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Stark Raven Mad is a Game of Thrones podcast hosted by Mike Marbach and featuring a panel of Philly comedians including David Donnella, Rob Alesiani, Whitney Harris, Frank Farrell and more. We got you covered with episode recaps as well as special episodes for reviews, theorizing, awards and a ton of other fun stuff.
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Stark Naked Radio
Exploring health, fat loss, and performance enhancement with Brad Davidson and Todd Vande Hei from Stark Training in Orange County, California. Look good....Stark Naked!
Claire Pelletreau was just starting to grow her side business as a Facebook ads and marketing consultant when her full-time job disappeared. Desperate to land enough clients just to pay the bills, she was disappointed at how difficult it was to find real tactical advice that would help actually her get paid month to month. The Get Paid Podcast is Claire’s attempt to pull back the curtain on the reality of running an online business. All these people pulling in “six figures” – how are they AC ...
We're better together
Perspectives and reflections on the writing and publishing life. Mark Leslie Lefebvre, a writer, bookseller, digital publishing advocate and professional speaker and publishing consultant, explores inclusive and collaborate opportunities for writers and book publishing professionals via interviews, discussions and reflections about the industry. (Mark's personal website is
"The letters of my friend Mr. Stark Munro appear to me to form so connected a whole, and to give so plain an account of some of the troubles which a young man may be called upon to face right away at the outset of his career, that I have handed them over to the gentleman who is about to edit them. There are two of them, the fifth and the ninth, from which some excisions are necessary; but in the main I hope that they may be reproduced as they stand. I am sure that there is no privilege which ...
Get Starked Podcast
Podcast by Derek Stark
We're Here To Make You Better Than Yesterday
Destinee Stark
A place to discuss all things I love: photography, community, business, fashion, puppies, grilled cheese, and yoga pants.
Mitya Stark
As normal as they want to be.
The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword
Stark and Swint
Kyle “the Swint” and Ryan “the Starky” bring you a list of new things to try every week. Whether it be Savannah’s 4 best restaurants guaranteed to give you food poisoning or Bill Clinton’s 3 most embarassing affairs, Kyle and Ryan have you covered. New episodes air Tuesdays at 7pm EST.
We are passionate fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones discussing the world of the Lannisters, Starks, and Targaryens. We delve into current episodes and discuss news. No spoilers allowed! Our goal is simple, enjoy Game of Thrones among friends in a casual atmosphere. We don’t dissect, we love.
Jude Starks is a Pharmacist, a Certified Health Coach, a Results Coach (both life and business) and a Board Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP, TE(R). She is a certified trainer of NLP and an experienced speaker and group facilitator. Jude teaches people how to use the strategies and communication techniques that master communicators use to empower people, to change limiting beliefs, increase motivation and create rapid habit changes.
Scotty Stark and myself(ASam) bring to you a fruitful 30 minute discussion on everything hip-hop. New school to old school -- we break it all down. Enjoy.
Home to the unofficial podcast about HBO’s Game of Thrones. Hosted by Zack and Rachel. Episode recaps, news, analysis and predications are all discussed on this weekly show. Please rate us and subscribe to help more fans find our show. Learn more, contact us, and check out our other podcasts at
Join Jocelyn Moffett and Garrett Weinzierl as they spoil movies, television, and video games. They've covered Game of Thrones, Warcraft, Star Wars, and of Game of Thrones.
Welcome to Behind the Iron Throne! Our hosts take you deeper into George R.R. Martin's epic fantasy drama. We discuss the lore behind "A Song of Ice and Fire" and how it relates to the "Game of Thrones" HBO television series. We encourage listeners to suggest topics or ask questions they would like us to discuss on future shows. Join the nerd army at! Follow us on Facebook at and Twitter at or ...
Fat Pink Cast
Get on board with us as we sail the salty fandom seas!
Home to the unofficial podcast about HBO's Game of Thrones. Sophia and Carli discusses the latest season of Game of Thrones as only they can. Episode recaps, news, analysis and predictions are all discussed on this weekly show.
