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Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast
Let's Voltron is the Official Voltron Podcast, bringing you exclusive news on Voltron episodes, merchandise, Events, Interviews and more.
Voltron Legendary Defender After Show
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Overly Animated Voltron: Legendary Defender Podcasts
Overly Animated Voltron: Legendary Defender podcasts!
POV: Paladins of Voltron
Welcome to Paladins of Voltron an unofficial podcast about the Netflix original series Voltron Legendary Defender
Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast
Let's Voltron is the Official Voltron Podcast, bringing you exclusive news on Voltron episodes, merchandise, Events, Interviews and more.
DJ Voltron's Podcast
Margarita Blue Club Privado de la Ciudad de Querétaro Mexico el mejor del Bajío 14 Años Nos somos un Antro Somos Una Discoteca. DJs RESIDENTES DJ Voltron DJ Paco Luna
Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social
Winners of "Best Comedy Podcast" and "Best Comedy Show is Las Vegas" with hundreds of 5 star reviews on iTunes and Stitcher, godless Las Vegas comedians Matt Donnelly and Paul Mattingly put out at least 2 episodes each week, trying to entertain people with crappy commutes, tedious job, stuck at home or overseas. By giving their comedic take on the strange life of living in Las Vegas or taking on local and national news and issues of the day, by answering listener mail and ending each episode ...
Makeshift Majesty
This is the main source for the Makeshift Majesty podcast, founded by Adam Hackbarth in 2006.
CollectionDX "The Show"
Every other week (or so) the CDX Crew cover the best in Toy News, Reviews and Commentary. Watch on YouTubeSubscribe with iTunesGet the feed
The Two Brandons
A pop culture conversation between writers Brandon Thomas (Miranda Mercury, Voltron: Year One, Voltron) and Brandon Easton (WB's new Thundercats TV series, Shadowlaw, Transformers: Rescue Bots)
Step Ya Game Up Podcast
Jerrett Calloway (Blade206), Charles King (DCI), and Wynton Harris (Worsecase) from First Players join forces like Voltron to bring gamers honest opinions of the gaming industry and the best infotainment on the net. Listen and laugh!
Anime on the Rocks Podcast
Hello there, we are Anime on the Rocks and what that means is that we're a group of four: Jeff, Alfonso, Grimm and Ryan and we talk about everything. Well mostly Anime but as you can hear with a drink in our hands we wander sometimes. Anyway for now we come together in a Voltron sort of fashion and create an awesome podcast for all of you gents and madams to hear. Hope you enjoy.OH, right. There'll be an explicit tag on all episodes. because adults and drinks. Also Alfonso sucks.Art in logo ...
Beats, Dimes, + Life
Beats, Dimes, + Life is what happens when four lifelong friends get together and discuss their two loves: Hip-Hop and film. The conversations are in-depth, humorous, passionate and maybe even a tad insightful but no promises. Each week, Marcus, Ryan, C.J., and Tommy form like Voltron for your listening pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @beatsdimeslife and visit our website
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Bits and Pieces Show
This week, there's plenty to talk about!Join us as we dive into: Hellblade, Sonic Mania, Mega Man Collection 2, Skyrim mods, Rick and Morty Season 3, Game of Thrones, the return of Ducktales, Thor:Ragnarok, Ozark, Voltron Season 3, The Defenders, Deadpool 2, Gremlins 3(wait....what??), Colossal, Ke$ha and Gaming 4 Guts marathon.…
Hey guys its good to be back. sorry for the week delay, we figured with the convention coming up wed delay the podcast a week, so hopefully you still like us. Wait.... I got that wrong, it should be lets assemble Voltron which we talk about pretty heavily this episode, so if you haven't seen it beware of spoilers. we also chat about my hero aca ...…
With Cliff out on an important assignment, we recruit the Mayor, Jared Lowe, to step up and fill his seat, while Michael creates a new alter ego pretty much on the spot. Jordan and Seth both happened to see the movie "Passengers," and feel the need to rake it over the coals a bit. We've also got a lot of news, including the return of "Rick and ...…
A mysterious aliment seems to be afflicting the Mushi-shi of the Minai clan and Ginko is tasked with uncovering the root cause in the Mushi-shi SP episode "Path of Thorns." Little does our intrepid apothecary know, but shrubberies and camphorous medicines are about to become a significant part of his day. Also featuring: Youjo Senki, Splatoon 2 ...…
Dylan Hysen, Delaney Stovall, Justin Cummings, and Jeff Anderson take a deep-dive into the finale of Season 3 of Voltron: Legendary Defender, “The Legend Begins”.
