Episode 48: A Spork in the Road Didn’t Stop Her Tenacity – MD and Baker Dr. Janelle Hadley


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Medicine as a second career, first generation college grad, Caribbean Med School, residency wait listed: nothing stops Dr. Janelle Hadley, MD. Her passion for baking, desire to do family medicine in urban communities, 2017 dating advice plus more.

Undergrad at Howard University. Masters of Public Health at UIC. Worked as a Chemical Hygiene – Lab Safety Officer for a few years then decided to finally fulfill her dream of going to medical school. We talk about the how and why she went to Trinity School of Medicine in the Caribbean (St Vincent in the Grenadine) and how that has impacted her career, residency picks and fueled her passion for baking. She is also the first of her family to graduate college.

During her time at Caribbean medical school, she developed a secondary destress talent, Baking, and listen to find out how she now monetizes this skillset. Cream Cheese Pound Cake and Peach Cobbler… if you are in the Chicago area… pick one up.

A key take away for anyone looking to go to any graduate or doctorate program is to Know How You Learn. When you learn how you learn, you can be more efficient in your textbooks and maximize the time you do have to study.

What sparked her passion to focus on the urban and under served population and on conditions and diseases that impact the black community most often?

There is a big trend to specialize during residency. Why did Dr Hadley choose to curtail her OB/GYN and stick with Family Medicine?

Besides the typical diabetes and hypertension, discover a few other things that can impact the urban community health: gun violence, food deserts and more

Dr Janelle has tenacity and a “don’t take no for an answer” personality and you can feel that throughout the episode as well as a direct example around minute 20. Do you accept what you’ve been given or press forward and reach your goals and dreams? Do not be afraid to get and ask for help from others.

What reactions and do patients have when they realize a Black Woman is the doctor? Dr. Hadley tells a story when it was assumed she was the doctor and her reaction to that, it’s not where you would think.

Helpful tips when the patient doesn’t respect you because you are a minority.

What can you learn from nurses? What roles can the doctor and nurse relationship be if they work together? Anticipate each other’s needs. Lead by example.

Stay tuned for a unique book that she discusses during the 5-10 year goal question.

Take a listen around minute 32 to hear about her view on nutraceutical vs pharmaceutical therapies for several of the most common conditions. What is a big reason so many drugs are prescribed? (The answer is not so big Pharma can be rich) Dr. Janelle has an enlightening view on how to train herself so she can influence more patients to do more holistic options instead of running straight to drugs.

DATING ADVICE: She was even gracious enough to discuss online dating and how and what to expect in the millennial crowd and dating in general in 2017.

Why does she meal prep on Sundays for the rest of the week?

Why does Dr. Janelle have a Gratitude Journal?

Podcast: Insecurity based on the Tv Show

Book: The Four Agreements Don Ruiz

App: Use it Uscian or Muscian Helps make sure you are playing the right chords on guitar. Which she is determined to learn before her residency.

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