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A podcast love-letter to Walter Simonson's The Mighty Thor
KINGDOM PLANET OF THOR focuses on Domestic, National, and International Economics and Debt issues. We are a Consumer Advocacy Group of Man & Woman who at times engage in Commerce by and through of Natural Person. We educate Man and Woman in the Power of the Consumer (Man/Woman) as we are the Creditors in this Sea of Commerce. We are the Mother Ship and all other Maritime Ships are subordinate to Man and Woman.
A podcast love-letter to Walter Simonson's The Mighty Thor
A podcast love-letter to Walter Simonson's The Mighty Thor
A podcast love-letter to Walter Simonson's The Mighty Thor
This is the home feed for geek-centric, foul-mouthed, funny shows hosted by Diabolu Frank, Illegal Machine and Mister Fixit.The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast, covering the stars of comic books, film, television and animation in irreverent fashion.DC Special, our very occasional and half-hearted DC version of The Marvel Super Heroes Podcastrolled spine special, our extremely random, stream of consciousness conversation show involving music, film, and general arts and opinions.The Under Guides G ...
Thors-Kin Podcast
Thors-Kin Podcast is a show brought to you by hosts AL and Jimmy. They bring their version of the week, segments like D**khead of the week and the ever popular, Superhero Barfight, where they pit random heroes and villains against one another and discuss the outcome.
Thor's Hour of Thunder is a podcast that primarily discusses Action, Horror, and Comic Book movies.However, we have covered a wide variety of topics outside of that, for example: Doctor Who, James Bond, Robert Shaw, Marvel Comics, Aquaman, Robin Williams films, and your favorite happy meal toys from childhood. The Pantheon is:in order of number of episodes...Thor: He started this thing, but is by no means in control of it. Duties include: Turning on the microphones and hoping for the best, a ...
Actor Zachary Levi (Chuck, Tangled) discusses his role as Fandral in Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World.
Home to the unofficial podcast about ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Hosted by Jack, Rob & Alil. Episode recaps, news, analysis and predications are all discussed on this weekly show. The 'Nuff Said Podcast is a Marvel-centric show that covers Marvel comics, TV shows, and movies. That's right true believers, the Nuff Said Podcast is your new home to geek out on everything Marvel.Please rate us and subscribe to help more fans find our show. Learn more, contact us, and check out our other podcast ...
Your source for all Marvel-related entertainment including comics, video games, movies, and television.
Comic Book Noise
making noise about comic books
The Avengers explode on movie screens this May after a massive multi-movie strategy begun with Iron Man in 2008. In anticipation of this blockbuster film, Now Playing's reviewers watch and review all The Avengers films, including their early appearances in film and television, all the way through a weekend of release review of The Avengers this May!
House to Astonish
Paul O'Brien (The X-Axis) and Al Kennedy (One Hundred Days of Comics) present a roundup of comics news and reviews, with nary a 'meh' to be heard.Also featuring the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and more.Email House to Astonish at
Raven Radio
Heathen Talk Radio
Every Week The League of Geekz brings you the latest and geekest of news in Movies,TV, and comicbooks. By all means were not experts but we do know our stuff, and the goal is to cover stories and review movies from our own view that will inform and appeal to you the movie or TV viewer and the geek. So sit back and enjoy the ride Because Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!!!!
In this podcast Ash and Uz discuss all the latest DC and marvel news, and have some banter along the way. Ash is the marvel guy, Uz is the DC Guy. Hear them defend and promote their fave comic book brands! Today we talk about the latest news in the DC and marvel film and animated worlds ON itunes Any questions for the podcast? Email us here : DCVSMARVELPOD@GMAIL.COM Twitter : @DCVSMARVELPOD INSTAGRAM : DCVSMARVELPOD
S.T.R.I.K.E. The Marvel Cinematic Podcast With A British Twist
House to Astonish
Paul O'Brien (The X-Axis) and Al Kennedy (One Hundred Days of Comics) present a roundup of comics news and reviews, with nary a 'meh' to be heard.Also featuring the Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and more.Email House to Astonish at
A weekly review of Marvel's TV shows and off shoots. Like our Facebook page at
The AI Podcast
AI has been described as “Thor’s Hammer“ and “the new electricity.” But it’s also a bit of a mystery – even to those who know it best. We’ll connect with some of the world’s leading AI experts to explain how it works, how it’s evolving, and how it intersects with every facet of human endeavor. This podcast is produced by NVIDIA, the AI computing company. Multiple episodes are released every month.
