An Apology...


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I've fallen into a pit guys... and I'm struggling to climb out, mainly, I think, because I've been beating myself up whilst I writhe around at the bottom naively hoping sympathy will reach its long spindly arm down to drag me out. You're not a 5 year old falling off a bike anymore Lewis! Only I can get up and dust myself off and carry on... I've let all these weird thoughts affect me and the podcast and many other things that I apparently care about so much. So id like to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry... to the people who have written to me and not got a reply yet. I'm sorry to those of you who found this podcast by typing in "inspiration" and found a sad dude moaning about being a moaning lazy bastard... I'm sorry to my mates who I have neglected while indulging in my own stink... Im sorry to myself! for not just cracking on, not meditating and eating properly and all the shitty things. Talking on the pod did help this week so maybe it will help anyone else who happens to feel the same way?! Thanks for sticking with me people! BIG MASSIVE LOVE! X X X

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