A fun show about the HBO show Game of Thrones and the book series A Song of Ice and Fire. We talk about it all and have a lot of fun in the process. Hosted by Sers Joe Tavano and Kevin Rampelberg, and only on RetroZap!
Iron Man Fan Podcast
The Shell-Head podcast for the fans, by the fans!
A weekly podcast about how technology is changing the way we interact with the world. Hosted by Jonathan Stark and Kelli Shaver.Would you like to get new episodes delivered straight to your inbox with show notes, links to additional content, and more? Click the KEEP ME IN THE LOOP button:KEEP ME IN THE LOOP
WWW.DARKDISCUSSIONS.COM - You Know Nothing Jon Snow: A Game of Thrones Podcast discusses weekly episodes of your favorite television show. We are the sister podcast to Dark Discussions Podcast.Visit us at or send us a comment at
Seven Hells
A Game of Thrones Podcast
FPC of Starks - Pastor Karl Smith
Thrones Cast is an Across The Airwaves Podcast hosted by Dan Schmidt, Nico Reifsteck & Nicki Eighmy dedicated to reviewing episodes of HBO's Blockbuster TV Series Game of Thrones through news, discussions and listener feedback coming from GOT Fans just like you.
Join Coriander Dickinson, Heather Dery and Kate Stark as they talk their way through the experience of Kamen Rider Ghost!
I Försvarsmakten har vi tränat i hundratals år och att ha en kropp som är stark, uthållig och rörlig ökar chanserna till ett bättre och friskare liv. I vår podcast kommer Magdalena Kowalczyk, tillsammans med kända gäster och experter från Försvarsmakten att prata om allt från motivation och hur man börjar att träna - till vinterträning och konsten att överleva.
Ditching Hourly
My name is Jonathan Stark and I’m on a mission to rid the earth of hourly billing. I hope that Ditching Hourly will help achieve this, one listener at a time 🙂Get new episodes delivered straight to your inbox with show notes, links to bonus content, and more...
Hosted by the creators of the award-winning relationship blog Naked With Socks On and culture brand Stark, Naked Radio Show is a weekly talk radio program that tackles tough issues from an honest and real perspective. With a focus on relationships, news, politics and current events.
Agent Carter
Episodic discussions of Marvel's Agent Carter by two fangirl extraordinaires. Sadly the show has ended, but check out our Agents of SHIELD feed! We'd love to hear your thoughts, too! Write to us at Check out what else we like to talk about at
Arts and Crass
Jon Stark
LoadingReadyRun's Kathleen De Vere and Graham Stark give the rewatch treatment to a true modern classic, the 1980s action series Magnum, P.I. Adventure, moustaches, Ferraris, gunfights, Vietnam flashbacks, feathered hair? Kathleen and Graham walk you through this cultural touchstone of 1980s television, episode-by-episode.
Duncan, Henry, and John team up together to bring listeners a hilarious, subscriber-led podcast, that digs into the not-so-obvious connections in our world.
The Wicked Library
The Wicked Library is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to bringing you stories of horror by the newest and best independent authors! Produced and Hosted by Daniel Foytik beginning with Season Six. Follow us on Twitter @wickedlibrary. For submission guidelines and our back catalog of past seasons, visit
Perception specializes in creating next generation user experiences and interfaces for both feature films and global technology leaders. From Iron Man to IBM, from The Avengers to SpaceX, the studio has a very unique niche that truly bridges the gap between science fiction and science fact. The company supports their clients with strategic thought leadership through creative execution, providing enough value to ensure long standing | 212.563.3388
Jib Nation
Jib Nation is a weekly show spanning talk, killer indie music from Jib artists and friends, spoken word, skits, special guests and crazy stories about the life and styles of Jib Machine Records.
We talk to our friends about current events, including art, politics, religion, popular culture, or anything else we find interesting.
Podcast by Damien Stark
Admin To Advisor
Podcast by Ryan Stark
Holy F*ck! It's the cartoons of on your ipod!
