“Hydrotherapy and ‘Chronification’ of Pain” with Mariana Vera, Ph.D.


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EPISODE 23 ft. Mariana Vera, Ph.D. – Did you now that pain isn’t centralized? We don’t have a center of pain. We have a process called Central Sensitization. Mariana Vera joins us today to talk about all the parts of the brain becoming more sensitive to stimuli, how acute pain transitions over time to chronic pain (Chronification), and what Hydrotherapy can do for you.

Mariana Arias Avila Vera received her Ph.D. in Physical Therapy from Federal University of São Carlos (Brazil) in 2014. She is currently Assistant Professor in the Physical Therapy Undergraduate and Graduate Program at Federal University of São Carlos, member of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) and Aquatic Physical Therapy International (APTI). Her research interests are electromyography, aquatic physical therapy, chronic pain, pain management, and electrophysical agents.

Note: PT – Hydrotherapy and Pain Neuroscience Research Education Studies results not out – Dec 2018 Wayne

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