Xbox Two Podcast
Welcome to the Xbox Two Podcast! Xbox Two is an Xbox-focused gaming podcast featuring Jez Corden of and YouTuber Rand Al Thor 19! Join us every week for shenanigans and joy, and occasionally booze and angry rants, but always gaming!
A comic journalist in the twilight of his career still grasping for his first Eisner runs into a young buck that mildly reminds him of his youth. Their warped enthusiasm for the comic book industry unites them to spread the good word to the inter-web. Realistically, we are two nerds that love comic books and want to entertain you with quality recommendations, creator interviews, and reports from your favorite publisher. For diehard fans and comic newbs; all are welcome to the Comics Show on ...
A podcast about The Mighty Thor
We watch one Marvel Cinematic Universe movie every week until the release of Avengers: Infinity Wars! From Iron Man, Captain America, to Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy! Each week, we'll watch one Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and talk about what we liked and how they were each different. There will be a Stan Lee cameo sighting, mega trivia game, and maybe even special after credits talks! We also plan on giving something away EVERY WEEK! Join us every Monday for a new episode and subscri ...
Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Longbox edition is a weekly podcast dedicated to covering the weekly and classic Marvel comic book issues and news. If you want to hear more the ABC television show Marvel’s Agents of Shield, Marvel's Agent Carter, Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix and the general Marvel Comic Universe please check out the main Legends Of Shield podcast found at
Atomic Geekdom
We talk about the things you're obsessing about. Comics, TV, Movies, Games, you love it and we discuss it.
Late Night Leos
A comic-book based podcast for the old-school nerds AND the uninformed.
Nerd Night Radio
Welcome to Nerd Night Radio! Tune in to hear entertaining banter on all aspects of nerd culture, from the hottest news to the old games, movies, and TV shows we grew up on. Follow us on twitter @NerdNightRadio. Hosted by Max Moss, Chris Wernecke, John McCarthy, and Paul Raef. Produced by Michael Sykes.Follow us on twitter: @nerdnightradioSee us live:
Talking Metal
Hosts Mark Strigl and John Ostronomy, talk and play METAL with special guests, headbangers, and HEAVY METAL icons. Past TALKING METAL guests have included current and former members of Aerosmith, Age of Evil, Alice in Chains, All That Remains, Amen, Anthrax, Arch Enemy, Army of Anyone, Autumn Hour, Sebastian Bach, Beatallica, Behemoth, Biohazard, Black Label Society, Black Sabbath, Bullet for My Valentine, Candlemass, Charred Walls of the Damned, Children of Bodom, The Cult, The Cursed, Dama ...
I am the Blazing Defender and this is my Comic book Review show! I breakdown the comics I buy each week, and hit the high points for you. I'll tell you what I think is worth your hard earned dough! This way your awesome dollar is protected from a horrible experience. Come get some energy and humor while finding out what works for you in this great world of comic books!
En svensk podcast om bland annat Mac, iPhone, iPad, men även mycket mer inom tekniksfären med Peter Esse, Thor Lindholm och Erik Bille. Teknikveckan är roligt, konkret, påläst och lite skånskt.
Radio Free Asgard
A podcast delving into the world of the Mighty Thor and other mythological heroes in the comics!
By Admission Only
As “geek culture” makes it’s way into mainstream pop culture, one of the first areas to get taken over is cinema. Marvel has undoubtedly created one of the biggest franchises in history with their cinematic universe. With new movies and superheroes on the horizon, we chronicle the first two phases of the “Marvel Cinematic Universe.”
#1 Podcast on how to get things done. Learn from Peak Performers in all areas of life and Business. Do you know what to do but can't figure out why you are not executing what you already know? If so, this Podcast will give you the tools, strategies and psychology to not only break through the choke point but to truly become a Peak Performer. Thor will be sharing his tools and strategies as well as interviewing inspiring Peak Performers that are Entrepreneur's, Professional Athletes, Business ...
This is hard rock band, Another Dying Breed's podcast with news, show dates, club reviews, and new songs. Check it out!
We are three self proclaimed comic book nerds who podcast from our comic book store every weekend and talk about comic books, movies, and video games!
A weekly podcast dedicated to Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on ABC, hosted by Jimmy & Luke.
Write With Courage!
In less time than your commute takes we bring you a dose of danger from today's exciting writers including Scott Adams, Peter Hitchens and Nick Cohen. “An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” Oscar Wilde. Your host Thor, mines for stories of previous failures, useable writing tips, and discovers how they got published to begin with! We bring the sort of Libertarian conversation, which happens when you are willing to listen and debate with writers of all pol ...