Solar Roof Talk
Podcast by Jeff Spies & Susan Stark; Presented by Quick Mount PV
In pursuit of the true meaning of Christmas, Loree Stark and Rob Bricken hunker down and watch all 33 of 2017's brand-new, original Hallmark holiday movies. Expect tiny Vermont towns, several tons of fake snow, and 33 adorable but seemingly mismatched couples finding love.
Rinse FM Podcast
London's favorite pirate radio station now available in podcast format.Rinse FM is uniquely placed at the hub of the Capitalʼs thriving British underground music community, demonstrating throughout 18 years of broadcasting that they provide a vital, unique and exceptionally successful, grass-roots gateway into broadcast radio and the wider music industry.Rinseʼs DJs and MCs have won Mercury Music Prize awards, with nominations for numerous others, gold discs in recognition of sales, and wide ...
First Baptist Church Of Starke
Archers of Horror
Two lifelong friends, Ed Dougherty and Rusty Stark, watch every horror release from Arrow Video while making frequent personal digressions
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show series
In this episode, we kick off the Zero Knowledge Proof series with our very own 'Intro to Zero Knowledge' in which we go through a couple examples that describe the underlying concept of this important field of research. Basically, the Zero Knowledge hosts are talking about Zero Knowledge Proofs on the Zero Knowledge Podcast. It promises to get ...…
After starkly different first impressions of Hades, the pirate pair make their way to a new section of the underworld. P.D. Bud seems to enjoy the change of scenery, but if Hammertoe isn't careful he may look back and remember this as the place that wrekced him.
#7 Effects of environmental conditions on 30-15 IFT test with Alex Natera by Chris Gaviglio and Jared Coleman-Stark
Published on 25 Feb 2018. The Blood of the Other series swings in to full gear by exploring the blood tie between the Starks and the Others. We'll consider the potential historical precedent of Gilly as a Night's Queen figure whose baby is smuggled away by the Night's Watch before being turned in to an Other. Theme music by Stanley Black. Flame ...…
Producers/Hosts: Hazel Stark and Joe Horn Wood Frogs Photos, a full transcript, references, contact information, and more available at While winter helped us hone our sense of sight as we looked for the rare sign of lengthening days, once the snow has mostly melted, the ice on brooks and streams has melted and flo ...…
In today's episode we're taking the transformational journey from 'not good enough' to self love, anger to passion and lack to abundance. In this episode we touch on it all. This episode is perfect for anyone struggling with Self Love & wanting to take the leap into their dreams. IN THIS EPISODE You are good enough & you’re worth what you have ...…
This week we fix Pacific Rim: Uprising, then we raise up: Lady-Wan's European vacay Has House Mouse taken X-men's House Stark? Screen Fix casting agency: Fantastic Four Dr. Dolittle does alot with its voice cast First Reformed has us second guessing Hawk's birthright WE FIX PACIFIC RIM UPRISING!
Phil and Judd talk a little Vikings and answer Questions of Significant Importance before Jayson Stark joins for his first Talkin' Twins appearance of the season.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
****Update**** The original audio file was corrupted. I have re-uploaded the file. It should work now. My guest today is Dane Lee of Elite Recovery Sports Massage. Dane is a certified Exercise Physiologist through ACSM and a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Ohio through Stark State College. Dane has a Bachelors of Science degree from ...…
My guest today is Dane Lee of Elite Recovery Sports Massage. Dane is a certified Exercise Physiologist through ACSM and a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Ohio through Stark State College. Dane has a Bachelors of Science degree from Kent State University in Exercise Science with emphasis on exercise specialist. Dane has three (3) year ...…
EPISODE FIVE: "Special Education: Part I" Students with special needs make up nearly 30% of the student population at our particular school. Let's get some background knowledge. What is an IEP? How are students identified for special education services? How does a school attempt to meet the needs of over 100 students with special needs? Ms. J, ...…
In this episode, Robert Sweeney and I sit down to discuss the disappointing KU loss to Villanova in the Final Four. We then transition the conversation to discuss this weekend's Master's tournament. Robert provides some tremendous insights and knowledge into the tournament's history as well as some predictions for this weekend's outcome. Apprec ...…
