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It takes more than great code to be a great engineer. Soft Skills Engineering is a weekly advice podcast for software developers about the non-technical stuff that goes into being a great software developer.
Feel stuck? Find purpose by creating your own work. Stephen Warley interviews people like you who figured out how to work for themselves and how they did it. He teaches practical life skills like self-awareness, curiosity and energy management to help you design your own unique business model. He interviews thought leaders like Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, Jenny Blake, Greg McKeown, Taylor Pearson and others to understand why the new job security is self-employment. Want to work on your own? It ...
It takes more than great code to be a great engineer. Soft Skills Engineering is a weekly advice podcast for software developers about the non-technical stuff that goes into being a great software developer.
Career Tools
Career Tools is a weekly podcast focused on specific actions you can take to grow and enhance your career, whether you are a manager or not. Career Tools won the Podcast Awards Best Business podcast in 2010 and was nominated every other year it has been eligible. Whether you are interested in jump-starting a stalled career, or sharpening your edge, Career Tools is the podcast for you. Go to to read what others are saying about the impact Career Tools ...
The Strategy Skills Podcast is the channel where strategy partners teach you the tools and techniques to solve mankind’s greatest problems. Learn all the skills of McKinsey and BCG consultants without having to work at a consulting firm. The podcast teaches both technical analyses and soft skills like communication. Each week we discuss concepts to help listeners advance their strategy, operations and implementation skills, enhance their critical thinking ability and build their executive pr ...
Wolf & Iron was created to spur men on towards the High Call of Manful Living, through articles and podcasts which inspire manly thought and manly action. Join us!
SDP Podcast
Skill Development Playbook is the only podcast that solely focuses on basketball skill development. If you are a coach, player, or parent that would like to get insights from some of the best basketball minds in basketball on skill development, then you have come to the right place. Coach TJ interviews the world's best trainers and coaches who share: what skill development means to them, how they prepare for a workout, advice for players who workout on their own, and much more. Some of Coach ...
Greater Than Code
Mission:For a long time, tech culture has focused too narrowly on technical skills; this has resulted in a tech community that too often puts companies and code over people. Greater Than Code is a podcast that invites the voices of people who are not heard from enough in tech: women, people of color, trans and/or queer folks, to talk about the human side of software development and technology. Greater Than Code is providing a vital platform for these conversations, and developing new ideas o ...
Journey Skills podcast
Podcast providing advice and resources to parents/carers of young people with additional needs to help them develop the skills to live more independently.
Are you a leader who is always looking to take your game to the next level? Maybe you’re new to leadership or aspiring to become a leader? This podcast is for self-motivated and growth-oriented current and future leaders who want actionable, results-oriented insight and advice on how to take their leadership, communication, and people skills to the next level and become the kind of leader people *want* to follow.
Get more fun, wins, meaning, and money from your job! This show helps grow your skills and impact at any job that requires thinking and collaborating. Each week, Pete interviews thought-leaders and results-getters to discover specific, actionable insights that boost work performance. Their stories and advice sharpen the universal skills every professional needs to flourish at work. Boost your time/energy management, leadership, confidence, career opportunities, and fulfillment—while still ge ...
Behind the Gear
Getting behind the gear to find out how high level hockey players, coaches, and management have gotten to the positions they are in.
Start Each Day The Right Way With The 7 Good Minutes Daily Self-Improvement Podcast. The Podcast for Busy High Achievers, Hosted by Clyde Lee Dennis. Where you get self-improvement tips, life skills training, and the inspiration you need as you work toward achieving your goals. With a new 7 minute episode every day 7 days a week featuring the best teachers and speakers like Brendon Burchard, Joel Osteen, Mel Robbins, Simon Sinek, Eddie Pinero, Lisa Nichols, Robin Sharma, Jay Shetty, and many ...
Manager Tools
Tired of management theory? Want to learn specific skills to help improve your management performance? Then Manager Tools is the podcast for you! Manager Tools is a weekly business podcast focused on helping professionals become more effective managers and leaders. Each week, we discuss specific actions for professionals to take to achieve their desired management and career objectives. Manager Tools won Best Business Podcast Award in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2012 as well as the People's Choice ...
