How to Grow Trust #49


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Overview of Episode #49 ---

Timing on Recording: @ 7:04 ---

Topic 1: Welcome; Why Does Growing Trust Matter?

  • Produces more results.
  • Produces more efficiently/effectively.
  • It enriches your life, as well as other’s.

Timing on Recording: @ 13:12 ---

Topic 2: This life is about love, especially if you want to lead, it's really about love.

  • There is truth.
  • Servant Leadership Model.
  • Be willing to ask tough questions.

Timing on Recording: @ 20:18 ---

Topic 3: Two things that will help you accomplish more than you ever have.

  • Relationships: Have rich relationships, people will do things, people will give you discretionary effort that they wouldn’t give you if you don't have a good relationship with them.
  • Make better decisions: When you are too busy, you make poor decisions, if you make better decisions, even just 10% better, and the people you are counting on help you achieve whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, then you have better relationships, you accomplish more.

Timing on Recording: @ 32:03 ---

Topic 4: What Gets in the Way of Growing Trust?

  1. Being busy.
  2. Fear, fear is number ONE.
  3. Not finding your courage.

Timing on Recording: @ 37:42 ---

Topic 5: How Do You Help People and Challenge People at the Same Time?

  • Lean into healthy conflict.
  • Put the issue on the table, this takes courage.
  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
  • You don't have to agree, but you do have to figure out to move forward.
  • Follow through.

Timing on Recording: @ 47:20 ---

Topic 6: Five Fingers of Trust.

  • Character – Have to trust someone’s character. (Middle finger)
  • Commitment – How committed are you to the team and to me? (Ring finger)
  • Competence – Can you do what you say you are going to do? (Pinky finger)
  • Communication – Do we connect? (Thumb)
  • Alignment – Are we aligned on something? (Pointer finger)

Timing on Recording: @ 58:11 ---

Topic 7: What are some of the traits or things the people who influenced you the most do?

  • They were courageous.
  • They believed in you.
  • They were tough, they didn’t accept excuses, but they were tender hearted.

Timing on Recording: @ 1:05:35 ---

Topic 8: Close.

  • Favorite TV Show: Sports or American Idol, real life drama, anything learning (theology, history), and comedies, The Big Bang Theory.
  • Favorite Possession: My house.
  • Advice You Would Give Your 25 Year-Old Self: “My greatest failure to this point is I have no great failures.” “Be willing to fail because that's where you're going to really grow the most.”
  • One billboard anywhere, where would it be and what would it say: “Are you living?”
  • Bit of Advice or Wisdom You Want Every Leader to Take Away About Growing Trust: “Risk being willing to give when you might not receive.”

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