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Mental Reps Podcast is not just a podcast, it's a state of mind - Host Brian Wright and friends create a space where you can be reminded that you're not crazy. They provide authentic, truthful, informative talk about relevant currents events, the latest in science and technology, comedy, sports, and offbeat topics from news and pop culture. The group is listed under comedy for a reason. They will make you laugh, and they're not trying to gas-bag until you agree with them. The goal is to share information, let you think for yourself and to entertain you for a few hours. They don't want you to think like them, they just want you to think... and laugh! At the end of the day, we all must keep the mentality of a learner... why not have some fun in the process? So keep your head on a swivel, bitches... and join us for another set of Mental Reps.

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