The Skillful Podcast explores skills and concepts from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Radically-Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO-DBT) to help listeners reduce emotional suffering, improve their relationships and create the life they want.
The Skillful Podcast explores skills and concepts from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Radically-Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO-DBT) to help listeners reduce emotional suffering, improve their relationships and create the life they want.
We will discuss multiple topics such as business, finding success, relationships and everything in between! Guest speakers will be on to add insight on topics based on their experiences. If you have any questions, comments, or what us to discuss something email us at . Add us on instagram @beastproductionz @sirbeazus and use the hashtag #beastproductionz
It takes more than great code to be a great engineer. Soft Skills Engineering is a weekly advice podcast for software developers about the non-technical stuff that goes into being a great software developer.
Looking for an edge at work? The Serious Soft Skills podcast gives you tips and tricks for putting soft skills to work for you. Get the latest soft skills news, soft skills research and soft skills insights to improve your career success and develop a stronger organization. Your hosts, Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham, are soft skills experts, who share valuable soft skill insights and interview other soft skills experts to give you a powerful advantage at work, whether you are a job app ...
Leading celebrity and portrait photographer Gina Milicia discusses how to get the most out of your photography, including all the gear and gadgets you need. She chats to photography enthusiast Valerie Khoo on how to pose people, scout the best locations, and more. Useful tips, practical advice – and even some gossip – to help you get ahead, behind the lens!
Little Da Vincis
Science and technology made easy for 1st to 6th graders. This Alexa skill might make your kiddies into little Da Vincis! Hosted by Christian Amyx. FEEDBACK I hope you'll love Little Da Vincis and give it a 5-star rating. If you have questions, contact me at Visit
DescriptionWant to eliminate public speaking fear and become a more poised and confident presenter and speaker? Then Fearless Presentations is the answer. This podcast is based on our famous two-day presentation skills class offered in cities all over the world.
Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale: B2B sales trainers for the past twenty years share their strategies, frameworks, tips and tricks to help you leverage your talent, grow your skills and create your own sales success. You'll discover how you can shift your mindset, win with prospects and build long-term relationships with your clients so you can thrive and advance in your career. Bill and Bryan's approach to sales is funny, often quirky and always real. Their work has allowed them to help sales pr ...
In this podcast, you'll learn the secrets master communicators use to always seem to have the right words at the right time. Brought to you by author, keynote speaker, YouTuber, blogger, and the world's number one tactical communication skills expert Dan O'Connor.
Premier Skills English is a website from the British Council and Premier League for people who are learning English and love football. If you want to know more, get in touch at
Jesus continues teaching his disciples about responsibilities; never lead another to sin, rebuke a brother if they sin and forgive a brother who repents. The Apostles says to the Lord, "increase our faith", let's listen in on how David explains this from several other men in the the Bible.
Empowering entrepreneurs with knowledge and skill to grow the business.
Law of Attraction in Inspired Action! A co creative experience to help ourselves and others understand that each of us create our own reality. We have the power within us to BE all that we want to be.Tune in to listen to different perspectives for living joyously NOW!
Being Indispensable
Being Indispensable is a podcast for Executive Assistants. It's about the mindset shift required to form a true partnership with your executive. Listen to interviews with indispensable executive assistants themselves, insights from executives and business leaders who share what they value in their indispensable assistants and join Liz as she explores the skills and leadership development required to build a true partnership with your executive.
Retired Cold Case Investigator Paul Holes and Investigative Journalist Billy Jensen dig deep into unsolved murders, unidentified remains and missing persons cases. Each week listeners ride shotgun as Holes and Jensen attempt to solve the crime using a variety of methods, from old-fashioned detective work to advanced technologies including familial DNA searches, social media geotargeting, and maybe most important—the skills of their listeners who send in tips and theories, becoming active mem ...