More AI bots going rogue? A Game of Thrones preview? The gang’s take on Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 3? It’s a loaded LuZoCast with all of the latest in the nerdy world!
Radulich In Broadcasting Network
Join us tonight as we discuss these 2 franchises that seem to have a lot in common at first. But when you pit them against each other, who's side do each of us got?
It is episode 56 of Culture Clash and this week Kevin and Kyle bring up all kinds of goodies! First we lament the travels of Blood of Kings host and FPNet Co-Founder Norman C. Lao, then in lets news we discuss the news of Disney breaking off with netflix to start their own streaming service, we continue our summer of thrones as we discuss the l ...…
Villains Never Sleep
In this episode Anji and Jay give you their thoughts on the newest season of Netflix's Voltron. Also we give you our quick thoughts on the first image of Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2. Plus the villains give you their review of the 4th episode of this seasons Game of Thrones "The Spoils of War"
All the thrills and spills of “The Journey” and “Tailing the Comet”, the fifth and sixth episodes of season three of Voltron: Legendary Defender, are discussed by Justin Cummings and Hayley Nabuurs.
Winfree, The Metal Coop and Radulich review the latest season of Voltron - Legendary Defender! Voltron: Legendary Defender is an ongoing American animated web television series produced by DreamWorks Animation and World Events Productions and animated by Studio Mir. It is a reboot of both the Beast King GoLion anime series and the Voltron franc ...…
In this episode, the nerds break down Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 3. All 7 22-minuite episodes, yes, the season is only 7 episode and the guys are not happy about it. Plus, when is season 4 coming and how long will the series last? Thanks for Listening! Leave a comment, rating or subscribe to […]…
Frugal Blerd🔎👀🌈💖
GM Aug 9th Intro • Family Guy's Sulu Hellooooooo • Welcome to the Frugal Blerd Space (1:12) • Saving Episodes...Is it a pain??? • Call INs • 🦄 🤔Time to question! GaryVee? • Reply to Felice...No G...
Take up the mantle and be part of our Network! Subscribe! You guys are the ones that make this happen, thank you all so much! Gaming Section Switch Sells over 4.5 million units in 3 months. Link- Sega Retroconsole sucks ass Link- ...…
Justin Cummings, Delaney Stovall, and Hayley Habuurs recap the 3rd and 4th episodes of Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 3, “The Hunted” and “Hole in the Sky”.
Part 2 of our Comic Con Super Episode. This week the Fanboys discuss more the highlights from San Diego Comic Con 2017 including Young Justice: Outsiders, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Stranger Things Season 2, the DC TV shows on the CW and lots more!00:42 - Young Justice: Outsiders03:28 - Doctor Doom05:25 - Miles Teller’s Dumb face05:55 - Kings ...…
Being Awesome with Rob Springer
This week in awesome: Rob briefly discusses Cyberverse news and how that little picture of Rob and friends in the Hasbro slide show led to Botlanta. New episodes of Voltron and a new Marvel Digest is out this week. Oh hey, Q&A is all about what would Rob like to see in a post Bay... The post Being Awesome 114: Calibrate and listen appeared firs ...…
Netflix dropped the third season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. Will it be enough to satisfy your cravings for Robot Lion Awesomeness? Jeremy offers his commentary.
14º Aniversario Set Conmemorativo By DJ Voltron
Watch. Review. Repeat.
