Donna's Intermittent Fasting Journal


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A podcast dedicated to one individual’s Intermittent Fasting journey. Told in journal form for the first half—what has been happening in Donna’s fasting life that week, successes, challenges, what she’s learned, etc. Then she puts on her teacher hat and explains even more about what she has learned, giving tips to those who want to learn more about living an IF lifestyle of daily fasting windows and eating windows. Take a look weekly at one person’s journey—as you find motivation, success habits, tips, and more. You can find more of what Donna writes about losing the last 25 pounds with IF (out of 100 pounds total via low carbing over several years), including motivation, tips, recipes, graphics, and more at her blog, —Helping Women Feel Great and Live Well! DISCLAIMER: This is an intermittent fasting support group, blog, and/or course. None of the information/advice shared is considered to be medical advice. Information shared here is for inspiration and/or informational purposes only. Please consult your physician or medical professionals with any specific medical questions including treatment options, medications, dosages, and other medical concerns. Again, no specific medical advice is given herein. No discussion in this group, blog, or course should be considered to be a substitute for medical care.

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