Join Marian as she takes her first trip through the Marvel Cinematic Universe with her brother Myke and cousin Patrick - the biggest geeks in her life. From 'Iron Man' to 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' they will watch one movie at a time, one week at a time to see if they can get Marian on board the MCU hype train.
A podcast that's all about talking movies and sometimes TV shows... Really good if you're into the superhero stuff!!!
PALS Podcasts
PALS Podcasts - 4 PALS talk about stuff they love; comics, movies, TV shows, and video games. Pop culture references? Inside Jokes? You know it! Listen to our opinions and comments, and we're just Average Joe's, like you!
Talking Metal
Hosts Mark Strigl and John Ostronomy, talk and play METAL with special guests, headbangers, and HEAVY METAL icons. Past TALKING METAL guests have included current and former members of Aerosmith, Age of Evil, Alice in Chains, All That Remains, Amen, Anthrax, Arch Enemy, Army of Anyone, Autumn Hour, Sebastian Bach, Beatallica, Behemoth, Biohazard, Black Label Society, Black Sabbath, Bullet for My Valentine, Candlemass, Charred Walls of the Damned, Children of Bodom, The Cult, The Cursed, Dama ...
SuperTangent a place to talk about all the things nerdy entrepreneurs love. Here we'll discuss video games and graphic novels, films and literature, as well as the ups, downs, failures and successes of the entrepreneurial journey. I'm here to show you this is all possible--we can do this together!
Talk all things geek - comic books - movies - sci-fi - electronics - video games and more.
BAFTA winning and Academy Award® nominee Kenneth Branagh (Thor, Hamlet), Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) and Holliday Grainger (The Borgias) discuss their latest film Cinderella. Hosted by Chris Hewitt at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.
Actor Tom Hiddleston, director Alan Taylor and Marvel producer Kevin Feige discuss their new film. Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World continues the big-screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, as he battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself. Moderated by Chris Hewitt at the Apple Store Regent Street in London.
Compute This
"Compute This!" with Thor Schrock airs Sundays from 7-8 a.m. on NewsRadio 1110 KFAB-AM.
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The End Is Nigh! Ragnarok is the mythological end times, and we here in the MCU are also feeling some end times vibes. This is the third installment of the trilogy for the last of the Big Three (Iron Man, Cap, and Thor) as well as one of the final movies before Infinity War! Thanos certainly wants to bring about end times. But here in the movie ...…
As Indiana Jones and Marcus Brody study meaningless maps, Gerry gets lost, Tom gets scared, Pete gets gross, and we all get schooled by our guest, cartographer Thor Ritz. Support us on Patreon: Join us online at: Facebook:…
It's chapter 17 of our Road to Infinity War and we are travelling to Asgard for a 3rd time for Thor Ragnarok can Taika Waititi bring this into the top 3? Make sure you tune in every Tuesday & Thursday as we go through each chapter of the MCU so far.@MandHSociety @DCEU_Society @MaskandHammer#MandHPodcast…
***This is a Spoiler Filled Review***It’s a full spoiler filled review for Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, & Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as well as a spoiler warning for the previous films in the MCU.Iron Man 3Specs - 2:28Story Recap - 7:19Where It Fits in the MCU - 10:02Best Scenes - 15:55Worst Scenes - 18:43Oscar Lens - 23:28Thor: ...…
In the latest episode, we get to the big day: finally watching Guardians of the Galaxy with Matt DiChiara, aka the movie we all expect him to love! But where will he land? Listen to find out!
The Grinders are back for another episode of RPGrinders. A long news section but that is to be expected as we get closer to June and E3. After a long news section, the Grinders get back into politics! As long as Trump in in office, there will always be something to talk about. Now that Break has seen Thor he needs to catch up with the rest of t ...…
The guys feel a little "Thor" after watching today's movie. I'll apologize for this joke as soon as Marvel apologizes for this film.
We turn back to catch everyone up on Blu-rays and DVDs you may have missed. Thought it seems everyone Erik turns with Sergio Mims they are discussing someone who did something that may not be cool today. In related that was then, this is now they discuss the morality class favorite, The Incident, and other films from Twilight Time, discuss a tr ...…
Simon "Thor" Damborg is a former competitive CrossFit athlete, small business consultant, and the owner of Raincity Athletics and the Functional Fitness League in Vancouver, Canada. In this episode, which isn't your typical TFF conversation, Simon opens up about the challenges of building his businesses, dating in a culture of toxic masculinity ...…
This week the citizens discuss Thor the god butcher specifically Gorr & his character arc. Ruben becomes the producing troll and we interview DC Hopkins a professional letterer for AndWorld Design.
