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Provoke & Inspire is a weekly podcast featuring Ben Pierce, Chad Johnson, David Pierce, and Luke Greenwood, who discuss how Jesus might respond to current events and issues facing the Church today, while attempting to answer the question, "how do we live for Jesus in a post-Christian culture?" The podcast is both thoughtful and hilarious - often both at the same time. Check it out!
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In this episode Ben is joined by Courtney and Jodi to talk about heaven. Does every person instinctively long for it, regardless of their worldview? Will it really be an eternal church service, clouds and harps, or something beyond our imaginations?By Steiger Podcast Network
In this episode the regulars are joined by pastor, author, and former NFL player Dr. Derwin Gray. They discuss Dr. Gray's newest book 'Building a Multiethnic Church: A gospel vision of love, grace, and reconciliation in a divided world', as well as how he came to faith during his time in the NFL.By Steiger Podcast Network
In this episode Ben is joined by David, Luke, and Aaron for a discussion on how our culture has shifted toward, and in many ways arrived at, post-Christianity, and how we can better share our faith in Jesus with the people around us, through simply being ourselves.By Steiger Podcast Network
In this episode the guys recap their discussion with Professor John Lennox and discuss whether we can be used by God if we are not pursuing lifestyles of holiness, as well as further talks about artificial intelligence and where it could be taking us; where it may have already taken Chad.By Steiger Podcast Network
In this episode, the regulars are joined by John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University. They discuss his newest book, '2084: Artificial Intelligence and The Future Of Humanity.' Will we be replaced by machines? Is Chad already a robot? All of this and more on Provoke & Inspire.By Steiger Podcast Network
In this episode, Ben, Aaron, and David talk with Justin Giboney, attorney, political strategist, as well as co-founder and president of the "AND" campaign, which is a coalition of urban Christians who are determined to address the sociopolitical arena with the compassion and conviction of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They discuss how we as Christian…
In this episode, Ben is joined by Jodi, Courtney and Ania to kick off a series of podcasts focusing on scriptures that are often misinterpreted by the modern church. Jeremiah 29:11 is often used to instill hope of a promising future - but is that what it's really about?By Steiger Podcast Network
In this episode the regulars are joined by author and Christian activist Shane Claiborne for a discussion on firearms and gun violence in America. How should we, the church, approach this issue, and display the love of Christ in one of culture's most divisive topics?By Steiger Podcast Network
In this episode, Ben and Chad interview new friend Daniel MacLeod of Nashville, TN who recounts the story of 500 people coming Jesus at a rave. They discuss how we can be bold and relevant for the gospel, the need to spiritually and practically equip people for ministry work, and how this generation is dying for something to give their lives for.…
In this episode, Ben and David speak with author and apologist John Stackhouse! They discuss how we should best go engaging the global youth culture with the gospel of Jesus, and how we can be relational and effective, instead of simply rigid and awkward in sharing truth.By Steiger Podcast Network
In this episode, Ben is joined by Aaron and Chad to talk about our ability (or inability) as a church to discuss 'hot' cultural topics, including LGBTQ+, racism, politics and more. What has happened, that has led to our isolation, our tribalism, and ostracization of others that don't share our viewpoints?…
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