping Dog Video Joe Buhlig (@JoeBuhlig) | Twitter Josh Rensch (@shouit) | Twitter Theoretical FM (@theoreticalfm) | Twitter Prod ...…
Scott Phillips is the founder and CEO of Starfish Medical, a medical company that helps medical device companies commercialize their products and rise to the top. He holds a degree in Engineering Physics from the University of British Columbia. He worked in diverse areas such as lithium battery development and manufacturing UV spectroscopy inst ...…
This week on TINAD we are joined by Lorenzo founder of the Psychedelic Salon. “Podcasts from the Psychedelic Salon are a production of, which is operated by Lorenzo, who is also the original producer of the Palenque Norte lecture series at Burning Man.The mission of Matrix Masters can best be summed up in the lines Franklin Ro ...…
Theoretical Accountability
A goal has been met! Now to make it bigger. But another has led Joe down a completely different path. Did we mention Josh became a starfish for a while? Links: Josh in full starfish mode The Pro Guild Ulysses Targeted OmniFocus Templates With Workflow Josh Rensch (@shouit) | Twitter Joe Buhlig (@JoeBuhlig) | Twitter Productivity Guild Theoretic ...…
Wake Up Hollywood
Jessica Byrd is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Long Beach, California. With influences like Sara Bareilles, The Civil Wars, Phil Wickham, and Colbie Caillat, her original music has developed into a pop sound with occasional country undertones. She released her debut EP "California Kid” in 2013, and the January 2014 issue of Music Connec ...…
This week we are joined by Curator Chris Lafave of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library. “In honor of his wit and wisdom, the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library champions the literary, artistic and cultural contributions of the late writer, artist, teacher and Indianapolis native Kurt Vonnegut. The library and museum serves as a cultural and educat ...…
Parable Podcast
"The first answer that EXODUS gives to the evil that men do, is the GOOD that WOMEN DO." We begin the life of Moses with a look at the first recorded instance of civil disobedience, and how these overlooked (s)heroes can remind our information obsessed culture that sometimes actions are more important than ideas or opinions. Dr. Mike also revea ...…
“It is our mission to create an environment where happiness comes to Grow. We strive to empower a mindful lifestyle and promote a collaborative experience for the expansion of humanity. We hope that you join us on this journey and find this to be a place where you can leave behind your daily concerns and take away a positive experience.” - Mani ...…
On the Needles:(0:34) Gigi knitted four squares for the Vivid blanket. Tin Can Knits, Tess Yarns kit. Pop blanket, starfish blanket are also mentioned. Jasmin is working on the crown decreases of her resistance hat. The charts are available on her project page. Jasmin and Genevieve have been having some very productive Christmas sweater design ...…
G.O. Get Outside Podcast - Everyday Active People Outdoors
Leslie Kim has been scribbling since early childhood. Unsure of her professional goals, she embarked on a circuitous journey taking her across the globe flirting with multitudes of varied career paths. She eventually circled back to her childhood passion for illustration and discovered graphic design. Climbing also found its way into her pursui ...…
AP has a Q&A about the final details in the F3Nation Website Starfish
Silver Starfish is a songwriting duo from Amsterdam, that love to write for other artists. I ask them how they make that work.Weekly radioshow that focusses on songwriting. We always have a live artist with interview. This time we have Silver Starfish.
Artwaves with Wendy Butler
The next Artwaves is on glass. Artwaves speaks with Eureka glass sculptor John Gibbons about his interest in creating myriad styles of glass art from vases to six-foot sculptures to starfish in motion. His work has been part of exhibits throughout the United States. He currently is a member of Old Town Art Gallery, where his work is featured.…
"Fractal Starfish" and "Wizard Chronicles Chapter 1: The Phoenix" on iTunes & Spotify!For more visit: www.superorganism.spaceTINAD@LeoTheWizard@EasyBaken
High Ticket Sales Secrets | Coaching & Consulting Business / Personal Branding / Sales Training / Marketing / Get Clients
One day, a man was walking along the beach when he notice a boy picking up and gently throwing things into the ocean. Approaching the boy, he asked, “Young man, what are you doing?” The boy replied, “Throwing starfish back into the ocean.” The surf is up and the tide is going up. If I don’t throw them back, they’ll die.” The man laughed himself ...…
This week we are joined by Derek from Heal Your Disease. He is a certified Herbalist through the School of Natural Healing. To get in touch with Derek or find out more information go to :"Fractal Starfish" and "Wizard Chronicles Chapter 1: The Phoenix" on iTunes & Spotify!For more visit: www.superorganism.spaceTINAD@ ...…
Cleveland is not Detroit, prospect reactions to vendor canned responses and preset dialogs, All Turtles for natural language AI, Cirrus Insight’s coming Flight Plans, Paul Greenberg’s article on trust, trust metrics, establishing trust on your website,recording video testimonials on the cheap, Camtasia video editing for marketers, establishing ...…
One very bright, clear night, he decided to venture forth.
