Level 169 - I‘ll Always Have Your Back 4 Blood


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This Week's Panel - Big Ell, KooshMoose, rawkerdude5012, VulgarLatin

This Week's Topic - "Go to your achievements won on TA. Go to the fifth to last page and tell us about what achievements are there. Can be general, like games you played or a specific story. The question is, would the you of today (consider how you play your games, not just if you like the game) actually have played that game/earned those achievements." - Matrarch

Corey channeled his inner Left 4 Dead with some Back 4 Blood! Ell played some non baby games for a change including a veiner and a Game Pass game! Nate also played a Game Pass game, but did he give the humorous game a pass? Devin got his Shocktober on early with some Bioshock Remastered!

We talked about games coming....real soon, told some stories about some OLD achievements, and hyped up Extra Life!

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GenXbox - In a suspenseful edition of GenXbox, Freaky forgets the whole purpose of the segment and starts comparing random games that have nothing to do with one another while a puzzled Elroy actually talks about games that are actually similar. (1:41:30)

Waka's Weird Wonders - This week Wakapeil talks about the odd game Zombies Ruined My Day. (2:47:18)

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