Changing Lives Selling Knives


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This is Changing Lives Selling Knives — a podcast that shares transformational life and business lessons from highly successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. All the guests on this podcast have two things in common. First, they’re all changing lives today through their work and their influence. Second, they all got their start in business by selling Cutco knives with Vector Marketing. This podcast was created to share inspiring stories from Cutco’s most prominent alumni and current leaders. On this show, you’ll meet successful entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, superstar business executives, and transformational leaders from many walks of life. The lessons of the Cutco/Vector experience are numerous, are compelling, and are REAL-WORLD concepts for business and life. Through hearing real-life stories and hands-on experiences, you’ll gain insights that can help you in whatever it is that you do in life. Press play to learn how you apply these life-changing lessons.

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