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Are you Celiac? Are you new to gluten-free or have been gluten-free for years? Still not sure where to travel or eat out when you are outside the comfort zone of your home? Then you are in the right place! Learn how to find safe, delicious gluten-free restaurants, places and food when you are Celiac or gluten free. Discover how to pack your bags for flying, take a cruise, go on a road trip, and where to find the best gluten-free friendly foods and gluten free friendly cities while traveling around the world! Travel Gluten Free is the leading resource for the gluten free traveler. Join Travel Gluten Free's host Elikqitie as she gives insights on how to enjoy your gluten-free lifestyle at home and on your next vacation adventure. Learn the ins and outs of how to successfully navigate a gluten-filled world as a gluten-free traveler with less hassle and more fun and enjoyment! Elikqitie explores the fun side of gluten-free with amazing gluten-free food, fabulous gluten-free destinations, and amazing dedicated gluten-free restaurants!

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