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Stav's Songs
Stav's musical exploits are here for you to put on repeat. Listen for more songs each weekday morning for breakfast on Brisbane's hit105.
What do Stav (Mr Brisbane), Abby (every gal’s best friend who tells it like it is), Matty (the glue that holds this whole ship together) have in common? They join forces each morning to create hit105’s breakfast show! If you’re into keeping it real with raw, honest conversations, laughing out loud (usually at Abby’s mispronounced words) and a few "Did they say that moments" than listen every weekday morning 6-9am on hit105 Brisbane or catch up with the show here.
Julie Stav has been teaching her hands-on techniques and offering advice to people, of all backgrounds and economic levels, enabling them to experience the American Dream. Julie teaches basic principles, helping Hispanic America understand the value of financial planning.
Stav Islama o muzici
Islam nije zaboravio insana i njegovu prirodu te mu je dozvolio određene vrste zabave. No, međutim, ako ta zabava u sebi ima nešto što je haram i što je grijeh prema Allahu Uzvišenom onda se sakncioniše. Da li u to ulazi muzika sa svim svojim vrstama, poslušajte u ovom predavanju na temu muzike i stav islama prema njoj.
The full, unedited conversations Stav, Abby and Matt have with interesting guests from around the world. Artists, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Comedians, TV Stars, Movie Stars, Writers and everyone in between. On air weekdays from 6am on hit105 - Brisbane - 105.3FM, Worldwide search Hit105 on your app store
U ovom audio klipu se upozorava na opasnost slavljenja nevjerničkih praznika od Nove godine pa do svih ostalih praznika. Zatim pojašnjava da učestvovanje u nevjerničkim praznicima nekad bude grijehom a nekad kufrom i nevjerstvom.
Edith Wharton became the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction with this 1920 novel about Old New York society. Newland Archer is wealthy, well-bred, and engaged to the beautiful May Welland. But he finds himself drawn to May's cousin Ellen Olenska, who has been living in Europe and who has returned following a scandalous separation from her husband. (Introduction by Elizabeth Klett)Proof listened by Stav Nisser & Betty M.
"A children's book, sharp social commentary and sad psychological thriller about a man's search for a sense of belonging. All in one amazing and lyrical collection. This is the first book in which Peter Pan starts to appear. His adventure in Kensington Gardens are first narrated here. Other than that, it offers a magical portrait of contemporary London, and a realistic tale of a family to which every one of us could have belonged." - Summary by Stav Nisser.
"Lily of the West is an Irish folk poem. Some say it is a metaphor for the Irish life after emigrating to America." - Summary by Stav Nisser and Wikipedia.
"Everything in life has a price. May be, telling a Secret has the highest. However, not telling may be worse. What will Sarah choose? will she tell the Secret which destroyed her life?" (Summary by Stav Nisser)
Očekivani Mehdi
Stav učenjaka Ehli Sunneta po pitanju Mehdija, i da li su hadisi koji su došli na temu vjerodostojni ili ne?
"Harold Transome is a landowner who goes against his family's political tradition (much to his mother's distress), while Felix Holt is a sincere radical. The setting of the book, the 1832 parliament election, is used to discuss the social problems of that time. A secondary plot involves Esther Lyon, the stepdaughter of a minister who is the real heiress to the Transome estate, with whom both Harold Transome and Felix Holt fall in love. Esther loves poor Felix Holt, but would she choose a com ...
"Maggie Brown is torn between her mother who constantly tells her to live for her selfish brother (to whom she gives all her love) to her wish to marry Frank and live for herself. Maggie's plight for independence shows the change in women's role, which started to take place during that time. But it also keeps to the tradition of an almost Cinderella story: the pure woman does the best for everyone but herself and is rewarded for that. In addition, this is a very interesting story, written in ...
Nekoliko riječi o strastima te kakav je stav islama o njima, i koji su to putevi gdje je islam dozvolio upražnjavanje istih.
Frado is a colored girl, living in the USA a few years before the Civil War. She is abandoned by her own white mother in the house of the Bellmont's- where she is treated badly. This is a sad book, but Frado's cheerfulness and dignity will make you love her until the end. (Introduction by Stav Nisser)
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Big news out of South Africa with three members of the Australian being sent home, so we spoke to Merv Hughes, who was there! With all the Facebook data breaches out, we asked IT experts what else we need to know, Matty shared with the team something his been battling with and Abby got the shock of her life when she asked people when she can ex ...…
Happy Friyay! Today we had John Cena on talking about his new film Blockers and Bachelor in Paradise contestants Laurina and Jarrod telling us the goss before the show starts Sunday. All this week Matty and Stav have been having a placebo version of the male contraceptive pill, so we spoke to Professor Easteal who is an expert of the effects of ...…
Today listener Karen called in to tell us about her night out with MAFS’s Ash, Sean and Justin at Brisbane’s Cloudland. We spoke to Shane who proposed to his girlfriend at Ed Sheeran’s first Brisbane concert and we spoke to Elinor who has been camping out at Suncorp Stadium since Saturday. Hughesy and Kate joined us for their final round of ‘Do ...…
Today on the show, we had spare tickets to Ed’s show tonight and wanted you to have them… but there was a catch - you had to go by yourself! Well Brisbane did not let that stop them, with people ringing through to get their hands on the last tickets! Dami Im, stopped by for a chat and Matty wanted to find out… Brisbane were are the iconic make ...…
Stav (Cum Town) joins us to talk about the Greek mafia, Albanians, east coast culture and dumbass dads. Check it out, yo! Support the Patreon Help us get to 100 Subscriber on YouTube so we can get a dumb vanity URL. Facebook is another way to connect to the podcast. Twitter: stavvybaby, mikerecine, MandersonComedy…
Today on the show Scotty Too Hottie spoke to Abby about his mother… a touchy subject! The winner of the JUNGLE Fiona, O’Loughlin joined us to talk about being the Queen of the jungle. Lauv joined us in studio for a live performance of his amazing song. We had a sad Dear Abby about a young child with holes in his school shoes and after the failu ...…
Stav got his tooth removed lol. Adam is still gone. Soon this podcast is just going to be Norman Wilkerson sending you all links to Reason and telling you about his sons.By Nick Mullen.
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The boys recap their visit to The Garden, share their feelings about the double jersey retirement of alleged sexual predator Kobe Bean Bryant, and stav advocates for a law that keeps the government out of the business of sick and dying children.
Transgender Model and Actress Stav Strashko at One Management talks about her Favorite Things
Transgender Model and Actress Stav Strashko at One Management talks about her Life and Career in Modeling
Transgender Model and Actress Stav Strashko at One Management tells me what she’s wearing
Model and Actress Stav Strashko at One Management talks about who she Loves
The X-Factor star, singer, songwriter and actress joins us to talk about Christmas plans and her new bf!
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull joins us on air to explain what comes next in the same sex marriage process, including answering to claims that people will try and put in laws to protect homophobic views PLUS the PM tell Stav he shouldn't run for parliment.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull joins us on air to explain what comes next in the same sex marriage process, including answering to claims that people will try and put in laws to protect homophobic views PLUS the PM tell Stav he shouldn't run for parliment.
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