Premier Skills English is a website from the British Council and Premier League for people who are learning English and love football. If you want to know more, get in touch at
Mindset / Skill
Podcast by Brett Goldstein
Lisa Betts-LaCroix talks to brilliant and wise academics and scientists, visionary innovators and entrepreneurs, communication experts, authors, and other bright minds to unpack the skills and mindset needed to activate your Inner Super Hero. Whether you're growing a business, building a family, launching a start-up, managing a team, or reinventing your Self, the world needs your brightest, biggest most powerful Self now more than ever.
Learn a skill and UppSkill yourself and others
Cyber Work
Join us in the fight against cybercrime with weekly conversations about cybersecurity skills, jobs and industry trends.
The Wasted Ammo Podcast is a co-hosted talk show that explores a variety of firearm and preparedness related topics that can range from guns, gear, training, personal defense and improving skill-sets. We sit down in front of the mic every week, grab a few beers and hit the record button. So join us LIVE every Wednesday night for a fun conversation about a hobby that we love.
The “How Can I Say This…” podcast offers tips and advice for interpersonal communications challenges, such as difficult conversations, conflict, giving and receiving feedback, negotiating, and other situations where what you say and how you say it makes all the difference. Your host is Beth Buelow, PCC, founder of ZOPA Consulting and author of “The Introvert Entrepreneur: Amplify Your Strengths and Create Success on Your Own Terms.” Beth’s credentialed professional coach and trained mediator ...
SAMI Radio
Hàng tháng
Self-improvement podcast for relationship and business skill enhancement. Support this podcast:
Stan Prokopenko and Marshall Vandruff are art instructors. If you love the arts, particularly the craft of drawing and painting and image-making… and you want to level up your skills or even make a living with your skills, we are here to answer your questions. We’re here to offer you advice, refer you to our resources, share your love of the craft and maybe inspire you!Learn to Draw - www.proko.comMarshall Vandruff - www.marshallart.comStan Prokopenko -
Podcasting needs to be made better, not just easier. Because after 15 years, less than a quarter of the population listen to podcasts regularly. While new business models, discovery apps, and content curators will evolve, much of the responsibility --and work-- falls on us, the working podcaster. This short-form show takes an Advancing view of podcasting, with daily strategic insights to help you develop critical thinking skill needed to make the best future-proofed podcast you can with the ...
Skill Up Build Up
Podcast by Morales Group
Welcome to the Hustle With Us podcast! We interview professional players, coaches and trainers to hear their success stories, learn lessons from their failures and figure out where they're taking the cutting edge of sports skills development. Along the way, we'll uncover the drills they've practiced to help build pro-level skills and get you behind-the-scenes insight into what it takes to become a smarter coach, a better player and a more knowledgeable student of the sports you love. Brought ...
A show for women in creative businesses. Here you’ll hear conversations about the real everyday struggles of juggling life and business while trying to maintain passion and balance. As women, we have the skill of getting things done but sometimes we get in our own way. It’s here where you’ll that see you're not alone. You’ll discover that success does not mean perfection. Fear, negative thoughts & challenges are a part of the journey. On this Podcast, you’ll find the inspiration and tools yo ...