Updates on Stark Drones and other tech news
Over the weekend I finally got around to watching the documentary on The Red Pill. I found it interesting. I don't know the politics (if they are conservative, I am guessing yes) of the men's rights movement, but I find it interesting that when a liberal takes the time to listen to the other side of the argument and then actually engages in res ...…
With more than 50 years of history in the comics, and a truly mainstream cultural icon for over a decade through the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark certainly made his mark on pop culture.But… is it only pop culture?----Music & SFX: Epidemic SoundWatch on YouTube: the blog: ...…
Our new podcast episode is available! In this episode, Phil and Gabor discuss how to avoid mud in your painting. Be sure to grab the Show Notes for this episode so you can follow along as Phil and Gabor go through this discussion. You can visit our podcast page at Here is your direct link to the Show Notes: Eas ...…
The magical realm of Marvel exploded onto the screen in 2016's Doctor Strange. Following the titular hero, the film was the first in the MCU to portray real magic. Does this new ability mesh with the scientific world the MCU had become? How is Doctor Strange any different from Tony Stark? But most importantly, how does this film set up limitles ...…
Today we’ve got an amazing episode of the Healthpreneur Podcast that dives into the mysterious world of subscription-based surprise-in-a-box business models. This episode reminds us of the importance of having a recurring-revenue business model for stable, predictable income – even if you’ve got other offerings. Today we are talking with Scott ...…
The Dungeoncast presents a new one-shot actual play adventure (featured in full length at called The Vault Raiders and the Cult of the Dread Star! It is a direct continuation of The Vault Raiders and the Isle of Dread. This teaser will drop you off in the middle of the adventure, but don't worry. It's a real good tim ...…
Dav + Eammon are on opposite sides this week as they're joined by Matty Stark once again to talk about the monumental Captain America: Civil War. Team Cap v Team Iron Man. Whose side are you on?
Robert Stark and co-host Paul Bingham talk to author Ann Sterzinger about her new new novel LYFE (Elektra’s Revenge), A SCI-FI ROMANCE GONE TERRIBLY WRONG… Meet Elektra, the angry young woman of the future. It’s the fifth millennium, and Earth One is a faint memory. After nuking itself stupid, the human race limped off to the only orb our space ...…
Finally after a long hiatus the game is back on, the group is back to their old tricks.. as George greets William, who is back from his research project recapping him (and you from what we lost) as to what’s going on. Listen in as the Chaos begins! This game takes place in Dallas Texas. Characters include: John – Outcast kid in high school, has ...… 08 by Ghostface Killah and MF Doom2The Dog’s of War (Ft. Shawn Wigs & Kool G Rap) by Ghostface Killah3Beyond Real by Jigmastas4'97 Mentality (Extended Instrumental) by Cappadonna5Super Brooklyn (Instrumental) by Cocoa Brovaz6Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers by Crooklyn D ...…
Cody Christian joins to talk about growing up as one of Hollywood’s hottest young actors. In this episode Brant continues the exploration of the phenomenon of being ‘teen famous’. Cody’s raw and revealing interview is in stark contrast to some of the stereotypical perceptions of today’s youth culture. It’s a can’t miss discussion. Brant also in ...…
This episode is a solo one where Mark shares the 5 Ways mentioned in the title, and then goes on to reflect how the chat with T S Paul in the previous episode, combined with the concept of FREE helped inspire a new project that he is launching in April. The Terrible Tongue Twister in this episode is sponsored by Findaway Voices. Click here to l ...…
This message was presented by David Riemenschneider at Bloomingdale Church on Mar 24/25, 2018. Sermon Outline [PDF]
After an incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability, headed by a governing body to oversee and direct the team. The new status quo causes a rift between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, who each lead a fractured Avengers team against the other. Email: Countdowntoinfi ...…
This is a recording of the second SUP46 FemTech event, hosted in September 2015. On this occasion SUP46 co-founder and previous CEO Jessica Stark interviews Adiba Barney, then CEO of SVForum.
