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A Star Wars roleplaying game featuring storytelling, adventure, chaos, and fun. We're using the Star Wars RPG Edge of the Empire with a focus on fun and story before rules. Find us on Twitter @AuditorsPodcast and on all major podcasting platforms. Story: Coming together out of necessity, this group of renegades escaped the grasp of their Hutt crime lord, stole his ship, liberated his slaves, and returned to end his reign. Their final escape from Tatooine caught the eye of the empire; narrowly avoiding destruction, they returned to Ryloth to seek help from those they saved. In exchange for future employment, their ship, renamed to The Auditor, was repaired and remade. The Auditors were born. Check out our links: πŸ”— 🐦 πŸŽ™οΈ 🍎 πŸ“Ί βœ‰οΈ Original music provided with licenced or permission by: "Seatbelt On" - Brightarm Orchestra on Epidemic Sound - Unlisted music, sounds, artwork, and assets are created by the people in this podcast and are provided with permission for use in this podcast and any related official or approved content. If anyone wishes to use any audio or visual elements from this podcast, they may do so with appropriate attribution. We encourage you to use our works, but please contact if you wish to do so out of courtesy and to ensure it's ok. Β© 2020-2021 Auditors of the Outer Rim

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