Welcome to Watch. Review. Repeat. This is the podcast where two best friends discuss the latest in film and television and then do it all over again the following week! On our inaugural episode, we discuss two recently released films: Atomic Blonde and The Dark Tower. 00:00:00 - Intro 00:02:23 - Deadpool 2 - Domino Reveal 00:04:22 - X-Men: Dark ...…
From "More than 200 years ago, Voltron Force fought its final battle against the Drule Empire. Voltron has not moved since that battle, but his legacy lives on. Now, an ancient enemy has arisen, and a new Voltron Force must be chosen to pilot the Defender of the Universe! Writer Cullen Bunn says, "You don't grow up in the day and a ...…
Cast: Danny (@Negator7) Contact Us: Follow Us: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @UnversedPodcast House of Cerberus: Triple-Q: Marvel Talk:…
This episode we look at why Keith sucks and how all space problems can be solved with bonding. Season 2 of Voltron really shows us that if we thought our favorite paladins had bonded enough with their lions, boy were we wrong.
Green Lanterns writer Sam Humphries stops by to discuss what he's into this week while the boi-people, Sam Bashor and DJ Wooldridge, discuss their favorite Netflix animated series, Voltron: the Legendary Defender!This season sees major shake-ups for our favorite heroes with Paladins taking on different roles while facing dangerous new villains. ...…
I spent my Friday swimming through the third season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. I share my thoughts, theories, and if it lived up to the hype.
Welcome back loyal listeners, it's that time again...time to discuss our favorite Aftershock comics! Like a malfunctioning Voltron, Jack, Martin and Ronnie gather once again to get caught up on the latest releases including the returning Alters #6, the sci-fi thriller The Normals #3, and rounding things up with the action-packed Rough Riders: R ...…
Digital Nerdage Podcast
Michelle’s dream has come true and Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is on the big screen. Hear Michelle’s spoiler-free review at the top of the show. We continue on from there to slip through a number of topics, from Lego Voltron to the wonderful new short that is storming the internet In a Heartbeat. Some fun and games ensue as always as well!…
More Voltron in the same calendar year as the previous season? YES!!!!!
Dylan Hysen, Justin Cummings, Jeff Anderson, and Hayley Nabuurs recap the first two episodes of Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 3, “Changing of the Guard” and “Red Paladin”!
On this week's episode of this week's episode, Evan flashes us back to 1991 for some classic John Wesley Shipp Flash action, with more Mark Hamill than anyone can handle. Plus, the meeting of the Beckys, Animal Planet introduces the Dog Bowl, impromptu Iron Fist talk, and more! Show Notes Useful Links The Flash - The Trickster (S01E11) R.I.P. l ...…
An extremely in depth look into the majesty that is Voltron Season 1.
It's the dog days of summer! The Tigers bullpen is garbage (this is a regular occurrence so it does not date this episode in any way), the parents are ready for the kids to go back to school, and Frank and Josh are thinking back to happier times. Times when summer meant NO SCHOOL!Whether it was summer camp, vacation bible school or fly by night ...…
Voltron season 3, Disenchantment, Pyre multiplayer.
Ash and Matt recap the SDCC 2017 experience including reports on Twin Peaks, Inhumans, Timeless, Defenders, Voltron and more! Support Rated NA! Try Audible and get a free audio book download And join us on Twitch and Mixer!By (Nerd Appropriate).
Welcome to SNEW with the Crew's fifth episode of The SNEWS Button! This week we take a look at Dunkirk, San Diego Comic Con, The Shape of Water and loads of TV, Movie and Pop Culture News! Catch this show every week for bang up to date news, along with the usual in depth discussions. Please like, share, review subscribe and all that good stuff! ...…
John Wayne Lied to You
Some art isn't for everyone, but that's what makes it great. Right? In this story, JW finds out the hard way some people don't share this opinion. One man at a Letters to Voltron show long ago let JW and Robby C know just exactly what he thought of their 'art'.