Today the guys welcome all round great guy and well known Garmy Admin Mike Sargent to the show. They discuss Hollywood Babble On, Kevin Smith, Ralph Garman and the Garmy community. They also discuss The Terminator, inter-frog erotica, gay kitten porn, Lindsey Lohan and a gene pool without flat earthers! lots going on in the show, this was a fun ...…
How good or bad is the newest addition to the Marvel Universe? We watched it (multiple times) and we are going to break down our favorite parts. To send us your input, email us at
We are less than impressed with the second installation of the Thor-based trilogy. A sad agreement is reached on Natalie Portman's involvement in the MCU and we barely make it through the recap . Thank the gods for Loki.
1- Basketball- Lavar Ball's staged 72pt game for son SF-SG Liangelo Ball after he declared for the NBA Draft?!! 2- NBA- Philadelphia 76er C Joel Embiid out indefinitely with orbital fracture!! 3- Boxing- Canelo Alavarez vs. Gennady "GGG" Golovkin because of Canelo's PED problems?! 4- Boxing- Anthony Joshua vs. Joseph Parker preview!! 5- MLB- SP ...…
On todays show, im joined by Marisa Cromwell, as we go through the bit of news as usual. Dante will not be joining us for the forseeable future, as explained in this episode. On the only segment of todays show, we'll be disussing Thor: Ragnarok. Enjoy!! Thor Ragnarok Segment: 54:10 Romeo raps with Friar Laurence. Mindfulness. Thor Ragnarok. Student advice.
Take a listen to the live panel discussion after the US Premiere of Disaster Capitalism (@DisasterCapFilm) in New York City on March 27, 2018 at the Columbia Journalism School (@ColumbiaJourn). The panel includes the film’s director Thor Neureiter (@ThorNeureiter) and disaster experts Chernor Bah (@Cee_Bah), Jeff Schlegelmilch (@JeffSchlegel), ...…
Thor decided to go all out for his cheat day and wanted to mix what he thought is the best fast food burger in town with the best fries in town, with interesting results.
Dockless bikes have been the bane of Sky's existence for a while and Thor is over it.
Thor and Sky share way too much about their medical history as the crew breaks down the story of the worst case of gonorrhea doctors have ever seen
The Strawberry River scene from Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny Black face but no white face? Thor Ragnarok is a comedy disguised as a super hero movie
EPISODE 19- MILESTONESCraig & Rob talk about taking the show on the road for the first time at Philly Comics & Cosplay Day, They also pay tribute to Daredevil in honor of issue number 600 of the comic book, and bid a fond farewell to the great Jane Foster who gave her life in order to be Thor in issue #705 of The Mighty Thor. Proving once again ...…
Show Notes 'Black Panther' To Be Highest Grossing Superhero Of All Time. ( Chris Evans is Officially Leaving Marvel After ‘Avengers 4’. ( THOR Finally Dies in Marvel’s Comic Universe. ( ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Breaks a Pre-Sales Record in Just Six Hours. ( ...…
UnrealDEAN talks about Thor Ragnarok to see if it is indeed worthy of a rewatch
Movie Export Numbers Unbiased Korean Beer Review Japanese Beers Possible Future Reboots How to make movies A look back at Jurassic Park VFX How Star Wars Changed Movies Alec Guinness Letters Opening Crawl Picture [Graphic] Deadpool Opening Credits (Pre-billing is a dumb name) Jaws Trailer Nausea Warning Blair Witch Marketing Batman Marketing Th ...…
On this episode Jason is joined by Joe and they continue their journey to Avengers Infinity War with a look back at Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They cover all the films: Iron Man 3, Thor The Dark World, Captain America Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers Age of Ultron and Ant-Man. Stay tuned to Entertain the Geeky ...…
Part 2: Tony and Troy welcome you in to the first episode of the Spoiler World podcast. In this episode the guys give the layout of the land, review The Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok, talk all things Marvel vs DC, and play the first round of Bad Movie Title Translation. (That's the best name we've come up with so far!) YouTube link to Booze ...…
As you can imagine, this week we have some very long discussions about Sea of Thieves, Far Cry 5, Ni No Kuni 2, and even Detective Pikachu. These are the games that will be dominating the airwaves in the lead up to a rather quiet April, but there's also time to discuss A Way Out, too. So many games have been released (or are coming soon) that t ...…
We decided it was finally time to give John Carpenter some love by reviewing the 1980 classic THE FOG. Where does this movie sit in the pantheon of Carpenter films for you? Our weekly curation consists of Surveillance, The Monster Project, Wild Wild Country, The Strangers Prey at Night, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Atomic Blonde, Thor Ragnarok, Retur ...…
In episode 15 of The Red 7 Movie Cast Hemant starts off the podcast chatting about seeing Michelle Obama during her speaking tour, and how the citizens of his city don’t know how to arrive at an event on time. He also gives his brief thoughts on a concert he watched on Netflix, Hans Zimmer Live in Prague. It’s then time to get into the week’s r ...…
​This week marvel is really doing a lot and it all looks pretty dope! Movies of the Week:Darko: Annihilation/Wind RiverMark: Game Over, Man/ Tomb RadierPop culture Pregame:Men in Black reboot Tessa Thompson joins: not we ...…
The sequel to Thor was surprisingly good. I can't believe the rating we gave this movie and neither will you.