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Being late is the latest topic on the serious soft skills minute
Impact entrepreneur Josh Whiton blends technology and business with active care for the planet. He talks with Lisa today about his desire to harmonize society with nature and elevate human consciousness. Josh was named a Champion of Change by the White House for his transit-tech company TransLoc. His latest project is, a movement t ...…
There is a certain kind of bonding which ought to take place in a relationship; cementing on various levels of intimacy. Spending time together, holding hands, hugging, kissing and so on, ideally until the day of marriage. When we skip past the other things and don't allow those small moments of intimacy to settle in, we miss out on a number of ...…
We all want to take better images. And we can sometimes be convinced that will happen if we get that better camera, those new lights, a better looking subject! However, that’s not always going to be possible. In this episode, Gina and Valerie discuss how you can take better images without upgrading your gear. Gina and Valerie hope you enjoy the ...…
In Episode 15 of The Skillful Podcast, Marielle and Ed discuss checking the facts. When you have a painful emotion that you want to change, using the DBT skill called Check the Facts can be very helpful. Sometimes strong, painful emotions aren’t a reaction to what has actually happened but are based on beliefs, interpretations, and assumptions ...…
What percentage of your team would you enthusiastically rehire? That’s the percentage of A Players on your team. What if your entire team was made up of A Players? According to author and business coach Rick Crossland, that’s not only possible, but a necessary part of realizing your business’s highest potential. On this episode of The TalentGro ...…
Today's interview with Orthopedic PA Scott Walton helps to give some insight into the world of a PA specializing in Orthopedics. We talk about the roles of the PA, the team approach, evaluation approach, communication and much more! What you will notice is that whatever we talk about always comes back around to optimizing patient care. Submit y ...…
Don’t think you can make passive income from goats? You gotta listen to Deborah Niemann! She shares how she didn’t make any money from raising goats or even writing books about raising goats! She only starting generating passive income by raising goats when she discovered selling online courses about how to raise goats! Her story is such an aut ...…
AIOP 2019 National Conference - Liz has two tickets to giveaway. If you have the ability to get yourself to Freemantle, Western Australia then email Giveaway is for conference and workshop entry only it doesn't include travel and accomodation! Resources mentioned in this episode: ...…
In this episode, Dave and Jamison answer these questions: Hello! I love listening to your show. I often relisten to old episodes. I’m a Front End Developer at an IT consulting company. I will be reaching my 1 year anniversary at the company in March (it’s September right now). How do I talk to my manager about a promotion? I would like to becom ...…
In this episode of the SDP Podcast, I interviewed world-renowned basketball skill development trainer Ganon Baker. During our conversation, Ganon gave some great insight into how he conducts skill development the holistic way. We also discussed some problems we see in the skill development industry, he gave 5 skills all players should constantl ...…
In this episode I recap a conversation I had with a friend discussing goals, desires, and wants. And she said something that has been on my mind for the last 12 hours and I believe the value the listeners can get is substantial!! Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast and share with with a friend!!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.f ...…
In this audio lesson, you’ll learn how to deal with “the saboteur.” The saboteur is a type of critic you’ll find both at work and at home. If you’ve been taken off-guard by this critic, listen to this podcast, follow Dan’s advice, and it will never happen again.Are you tired of difficult people getting the best of you, ruining your day, attacki ...…
One of the best things about becoming an adult is that no one can tell you what to do, when to do it and what time to be home. However, that’s not always the case for young people with additional needs. Often they still have rules in place that don’t apply to their peers. Stay Up Late is all about changing that and making it easy for anyone to ...…
Jesus continues teaching his disciples about responsibilities; never lead another to sin, rebuke a brother if they sin and forgive a brother who repents. The Apostles says to the Lord, "increase our faith", Let's listen in on how David explains this from several other men in the the Bible.By David Schaffer, Student Minister.
Fernando Jiménez Motte PhD is a Global Senior Executive, Professor, Research Scientist and Consultant with successful 34 years experience, managing and leading Advanced Technology, Information Technology and Product Divisions. He speaks internationally about science and innovation in topics such as artificial intelligence to both technical and ...…
Coach and Trainer Adrian Howell joins the guys to walk us through his specialty as a coach and trainer in California. His ball-handling expertise attracts all sorts of prospective players and even earned him a coaching spot at GSA Prep School in Bakersfield, CA. Coach Howell is very direct in his training and dishes some of his coaching techniq ...…
An episode 91 of Strategy Skills iTunes podcast is here (Strategy Skills podcast is ranked among 5-10 top for careers in many countries worldwide). - optin for email updates to receive access to some episodes from our advanced #strategicmanagement programs.
This is a great discussion with Kevin Galerno and Max Campbell, two professional skill coaches who work with hockey players, coaches and minor hockey associations. We chat about the state of minor hockey, share some opinions on hockey development and share some fun stories about our days as youth hockey players. It’s always great to sit and tal ...…
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