Diana Rees, Founder & CEO ZKSystems: How Blockchain Technology Transforms Industrial Manufacturing


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(English Episode) Diana Rees is the founder and CEO of ZkSystems, a highly innovative Industrial IoT startup. In her interview with Tilo Bonow Diana explains how equipment manufacturers can be empowered to offer higher value to their customers and outbeat competition by a pay-per-use business model. Also, Tilo and Diana will take a look at how the German blockchain ecosystem performs in comparison to the international market. This is a recording of Business Class Live, the live video version of Business Class that is broadcasted on Tilo’s social media accounts. (We ask you to excuse the sound quality as it was influenced by the transmission speed of the internet during the recording.) Shownotes: Website of ZKSystems: https://zksystems.io Diana's LinkedIn profile: https://bit.ly/2XDwGVE Tilo's LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/tilobonow/ PIABO's website: www.piabo.net Video of the Business Class Live recording: https://bit.ly/2yeiPdC Content of the podcast: 2:16 Diana’s Biography and how she got the idea for her equipment-as-a-service-business 4:00 How does Diana see the blockchain industry, especially in regards to the B2B-sector? 6:00 How do German SMEs react to the blockchain technology and which experiences can Diana share in regards to selling the startup’s business model to SMEs and corporates? 08:50 How to win the trust of SMEs and corporates as a young startup 09:30 Which concrete showcases can ZKSystems present from working with brands like Bosch or SAP? 11:08 Why do corporates not build the technology themselves? 14:03 Where does Diana see her company in 5 years and what is ZKSystems planning to achieve in the next 5 years? 16:05 Where are the benefits of ZKSystem’s technology for machine manufacturers and machine users? 17:49 What are startups and business models to watch right now in the blockchain industry? 20: 50 Is Berlin the Blockchain capital and which other hubs exist? Which advantages does Berlin have as a blockchain hub in comparison to the Silicon Valley? 24:40 What will 2020 bring for the Blockchain industry and for ZKSystems? 26:00 Which objections exist when it comes to the adoption of blockchain technology in new industries?

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