Welcome back to Those Movie Guys Podcast. Your one stop shop for movie news, reviews, and everything in between. This week we discuss horror movie stimulation, memorable movie scores, Carrie Fishers toxicology report, a Supernatural spinoff, robot dirty bits, a plethora of trailers, a boat load of films, and so much more. Sit back, relax, and l ...…
A thorough dream analysis, Monotoly, overseas call centres, complaining to companies, Mad Lifts, stealing lemons and Really Good.
Vi fortsätter att tipsa om ytterligare tio böcker. Som inzoomning tar vi upp uppåtpuffningar. Hur lätt eller svårt är det att vara personlig i att uppskatta människor? Avsnittets böcker: Head First Design Patterns Fearless Change The Corporate Culture Survival Guide Behind Closed Doors The Starfish and the Spider Commitment The Power of a Posit ...…
Indiana Forest Alliance (IFA) is a non-profit, statewide organization of individuals dedicated to the long-term health and well-being of Indiana’s native forests. We are volunteers and full-time staff working to protect and restore Indiana’s forests.Through expert research, influential advocacy, effective organizing, powerful storytelling, and ...…
Hosts: Ed Brown, Dr. Shayne Joseph, Penny Dumsday. 00:00:39 Baleen whales - the toothless filter feeders - used to be around 10m long. Then 3 million years ago they started to grow to the enormous size they are today (blue whales can grow be 30 metres long!). 00:07:08 A new study has found that gastric bypass surgery disrupts the gut microbiome ...…
Focused Fire Chat, a Destiny Lore Podcast
Episode 88 brings Blue, Green, and Justin together to chat about the updated information we have on our Guardians (along with some other...stuff). Get ready for some more fun chatter about things (including, but definitely not limited to: mental processing and how your brain works, the 'starfish of death' and how it affects Ghosts, Blue not und ...…
Jaguar Skills Super Mix
Welcome to another super hot super mix from the man Jaguar Skills, featuring music from: Prince, Kanye, Timbaland, P Diddy and many many more.. Prince - Let's Go Crazy (Intro) - WEA The Camp & Lee Majors - Jaguar Skills Is On - White Prince - Black Sweat - WEA Prince - Miscology - WEA Prince - Starfish & Coffee - WEA Kanye West - Gold Digger (J ...…
Murray Jones from 4CA speaks with Associate Professor Symon Dworjanyn from Southern Cross University about the impact of ocean acidification on the Crown of Thorns starfish#MurrayJones #4CA #SymonDworjanyn #Professor #SouthenCrossUniversity #climatechange #ocean #acidification #sea #starfish #CrownofThorns #GreatBarrierReef…
Leslie Chacko, a principal in Oliver Wyman's Digital, Technology and Analytics practice, explains how finance executives can keep pace with the enormous changes fintech and blockchain promise to bring. Chacko and Oliver Wyman are part of AFP MindShift, which gathers innovators, disruptors and experts to discuss technology's role in corporate fi ...…
Qool Marv Aural Memoirs and Buttamilk Archives // MusiQuarium Of Wonder // Instruments Of Mass Construction // Music4Winners // Intelligence'n'Music // Notes To Self // Low Profile International
Spike Lee's Prince Born Day Purple People Party | Qool DJ Marv LIVE | June 3 2017 at Restoration Plaza in Bed-Stuy BrooklynThank you Spike Lee, 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks, Purple Squad, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza and Brooklyn, New York City!1. Just My Imagination - Prince2. Noon Rendezvous - Prince3. She Spoke 2 Me - Prince4. Family ...…
Angry Justice Podcast
This week Big Angry and ZRo focus the show on food and hypocrisy. BA and the Ro-Host are joined by restauranteurs Lee Ellis and Jim "Baby Blue Eyes" Mills of Cherry Pie Hospitality to discuss their new spot Starfish. Attorney Andrew Dao calls in to discuss Mike Tran's newest Ohn's Korean Eatery. We are also joined by Harris County Major Ricky L ...…
Story Time Podcast with Maple Box Dolls
This story is a story that tells a tale of oceanic magic and beauty! Shells, flowers and celebrations truly abound. Aliana learns a very important lesson in gratitude. This story introduces the skills of love and appreciation. Todays story is centered around our character Generous Aliani and her families multi generational flower farm…….it is s ...…
Another week has come and gone at Barstool HQ, and in typical Barstool fashion it was filled with scandals and controversies. Tiger Woods gets a DUI which forces the Foreplay boys to come on Barstool Radio to defend their man. Rone questions KFC on his list of "worst days of the year" and Frankie has the worst commute to work ever. Tex gets tri ...…
Children's Stories from the Unitarian Church Dublin
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