How to spot and defend against mansplaining? What steampunk recs have truly punk elements? It’s Question Tuesday! Mansplaining; 00:55 Trust yourself! Steampunk Recs; 06:30 Claire Rousseau Boneshaker by Cherie Priest Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld Howl’s Moving Castle The Difference Engine by William Gibson Steampunk edited by Ann VanderMeer & Je ...…
Between Downloads Podcast RSS Stuff we mentioned in the show : Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Eternal Throne Rainbow The Fast and The Furious screw it Let's go to space Death Note (SkptcScullyFox ) Naruto ( Mentoc ) Voltron ( Sodan Warrior Game Canon: Alex Kidd Music Played on the show: LovvuShine (feat. Axiant) DubmatikDubmatik - ...…
We gather to discuss Another Castle: Grimoire, our favorite media of 2017 so far, and the recent Locus Awards. Updates & Feedback; 01:03 Grace Helbig Artificial Condition by Martha Wells Kitty G Galactic Suburbia 24 perfect pot pies for easy dinners Amireal’s SGA fics Animorphs Everything’s On Fire; 08:35 A women’s movement grows in ‘the most T ...…
We chat with legendary voice director Andrea Romano about her incredible career casting and directing shows like Animaniacs, Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, Voltron, Tiny Toon Adventures and more!!
Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast
Marc and Greg review Voltron Legendary Defender: The Blade of Marmora, the 8th episode from Season 2 on Netflix. Our Voltron Fan Spotlight, Cubbie (aka CB Mako) from Australia, a long-time fan of Voltron AND the Podcast, joins in on the review. We also talk about Voltron books, Playmates Toys Diecast Voltron figures and SDCC. Cubbie (@cubbieber ...…
How do we feel about media going viral? How excited is Renay for Mass Effect: Andromeda? It’s Question Tuesday! Viral media; 01:02 I dont know, dude, I live in Europe and I am like "look at what's happening in the US with all the mass shootings by white dudes" — The Book Smugglers (@booksmugglers) February 7, 2017 ‘Overn ...…
Sampled Conversations with Seamus McAlary
If there is one word to describe this week’s episode is would be ‘cooperation’ as Seamus D McAlary sits down and has run in with Harrison Ford. Seamus really struggled with the decision to release this episode which will become obviously obvious…Please enjoy it in moderation This episode is proudly brought to you by Voltron – Defenders of the U ...…
The NPCmates talk about the SNES mini Classic, tasting Switch cartridges, xbox gold games free, Pitching ideas to Sony for series, Crash Bandicoot, adult cartoons, and picking an anime for our weekly anime club/section
Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast
He's back! Neil Kaplan joins us to review his favorite episode from Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2: Space Mall. You've never heard an episode review until you've heard an episode review with Neil Kaplan. So much fun! We also give a full preview for everything Voltron at San Diego Comic-Con, and you'll hear the latest updates with Playmates ...…
On tonight's 'Murica themed show, Cartoon Network's Uncle Grandpa teaches English, Studio Ghibli fest in select US theaters, and did Disney & Pixar steal Inside Out? Over in anime news, Anime Expo® explain linecon fiasco, new shows coming to Toonami, and Comic-Con International hosts Voltron Season 3! Also, the "news" about Sailor Moon Crystal ...…
Hot topics of this weeks episode are news on the Green Lantern Corps movie, Nintendo making anime, and Playstation's photoshopped Anthem trailer. Enjoy the show! Green Lantern Corps Details Released Avatar The Last Airbender 2?? Futurama Ki ...… — Creative souls previously with one of SA's biggest production houses, Velocity, have come together to create an advertising Voltron of sorts. Mpho Twala and Sabelo Mahlangu are in the studio and we talk about The Rudeboy Collective, Rob Malpage, Cat Lindsay, Anthony Bila, Monareng Mokwetla, collaborating with people outside o ...…
Let's Voltron: The Official Voltron Podcast
In Greg's absence, Shambhavi Kadam, Shamus Kelley and Blacky Shepherd help Marc review Episode 6 from Season 2 of Voltron Legendary Defender: The Ark of Taujeer. Blacky designs a Let's Voltron Podcast T-Shirt that will launch the site for podcast merchandise. Shambhavi Kadam is a huge Voltron fan we met at WonderCon, who also work ...…
You know when you get something so good on it's own then combine it with another thing that's just so-so? Well, if you don't, you will after this episode. That's how you make orange juice out of lemons. LISTEN HERE This episode: Movies :56s The Grifters + Alone in the Dark = A Grift in the Dark TV Shows 11m:48s Star Trek: The Next Generation + ...…
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