The Blessed Life Jesus sat down on a mountain and taught about those in His Kingdom who are blessed. Their qualities and attitudes stand in stark contrast from what the world would consider a blessed life. Read JC’s Article: Here Resting In Belief The Book of Hebrews talks about rest for the believer. Does it come from inactivity or a Person? R ...…
Savage Rifter Podcast Episode Twelve - Techno Wizard This podcast is all about the new and exciting Savage Rifts from Pinnacle Entertainment. We are discussing the Tommorow Legion Players Guide from cover to cover so Victor can teach me, and you the listener, how to play, enjoy and understand Savage RIFTS. In this episode we discuss the The TEC ...…
March 25, 2018 John 19:14-22 Wes Granberg-Michaelson Seven years ago I made my way to the Potter’s House in Washington D.C. to see Gordon Cosby, the founder of Church of the Saviour and my spiritual mentor. Beginning shortly after World War II, this pioneering church community combined a commitment to the disciplined “inward journey” of spiritu ...…
Palm/Passion Sunday Year B 2018 It is difficult for most of us to identify with the horrific story we have just heard read. An innocent man tortured and executed on charges that had been conjured by those who felt threatened by Jesus peaceful existence. Days earlier, as we just re-enacted, the people of Jerusalem were rejoicing at the arrival o ...…
In der heutigen Folge geht es um Botswana, einem Land, dass auf der einen Seite so wenig korrupt und so stark demokratisch ist, wie kein anderes Afrikanisches Land, auf der anderen Seite aber die höchste HIV-Infizierten-Rate der Welt hat.
Graham Flanagan and Ben Stark talk about the new sequel to Guillermo Del Toro’s 2013 jaeger versus kaiju epic! Share your thoughts with us on the Film Nerds Facebook page, and please be sure to subscribe to, rate, and review Film Nerds Unlimited on iTunes! Click Here to Download: Film Nerds Unlimited: Issue 212…
Stop, Dave… I mean, Tony. Stark knocks on the door marked “Artifical Intelligence” and instantly regrets it. Avengers: Age of Ultron pits high tech against high power in a race to save humankind. In this episode, you’ll learn: Release information about the film, Avengers: Age of Ultron; Each person predicts who they think will die in Avengers: ...…
Jesus wraps up his famous Sermon on the Mount calling us to completely commit to him our King and challenging us with stark choices. Such commitment is only possible by God’s grace. Sermon preached by Steve Lister. The post Committing to the King – Matthew 7:13-27 appeared first on St Aidan's Wagga.
'Guideline number one is if it feels wrong, it is.' Joe Dolcetti Click To Tweet Joe Dolcetti is a futurist and an innovator in the field of human performance with an intimate and innate understanding of human movement and flow. He has a conditioning training, coaching and sport science career that has spanned over 31 years around the globe and ...…
I am having some progress in the beginning filings of Stark Drones + other updates
Series Title: Be Relational Sermon 3/3 Introduction: “Warning, the following content may contain elements that not suitable for some audiences, viewer discretion is advised.” When I was a kid, I watched a lot of TV. It was a really unhealthy time for me. I would watch show after show after show. We had a ton of channels, so there was always som ...…
Amy Stark of the Commerce Public Library says they've finally collected enough plastic caps and lids -- 400 pounds -- to make a park bench for Authors' Park, adjacent to the library. Library patrons contributed the caps and lids. And Amy discusses the digitization of the Commerce Journal going back to 1901. All editions of the newspaper are now ...…
“If a man is not rising upwards to be an angel, depend upon it, he is sinking downwards to be a devil.” What do you think about this pronouncement from Samuel Taylor Coleridge? If you are skeptical about this angel thing, consider what George Elliot said, “The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the an ...…
“If a man is not rising upwards to be an angel, depend upon it, he is sinking downwards to be a devil.” What do you think about this pronouncement from Samuel Taylor Coleridge? If you are skeptical about this angel thing, consider what George Elliot said, “The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the an ...…
“If a man is not rising upwards to be an angel, depend upon it, he is sinking downwards to be a devil.” What do you think about this pronouncement from Samuel Taylor Coleridge? If you are skeptical about this angel thing, consider what George Elliot said, “The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the an ...…
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