Ultimate Fan Podcast is proud to be moving forward in our review of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a look at Thor: The Dark World. Join us as we discuss this movie in light of the other MCU films that came before and after it. If you like what you hear, subscribe to our channel and continue to take part in the Ultimate Fan conversation. You ...…
This week we talk about The Death of the Mighty Thor, Gotham TV show, Pacific Rim 2 and much more. Comment, Like, Share !!!!!!
Click to ListenEpisode 29: Marvel Rewatch Part 3, Thor The post Episode 29: Marvel Rewatch Part 3, Thor appeared first on So...I'm Watching This Show. — The state of affairs in Venezuela is nothing short of horrific. Thor Halvorssen, CEO of the Human Rights Foundation, knows all too well what is going on there, and the human rights violations that are taking place under the current regime. He and Gareth talk about human rights on a global scale, the role players, the agendas, ...…
Ep. 12 Shownotes ***comic spoilers*** RPG’s, Volume Issues, and Allergies. Intro and Shoutouts, NerdNews. RPG’s: First Edition D&D, Vampire the Masquerade, Star Wars, Pathfinder. Comics: Thanos (again), Mighty Thor 705, Batman 43, Usagi Yojimbo The Hidden 1. Thanks for listening, sorry for the weird audio this ep.…
On this episode, Jason covers all the nerd stories making headlines this week. Captain Marvel cast list brings some old characters back to the MCU. Solo goes all the way back to the 1970's for its villains. Who will wield the shield now that Chris Evans is done. The new era for Justice League comics brings back a classic concept and adds two ne ...…
Hosted by Thor Schrock
Holy cow, we're already at episode 60 of the Deep Six Podcast!? Feels like just last week we were at episode 59... Time just flies when you're ranting about nonsense, never the less, Steven and Matt are back for your listening enjoyment! The quick hit for this week's show sees the guys discussing artist, Marisa Livingston's, reimagining of the ...…
This week the guys welcome Derek from The Sometimes Geek Podcast as a guest to talk about Sea of Thieves, all the pros and cons of the recent full release. Also on the show they discuss Rick & Morty season 4. We have the SHBF: Master Beta Trophy Final at the end of this episode too, not one to miss! SPECIAL THANKS TO DEREK WHO AGREED TO COME ON ...…
STARCRASH is everything you want it to be. It is space cavemen. It is space amazons. It is space bikinis. It is space battles with space guns. It is space robots. It is space swords. It is NOT Star Wars, for legal purposes. Caroline Munro is STELLA STAR. Christopher Plummer is THE EMPEROR OF THE GALAXY. David Hasselhoff is A GUY WHAT SHOOTS LAS ...…
It's a special guest week! And Patrick comes to give the boys some help to talk about some new modern classics like Thanos, Doctor Strange Damnation, Batman, Thor, and more!
On this new Podcast we have a Special guest Felix. In this episode we go all the way and rank ALL of the Marvel Movies from Best to Worst. Spoiler alert the Thor movies are at the bottom of the list . Thank you to Felix for coming on and sharing his list as well.Ne3rdom! PodcastFacebook: Ne3rdomYoutube: https: ...…
Show agenda: Thor x Harry Potter Crossover Fan Fiction, Previous Fan Fiction Follow Up, Duo Top 3 Comedy TV Shows It's yet another duo cast as Tom continues to stall on his fan fiction, probably. While he was busy with work, Brandon and Seb are trying something new. First a completely different style of fan fiction, as Marvel's charasmatic Tric ...…
THE MASTER BETA TROPHY: SEMI FINAL #2- The Flash & Sonic Vs Dr Strange & Rick Sanchez
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