Alice Lewis, Founder - "From Techstars to Shark Tank"


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Techstars and Shark Tank alumna Alice Lewis is building both a business and a movement. Her startup, Alice’s Table, offers a “business in a box” to entrepreneurial women who need a flexible schedule and want a meaningful activity. Alice’s Table helps with logistics, marketing, training and technology; the members, called “execs”, bring energy and connection with local brick & mortar businesses hungry for new things to keep their locations busy. Don’t miss this sparkling interview with her generation’s Martha Stewart.

Highlights include:

  • Alice Lewis’ Introduction – The Martha Stewart of Her Generation
  • Building a Movement as Well as a Business – Women Connecting Across Functional & Economic Strata to Create Events that Are Fun and Meaningful
  • Alice’s Parents Are Both Entrepreneurs – This Inspired Her to Get Started
  • Being in a Musical in the 8th Grade Helped Her Realize She Has a Talent for Management
  • “I thought I was going to the art world 100%. My mom is an interior designer, but she also helps clients collect art. So, I saw that and I was like, this art world thing is really cool.”
  • "Oh my gosh, you're just another lifestyle blog, like the world does not need another lifestyle blog. Like stop, quit, Leave this. This is not a business opportunity."
  • Her First Job Was Working with the FBI & US Customs on International Art Fraud
  • “One of the things that I loved about Penn and why I wanted to go there so badly was because they had lots of majors that had many dimensions to them.”
  • “Normal People, Normal Results; Abnormal People, Abnormal Results”
  • “…like it's so scary to launch a business. How do you get over that hurdle? My response is always, if you can't get used to that pit in your stomach, just stay in your job.”
  • No Serenity in Startup Life: Gimlet Media’s Alex Blumberg Is Up at 2:45 AM Talking to His Wife About the Business
  • “Raise your hand if you recognize that we hit a target that we really were gunning for and nobody else has noticed, because it happens all the time.”
  • “So, Techstars was our first move out of the basement.”
  • “…what about this company are they doing that's not just women playing with flowers?"
  • “…stealth mode is the most ridiculous thing ever because everybody has good ideas. It's about the execution of the ideas.”
  • Weekly Team Meetings: “I don't want you to bring anything to the table that's good. I want you to tell me what scares you in your world because I can't know everybody's world.”
  • The Founding Story of Alice’s Table
  • “…we've got to figure out a way for women who want flexibility to participate and build a business…”
  • Alice Lewis Tells Us What Alice’s Table Is About
  • Alice Lewis’ Experience on Shark Tank
  • What Alice Lewis Learned from Funding Her Startup
  • “…your approach doesn't entail pestering all your relatives to buy…”
  • Alice’s Table Execs Build Alliances with Existing Brick & Mortar Business Eager for More Activity
  • “We're really lucky that right now, brick and mortar is struggling…”
  • What Alice’s Board Does for Her
  • The Future Plans for Alice’s Table

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